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Being King


December 28, 1988
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And Kyroot Said…

People will find most anything, once finished and done with,


Never seek revenge in the rain.


A well-paid City uncle told his little nephewite, “Kid, if
you got a hero you ain’t got a chance.”


Question: What is Man’s most popular art form? Answer:
Talk. Why? Cause the materials are so cheap.


One guy, in the throes of impending death, cried out, “O.K.,
Life, but if I gotta go I’m gonna take a piece of you with me.”


Those who don’t know the joke keep laughing in the wrong
places. (How grunt-line gauche.)


As he departed, one guy shouted back over his shoulder,
“Call me when you got sit-ups for the brain.”


If you take what’s going on now seriously, you ain’t gonna
believe what’s coming up.


Conversation Number Eight: “How’d you stop?” “I just
quit.” “Naw, I mean really?”


Conversation Number Eight and A Half: “How’d you do it?” “I
just did it.” “Naw, I mean REALLY really?”


In pondering the limits of the ephemeral and historical,
consider the hobby of collecting antique ice cream.

After a distinctly disappointing episode, one City gentleman
declared, “If I could do one thing over again, it would be EVERY


A defensive Revolutionist is a sick Revolutionist.


One promising lad received the following advice, “The most
efficient way to do better is to do better.”


As you tripsy along, never forget this song,
“Down the road a piece,
Oh down the road a piece,
Down the road a piece,
Is another road.”


ANYone who can be snubbed should be.


One man described typical City life to his young son thusly,
“It’s a place where a bartender still expects a tip even should
his dear mother belly up to the bar for a short one. That’s the


That what needs validation ain’t correct.


One City fashion plate (if not cup & saucer) declared at the
party, “All I seek is a guru more impassioned than me, but


A ruler fixed is a ruler nixed, and a neutered king will
never sing.


A GOOD Revolutionist should be able to put fate on hold.



#437F  12/28/88

Those Who Do Not Understand That They Are Captives,
Understand Nothing

And Kyroot said . . .

In the late evening the shadows were beginning to lengthen.
A man suddenly found himself on a lonely and deserted road. He
rubbed his eyes and looked around and felt as though he had just
awakened from a dream and come to his senses. He sat down in the
road and tried to think, but soon realized that he had no memory.
He did not know who he was or where he had come from. It was as
though he had been born in the last several minutes. After
realizing that further mental effort was useless, he stood up and
began walking down the dark unknown road that led to god-only-
knows where.

After a while, the man rounded a bend in the road and came
upon an old house that was dark and evidently deserted. He stood
looking for several seconds, then decided to enter the house and
pass the night there. He stepped on the porch and opened the
door. He found the inside to be pitch black. He waited for his
eyes to adjust to the darkness, but found his effort futile.
There was not the minutest speck of light in the old house.
Still, he decided to enter and as he crossed the threshold, the
door slammed shut behind him. When he reached back, he found
that the door had no inside knob and he suddenly had the erie
feeling that he was imprisoned. The man tried to swallow his
fears and decided to explore the dark area that was his temporary
home. Stepping carefully with hands outheld, he slowly moved
from wall to wall finding nothing in between. He became bored
with this uneventful activity and sat down against one wall.

Soon he was half asleep when a ferocious animal roar
startled him from his slumber. He leaped to his feet and pressed
his back against the wall waiting in horror for his unseen enemy.
After standing in this position for several tiring minutes, he
decided that perhaps he had simply dreamed a terrifying noise, so
he slipped back to his sitting position and entered again the
world of tight-eyed dreams.

But suddenly the hidious roar filled the dark house again
and the man awoke from one nightmare into another. After his
initial fright had somewhat subsided, he called out, “Who’s
there?” There was another mighty roar that seemed to shake the
whole house and then he heard a voice.

