Jan Cox Talk 0471

Partial Efforts are No Efforts


March 20, 1989
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#471 * Mar 20, 1989 * – 1:32
Notes by TK

Commentaries on Kyroot continued.
Partial abstinence will not do in This Thing. Partial efforts are no efforts. Real Effort is a form of self-directed violence; the violence of forcibly altering one’s genetic structure.

The ordinary sense-of-I is a form of conspiracy. In the City conspiracy is effective, is prosecuted fully under the law because of such effect. In the Bushes conspiracy accomplishes nothing and is therefore no crime worthy of note. It is never an issue that “too many of the Recruits are conspiring for change” therefore dangerous. 

Real violence is always by a sole perpetrator; it is a solitary act. Violence is the freedom to be more complex; violence is against the simplistic, against the simplicity of old intelligence. Violence is to be used in your “free-time”, at the hobby level of your servitude to Life, in the small maneuvering room Life seems to give outside your primary duty. Things necessary in your City job are not necessary in the Bushes. 

Why is “Self-image” necessary in the City? To maintain a good self-image is a form of diary and is necessary in the City. The violence of no self-image is necessary in the Bushes.

Growth is always complex. Shrinkage is always simplistic; it is the original sitting model for “evil”. Externally directed violence (e.g., murder, theft) is condemned by Life because the energy exchange is too simplistic, is wasteful of potential, although to a certain degree necessary or it wouldn’t exist. 

 A “tar-baby” is a passive foe, does no harm until the opponent takes violent action against it. Connection to TD: don’t fight unnecessary foes. Save violence for proper occasion, the opportunity to direct it at yourself; also, violence cannot be overly simplistic. The overly simplistic always verges on the nonproductive. The immediate “answer” is always overly simplistic. 

 Make “them” deal with your agenda. Story example of taking the offensive in the complaint compartment of K-Mart when all you want is your money back and you have no receipt. All your arguments should be impertinent, unimportant to you but taking others off their guard, confusing to them, making them dance to your tune.