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New Intelligence Fills Gaps


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0418  11-14-88
Notes by WB

Yellow Circuit is one area where change is immediately apparent and useful–new info/experience has greater elasticity.
Satori–instant fully realized change to intelligence. Not really 4-D but 5-D  Jan is relating.
There is a need for validation/gaps that can be bridged by instant neural change.

Once you can utilize this Yellow Circuit possibility of stretching, then you can turn it around and create you own small miracles in Blue Circuit.

Serious hint: it might be that you can’t fuel new intelligence without being physically well. Also may not be able to be truly healthy unless you have new intelligence.

Why is revenge so denounced? Because it is too much looking backward…

Just because you have memory doesn’t mean you have to use it.

And Kyroot Said…

Never depend on anyone who sez, “You can depend on me.”


Upon running across the phrase, “the dignity of history,”
one Revolutionist laughed so hard he dropped his new snow cone.


Every single little molecule has its own little
intelligence; some of them just won’t admit it… at least not to


The intellectual energy of the Revolutionist is the supreme


I hate to even sound pessimistic, but, you’ll never put-it-
all-together if all your pieces came from the City.


You may be in a good area if you hear someone say, “And just
as things were getting good, they got TOO good.”


As they might say in certain City quarters: A life ill-
spent is a life still spent.


Boy asks his father, “Were words first in dictionaries, or
in people’s minds?” Pater sez, “Go look it up.”


A rebel without intelligence is a play without legs.


In City matters, I suspect that the safest test is no test
at all.


Look, I’ve told you before, but I’ll tell you again,
whenever they shout, “Dumb?” don’t raise your hand and make it
that much easier for them to spot you.

There is a rather damp gentleman who sometimes stays in a
hotel near Bangkok who says that you may refer MOST inquiries to


If time WERE equally shared by all, loan departments
wouldn’t issue payment books.


Out at that City park I sometimes visit, last Saturday a
full figured chap stood upright, and loudly declared, “When it
comes to life, EVERYbody’s on the short end.”


If you’re not SURE it matters, don’t guess.


O.K., listen up: On the 3-D P & L sheet, the bottom line is
this — there ain’t one.


If you’re already Bo Diddley there’s no need to look for a
stage name.


The problem with really NEW ideas is that you never hear
about them until it’s too late.


If you can stop now you never did actually begin.


Be sure, (even when you’re not).





Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1988

Document: 418, November 14, 1988

There is a specific time lag, internally and personally, between someone thinking they want to change and change itself. I can expand my description of this lag by mapping it onto the Circuits. Let’s start on a simple and obvious level. At the level of the Red Circuit it takes 24 hours for your body to fully note the food you ingest. There is no way that you can prime up your body an hour before you run a race; you would have to do it the day before. Conversely, if you have been drinking heavily and suddenly you quit it takes many weeks for the alcohol to get out of your blood. At the Red Circuit level, no one really questions that there is a time lag.

Taking this into a new area, there is also an emotional lag. There is no such thing as a quick emotional fix. Any immediate emotional change is likely to get written up in the journals. In the movies you often have the scenario of a guy on the couch for the past 20 years, then suddenly he remembers something his mother said. So, he says to the psychiatrist: “You know how I told you over and over about how my mother said ‘Your father never loved me as much after you were born?’ Well, I just remembered, when she said that she had a bagel in her hand! Now I understand! Now it all makes sense!” There seems to be quick emotional change.

There can be apparent immediate change at the Blue Circuit level, but it is rare. The reality is that even if you decide with all your molecules to change the way you treat people, there would be a time lag between your decision and your actually changing. Even if you do go on to accomplish it, you cannot do it right then.

Since we now have only the great old Yellow Circuit left, are you ready? Based upon what I have just laid out as groundwork, could you now note that in the Yellow Circuit change could be instantly noted and immediately useful? It is the one area — as compared with a man’s apparent physical existence or emotional being, where change could be instantaneous. This happens at a basic and crude level that everyone can see. You’re on your way to a job interview and you have to be there in 5 minutes and you’re lost. You pull over and ask for directions. Some guy tells you “two blocks to the right, then make your first left.” You note it and you can use it right away. You can read a book and immediately see something. There is nothing strange or debatable about it.