The voice was not human, but it spoke a language that
sounded rather similar to his own. The man listened intently and
could make out most of the words, but the unseen voice put such
unusual and curious inflections in the words that they seemed to
have a meaning other than their usual one. The voice itself was
hard to define, but it was rather like you would imagine a lion
would sound if he could actually speak your tongue.

The man cried out again, “Who is there?” and the animal
voice replied, “Why ask who I am? See for yourself.” And the
man said, “It is dark in here and I cannot see. Who are you?”
The animal roar again filled the house, then the voice asked “Are
you hungry?” The man thought for a second and then asked,
“Hungry for what?” His answer was another tremendous roar. The
man trembled and waited. Finally the voice spoke again. “If you
are not hungry, then perhaps we will go to sleep.

But by now the man’s imagination was so excited that all
ideas of sleep were hopeless. He cried out to the voice, “No,
no, no sleep. Let us talk for awhile.”

“Talk?” asked the voice, “What is talk?”

“Well, that is what I am doing now,” replied the man.

And the voice asked, “You mean like asking me who I am and
asking ‘Hungry for what’?”

“Yes,” said the man, “that is talk.”

The voice roared and said, “I find no meaning in such

The man pleaded, “Please, let us talk, you’ll find it most
meaningful. You’ll see.” The voice gave no reply so the man
continued. “Well, let me tell you what has happened to me. I
found myself on the road outside and I don’t know how I got there
or even who I am.”

The animal voice interrupted, “If you do not know who YOU
are, what right do you to ask me who I am?”

“Wait,” said the man, “let me continue. I know you will
find this most interesting. I can’t remember a thing. Nothing.
Nothing at all.”

The voice stopped him again. “Perhaps you remember nothing
because you never knew anything!”

“No,” cried the man, “that’s ridiculous. There are some
things I still know. I certainly know that I exist. I know that
this is me standing here. I know I am somebody and I know I am

The animal laughed, “THIS is what you call knowing?” Then
he roared louder than ever and the man began to hear heavy
footsteps moving about in the dark house.

The man shivered and called out, “Is that you? Where are

“You ask me where I am and you do not know where YOU are!
You ask ‘Is that you.’ How do you expect to know me when you do
not know yourself? Ha! Talk, talk, talk.” Then he roared
again. The footsteps began again and the voice roared
constantly. The man fell to the floor in fearful tears.

Suddenly the noises stopped and through the silence the
voice arose, but this time it had a feminine and seductive tone.
It said, “Come here by me and lie in my arms.”

The man gasped for breath and became speechless. When the
voice roared again, it not only seemed to be completely
surrounding him, but it seemed as though it was now filling his
very insides. He finally found his voice, screamed and fell to
the floor. After a long stillness, he raised up his head and
cried out, “Whoever you are, have mercy on me! I beg you, leave
me be or tell me how to leave this frightening place.”

The animal voice calmly replied, “Be still, old man, you are
home. This is where you belong and I shall never leave you. You
do not see me because you look in the wrong place with the wrong
eyes. Now, be still. We shall eat, then you shall lie in my
arms and we shall sleep the sleep of darkness.”

And Kyroot said. . .

“Man is a bridge spanning the gap twixt Gods and Beasts, yet
neither one is he. Dreaming of tomorrow, but driven by his past,
his speech a holy poem, but his passions force the rhyme. Wake
up, old man, thou are not an angel yet. You may dream of holy
men, but see the beast within. The truth begins to break and the
animal rises.”

And Kyroot said. . .

“Those who do not understand that they are captives understand

The populace in everyone has little to no respect for your rulers
for one simple reason — the rulers do not exercise unrestricted,
unrepentant, unappealable power. Specifically, your powers-that-
be will not tell the people to do something and then
unconditionally enforce it. This is the reason most ordinary
people feel poorly about themselves.

