Jan Cox Talk 0475

Real Change is Silent, Unilateral and Sudden


March 29, 1989
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#475 ** Mar 29, 1989 ** 1:08
Notes by TK

The mind cannot follow around the corner what words convey/reflect of another dimension; words actually do cover everything, but the mind cannot follow them into the further dimension to/from which they connect. This is everywhere apparent in the life of man. E.g., “men talk too much” statement that would seem to have to be either true or false, but words can state a third, further possibility: “it’s not true that either men talk too much or they don’t”. Here words cover increased reality but the mind cannot make sense of them.

Ordinary talk is a form of lubrication, a fat, a padding or insulation for Life’s growth. Talk is a form of change, but a very slow change, at Life’s speed and useless to a Real Revolutionist (RR). E.g., observations made of attempted revolution: “the revolution is running on ‘verbal adrenaline’. People waiting in line and enjoying same, are participating in a kind of unrecognized collective conversation. This kind of conversation/talk/change is a reality in any/every collection of people, even if they are silent in church, it is a form of Life’s growth. Any change that is apparently effected from talk doesn’t taste right to a RR.

E.g., marriage counselor improvement of a marriage, Alcoholics Anonymous conversions, etc. True change is silent, unilateral and sudden. Connection to “rigid mind, loose lips”; those with the most inflexible agenda, talk the most about it. E.g., proselytizers. The more inflexible, fanatic, the agenda the more simplistic it is. This is not self-evident; the more well known something is, the more simplistic it is.

Talent at the Primary Purpose level (PP) is self-evident and requires no debate; the good hunter’s life is observably better. But at the Secondary Purpose (SP) level debate is rampant; uncertainty as to talent is extreme vs. the Primary Purpose (PP) level. Even though recognized as an expert in the SP level hobby/field, it bears no relationship to the PP level of excellence. Thus it is a self-feeding, closed loop excellence: second rate. Note where people suffer most these days: the SP level, not the PP. Of what importance could SP suffering be to a RR?