Jan Cox Talk 0489

Real Power is Invisible, Almost Non-Existent


May 3, 1989
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#489 * May 3, 1989 * – 0:56
Notes by TK

There is simple progress and complex progress, but even simple progress doesn’t arise from straightforward opposition. Expansion on Kyroot: a powerful god would not even have to exist. The more powerful anything is, the closer it comes to almost not existing. It is the weaker, more simplistic that must be continually noted, re-established, reinforced—i.e., talked about. What can be seen to exist is unimportant, a simplistic relationship. Note that people constantly talk about themselves; their relationship with themselves is weak and requires constant enrichment thru talk.

The opposite is not the opposite. E.g., of abortion issue. The greatest adversary of the pro and con dichotomy are those who understand the issue but have no opinion about it. Their’s is the more complex, more powerful, more important stance; it is closer to the issue than either yes or no. This Thing We Do  is so powerful and important it is always approaching invisibility, non-existence.

Note: no meeting May 5; next: May 8.