If you had a ruling family within you, a seat of power that would
make a decision and then, in an unconditional way, direct the
people to abide by that decision without any recourse, you would
probably be so bland that you could go into an apartment and
merge with the beige on the walls — but you would not feel bad
about yourself. You would have no fears (you would have no
nothing, of course). Now, that’s not what you thought you were
after when you started This Activity. It would be like living in
a dark room, in a dark house, not knowing how you got there or
exactly who you are — but you would be living in peace.

Unless the King is in command, all you do is whine and bitch,
letting the mob take over. The ruling powers will continually
step out — whether it be for a split second or a few minutes —
and then the mob will have its way. The King will holler, “Here,
here, enough of this, we say AGAIN…” for the four-thousandth
time, or for the second time. When you’re dealing with power,
two times is too many times. If the King yells, “All right, I
want this crowd dispersed and I want it done in five minutes!”
and he comes back in five minutes and they’re still there, and he
goes, “Ok, you can have five minutes more,” that man’s done for.
He may hold the crown another day, but the people have lost all
respect for him.

Ordinary people still believe they want to be free from power,
but that’s a lie. What you want to be free from is the low-rent
exercise of power. What you want to be free from is a
simplistic, dunderheaded King. But nobody actually wants to be
free from power. What would you do? Why are you here? You want
some kind of power to direct you. If you weren’t here, you’d be
at church. If you weren’t at church, you’d be part of the Young
Republicans or Young Democrats or Young Socialists.

What is lacking in ordinary life is the unconditional,
unapologetic exercise of power. That is what’s frustrating from
the viewpoint of someone pursuing This. In the City, it’s just
as it should be. But you must See that internally, your people
have no respect for you. That situation is part of the hobby of
being alive. That’s one of the warts on the Life hobby: You and
everyone else continue to decide, “Well, I’ll do so-and-so.” And
as far as you’re concerned, that’s enough. Your King mumbled
something. You think the King can just sit on the thrown and
mumble under his breath or even just think of something, and the
populace will know and obey. That’s why you’re King, or
so you think. You mutter, “I will do so-and-so!” But then
nothing happens. Except you think it again.

That is the way people live in the City, but you cannot live
like that and do This. Instead of carrying on a continual
conversation: “Do it.” “How do we do it?” “Well, do it.” “No,
really, how?” — try another version: “Do it!” “How?” “Do it!”
And that’s it.

There are two royal blood lines in Life. Only one of them is
visible. That one consists of a small handful of families that
for thousands of years have been ruling this planet. It’s not
that these families have all the money; it’s not some conspiracy.
They’re not controling every little thing, but they are the
continuity class on the 3-D level.

There is another, invisible, royal blood line. This is a kind of
revolutionary blood line that comes about through individual
enrichment of one’s own blood. Unlike the first line, you are
not born into this invisible blood line. It is not inherited;
your mother and father were not involved in This. And since you
didn’t inherit it, you can’t pass it along to your children.
This blood line applies to one generation only, to one individual
who has enriched his or her own blood.

There is a kind of linkage between the people who have done this,
a royal blood line brought about through an unconditional
exercise of power that would make the Czars seem like pussycats
and pushovers. Because all of them, regardless of how they
exercised power in the City, died as part of Life’s short-term
memory. Those in the invisible blood line become part of long-
term memory.

I want to continue talking about something I mentioned earlier,
to remind you of the inescapable, unredeemable, dumbness and
simplicity of all populaces, crowds and mobs. There is no
exception to this. It is known, in a very crude sense, in the
City, and is reflected in axioms that opine, “You can’t expect
anything creative and worthwhile to come out of a committee,” and
in the abject fear many reasonable people have of any kind of
mob. All across the spectrum, there is a simple, non-verbal
awareness that nothing really creative comes from a large group.
Committees can help enforce rules and do all kinds of grunt work,
but humanity has this crude awareness that anything worthwhile at
the City level will not come about through a committee. It
simply never has and never will.