No one, except someone involved with This, ever notes that their own experience is a continual source of new information. At both the ordinary level and at the level of new intelligence, information experienced through the Yellow Circuit can be assimilated and immediately used to close in gaps and fill in the lags.

All of this begins to make maximum use of another feature of the Yellow Circuitry. Compared with the Red and Blue Circuits, the Yellow Circuit has a more elastic body. Starting off again at the good old comfortable physical level, it’s easy to see that there is a limit to how fat or how skinny you can get. There is a limit to how tall you will ever be. You can play with the body, lose weight, put on weight, build muscle and lose muscle. But you have to operate within certain molecular and atomic limits or you will, I believe they call it in the city — die.

There is a similar elastic limitation on the emotions. People can take only so much duress, pressure or emotional change before they, I believe they call it in the city — crack. You can see the elasticity of a person’s emotional life. When someone loses a close family member their whole emotional body is different for a time. They are usually duller, apparently more passive, as though the wind was knocked out of their sails. They may still function, live another 30 or 40 years, but they are not exactly the same person. If the stress goes too far and the body cannot come back within the elastic limits of their being, they will crack and they may have to be put away. The emotional body can be stretched to the point where it is permanently deformed.

The limits within which a person can emotionally stretch are quite defined and refined. Someone can apparently undergo a religious epiphany and think their whole life is different. But, the person is not that much different to the outside observer. They may have stopped some behavioral habits, but they are usually not that different.

Now, back to the Yellow Circuit. Compared with the other two, the restraints are hardly in the same ball game. First let me point out that although people love to write that the human mind is infinite, it is not. All you have to do is take a look inside yourself to realize that you keep thinking the same things over and over again. You realize that “if the human mind is infinite, well, then, I must have got a defective one.” I’m not saying it is impossible for the mind to be infinite, but note that if the mind is infinite, no one takes advantage of its capabilities.

The Yellow Circuit also has an elastic body, and if you stretch it too much, it will break. A good example is people taking drugs of all sorts, including alcohol, to expand the mind or consciousness. They can go too far with drugs and they snap. They may end up in an institution, or even out in the woods of Northern California. Under ordinary conditions, people in the City cannot expand the mind without limit. But that is the appeal of mind altering drugs and alcohol; they’re a cheap ticket to expansion.

Only a Revolutionist, only a real trooper has the possibility of stretching the elasticity of the mind to the point where it won’t snap back. But, instead of that being damage, that is what you are after: a permanent, self-inflicted deformity. If it is at all possible, you have to do this to yourself; there is no assistance. You cannot use drugs. You cannot use anything except what seem to be self-induced, self-produced drugs to change the hormonal flows, to change the operations of your own nervous system. You apply pressure and push the elastic limit of the body of the intellect, to the point that it does not snap back.

I can’t resist going aside for a moment to try and get you to piece together some history. History is so spotty. All you have is spots and no one sees the leopard. Throughout history, in the guise of religion, and otherwise, there are stories of great mystical, extraordinary states. A so-called mystic comes back and says “my mind was blown” (if they had such terminology 3,000 years ago). Whenever this happened, all it was was a fully realized instant utilization of intellectual change. That’s what knocked ’em down — not angels or spirits from the heavens, but instantaneous, fully realized change in the intellect.

In pursuing this kind of experience people used to fast, beat themselves and even do strange things like go without sex. They might do emotional things: go out in the street and tell people to spit on them or beat them. They would pray or meditate. All that was simply an attempt to change the hormonal balance to result in a genetic effect — and they called it “spiritual.” Doing that sometimes kind of softens up the being of a man to the point where this change of mind can occur and when that happens, it makes the history books.

