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Monopoly, Gotta Love It


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#416 Nov 9, 1988 – 1:31
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :04. How could ordinary intelligence ever comprehend that Life itself is alive? How comprehend that Life contains all recognizable contradictions, opposites and paradoxes and uses same for Its own steady, healthy growth? Life is big enough for everybody. Ordinary intelligence could not function w/o contradiction—contrast. There is as yet no universal myth to address/validate the aliveness of Life itself.

All religions believe their belief system to be universally applicable/validating; but this is untrue and none see it—TWE/to what end does Life arrange it so and why has Life withheld a universal myth relating to its aliveness? There is a genetic, physical basis for charisma/leadership; this is true also for institutions, and it correlates to size.

The Catholic Church charisma is made up of all Catholic stuff plus all non-Catholic stuff. The entirety of Life includes the negative and positive of anything. Ordinary intelligence stops always at the positive. Life has the ultimate charisma and the ultimate size. It should seem reasonable that no one should like a monopoly (other than the monopoly holders), but they nonetheless do. If it were true no one would approve of god, of Life.

And Kyroot Said…

The quicker you get finished over here, the sooner you’ll be
finished over there.


True improvisation doesn’t require that you “know the song,”
it’s not even necessary that you know ANY song.


To truly “circle your prey” would require that you teach
wagon trains to attack a circumference.


It takes just as long to do two things as it does one, (if
it’s the right one).


Why keep writing when your fingers have run out of anything
to say?


There is never a full conversion of energy, Men, or


On this train, it’s not possible to both “be ON board,” and
BE bored.


Any Man who speaks about the “all” of anything speaks of the
“nothing” of his intelligence.


A good ruler always welcomes advice. (You don’t believe
that do you?)


It is extremely tacky to stand up in a temple and shout out
to the priests, “O.K., how many coaches have actually ever played
the game?” EXTREMELY tacky.


One benefit of a life well-spent is that the mortuary never
realizes you stiffed ’em for the bill.

How ’bout this: I heard a guy say, for reasons known only
to somebody, that, “If you don’t look at me when I speak to you,
I won’t speak to you when you look at me.”


Waiting until the last second is quite proper if you are in
the process of executing your last thing.


It is indeed a spoon-bending fashion statement to wear a
hair shirt with a silk tie. (Oh, my.)


Good wars don’t need to be advertised.


A Man who had what appeared to be some type of revolutionist
bruises about his head was heard announcing, “Ahoy, ole and
hooray, I have built an invisible structure with unknown
materials on non-existent land. Hooray, I say.”


Don’t forget now: In the City, whatEVER it is they may do
to you, it is, as they like to say, “For your OWN good.”


It IS further from here-to-there than it is vicy versy.


Under most conditions, if the City powers just KNOW you,
they can blackmail ya.


A Man’s best friend’s just around the bend.


Be advised, and — Watch it!: Those who’ve “gone before”
are back.


Transcript ( needs some editing )


Let me ask you a question. How would it ever be possible to
convey to the ordinary intellect, through words, symbols, or any
kind of trick, that Life itself is literally alive? Is there any
way ordinary city-sight could ever see Life that way?

Is there some way the idea could be presented, so that
ordinary intelligence could swallow the full conception that Life
is alive? From time to time, some of you send me copies of
magazine articles which seem to show that scientists are getting
the idea the gods didn’t create the planet to suit man–that
maybe the situation is vice versa, or that man and the planet are
interacting in some way. But if you look at these articles–hold
them up to the light–one thing you can learn from them is that
scientists, no matter who they are or how educated, can only go
so far with this kind of thinking.

know–say “true” and “imagination–that all’s a part of a living
Life and it’s not one part feeding another and not the other way

I’m asking you to Neuralize whether there is any way to
present this so that the ordinary intellect could perceive Life,
from beginning to end: everything people say they know and
everything they say they don’t know; all they say is “true” and
all they call “imagination”; everything that is part of this
organism, this living Life, this perpetual, continual feedback

Once in awhile, people in the city seem to get a glimpse of
Life’s feedback system. Sometimes city people talk about how the
“psychological makeup” of a person has to be part environment,
part heredity: “There might be some evidence that this flows
both ways — sometimes.” Or, consider the example I gave
recently of psychologists saying that shyness is hereditary, but
that the environment can exaggerate a child’s propensity to be
shy. When city people talk like that, they come awfully close to
almost being intelligent. But notice, no matter who they are,
that they must back off from even this line of thought. The
intellect starts thinking about genetic forces, environmental
forces, and suddenly goes, “Oh, no! I’m getting overheated!” and
has to back off. It just can’t go that far.

