Jan Cox Talk 0498

The Hiring Test for Truckers


May 26, 1989
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#498 May 26, 1989 – 0:59
Notes by  TK

The story of the hiring test for furniture movers. The RE has got to know what he can and cannot do; he must be able to tell at a glance, not thru deliberation. Anything true in the 3-d world can be reversed and remain equally true; what apparently can’t be turned around begins to approach New Territory.

“Life exacts punishment of the wise by allowing them knowledge at the expense of the loss of illusion”, relates to the ordinary Faustian Bargain. But this is foolishness to the RE. Knowledge is his payoff, the reward of his penetrating effort. It is not loss of illusion; it’s freedom from ignorance. The RE must utilize this freedom—not vegetate; he must do.

Consider: all the subtleties of courtship come down ultimately to the reality of “cash on the barrel-head”. No discounts and no credit is allowed despite all sentiments and niceties to the contrary leading up to the actual marriage. Any hesitation at the selling price is a form of complaint; it is a form of asking for discounts or credit. The transaction is of the instant, there is no possibility of delay and no retrieving it afterward. Yet nobody is prepared for this reality; there is the Secondary Level activity dragging it out, groping for credit cards, checkbook etc.

 There is an ultimate triumph of talk. E.g., the law (words) conquers the deed of the murderer thru trial and execution. The reverse is also true (withholding words): the “silent treatment”, social ostracism or solitary confinement is enormously effective. known to cause death. Consider the internal application of the silent treatment/solitary confinement within TD.

ATMMW, or ATMBW: “And Then My Mind (Brain) Went…”, to be used in place of “And then I said…