Jan Cox Talk 0482

The Seat of Power


April 14, 1989
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#482 Apr 14, 1989 – 1:03   ( needs edit for abbreviations ) 
Notes by TK

More on man’s personality as equivalent to the “legal fiction” of a corporation. A legal fiction is treated by the law as both existing and not existing in the same way that physicists treat light as both a particle and a wave. Life treats people and causes men to treat each other as though having freewill/responsibility, and as though absolutely determined, without responsibility.

A man holds others responsible for their actions, but has the indisputable feeling that in his own actions he has no true control, no responsibility. E.g., a man backs into your car in a parking lot (his fault; seeming inexplicable stupidity) vs. you back into somebody’s car (unintentional; not my fault; something else made me do it). This dual character applies also to the question of whether a man’s power flows from his individuality or from the institution of the crown (e.g., does the president’s power arise out of himself or out of the office of the presidency?). 

The RR must find at least one place in his life to be totally in charge; if he’s a RR he’s got one.

Fads and fashions are Life’s allowance for people to get the taste, and experiment with the sensation of temporary exhilaration and adventure of improvisation/entertainment. But note how short-lived they are. It is a closed-loop energy-burst process initiated by the hidden corporate ownership (Life).

Re: Kyroot commentary on the “self-evident”, axiomatic truths that seem to hold a society, group etc. together. The question: do such arise from cultural dictates or from universal ones, and should we look for similarities or differences in an investigation of same, is a splendid one for highlighting a Revolutionary answer: Everything is side by side (except for those things connected on parallel tracks, or so far apart they stand back to back). It doesn’t matter in which direction you look; it’s all the same.

Remember the third possibility in all binary options: “No it don’t” (have to be either one or the other). Illustration of the truth of this is somebody recalling a Kyroot saying absolutely backwards, yet finding it interesting and valuable. Remember: All information is silly. everything is silly (especially that which says otherwise).