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Domination – Power is It’s Own Justification


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January 20,1989
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Jan Cox Talk 0447 – January 20, 1989  – 1:03
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :04

Power as used by J. refers not to political, but organic power. It includes: order; reliability; dependability; predictability; organization and harmony; strength and poise; vitality and virility. It is a power-flow; the internal structure of Life itself; New Intelligence includes/depends upon this power. Power IS its own justification. The freedom of anarchy –the lack of a power structure –is just a word for a non-existent reality; tyranny does not exist, there’s just a localized convolution, complexity, in the exercise of power. Man cannot question power; it is his very life.

It would seem that some training, background, credentials of experience/ability is required to be in a position of power, but note that it is not so (e.g., Reagan-the-actor as president for 8 years without disaster). What training and experience does the “leading” (powerful) internal partner have? None; but more than that is not required; you survive just the same. This is the only standard of success: serving Life. 

Rejection of domination is impossible; everyone is dominated by someone/thing. The attitude of rejection of domination has had no real effect in history –except when such a one proves successful in overthrowing the present ruler, which might have historical significance. Relation to no single individual having complete knowledge of the workings of any given organization: none of the internal people of your City knows how  to think; they can think but don’t know how in the same way you don’t have the know-how to operate your liver.

Nobody can want to be totally free of domination or they would be able to make their own liver function. Yet everybody struggles against domination –the power-flow-structure of Life. Without the power-flow of Life you are dead.

Consider: What if the partnership arrangement is for one partner to do   _____  , and the other to do ______? 


And Kyroot Said…

Everyone has a little imaginary playmate who often speaks
for them.


Combat Update NR-5: When caught, or even suspected, either
act totally surprised, or completely nonplussed.


A fellow confided to his second cousin, “It’s just a shame
that EVERY thing can’t be put off long enough.”


There’s a kind of localized greenhouse effect taking shape
around the polar regions of some people’s heads.


One guy shouted out, “Don’t take it lying down,” and his
partner shouted, “Hell, don’t take it.” (What are partners for.)


One man, in what appeared to be his city attempt to wax
romantically about his new love proclaimed, “AND, she has yet to
spring a fatal leak.”


All ordinary attempts at change are at least as counter
productive as they are anything else.


One guy’s advice was, “I wouldn’t spend too much time
seeking humor in the city’s comedy, or utility in their truth.”
(And his partner mused, “Wow, advice just ain’t what it was
before the import glut.”)


Heard another park philosopher ask, “Why is it that at
midnight men insist on either telling tales of high noon, or of
pitch darkness? Is there NO explaining of what men do?”


A man missed only by his dogs, may safely be fed to the


Remember: In the city, the first cut is just the first cut.
(Stay tuned.)


There’s a small businessman in downtown Lahore who sez he
makes the world’s best pizza — absolutely — bar none. (But he
also sez to mention that he doesn’t deliver, at least after
eleven, or west of Gibraltar.)


If you’re gonna report all suspicious behavior you aren’t
gonna get much else done.


There’s a professor what’s-his-name-or-something, who sez
that in studying the human face he has discovered that in most,
if not many instances, one eye sees one thing, and the other eye
something else.


There’s this guy, who looking back, avers that he lost his
virginity AND his mind at the same time.


You MIGHT suspect that you’ve lived something close to a
revolutionist’s life if they offer to bury you for free.


Conversation Number 23-G: “The worst is yet to come.” “No,
the best is yet to come,” and a wrap-up voice injected, “No, no,
the REST is yet to come.”


There is this rather hairy gent behind a counter at one city
bank who, when asked the date, sometimes replies, “The ninth of


When you’re dead, and fully caught up in City affairs,
you’ll no doubt know things you don’t know now. Whether it’s
worth the bother is, I guess, a matter of taste.


Folks, I gotta tell you: From a certain angle EVERY body
looks funny.




Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1989

Document: 447,  January 20, 1989

There is a Revolutionary new intelligence, a reality behind my use of the word “power.” The notion of power is useful because what I point to is valid externally: politically and militarily. But, be aware that there is an extended organic power beyond the usual external associations. There is a specific area I am talking about when I refer to individual intelligence as an organization, as “Man the State.”

An expanded use of the word “power” would include the following: order, reliability, dependability, predictability, organization and harmony, strength, poise, vitality and virility.

Look at all these words in relation to my map of the state and consider that they are not simply synonyms for power. Your understanding of power should begin to expand, to bleed like a laundered madras shirt, while going around the corner into a more complex dimension. Power/order, power/reliability, power/any of those words on the list, in a continuing reflection, up or down, from external to internal affairs. All those are a piece of what I mean behind talking of power.