Also, we find that reasonably sane people in the City have a
correct fear of mobs, of groups of people that get upset about
something. Mobs get upset about somebody of a different color or
a different religion moving into their neighborhood. Or maybe
there’s a car wreck and one driver says, “He ran into me, it his
fault,” and another person takes that driver’s side. Suddenly,
there are four or five or six people standing around arguing — a
small mob has gathered — and even without hearing what they’re
saying, you can sense that this group is about to get dangerous.
There is mob spirit that people in the City recognize. Forget
whatever idea or principle or event seems to be behind it, when
the mob spirit develops, sane people will have the feeling, “Get
me out of here!” If any of you have ever been close to a riot,
have experienced the feeling that a group of people is about to
come alive as a mob, you understand that it’s worse than an
earthquake or a hurricane.

Between the two extremes I’ve described, you simply need to
understand that there is an inherent dumbness to crowds and
populaces. The mob in you is unredeemably dumb. Your populace
is inescapably crude and even dangerous. That’s the way Life is
structured. I refer you again to the story of the man who found
himself locked in a dark house — there is a piece of what I’m
talking about in that story.

You will find no assistance arising from the populace in you. In
the City, the fact that nothing creative comes from a committee
is irrelevant. But you must realize that no real assistance —
nothing that might change the workings of your nervous system in
your lifetime — will come from any mass activity. The actions
of a crowd are dumber, cruder and more simplistic than you are,
even if you are just average. This is true “in here” and “out

If you were just walking-around, City-level average, contrare to
what Life would have you believe, all the great rabbis and
priests put together would not be more creative than you. A
great religion is not “greater than its participants,” as they
say in the City. (Of course, they believe that in the City. Why
else would people try to take refuge in institions?)

A moment ago I pointed out that committees can’t accomplish
anything and that mobs are dangerous. I could probably get
almost everyone in the City to agree with that. Yet, if they
looked off a minute, they would turn back and disagree with my
saying that no religion is greater than its participants. Or,
even if they agreed in principle, they’d end up saying, “But that
doesn’t apply to MY church.” (Or political party, or whatever
institution you want to talk about.)

In the City, you are left with this: If you did not feel there
was some benefit, you wouldn’t be a participant. What you’re
saying when you join a church or any other organization is that
that organization, that group, that mass activity, is more
complex, more intelligent, than you are. If it were not, why
would you belong? What you’re left with is believing, “There is
some kind of cultural or spiritual cache, some historical
intelligence, that builds up in institutions like the church,
and I can avail myself of that.”

I refer you back to my earlier comments. There is no assistance
available from any mass activity or crowd of people. Any large
group is dumber, cruder and more dangerous than an individual.
Nothing creative comes out of an institution. (I’ll point out in
relation to this that This Activity could never be carried out on
any kind of mass basis. Any real activity here is between you
and me. You’ve got to do This individually, because the real
help is not coming from the group.)

Now I’m going to address questions some of you have written.
Would any of you be surprised that some of you still have
complaints? You try to hide these complaints about one another
behind words, you try to talk subtly about how the whole body of
you people seems to operate less than efficiently. Think about
that. How can any of you still be frightened, disappointed or
upset by what somebody else here says or does? Among yourselves,
what do you expect? There is no real help from any mass
activity. And a committee — or even just two people —
constitutes a mob, in the sense that there is no help from a mob
for anyone involved in This.

In This, even two is a mob. Notice that I don’t have a partner;
nobody speaks for me, nobody corrects me. I don’t engage in any
sort of debate — and there’s a reason. It has nothing to do
with any city-level egoism. This Activity can’t be done by a
committee. This kind of blood line is not a family; you can’t
see where this blood line spreads and who it touches. The only
thing you can ever know is whether whatever you apparently got
from me touched you, affected you, changed you. If you’re
expecting any more, you’re wasting your time.