A Revolutionist has the real and immediate possibility of stretching intelligence into a new intelligence. You have to begin to see, just in your own intelligence, that there are gaps and that these gaps create some success in Life. The gaps are everywhere, including the need for people to be validated in everything they think, feel and do. You have to see that these holes — these gaps — can be closed up just a quickly as closing the gap between two neurons.

If you stretch your intelligence to a new intelligence, past the 4-dimensional sense of time running through everything, you can close up gaps, fill in missing pieces. You then no longer see spots, you see leopards. You then no longer see just leopards, you see leopards, everywhere. You look across the spectrum of time and you can find no time that there were not leopards. You see that the spots are all connected because they are on the skin of the same animal, and the skin of the animal is alive.

At the real heart of my sketching is seeing and using the immediate possibilities of new information, realizing that in the Yellow Circuit you do not have the time lag that is involved in more physical or emotional changes. Even at the most basic level people are able to instantly note and use new information, but they find no significance therein. And to be able to use incoming new information in a Revolutionary sense is highly unusual. But, if you do that and get good at doing that in the Yellow Circuit, you can create what many of you think you need — truly miraculous “emotional” occurrences.

In the City they have faith healing, meditation, self-hypnosis and all kinds of stuff that doesn’t work, or at best gets you only some success. Someone involved in This has another possibility. If you can get your hands on stretching yourself — stretching the elastic limit of the intellect — you can then turn around and in a sense create your own personal miracles down in the Blue Circuitry. They may be small miracles, but truly extraordinary and mystical. Except, when you CAN do something yourself, whatever you do is NOT extraordinary or mystical, it is simply real, real convenient — assuming that you don’t like to suffer or have the blues.

Now for an S.H. — a serious hint. It may well be that you cannot fuel and produce this new intelligence unless you are healthy. And, it may be that you cannot be completely healthy without a new intelligence. City consciousness would consider that a binary impossibility, a feedback loop. Within the framework of its own intelligence, binary consciousness says that simply cannot be. But here is a great example: social scientists, even neurobiologists have begun to support a genetic basis for things like shyness. They might tell a parent “your child is predisposed to shyness, so you should do everything possible to remove untoward pressures from the family unit that might exacerbate this genetic predisposition.” Ordinary consciousness cannot see that as an example one part of life turning to another and telling it, “You are in charge of doing the seemingly impossible,” while at the same time conceding that in another part right next to it change is impossible.

City intelligence says that is just hogwash, impossible. In the City it IS impossible. Just check a book on symbolic logic. Just check your own malfunctioning City intellect — your mind tells you that you cannot have it both ways. Well, you CAN have it both ways. Ordinary consciousness sees that you have a spot and a stripe and they don’t match. So you don’t understand that .pawhat you have is the outcome of leopards fooling around with tigers and it’s all on the same skin of Life.

What if I suddenly picked up and left, and my closing words were: “the one thing I left out, the really important thing is to be healthy. Without being absolutely well, new intelligence is a dream.” If that had some kind of impact on you then you’d be left with just a good old lineal arrow. It would become a continual backdrop. You could start a whole new pseudo activity based on the pursuit of health. You would believe you were on to something, a direct path, something you could solidly work on. But you can’t pursue that. All you would ever have would be some success. The truth is you are healthy a little bit, and then you are not healthy, and then you are healthy a little bit…

You have to be able to run this in both directions. You have to at least glimpse my serious hint that without being truly healthy and well you cannot produce and fuel any new intelligence, and without new intelligence you will never be completely well. You have to see that anything less than that is some success, the ersatz conclusion which, of course, is no conclusion. Without both parts you are always keeping score: “Last week I had a cold and now I don’t so I must be more healthy.” And, of course, next week you’ll have a cold again, or you’ll turn your ankle. Your ankle gets better, and you think you’ve improved. Then you pull your back, or you get a cold again. You get better again and you feel, “Hey, that’s progress!” You seem to be able to measure and chart progress, but you experience only some success. If you can get healthy, you can get unhealthy.