All of Life: the body of Life, the growth of Life, the life of Life itself — the continued existence of humanity and man the intelligent creature — is absolutely based upon a power flow. This power flow is like a water fount that spills upwards. It is a moving, dynamic energy, with a methodical efficiency that is required and necessary to Life.

Similarly, “order” is not a static noun. Real order is a dynamic with graduations from simple to complex. Harmony is not simply a matter of playing a first and fifth. To the more contemporary ear, complex combinations of firsts and flatted fifths sound perfectly harmonious.

Power and everything I mean behind it, is an absolute necessity, is unconditionally its own justification. Power needs no explanation or caveat. Power does not need handmaidens to verbally dress it as though it were something else. Each and every word on my list is required, although in no particular sequence.

Everything in Life is subject to a power structure. There is no such thing as anarchy. It is all a relative matter of complexity. Although men talk and dream of freedom there is no real wired up need or acting desire within man to be free from domination or direction. Men continue to talk about anarchy, but it has about the same run as satire on Broadway — it closes on Saturday. Anarchy never gets past the point of a good thinking about it, a good book, a coffee house discussion. People may get wound up and run down the street shouting “anarchy,” but as soon as the first soldier goes, “Boo,” they retreat.

Although people talk of freedom, there is very little direct immediate action taken. Take an earthquake where 1,000 people flee a collapsing building into a street full of death and destruction. When someone says, “Okay, everybody stay calm and follow me,” the whole mob just follows. No one says, “Wait a minute, who are you?” You have tribes, nations, hundreds of millions of people. Someone says, “We’re going to war over here.” If several people protest, even if several thousand people protest, they will get trampled. That’s the way Life is. The majority of Life, the bourgeoisie of the bell curve does not and cannot question power. People are wired up to discuss and debate the nature of freedom, but to actually question power is ordinarily suicidal.

Note how it would seem that you have to be intelligent and properly trained to take power. No one takes power by force alone on this planet any more. A ruler must have the skill to develop and keep support from at least a few people in order to gain and hold power. But look historically at some of those that have been elected to power. In the freest, most technologically advanced nation in the world, there have been leaders who were not particularly intellectual, presidents untrained in military matters or statesmanship, elected by open ballot. There have been men who just showed up and smiled and got into power. They served out their terms with no great uprising on the part of the people, the nation retained its strength and poise. Things were orderly, reliable, predictable and dependable and everything was more or less okay. Is that not curious?

Power is organic; power is the internal structure of Life itself in all sorts of ways. Notice how Life has driven men to theorize about the political actions of Life in ways that from a Revolutionary view are so flawed and tenuous (when compared with the reality behind it) that it makes you want to laugh and chuckle. So now consider, being your own state, what training or innate intelligence was required for you to take on the job of leading you? This question is worth Neuralizing. Did you apparently elect your leader? Did he or she just take charge? Did you just wake up to a dynasty at age seven, or eight, or twelve?

Now that you look upon this, what training, intelligence or credentials do you have to lead you? You may think you’re being led by a worse clown than any incompetent politician, but how do you know it is worse? Where did you get the ability to know what is going on? Power is necessary in the sinews and bones, the marrow, the blood and guts of Life itself.

It is also necessary for man to be directed and dominated. Men are driven to discuss power. Some parts of Life even say, “To hell with power, I don’t need the government, my parents or my spouse telling me what to do, I’m too intelligent!” Just notice how much influence those attitudes have on the lineal progression of Life as noted in city history. Not much. People talk about anarchy all the time, about how they don’t like the people in power. They only want to overthrow power so they can be the ones in power. There is no way to avoid the exercise of power or to escape domination. Power is not a pejorative term. Everyone is a liege to some other liege. There is no escape.

You may think, “I want to be free, I’ll never get married.” But that has no validity, virility, no place in the orderly scheme of Life. Those are just remnants and echoes, holdovers of a childish rebellion. To think like that shows you don’t understand the exercise of power. You think, “Things are going amiss, there are areas of Life that are not right. People are being abused and misled. They even mislead themselves. People have to be freed!” All that has a place — it’s supposed to be talked about. Books are written, wars are apparently fought. There are plenty of debates, discussions, anti-books, theories and responses to theories about man’s wrestling with the problems of power.