Everything you do in ignorance not only affects that particular
action — it tricks and strangles you. Every time your King
says, “five minutes more…” he loses the respect of the
populace. You do not have a ruling power within that will
exercise real power. You’re not born with such a ruler, so
you’ve never engaged in a conversation that went, “Do it!” “How?”
“Do it! That’s the end of the subject!” If you had the proper
kind of King — if you had unconditional power — no matter how
much the people wondered, “How are we going to do this?” they
would never even ask “How?” They’d just bow and go out of the
King’s presence and — do it.

I want to say something else, which I’ll probably expand later.
Humanity is in captivity, not exile. And until you understand
that, nothing makes sense. People all over this planet believe
that somehow they are in exile. This is reflected in the Adam
and Eve story from the Christian Bible and in many other similar
stories. Man believes he is cut off from the godhead, in exile.
But he also believes that the situation is temporary, that
something can be done about it. As long as you operate on that
belief, nothing makes any sense. As long as you believe that,
you’re living as if your intelligence is in exile!

Back to some of the questions. Someone asked me recently, “Other
than not thinking about the person who is your sexual partner,
what can one do to make sure the relationship does not become

In the first place, you can strike the word “make sure.” In the
City, everything is conditional, and sex is in the City. I don’t
mean there’s anything wrong with having sex. But what brings on
questions about sex is city consciousness. Kyroot once pointed
out that he believed the downfall of man came about when man
first began to talk about sex!

I can give you two immediate responses to the question about
preventing relationships from becoming mechanical. First, this
can only be attempted by keeping yourself from becoming
mechanical and simplistic. That is the trick. Step two is to
continue to up the pretense of love, to “up the stakes.” I’ll
assume that both partners consider themselves in love. The
pretense of love IS love. Everything else is talking. Talking
about sex is not sex, and talking about love is not love.

Another question: “How can I avoid being fired from a job in
Corporate America? I know how to avoid being mugged physically,
but apparently I have almost no sense of how to avoid being
mugged in the corporate world.”

First, you have to understand that all these questions come from
city level circumstances. They come from standing in line,
waiting to be slaughtered. Being “mugged” in the business world
show one thing. It shows that the person doesn’t really care if
they do get mugged. Don’t fall back into the arms of high school
psychology and think, “Ah hah! Everybody unconsciously gets what
they want!” If that’s what I meant, that’s what I would have

Someone else asked, “Is there a profitable way to encourage
someone else in This Activity, to shake off ordinariness, other
than by looking after yourself?”

At the City level of intelligence, the truth has always been,
“Yes, you should be able to help others.” The correctness — not
the truth but the correctness — of it is that everyone has had
fair warning and that’s it! There IS no way to help anybody.
When you sincerely feel, “I just want to encourage my friend in
This,” you might as well be a Baptist or a Presbyterian.
Everybody has been warned once — not by me, because I’ve warned
you a handful of times. Life gives everybody fair warning. If
that did not take, forget it! After that, all you’ve got is a

Another question: “I have difficulty in shutting out the seeming
negative energy from my child and he does not seem to realize
what I mean when I tell him I don’t want to hear all the negative
news that goes on regarding him and his circle of friends.”

You’ll notice that this question can apply not just to your
children, but to your friends, to your husband or wife or partner
here. I know this sounds like a real problem, but I’m going to
tell you exactly how to make people understnd that you “mean what
you say.” You’ve got to MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. That’s it. After
that, you’ve got a hog hobby and you’re complaining about the

If you really mean it, they’ll understand it. We’re talking
about behavior, not what you think, believe and hope.
Ordinarily, your King keeps saying, “I’ll give you five more
minutes,” over and over and over again. Or the King yells, “I
mean it!” and takes off his little crown and bangs it on the
floor. “I’m just as mad as I can be, I’ve told you before and I
really mean it this time!!” That is not power. When you
exercise real power, there is no “I told you before.”

