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Science – The Perception of Life


May 29, 1989
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#499 May 29, 1989 – 1:25
Notes by TK

All groups have cohesiveness via their criticism of life as being flawed. This Thing is based rather on the observation that the perception of life is what is flawed; 3-d perception is always a dimension behind (see diagram). The ultimate foundation of scientific inquiry, to find the simplest theory/explanation for observed reality, is not really allowed to men in life. This Thing is Real Science. 3-d ideas/explanations don’t explain anything and that should be obvious, yet it is not.

 “Everything’s partially possible”–an unrecognized law of physics with no exceptions. Things must be partially possible to be thought about, described, discussed; i.e., where there’s talk, there’s reality, even when such talk is the denial of possibility. Around the corner from this: in the 3-d world, nothing is final, complete until talked/thought about. Talk is man’s attempt to put a period to everything. E.g., Psychoanalysis as verbal finalizing; in religion, confession is the finality. An aside: analysis is always apparently dealing with problems as in the past, but the unrecognized reality is it deals with a problem now, not then.

Ordinary talk is an unrecognized dreamed-of “time machine”. Talk is the ultimate condenser, makes things fit into the box of consciousness, creates episodes. Talk manipulates time; expands/condenses it to fit consciousness. To talk about “yourself” is the attempt to finalize, complete yourself. The RE avoids such talk and remains open-ended. The ultimate SL salvation or exorcism for ordinary intelligence is resignation to the inevitable; it is the verbal finalizing of “that’s the kind of guy I am…and I just don’t care”.

An unusable possible name for This Thing and the thought-for-the-day: “Hey, can’t you take a joke?” [Diagram #?]