Jan Cox Talk 0494

The Meaning of ‘Making Sense’


May 17, 1989
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#494 * May 17, 1989 * – 1:28    ( needs edit for abbreviations )
Notes by TK

This Thing  is “biohistory”. Human intellect is the overlap between the history of the G(eneral) O(ut) T(here) and the history of the P(ersonal) I(n) H(ere). Human intellect ‘makes’ the “out there”. The only place that things can “make sense” is intellectually. Making sense arises form intellect and that is the only possible field of context/meaning for it.

From the cellular to the institutional level things must divide to grow. The maximum possible for ordinary intellectual perception is the 3-d; the minimum necessary for intellectual function is the dual. Everything living becomes fractionalized, develops schisms. This is considered in ordinary life to be inexplicable and wrong. Connection to opposition being required for anything to live and grow; that everything carries its own opposition along with it. Opposition = division. Division is inescapable in growing entities, and this is constantly resisted in the City.

Three “eyes” are required of a properly complex ruler: one eye kept on real or potential enemies; one eye kept on supporters; one eye kept on the area within both that will soon divide, rendering the whole situation new. A simplistic ruler keeps his eye only on his supporters. A more complex ruler uses his second eye to watch his enemies. It is only the New Order complex ruler that can understand and use his third eye.

Every sort of criticism, commentary and analysis aids in the necessary division in some system that otherwise shows no immediate, timely inherent inclination to divide. Criticism assists growth. This is going on in the brain. You cannot be of ‘one mind’.

Division = health = you.