If you tell somebody, including your own family, “Do not tell me
any bad news about your friends,” you have to mean what you say.
The only way to make your child or your mate understand something
like that, having to do with behavior, is to REALLY MEAN WHAT YOU
SAY. (Of course, this has no validity, internally, to you, does

The person who wrote the question continued: “Although I don’t
want to be totally in the dark about what’s happening to my
child, this seems like a catch-22.”

If you can’t mean what you say, Life is a catch-22. Nothing
makes sense and everyone is dissatisfied with him or herself.
Life, from beginning to end, is a catch-22. There’s no where to
turn, nothing you can do — unless you can mean what you say.
When you’re King and you tell somebody, “Don’t do so-and-so,” if
they continue to do it, you kill them. I don’t mean do that
literally, of course. But when you exercise real power, Life
stops being a catch-22.

To a real King, there is no irony in Life, because irony is the
unexpected. When he tells the people to do something, it doesn’t
even cross his mind that they won’t. He doesn’t wonder, “Will
they actually do what I said?” So how can there be anything

To answer the question more specifically, tell your child, “I do
not engage, actively or passively, in negative gossip. Now, if
something is happening to you, or it can happen to you
specifically, around your friends or at school, something that
can have an adverse effect on you personally, then tell me and
I’ll do something about it, but don’t some to me with gossip.”
Tell this to your child, and mean what you say.

Another question: “How can a person ever get anything — power,
fame wealth — since Life owns everything.”

Now, that’s simple to answer. You can’t!

Question: “There is this guy I know who’s always having trouble
with sex. It seems like sex is constantly grabbing him and
forcing him to dance backwards and it’s almost always the same
dance. Is there some way to disrupt the energy flow, without
giving up sex?”

Everyone has been through that to some degree, getting caught up
in the same sexual dance. Once possibility is to reverse the
flow in this (or any other) dance. You can put out to the other
person what they seem to be putting out to you. There’s nothing
to think about or analyze. You just treat them the same way
they’re treating you. If you find yourself continually attracted
to the same kind of person and for whatever reason you think, “I
want to be free from this for awhile,” then treat the person the
way they’re treating you. That will free you from that dance,
because the person will no longer want to dance with you. They
will just suddenly lose interest.

A second way is to deal very directly with the “problem.” Simply
announce to your people new royal orders: “We’re not having sex
with that kind of person for awhile, until further notice.” Then
you walk out and that’s it. You don’t wait around to say, “Are
there any question?” or to hear the people ask, “How are we going
to do that?” You don’t ask, “Can all you people handle that?”

A third way is to simply look at your sexual inclinations as a
hobby. You’ve got to take the warts and all and then just forget
about it. That is, go ahead and dance and quit asking questions,
quit arguing about the warts. You want sex at times, and the
only people you can seem to attract are the same type over and
over. You don’t like them, or you’re tired of them, and your
question seems to be, “I want sex but I don’t like those I’m
attracted to, so what can I do?” If you don’t want to reverse
the flow or simply announce to your people that from henceforth
you’re going to operate in a different way sexually, then you
have to look at it this way: “Sex, to me, is like having a hog
for a hobby. Hogs have warts, so until it’s different, forget
complaining about warts!” That’s the end of the question.

Question: “What’s a good way to deal with nosey people, people
who want to know where you’ve been, what you’re up to, what you
had for lunch, how you’re feeling, etc.”

The person who asked this question is saying they can’t seem to
stop people from doing that to them. If you correctly — that
is, royally — decide to reveal no state secrets, other people
will realize it and they will not ask. This question is just
another version of “How can I stop my child from telling me
negative gossip?” You have to mean what you say. I you are not
going to reveal any information about you, people will not ask.
You have no business gossiping about yourself. I give you my
guarantee, if you unconditionally decide to reveal no state
secrets, even your mother will quit asking you. I don’t care
what kind of dance you’ve been doing. Once you royally decide,
your mother will treat you as though you’re royalty when you show