Jan Cox Talk 0492

Apology and Criticism are the Same


May 12, 1989
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#492  May 12, 1989 – 0:52
Notes by TK

There are two reasons for a Real Explorer (RE) to engage in conservation of energy:
1) to feel better;
2) to have energy to explore further.

The RE must abandon the ordinary energy balance in life. Life is not fair; To What End does Life arrange man to feel it is not fair, while actually being not-fair? There is no profit in thinking about unfairness for a RE. Consider the extreme difficulty to do the new, think the new—even talk the new without referring to the adversarial, the old.

The possibilities therefore are to: remain in the City-attempted reform of critic or apologist roles, or abandon it for new territory. New Territory needs no repair; it is pristine, untouched, perfect; even the old is new and perfect there.

A RE realizes that the two possibilities of the City: apology or criticism, are the same. He realizes that everybody who is ‘touched’ by Life approves by disapproving. The RE conserves 50% of his energy by using only one word in place of two; approval and disapproval are the same, no decision is required between them.

Thought for the weekend: The fact that people can’t help what they do .  Could certainly serve to debilitate you. But once it is known and you keep struggling on. It’s no longer exactly true..