But there is no escape from power. The exercise of power is directly connected to the exchange of energy. Power is necessary for the orderly, predictable, harmonious growth of Life itself. To the simplistic mind the only thing resembling escape would be death. You could say the cemetery is the most orderly place possible. You don’t have to go around telling the bodies “Hey you, stay put!”

This will perhaps give you a new insight, a new way to see the continuing judgments that come from your own nervous system about the justice or relative injustice of Life. The only injustice of Life would be if power failed — if that great Con Edison shut the power off. If all the power went out, not just in the Eastern corridor, but everywhere, then you would have trouble. You might be able to turn to your neighbor and say, “Boy I think we’re in trouble!” You might be able to walk off, kick a few rocks, scratch and spit a couple of times — but everything would quite shortly all be over.

I have mentioned that within any organization in the City there is no one person who knows all that is apparently necessary to make the organization function. Even the chairman of the board, the head of a corporation, does not know everything. No organization has a codified handbook describing every aspect of their operation. If you walked into the local elementary school and asked the principal: “You’re in charge. You’re familiar with the county handbook. What does it say about kids who come into class with strange things marked on their body where it shows?” The principal wouldn’t know, even if he had read the book. Within any organization that has specific rules, no one person, including the final buck-taker knows it all. “And yet it lives!” as Dr. Frankenstein would say.

Recalling all of that, ask yourself: Within “you the organization” is there one person who knows everything apparently necessary to make you operate? Consider this from two non-synonymous versions of binary sight: the Partnership, or “the king” and “the people.”

To start off simplistically, there seem to be, in everyone, two voices, two possibilities. There is the source of power — the king — and then the people(s), as many subjects as you have. Do any of those parts know all that would seem to be necessary to make you as a whole function? No. An obvious example: Do you know how to make your liver operate? No. Do you really know how to make your hand operate? No. You can move your hand, but do you know how you do it?

Now, let’s go a bit further. Do you know how to think? You may say, “Sure I do,” but it’s the same question as, “Do you know how to move your thumb?” Can you think? “Yes.” Do you know how to think? “Well…” In a certain way, you’re in worse shape than the U.S. Postal Service. At least you can walk into a Post Office and even if they don’t know everything, someone knows something. You ask, “Do you know how to ship a package to Chile?” Among the four or five staff people you’ll find someone who can go up to the computer, punch in South America, look up Chile and get the information you need.

Now back to you. Rise above the level of your liver, colon and finger to your brain. Do you know how to think? Is there one person in you that knows how to think? What else do you want? There’s no one person in you who knows — not only everything — there’s no person in you who knows ANYTHING to make you operate! If you had to know how to digest your food you’d starve or bloat to death.

If, to be a functional intelligent being, you had to know how to think, you wouldn’t meet the requirement. This hits right at the heart of intellectual historical sensibilities, personal feelings towards events (current or otherwise,) and towards the seeming injustices of Life. I took the time to point out that This Activity has nothing to do with politics, almost nothing to do with what you think of as being “out there,” but Life is wired up so that man’s intelligence is tied to out there. So people latch on to the examples, metaphors and similes which do not in themselves have any lasting validity in relation to This. My examples are just external things I use as a springboard. Your intelligence may never get beyond the metaphor. You may keep .pathinking that I am commenting on ordinary matters, especially because it applies. But the purpose goes beyond my examples.

What I pointed out specifically is a fact, and right around the corner it is a fact even more so. No one truly, no matter what your little rebellious heart thinks, nobody truly wants to be free of domination. People don’t even know how. They can say they do. Part of what keeps the ordinary energy churned up is people believing domination is bad. They think the only domination they’ve been exposed to is old General So And So who runs the country, their drunk father who beat them, and the dominant sexual partners they keep picking out. People complain they don’t like to be dominated, but it is all part of the dance.

You can look at Life as being the ultimate Roseland. It is so big that you’ve got latins wandering across the dance floor doing tangos. You’ve got people doing polkas over here, people doing the two-step over there, and people over in a corner doing the waltz. You’ve got wallflowers sitting down, you’ve got people kibitzing the dancers. You’ve got it all.

Roseland is big enough for everybody, no matter what your step is. Life has a purpose for each and every dance. Life may have you do that step one time and decide, “Nah, I don’t like that,” and you’re done for. Or, Life may have you do a step to attract one or two other weirdos and start a club with the motto, “Our step is the only step. They’re trying to make us dance, but we’re not going to let anyone run our lives. We’re going to do

ur own dance!”

