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The Dialogue


March 1, 1989
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#464 ** Mar 1, 1989 ** – 1:00   
Notes by TK

The Partnership, without which it is impossible to be aware of one’s own thought process, will henceforth be known as “The Dialogue” (TD). This is a more complex description: the dialogue is a process of the totality of the neural system rather than the metaphor of two disparate “entities” internally. Consider why J. has changed the metaphor, complexed the description. TD is required in the 3-d world to make two views of everything possible: a right view and a wrong view. It is impossible to be 3-d conscious in an internal monologue. 

Centralized gov’t is evolved out of earlier “sovereign states” concerned with becoming more efficient in their activities of common interest. The centralized gov’t–the federal gov’t–doesn’t exist as such, has no intrinsic power, only that granted by the smaller states. Representatives of states owe allegiance to the states in theory, but in practice they actually feel allegiance, that they work for, the federal gov’t.

Consider the growth of the human NS in a parallel fashion, a process where the lower, simpler, sovereign organs of the body have granted power to the central brain, which is now felt to be the agent deserving primary loyalty by the representatives of the lower Nervous System (NS).

Now, when the brain “decides” to exercise, but itself can’t exercise, it doesn’t have to bear the effort of same (parallel: the federal gov’t decides to raise taxes, but itself doesn’t pay taxes). Thus the brain can make any decision whatsoever except to change its own mind. Relation to a leader making proclamations having no basis in fact being “insincere”. The brain makes proclamations under duress of Life’s own purposes, but must “pretend” sincerity, seriousness where it has no basis in understanding its own actions, i.e., how it came to think/say it’s proclamations.

“If you’re alive, you’re a hypocrite”. Men are not arranged to be concerned with hypocritical behavior, only that they be properly dominated.