How would it be possible, right now in this part of the
universe — in the Western world — to present this so people
could ever grasp that not only is Life a living being in all
aspects, but that within Life are contained all apparent
opposites, all recognizable contradictions and paradoxes. And
beyond that — Life not only contains all those opposites, but
uses them for its own steady, healthy growth.

“Understanding lacking to see there aren’t any
contradictions.” That’s a cheap ticket out. Closer would be,
“the reason we see contradictions is our limis.” If they could
see that all of that ws being used for Life’s growth. Check

Parts of Life’s body hamburger, no thanks. Some people want
mustard. But ord intell thinks we have areas that are
inexplicable–and we don’t.

There is a rule, at one level: The World is big enough for
everybody. Do you realize that Life is big enough for everybody
— Life has to be, since it’s big enough for itself. Do you
REALIZE that? Life is big enough to not only contain, but USE,
everything. If something’s around, that thing’s being used by
Life. You may not like mustard, but Life likes mustard —
somewhere. Life doesn’t like mustard all the time or, to put
this in spatial terms, it doesn’t like mustard everywhere. But
when Life doesn’t like mustard on you, you take that as, “I don’t
like mustard.”

Seems to be contaadictions, paradoxes in life. People when
they see the contras–how can be have Peippin the terrible on the
same planet at the same lifespan as Francis the good? How could
L have provuded both? It’s very simple. It did it.

If you like mustard on some things–would you like it on ice
cream. Finally get to things where you’ll say, m’s all right but
I don’t want it on everyting i eat. You’re big enough for
everything–you can like mustard–music–other time, turn it off.
You don’t find that unsuual. But ord intel can’t perceive of L
ad being completely alive, growing entity. It it did there’d be
no such thing as contradition. You’d be forced to grant to L the
same privilages you grant you. Youlike m on some things, some
times, sometimes you don’t. Everytboyd the counter, “But you
always have mustard.” Do they band together and put a “C” on you
for contradition? How can it be you always have m on your chees
sandwich/lanugh at you, ridicule you? That ‘s the way the ord
intel treats thos aspedts of Life

The people who have mustard, “inexplicable.” YOu meet them,
they seem relatively sane. You think, how can this be?? You
never like mustard, ever. These like questions human intellect
has about the nature of Life–makes demands would find it at
least curious that i demands of Life that which it doesn demand
within itself. Doesn’t find self paradoxical, not contradictory
enough to put in funny farm/or existiance of opposites to be
bewildering, incapacitation.

But will grab other people or whole institutions–how dare
me put my faith in you how could you do that. Nobody does that
to themselves. Intel itself doesn’t find its own oeprations in
same way curious as when they’re magnificed “out there.” Can’t
even see it.

If it did see, would say you’re pointing out the irony of
life. I’m not pointing out i or L–pointing out Life.

Purpose of apparent contradictions, etc. All a form of
resistance. The seond word in the ditrionary. There have to be
two words. The human intel could not function without. There’s
no one-word dictionary. Wouldn’t mean anything unless there’s
another word. Tailpipe/muffler/You’ve got to know what a blank
and blank to know what a muffler. WIthout what appears to be
this almost infinite variety of apparent opposites (good/evil,
up/down) contraditions (producing irony, sarcasm, fear, general
run-down feeling) and horn of plenty of paradoxes. Withou that
human intel would not function. If you’re leaving within the
confines of apparent paradoxes, atempt to be a Rev, you’re going
to smother. You ca’t beath within those confines.

Our in the city you can live with those. You migthb come
weel respected philos discussing this very area. You may
function quite well int ehcity, but out inthe Rev camp you really
can’t breath within that–no where to go with it. Nothing elase
to think about it–. You can’t breath, reason your way out.
Once you understand the limits (PHil one of he models of the
limits of the human intel of the city) you see no further profit,
nothing there to learn, ntohign you can do with thei information.