That ain’t the way Life is. People can say they want to be free from domination, but they do not really want to. If you were free from domination, how would you be able to make your liver or brain operate? You cannot do it; a metaphorical somebody has to be directing it. Simply face the fact that you do not know how to do the dance you are doing. You cannot do the operations of your body. You must see that there is domination and direction going on. It’s just an offshoot from there to the idea that “the gods have done all this.” It’s as though there is someone outside, down the street that created Roseland — the building, the dance floor, the music and all the dancers. It’s as though someone is out there looking down on it all.

You don’t have to look to see if someone’s watching, just ask yourself, “Can I make my liver operate, can I turn my brain on in the morning, do I know how to think?” You don’t know how to think. So to believe that you want to be freed from domination and direction — to think you don’t want anyone telling you what to do — if that could happen you would drop like a 500 pound dancer after an hour long tango in hundred degree weather. You’d be finished.

A whole lot of what your old intelligence thinks is important, areas that need to be investigated, the apparent injustices and inequities, the bumps and warts in Life, has to do with the fact that everyone needs domination. Old intelligence may believe that people have to be free, but people can’t be free; they can talk about freedom, and relatively speaking they can be free, but that is not freedom. People can overthrow a dictator. Your domineering mother who you’ve lived with all your life can die and you can holler, “I’m free!” But that has no validity. There is no such thing as freedom unless you’re going to call death freedom from the City. If you wanted to, you could call death freedom from the tyranny of 3 dimensional life. So, people can be free. All you have to do is die.

Now, you may suspect, if you have any marbles rolling around in your head, that there has to be some even more focused personal place where I will point having to do with each person individually trying to do This. You are fighting all kinds of useless battles, whether actively or thinking, struggling against things you think are confining and believe are unjust, undeserved restraints. At the City level that is all moot. Without the required churning activity you would not be alive. There has been no such thing as undue restraint, unjust control, unholy morbific domination exercised on you by any other person, group, religion, any political persuasion, economic policy — anything.

There’s nowhere else to look. Had it not been for the things in your life that old intelligence labels as untoward domination you would be dead, you literally would not be here. The power flow would have been over as though Life had looked down and realized it had as much interest in you as a Tyrannosaurus and then kissed you goodbye. If the power flow does not run through you, you are dead. And, if power flows through you, you are being dominated.

At the ordinary level you can say some external force — your boss, your sexual partner — is dominating you. You may stand around the bar and complain about how you don’t like being dominated. But a Revolutionist sees how all that is well and good — and irrelevant. “So what? I have to keep a job, but it’s a hobby, it doesn’t matter.” If you are playing in the closet with a hog you have to get used to the smell and the warts. You have a job and so does everyone else who isn’t filthy rich. You say you don’t like your boss. Well, heavens to Betsy. You say a police officer treated you rudely when he gave you a ticket? Well, I hope you got his name so you can sue the state. You say, “I have all this love and tenderness in my heart, and no one appreciates me. They tell me my poetry and holy prose are boring, even insane!” I had no idea you were so mistreated by Life. Gee, I wish I could take you in and listen to that the rest of my life.

What you call mistreatment is the smell of pigs, the feel of hairy warts — the power structure. If you hadn’t been rolling around with a sweaty, smelly, warty hog, you wouldn’t be here. The hog is what has kept you alive. There is nothing to say about being dominated in the City. Everyone is dominated. Even if you were rich you’d still have to hire brokers and managers to keep up with your estate and you’d be involved with yet another form of domination.

There is no way to get out of the power structure in the City. The flow of power through the body of Life is like the circulation of blood in your body. If part of your body dies, you get gangrene and you have to amputate that part. If you don’t, Life will cut you off. Every part of the body of Life has to be nourished. And it takes all kinds of small, great, simplistic and complex flows of energy to feed Life. You have to see that going on at City level.

There is no justifiable way, there is no intelligent way for anyone involved in This to think, “To hell with the City, with my job, my boss. People can’t push me around, I want to be free.” If that’s true you’re dead. People have to push you around — that’s how you get energy. Then, you have to push back, although not necessarily literally. You have to see this exchange for what it is, then you might be able to make use of it off on your own.

Everything is based on a power flow. I do not mean just “power” as you would find the word defined in a dictionary. What I have been describing is more than just power. I strongly suggest you seriously consider my words: order, reliability, dependability, predictability, organization and harmony, strength, poise, vitality and virility.

Power is the actual circulation of energy as it flows through everything. You cannot escape it. You cannot be free. Only a fool believes in and speaks of freedom. And only a double fool says, “Maybe I can’t be completely free but at least I don’t have to be dominated.”