Jan Cox Talk 0469

All Growth is Non-Directional


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#469 * Mar 13, 1989 * – 1:25
Notes by TK

New law of physics: Life’s growth is non-directional (from the 3-d level). This is the basis for all disagreements, debates concerning “progress”. Shrinkage, retreat, stagnation, decay, devolution seems to be directional, direct and immediate like death. This is because it is simplistic whereas growth, expansion is complex. Ordinary intelligence cannot see complexity, only the simplistic. New Intelligence (NI) sees in a complex manner, has an impersonal continual awareness of time; sees growth is omnidirectional. 

All rotten ideas start off as good ones. Connected to all problems arise out of people trying to help. Connection to everything, given enough time, turns into its opposite. At least remember that no matter how egregious an idea turns out, it started out as a good one as far as somebody was concerned. People never would give voice to an idea they felt was rotten; it would never leave the brain circuitry in the first place. 

All hobbies are non-injurious, valid and legitimate as long as you recognize them for what they are: the secondary level of an otherwise prime purpose activity for Life. There is a prime purpose level according to Life’s need for every activity; then Life allows a secondary level, a non-serious level of same. Thus it can be a hobby. A continuing awareness of this will short-circuit misplaced seriousness in the Real Revolutionist (R.R.) 

Another new law of physics: the outside is closer to the core than you ever imagined; the outside is closer to the inside than you could possibly imagine. 3-d sight makes everything appear distant, removed from where it actually is. Everything is becoming everything and something else faster than two-eyed people can see it. Upstream is coming downstream no matter what you do. Upstream is becoming downstream right in front of your eyes while you look alternately up and then down the stream. Consider: what if subatomic physics is really at the cosmological level? 


For NP, neuralize: Note the connection to Life’s growth of the seeming impossibility of a 60-minute tape on the topic of “how to make a sales pitch in 30 minutes”. TWE?