Jan Cox Talk 0486

The ‘Be More Specific’ Method


April 24, 1989
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#486 ** Apr 24, 1989 ** – 1:19     
Notes by TK

“If it’s not entertaining it’s not New Info, and if it’s not New Info it’s just silly”. A possible motto for ordinary intelligence: “I will accept no New Info because it may be correct and therefore demanding”. The merely true is not demanding, not complex. “If you know what to do. and you don’t do it, you really don’t know what to do”. If no action is demanded by known-to-you info, you don’t know what to do. There really is no such thing as “continuing guilt”; guilt is felt only when talking/thinking about it; it is episodic.

Guilt producing episodes are negative payoff transactions—costing you energy. The Real Revolutionist will not continue such acts in the interest, not of morality, but of efficiency, of building complexity. Once you understand what’s going on in life, you should be complex-acting about the wastefully simple and more direct, simple-acting with the mechanically complex. This is related to the “eat the evidence” method: guilt/negative payoff acts could be considered “criminal acts”; consuming the unfavorable, annoying, irrelevant residue of the act removes the ordinary memory of it by making it more complex.

Thus you: lose interest in it; act even more complex toward it; etc. (feel different about it; no guilt). Public confession is lauded in the City for having beneficial effects on the confessor; it is a wastefully simplistic activity to the RR, but to gain from it, should he do it, he must never admit it was a confession, then forget it entirely. This brings it to a conclusion, which never happens in the City with confession (confession begets more confession. i.e., can’t be forgotten). Thus the RR acts complexly in the simplistic.

The “BMS” method: Be More Specific. Think how it would change things if you had a continual awareness that the “other voice” in The Dialogue is Life speaking to you. Consider the reversal of energy that inquiry—questioning—effects for the user. To be pseudo cooperative is equivalent to being a rebel if done right. The BMS method is not the “please” BMS; it is a demand for Life to be more specific with you. This is connected to “eating the evidence” since BMS leaves no residue. Refusing to accept the simple as simple = being more complex re: the wastefully simplistic. It interferes with the normal flow of energy thru the NS/nervous system.

The “White Elephant” is that sacred, priceless gift from the King which burdens to the point of financial ruin. New Info = a white elephant, ruinous info that can’t be returned. If you can do what you know, then the White Elephant can’t get you.

Vital info re: the silly; graduations in the strata of the silly: People—their looks—their opinion—their ideas—their feelings; their everything else. The silly is the function, the manifestation of the incomplete; the complete is not silly.