Jan Cox Talk 0501

Everyone is On The Take


Jun 2, 1989
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Jan Cox Talk 0501 – Jun 2, 1989 – 1:15
Notes by TK

“How things are connected, except what’s not”. Things are not on the up and up –everybody is unknowingly on the take. Everybody’s being bribed to agree the truth exists; that a logical explanation underpins 3-d life. This is one way Life validates itself thru man, thru the verbal circuitry. Everyone is being seduced. The supreme seduction is by one who you know to have the power to rape you at will: that is being alive; the nature of Life itself. All are intellectually seduced by submitting to the inevitable.

Life’s power to misinform is based on man’s ignorance of facts in the first place. Life misinforms/seduces by making you think your thoughts are personal, singular, unique possessions. Also, misinformation is accepted by man without his ability to discern it so because he has nothing to compare it to. All info is misinformation vis a vis man, since he can’t evaluate. Connects to: “only those who can’t, say ‘no one can”.

To say ‘no one can’ is living proof that the speaker can’t. This is Life at work all the way from “The Dialogue” to man’s institutions. This Thing has no natural resistance to it; thus it seems to swallow its own tail. A Real Explorer properly involved in This Thing can’t be misinformed; the process doesn’t exist.

0:56 End of Public Tape. Comments on contemplated change in Evoteck theater. It is to become: “The World’s Only Science Fiction Theater”. Everything to be in Sci-Fi genre; this will tap into a ready-made audience for This Thing. Send ideas.


1:09 Excursion for NP: Submit two ideas for a science fiction play for Evoteck.