Jan Cox Talk 0496

Take No Prisoners


The Aphorisms, 55 minutes worth, are on the Audio below only.

May 22, 1989
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#496 * May 22, 1989 * – 1:27
Notes by TK 

Reading of Kyroots to :55.

In cellular division the part without the nucleus cannot grow, although it may survive for a while. When an idea divides, the more complex part contains the nucleus and it is that part which must be pursued by a RE, not the simplistic, non-nucleated offspring which contains no nourishment and will not grow or reproduce.

A new Kyroot: you can learn no lessons from the defeated if there are no survivors. Dual interpretation (division potential): City: there is something to learn from the vanquished; RE: why engage in conversation with the defeated? What is there to learn, of value, from losers? Take no prisoners. Example of a man who is attempting to give up drinking, taking interest in an article about the beneficial effects of alcohol.

This supports the Dialogue; supports the less complex, sure to lose, aspect of the internal division in man. The only way for the RE is to make his decision/judgment such that there is no recourse of appeal.

Another possible name for This Thing: “it’s all still in flux”.

Thought for the night: “who’s there? (you know damn well who!)”