Jan Cox Talk 0479

Be Complex and Conclusive


April 7, 1989
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#479 Apr 7, 1989 – 1:06
Notes by TK

If you’re not totally in charge, you’re not in charge at all. You’ve got to be total in your action, more complex than those around you (including yourself) and you must be conclusive. This Thing is your attempt to individually complete your little corner in an ongoing, never-ending building project. Connection to “keeping your desk clear”. The key word is your; your own individual feel for what is your corner/desk, by your definition (no one else’s) from a new level of insight.

Those who think knowledge of man’s inner life will be and must be at the expense of his outer life will never know anything. There is no “gate” to consciousness; no inner and outer reality except to make City consciousness function.

Reply to requests for amplification of Kyroot epigrams from previous readings. Could any useful idea ever be seen as false? yes, but only in the City. Only in the City must people allow thinking to inhibit, interfere with useful doing; they will abandon proven beneficial activities for some theory in the name of progress when it is in fact the opposite. If the avant-garde sustains no casualties, it was not the advance guard. The cutting edge molecules for Life suffer most because they are at Life’s greatest uncertainty. If you are at the cutting edge of intellect your casualties will be your old thoughts and pictures of you.

Artists make the ruling powers uncomfortable. Man’s only possible unique contribution to Life is on the SL. Art is one of the prime manifestations of that level. This threatens the ruling powers, who represent the basic protection of Life’s PL reality.

All gods look awesome right up to the last up-close view. The up-close view is binocular vs. monocular.

“Over 90% of psychological problems are caused by poor posture”…check it out! Isn’t this as good an explanation as any?