Jan Cox Talk 0478

The Successful Disappear


April 5, 1989
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#478 Apr 5, 1989 – 1:25
Notes by TK

Man’s Nervous System (NS) is Primary Level (PL) but its manifestations/functions can be useful to Life at the SL. SL can only operate via self-reference, also incorporating other self-referential systems (people). Thus there is no possibility of ordinary intelligence ever knowing itself. This Thing is the attempt to create a new, higher floor of PL reality, individually.

It is creation of a new simplicity that is not a retreat in any way; a complex simplicity, an enriched simplicity skirting around the ordinary process of simple-complex-grotesque-explosion!-new simplicity. A man’s life parallels this progression: birth, maturity, old age (disintegration), death. Relation to how people will “raise up a leader” from among their ranks then sacrifice him for another leader when he becomes senile (no longer is the brains/representation of the people), whereupon his younger equivalent-twin replaces him.

“NATO is becoming defunct thru its own success”. Apparent success creates apparent dismantling/destruction; the totally successful disappears. Consider the internal application. Memory-energy conveyance is distinctly limited beyond a certain point. E.g., the experience of war’s horror can never be completely conveyed by descriptions from memory between individuals. This is the reality behind “failure to communicate”, lack of empathy, and the gap between the generations; it is a physical limitation.

It is only the relics of failure (history) that exist for tourists to walk around in; the successful disappears.

Wars of PL-needs strike the NS differently than wars of Secondary Level (SL)  (over ideas). Individually, the NS reacts differently to the act of homicide for primary needs (food) vs. that for secondary needs (insult).