Back to operning question. How could it ever be grasped at
all by people with ord intel? People that might hear as you have
found out–you can Such things as “Would you like to know the
Secret of Life?” will draw inquiries. But after that–What??
I’m suggesting (not purpose of all this to say this can’t be
done) one aspect of this tied to night before last–there’s
possiblity you could face some difficulty of trying to have
people operating with the ord intellect in getting them to grasp
this or even get a glimpse of this.

This proposition to point to something else. Could any of
you see Why beat around the bushes. Let’s say almost nobody
can get a good glimpse of this–Do you realize This insofar as I
could play with reality To hear the heart of this that Life
itself is alive–no conditions, no discussions. Life alive and
full of everything contractitoy self destructive, not only in
there being used for health. No one can glipse. If they could,
if I could trick them, do you realize that it would invalidate
the truth the reality of their life? Not because This is right
and their truth and reality is wrong–

Go to a play. YOu getting up and leaving is part of the
play. You think you have a program but you don’t relize.

What appears to be the truth and reality and all that
conveys–just that Life is what it is and I am what I am–
people’s truth and vality, the operations of their intell. It
needs a continual validation–that’s part of the human verbal
intercousre. Not just to make feel good. I’m ok, we’re all ok.
As always it has a real purpose in Life of Life itself, info
being conveyed continually back to life itself all is well down
here. “Are you ok” “I’m fine” Over here in this one aera there
are three bundles of molecules passing as Fred Mary, all’s well.
Not just for individual purpsoes. This kind of info would
invalidate everytone’s reality. You don’t think that’d be a good
thing do you?

Thinka bout it. It hasn’t hurt you. How could it hurt
somebody. Don’t asume. hat if people could hear this? Would
everything come to a stop, or explode. ARe you sure that it
would invalidate everyone’s life. Are you ure it would be a
negative occurance in their days, if in some way they could grasp
some of this. I’m not hinting it could be done, should be done.
Simply ask: Could it be possible that ordinary people, of ord
intel, could every glimpse any of this–any of it.

Life being alive, consciously, willfully, knowingly
containing all apparent opposites not only con but using. They
are a part of Life’s own energy, growth process. Is there any
way people could grasp any of that?

How about: Have any of you thought about that there is as
yet no universal myth to xplain to even reflect the fullness of
life, completeness of human experise. All you still have are
local tales. Various religions, stories of the gods, tales of
past superace. All local. This not history lesson–As yet there
are none not even an attempt or anything close–but some
intellect somewhere within Life’s body should say that’s not
exactly true, because even waht apparently was at the time rather
not diestic systems such as Buddha, Isam, Christ, do they not all
claim universal soveeeirnty–worldwide significance. No religion
through their apparent founders, through their head prohets have
ever said anything less than this is it, it has world
significance, money and time we’ll play in your city and give you
chance to worship the real gods. In all religions they say that.

Validation of reality as reflected in stories, you’d find
out even in remote places etc. The River Religion. They may
never venture more than several miles from where they’ve been
living, you’d find religion is worldwide–intellectually they are
proselitizing. I came across the water in big bird–Then their
attitude would be lucky you, now you can find out what the
religion is. IN that sense to them it’s a worldwide myth. Even
if they say that, it’s not true. What is the worldwide myth that
everyone believes?? universally applicable. If so, how come
everybody’s not a River religious person. Because there is no
universal myth to explain life.

Again, Life in its own mysterious fashion (my imitation of
fundamentalist) cleric wants to be professionally confused–why
else owuld you become. The intell is wired up to believe theirs
is a worldwide exposition–belief system. They say that but not
true. No one notices. The rest of the people who don’t believe
that’s we call non believers, heathens.

My I safely say the following. Suffice it to say there is
no universal myth. There’s not. See by the evidence–not myth,
idea, religion that everybody accepts. No mater what your
intellect says, that’s not what they mean. Now, my T.W.E.
question to you is: Why Life arranged all men believe there is a
universal myth –everyone else doesn’t understand it, etc–when
there is no evidence whatsoever. Everyone says it is. To what
avil, what purpose. Moreover–TWE has Life withheld not made
available a universal myth to explain the fullness of the Life of
L and totatlity of human expericene. Only trible, local.