There is no such thing as a foolproof burglar alarm. If there’s a way in, there’s a way out. Can you turn that inside out and see that if one thing is true then its opposite is true? You say, “The child cannot help being shy because of his genetic disposition,” and simultaneously you expect the parents to get over their own genes. That is Life’s method of true protection, a true burglar alarm system.

To say that you must be healthy to have intelligence, but then to be truly intelligent you have to be healthy, leaves you with nowhere to start. That’s the idea. As soon as you have somewhere to start all you are going to get is a finish. If you have somewhere to start, you end up in the great world of some success, which is no success.

Some of you may still feel health is the burning issue of your life, but now remember my hint, and remember what I have never said and what cannot really be expressed verbally. You almost have to have the potential to be unnaturally healthy to do this — not necessarily strong or tall or the right weight on the insurance charts, but possessing a kind of healthiness that understands when I tell you health is not a fit hobby. Ordinary consciousness can tell you that you have a genetic predisposition to a certain condition and nothing can be done. Then you say that something’s got to be done. What else do you want? You have to be able to catch on that it’s as though you were always jamming a stick in your eye. You can’t do that and do This. Similarly, you people must realize you cannot continue using .padrugs or alcohol to excess. It is not immoral — just quit sticking a stick in your eye.

You have to be truly healthy to produce some kind of new intelligence. You should realize that I must mean something different than just ordinary health. Ordinary health fluctuates like the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Ordinary health bleeds to death. Just note: the greatest athletes that have ever lived up until now have all died. No matter how healthy you are in the City you are going to die. I am talking about another kind of healthy, not completely estranged from ordinary health matters, but by comparison, ordinary health is just small potatoes.

Beyond that, it may come down to the matter of being truly healthy; unless you are healthy in a particular way, in a very specific manner, then producing new intelligence may not be possible. It may literally be impossible. But, without some kind of new intelligence, you will never be truly healthy. If you find that position untenable, guess where you are — you’re in an untenable position. If you feel immobilized, consider yourself immobilized. That is, if you have to have it one way or the other then you are immobilized.

You are where you are. You do have a genetic propensity to be shy and you can’t help it you poor little kid. Your parents should have been more particular about the environmental effect they had on you. If they had dutifully acted otherwise you would not have been so shy, so shame on them. You have to realize, even if it’s a little late, that rather than “shame on them” it is “shame on you.” That which a person can hear they can act upon. That which you begin to see by yourself you can move on up in the Yellow Circuitry. It will still take you a while to lose 10 pounds if that’s the point, and if you truly decide to change your temper, whatever you find to do will take you a while.

The Yellow Circuit, vis a vis the first two aspects of one’s entire being, can instantly note new information and immediately utilize it. You do this in crude inescapable ways such as taking directions or learning how to do a mathematical problem. You do this like everyone else in the City, in ways that are of no particular consequence. If you belong in This, then you have to find out what else you can do with this Yellow Circuit ability. Look at the potential that nobody else exercises.

I’ll apparently change the subject and see if this apparently changes your mind. Revenge is a great specific example that I have not used before. Large segments of Life’s body denounce revenge. Most people agree that revenge is a bad thing, that is just not right. Revenge seems to be a question of morality and it is not. It is, on the surface, at the “some success” level, but let me tell you why there is revenge.

First off, notice that there IS revenge in the world. People denounce it, yet they continue to try to get revenge. As always in Life, there must be revenge or there would not be the word or denunciation of the concept. Life needs parts of itself to be caught up in what is called revenge. So why is it so roundly and consistently denounced? Because — it is too much of a looking backward.

Looking backward is necessary and converts energy. Memory is like freeze-dried energy: Life stores an experience away and you can relive it later. But stored experience is never as good as fresh food. Frozen peas are not as good as fresh peas. Likewise, remembering is not as good as the original thing. Suppose someone reminds you of the guy who took $20 from you 30 years ago. You can even conjure up an image of his little weasel face and how you felt when the bus pulled out and he waved out the window, “Bye,” and you realized he had your $20. You can feel that hatred, that good conversion of energy, all over again. But if I could get your molecules to speak up and think back to the day it actually happened, you’d admit that it wasn’t as much fun now as it was then. Experience is not as good warmed over, but it does serve a purpose.

