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All Info is Self Serving


May 8, 1989
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0490B video grab (B surrounded by A’s)


#490 May 8, 1989 – 1:22 
Notes by TK 

Dissidents who are or must be permitted by the Ruling Powers always call for recognition, acknowledgement of their existence before all else. But when this comes to pass it neutralizes, perverts the new, more complex dissident energy; it is a form of corruption by absorption, by seduction; a crude victory. The new energy is more complex or it wouldn’t gain any foothold to begin with. Complex new energy must be absorbed to weaken it. The real fear of Ruling Power is a man with a new idea–not a mere challenge of force. The King must crush it or seduce it by mixing it in with the old. Simple change is slow; complex change is dramatic, rapid.

When a state is caught putting out self-serving mis-information (e.g., creating fictitious ‘resistance’ movements within its own arena and advertising them to its enemies to lull them into false sense of security), the deceived state admits to being duped publicly, even to the extent of stating grudging admiration of the cleverness and their fundamental inherent inability to combat same. What is going on that such an admission to vulnerability is commanded by Life? Consider that Life is doing this to you. All info Life allows to/thru you is self-serving, protecting, beneficial to Life, not to you. Everything you know has been for Life’s purpose, not yours.

Talk is an essential part of all Secondary Level (weak, relationship) activities and behavior can be a peripheral support in this. E.g., of a man who wants to become a writer saving up for word processor etc. rather than actually writing. His behavior supports the weak relationship he has with writing; talk is supporting of and supported by Secondary Activity.

An update of “the past is a sitting duck”: the tables can be equally turned where the present is a punching bag for the past. In a 3-d loop anything is possible; the reverse is equally potent.

Everything is silly. If the word silly is too strong for you, use “cute”.

Thought for the night: You should be pleased to persevere, happy to not give up.

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