Why? Why withheld? Why not appropriate? For there to be a
universal myth. One myth. A story, a system. That’s another
question: What in the world could you tell people–that’s no
myth–what I just told you is a fact. YOu thought it was
illusive, it ain’t.

There is a quite specific, material, physical, genetic basis
for what is normally referred to as leadership.
Leadership/charisma. There’s a genetic basis, guy that gets
elected pope, entertainer, star, politician–there’s a reality to
this genetic. There’s an actual magnetic–physical, real–
nobod’sy imagination, no pr work–a certain hormonal combination
called leadership. creates what’s called leadership.

Can any of you get past that and see that institutions
collections of men, purposes that men can’t see that make these
institutions arise (commerce, academic, religion, science,
military) institutions have charisma. Two posisbilities: if
some do, some do not. People who do; an equal number who do not.
Instituitons that seem to be charismatic–almost inherently, you
just run across and you want to salute their flag, take notes,
weep sweat be amazed. I’s have a genetic charisma some do.

Look one way–go another direction. Second comma. Then
there seems to be a correlation between size of I and its
charisma or lack thereof. Try pull out whatever example seems to
touch your nervous system first–political parties, religions,
the arts, music/drama, apparent schools within music, let us say
you have run across I’s they immediately impress you would dance
backwards with them.

Pick out own example. Catholic church. People will walk
into a church the first time they were’s raised in one Protestant
they walk into one are immediately taken–they feel like they
regret making jokes. Hey, I can understand why people are
atracted. Or see on tv a ritual, the camera moves back, in Rome,
and there are several hundred thousand people. Forget anything
about religions–Somethin happens to you. This is an inerplay, a
conversiaon of energy. Ther’d be nothing unusual for you to even
see that on tv, much less in person, for you to feel a power. A
charisma. You could fall into a soccer game for the first time–
in Europe where they know how to do it right. Feel seam in
stadium. No difference.

I suggest that there would seem to be ocrreslation between
degree of leadership–something that can take you over, make you
want to be a part of something–you’re not raised catholic, you
don’t know what soccer is– Corre between the size and the
attraction. What if you walked into a little wooden church room
and inside is somebody dressed up like Pope would you feel the
same? There would be a severe difference. But maybe that one
little place is full but instead of several thousand, 50 people.
Inside there is sensation of packed, but not genetically the same
feel as walking into stadium l00,000 cheering game, or that many
looking at the pope. Hell yes there’s a difference.

Soccer game. Go into a stadium you and two other people.
Would you still ahve that feel, would you even stay for the game.
Going into a play, a symphony. Corre of a 3-D size of
institutions and all of its trappings and its charisma. It’s the
pope, the cathedral, the people — that’s the institution. And,
remember, there is a communcation unrecognized. l00,000 people
dancing backwards and there’s communication going on you are
being effected by people meeting in a C church all over the
world. By the whole dynamic of the C church. down street, other
side of world. Also in time, what’s happened all these years of
C history–all is a part of you standnig tehre feeling charist
and is part of the leadership, power of that Institution.

Would it be the same if you altered the size of the I?
Charisma is hormonal. Size of institution Size is determined
by hormones. Size is hormonal. Why would that be unusual since
size determined by hormones. It’s not just the priest, it’s that
and everything. “Oh, all right.” “Metaphorically speaking.”
Not only the history, aalso all the violently anti-C people.
everyone that’s persicuted the church. Ord intel can’t take it

Not only priest, buildings, parishers, those that
persicuted, and also the non-catholics. those that are

Diagram. Life of Life Everything. You cannot draw it in there
withou drawing two things. If draw that, you’re also going to
draw everything that is not that. No matter where you put that.
(Blude circle with red think in it and stuff around). Yin yang
symbol. What’s missing is the circumference.

The institution the size of anything in Life is the size of
Life. You can’t speak about a church, the world of drama,
You have also said, “it’s everything that’s not theater.” You
can’t have actors without having non-actors.

Kyroot point out a thing not seen is a thing that’s not. A
thing not perceived is not a thing. Ord intell can’t go past
it’s that and what that’s not–can’t go farther. People in the
city have gone so far as everything is what it is and it’s also
everything that its not. They don’t understand that it’s both of
them. There`s no such thing as the institute of relgiion without
all the other institutes. Anything that you name–the validation
of your relaity at city level–if this is this, you can’t leave
it at that. For this to be this everything else in the world has
got to be not this.

