Jan Cox Talk 0500

Exploration Requires a Home Port


May 31, 1989
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Jan Cox Talk 0500 – May 31. 1989 * – 1:18
Notes by TK
Suggested Title: Exploration Requires a Home Port

The human intellect/brain doesn’t study history—It relives history. Motivating aspects of the exploration of New Territory:
1. adventure
2. prospect of wealth (exclusive franchise)
3. escape of personal problems (or a moribund society/ennui).

Explorations (consider possible ‘explorer neurons’ in the brain) apparently requires a “patron”, an investiture, authorization or shared sovereignty, and a home port to which to return. The knowledge of a ‘safe harbor’, an available return; every former explorer was obligated to return and did so even when the practical possibility to do otherwise existed. It is a genetic obligation. Nobody just ‘sails away’. Question: how does a brand new royal bloodline get established? The Real Explorer must invest, authorize, validate and crown himself king. Life is in the continual process of validating itself thru man’s higher circuitry.

Note that Life is not inclined to invent new forms of government (E.g., rule by the most vocal, the dumbest, the shortest etc.). Everybody in life is “on the take”; ordinary intelligence can only operate “on the take”–compensated for the unfair impositions and inexplicableness of life. There is the appearance of a free market (from ideas to actions) in man–but all competition is under Life’s control.

A test for whether or not This Thing is not actually impeding your progress while claiming to spur it: if you are too serious.