Jan Cox Talk 0491

Memory is Not Personal


May 10, 1989
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#491 May 10, 1989 – 1:29
Notes by TK

This Thing We Do (TT) is like an exploration, with individuals exploring new intellectual territory. RR’s are not angry with the status quo, they are Life’s “judicious malcontents”.]
Consider a specific view of man’s history vis a vis the purpose of the church/religion. During the ‘dark ages’ there were no nations; the church served the purpose of an identifiable, movable state without boundary.

It was the only stabilizing influence extant: to be Christian was a kind of movable cerebral umbrella or cocoon with no national boundary. TT operates in a similar fashion to the role of the church in the west; it is Life’s play-out of its own anxiousness, a nervous system expeditionary force, but one without a specific purpose or goal. TT is almost non-existent, unnamable, a movable intellectual structure.

The practice of ‘investiture’ (gift of territory to believers) by the church serves the purpose of a de facto franchise to exert power. Investiture of TT gives a kind of divine right for the invasion and domination of new territory—but without fraternizing with the natives. It must displace the old order immediately, banish paganism for Christianity, or suffer dilution, degradation.

The Explorer must willfully conserve energy. He has no duty (felt by ordinary consciousness) to think about the past, the threatening, the sad. The Explorer has the ability to not-think about something. It is impossible to explore when you think about whatever is not under your immediate control.

“That which toucheth all, should be approved by all”—Is nonexistent because nothing touches all. Its applicability is at the level of Life; what Life does touches everyone, but this is available for approval only by the Explorer. In the City everyone approves because disapproval is incorporated in it. The old order always resists pioneers]
Memory is not personal, individual—It is genetic, general to Life and to be ignored by the Explorer.