Now back to a larger picture. I want to show you what is lurking down inside the murky places in Life’s body where all opposites, all contradictions, all paradoxes, not only exist, but are used. Revenge seems to be a moral question of some kind, but is not. The truth is, revenge has the inclination — the great potential to waste time because it is too much of a looking back. It’s always based upon “something that happened to me.” You don’t seek revenge for something that hasn’t happened yet. To be aware of revenge requires that you look back down the arrow of apparent 3 dimensional time. Compared to other aspects that are possible, that is low level energy conversion.

No energy gets completely converted; that’s not possible. But, in the relative degree, being caught up in emotional memories — specifically revenge, is very inefficient. Trying to hate somebody in the past, or love somebody in the past, is inefficient. Someone says, “Remember that girl you used to go with in college, I saw her the other day in the store.” You immediately reply, “Yeah? Tell me about her.” “She asked about you and she looks real good for her age, and was driving a big old Rolls.” You stand there and for a moment it’s like reliving the past. “Gee, I used to love her. Has she still got long hair?” And the guy says “Yeah,” and you go, “Oooh.” But then you realize you’re late for an appointment and you just drop the whole thing and rush off.

You could explain this crudely as a curse of the poetic gods, or psychologically, that you don’t love people from the past as much as those in the present. But I want you to see that looking back is not as efficient as what seems to be going on now. It is possible to convert energy after the fact, or Man would not have memory. It’s possible, but is a low level and inefficient conversion.

Can you see why I’ve told you not to comment on what has happened to you? To what avail is that? It is to some avail, but the avail is back at the City level. If someone reminds you of the guy who beat you out of $20 or your old girlfriend or boyfriend in high school — don’t even play. “I saw your old girlfriend from high school and she asked about you and said she hoped by now you were bald and fat.” Don’t play. To what avail would that be? In the City it would be to some avail, but if that is the level, if that is that quality of fuel you are running on, then you are indeed still using 87 octane leaded gasoline and you will never be able to run a Ferrari off of that. You are never going to be able to fuel any kind of new intelligence if you are satisfied with the kind of energy that comes from memory, from the past.

Everyone at the City level can enjoy revenge, and all kinds of memories. But unless you can begin to sense, if not develop a distaste for, that kind of low-level energy conversion, you’re done for. “She said what about me? Wait a minute. Did you get her phone number?” If you want to look at life that way, then forget any dreams you have of running a Ferrari, of fueling a new intelligence. Again, parabolically speaking, if you’re satisfied reading the National Enquirer, how will you ever sit down and understand any of the great works of Bishop Berkeley? Every time you are dealing with a looking backward you are not engaged personally with the most efficient form of energy conversion. That is a fact.

No one has ever accused me of this so I’m doing it for you: If you think I’ve ever come close to saying that you shouldn’t have a memory — I have come that close. It is not as though you should have a blank mind, you’ve just got a room full of junk you don’t know what to do with, but can’t throw away. Maybe someone willed all that stuff to you and the law says you’ve got to store it. The stuff’s in the room back there, but you don’t have to go in and play with it, or look at it and think “god what a mess, collecting dust. I don’t even like the stuff, oh yeah, I do like it.” The law didn’t say you have to do that, it just said you have to keep the stuff. You have a memory and sometimes you do have to use it, if nothing else, just to make social conversation. But you don’t have to open the door and go look at it every time you are reminded it’s there.

So you could say that much of this begins to sound like I’m saying you should have no memory. You are right. You’ve got a memory, you can’t get rid of it, but you can almost not use it. You might think you get something out of your memories, that there is much to be learned from the past, and if that’s the way you feel, then good luck and goodbye. Looking backward is always the most inefficient form of energy conversion. That about wraps it up.