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The Values of Types of Knowledge


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February 24, 1989
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0462 Feb 24, 1989 – 1:02 
Notes by TK

Knowledge as brain possessions one suddenly finds oneself with. The only valuable Revolutionary knowledge would be that which can alter human nature. The other valid category for the Real Revolutionist (RR) is knowledge one finds pleasurable. Revolutionary Poverty is not having anything meaningless, and, beyond that: not thinking one should have such meaningless knowledge. Why would a RR entertain anything other than actually or potentially altering knowledge (other than the purely pleasurable)?

City info is not serious knowledge; it is not portentous, worrying etc., except to old intelligence. There is no “one truth”, there are parallel ones; no single answer or conclusion, but many valid ones. No single river of energy flow, rather an estuary, a savanna or plain containing many rivers. an answer exists in the City, but it will not change human nature; it is not meaningful, sincere, serious knowledge. A scientific fact: the ordinary do not really know enough to be properly upset, worried or mad. They do not have a sufficient basis for it; it is Life growing, churning accounts. 

Questions, uncertainty and dumbness is “rococo”; Real answers, certainty and intelligence is “terse” and “succinct”.

There is no partnership in New Intelligence, you go beyond partners above the Line.