More than sophomore phil. Get past when you say this is my
desk, you’re saying everything else is not my desk. People
after one quarter can get an A

All truth, all reality what you take as being your life is
only your life on the basis–Church includes, you your saying it,
being aware of it, it includes everything–if not you couldn’t

lag gap, comparison check tape.

That is the validation of reality to ordinary intellect.
EVerytimg you accept validation that something is what my intel
tells me it is. Or–I read it, I heard it– The genetic flow of
reality through ordinary means.

A Real Rev wouldn’t believe anybody. He’d just barely
believe himself.

To do This, you wouln’t believe anybody–and just barely,
barely believes himself. A Real Rev doesnt listen to anybody.
If he were a Real Rev he’d know you can’t listen to anybody
Heard it all before. Everyone has had fair warning.

Back to. There’s a correlation between in the 3-D world
size of an I of a thing and its apparent authority, genetic
charist, effect on people. What has the ultimate charisma?
Consider the charisma of Life itself. All men dazzled,
confounded, bewildered by it. But nobody realizes that among
other things people are dazzled by life (call god) simply because
of its gd size. Cause you are now speaking about the infinite
size. Forget the history of human drama, lit, the milky way.
We’re talking the infiinte size. Whatever you can say, it’s at
least that much bigger.

Many people still wired up to call this god, without being
able to see there is agenetic–the size of t athing . Not simply
that one more professional (theater), more money, more pracice.
There’s correlation to size. Whole concept of cosmic force,
life, gods–unless suddenly you have beomce life itself and can
control genetic activity of your own molecules, hormonal flows in
you, other than that no one can see that if for no other reason
people are staggered by, worshipful of Life for not other reason
than size itself.

It’s every possible hornoal combination, every possible gap,
yin yang and circle holding it. Size of Life. Could you being
to see in a way Life is the ultimate charmer, celebrity–people
doing This are the only contemporary gossip columnist. Nobody
else even recognizes the celeb. Who Life punched in the nose.
People in the city goes have you ever heard of this person he’s
talking about–about Life this Life. That ord intell would ever
hear about that? Forget all others–we’re talkinga bout IT–
Life. A few people end up only availabel contemprorary gossip
colum–not only only one who has access to this celeb, but only
one who even sees it.

Leave you with: Closing aside: Wipe minds clean. It would
seem in the world of reasonable men and women that no one should
like a monopoly except those with the monopoly. Wouldn’t it seem
reasonable people would not like a monopoly? Yet they do. No
reasonable person should like a m, yet they do. Sometimes
writers will rail against monopolies. I know that, but don’t
forget, I know that every bell curve has these little small parts
out on the end–you know what they amount to–little teeny parts.
That’s why they ofteimes get printed in letters to the editor.

Diagram Bell curve.

It would seem that No One should like a monopoly. It offers not
chance for a better service, product. Takes away even illusion
of choice. it would seem as though no one should aprpove of a
monopoly, because the monopoly`s got you by your little dainty
parts. Ask ord people do you actually like therebeing a m like
the post office. People do not thoroughly dislike ms. Exclusive
franchises so there’s only one place you can get this product or
serve. You’d think they’d say no, I don’t. If it were true,
nobody would like gods. Nobody would be bedazzled by Life
itself. Doesany body condemn god the way they


Social, governmental, civilized life. You’d think people
would hate a tyrant. A full-fledged autocrat is a monopoly. Do
people hate them. Sure, somebody would write a letter to editor.
Don’t like general so and so cause he killed two or three of my
relatives. a few sorehead. Tyranny. They might dislike that
name. But there is a respect even for the utlity companies.
the size of it–the power of it– They rutnred off my
electricity. They shouldn’t have done that to me. But here is a
deference to the size of any I, any apparent person that has a
monopoly. The bell curve do not dislike a autocrat–a monology–
idea of god, the ultimate monopoly. You can’t hate it–not
possible–has the ultimate charisma, forward-dancer–ATilla the
hun and 4,2l7 of he hunds and when it come sto Life you’re not
going to wonder whether to start off forward or backward, you’re
not only going to dance backward you’re going to love it. As if
you had a choice.

No minutes left.