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Man, the Limited Data Acceptor


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#413 * Nov 2, 1988 * – 1:30
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :04. More loose ends. Protecting yourself and learning form Life: “everybody’s had fair warning”. A RR/Real Revolutionist has had more than FW/fair warning—the opportunity to learn from warnings to others. Look around—stay on the move—protect what you love. Not to have been specifically warned about something is no excuse—the RR should stay alert. Staring is a filter of info intensity down to manageable levels. Staring = “I”; both act as filters of info intensity.

Man: the limited data acceptor. All other animals are not limited in that they accept all pertinent data available. City physics: any body becomes more or less temporarily distorted when force is applied to it. An elastic body returns to shape except when it reaches its elastic limit, where permanent deformation results. In the human ‘personality’ (talking molecules) there is a similar elastic limit. Apparent change results from pressure to personality, but if less than the elastic limit, it ‘snaps back’. Since forces are always transitory/shifting, only rarely is the elastic limit exceeded. When exceeded, insanity results—at the extreme edge of the bell-curve. Elasticity resides in the heart of the bell-curve—thus no insane people there.

The RR exceeds his elastic limit and gets outside the whole bell-curve. In the City all info is flawed and incomplete—everyone agrees that no one has the final answer. But not ever seen is that all questions are equally flawed! All data/info is flawed and incomplete. Another Masterstroke: Defining the question is part of the answer. Everybody’s life is a question—an unspecific, nonverbal question–so what could be expected of any answer? Life protects itself from would-be RR mutants by making them into easily identifiable, readily dismissible occultists/kooks. They are laughter-neutralized.

1:27 Epilogue. Inappropriate treatment of given tasks—lack of proper assistance to J.

And Kyroot Said…

Everyone’s had fair warning.


Financiers never have to ask customers if they approve of
the goods.


It would appear that one of the City’s more popular pastimes
is being-in-debt.


While strolling through some bushes near a reputed
Revolutionist camp I heard a voice sort of singsonging to itself,
“Oh, if I were any happier, I’d almost be human.”


You’d really be better off not to take general, genetic
needs for individual pleasures, or possibilities.


Whilst in the City, doing City things, never fail to go
where they offer “the best for less,” or at least where they
promise that “the best costs no more.” Ah, say I again, the
City, whatta place!


Do you realize that if anyone could actually hear anything
extraordinary, (such as how Life is truly arranged), that all
hobbies, and normal experiences would be shot all to Pittsburgh,
I mean, hell.


A City chap recently started a brand new type of service,
and was asked how he referred to those who dealt with him, and he
replied, “Those of limited finances I call customers, those whom
I can charge more I call clients, and those with boundless funds
I call friends.”


Things that are not known are not. (Those of proficient
neural legerdemain could, I suspect, fashion this into an
intellectual John-The-Conqueroo.)


Even those who apparently know something don’t. (See, some
of you have already forgotten that appearances aren’t deceiving,
they’re simply appearances.)


Those who indeed, “try too hard,” are, I fear, giving it the


Some in the City find the truth far too stiff and
uncomfortable, and thus see a benefit in massaging it.


Looking-around won’t get-you-down.


Think of the wardrobe savings enjoyed by those who find
sarcasm ALWAYS in fashion.


Stay advised: Always lurking around the edges is the edges.


If it’s organized, it can be “hazardous to your health,” (it
for SURE is hazardous to its OWN health.)


Don’t give ’em an act unless you either have another one to
back it up, or none at all.


A City reviewer recently said, “Like all ‘great books’ this
one raises more questions than it answers.” Praise be to Zeus
that we’re not subject to more NON-great books, eh what?


Yelling at the king won’t help.


A shout suddenly arose from the Revolutionist training area,
“My GOD, this thing’s ALIVE!”




Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1988

Document: 413,  November 2, 1988

Tonight I’m going to bend some connections between several things. First, how about two things considered together: the need for taking care of oneself, one’s loves, and the apparent “learning from Life” that is necessary for a Real Revolutionist, which I recently expressed by saying, “Everyone has had fair warning.”

There is no need for anyone involved with This to pretend to be dumber than you are. A Real Revolutionist has had MORE than just fair warning (which should be enough), because all of you have something more than average intelligence. You’ve had the opportunity to learn from OTHER people’s warnings. You’re surrounded by them. And you can’t be dumb enough to demand of Life that it teach you, personally, every little lesson.

Not everyone has had all the same warnings — but you all have the same continuing opportunity to learn from everyone around you. You have fair warning from what comes out of other people’s mouths, out of the newspapers and television — there are just lessons everywhere. You’ve had fair warning. Ordinary consciousness cannot hear this, even speaking as I have in the past tense, so to make it even worse, let’s jump to the present tense. As long as you’re alive, you’re continuing to have fair warning. Fair warning is an ongoing process. Yet, even if I got an ordinary person’s attention and pointed this out to them, they’d go, “Where, where?”

You’ve always had — and continue to have — the opportunity to learn from everyone’s fair warning — and certainly from your own. All you have to do is exercise the option to continue to Look Around, to see what’s going on, to learn. This is tied to the fact that you have the responsibility to care for yourself and for what you love — whatever that may be or may evolve into — for as long as you can profitably live and learn.

Even when only you personally seem to be involved, it’s unacceptable for you to allow something to happen which has happened before, which harms you or something/someone you love. You can’t continue to say, “Hey, I learned my lesson,” over and over again. Ordinarily, people do NOT learn from their warnings. Of course, there may be instances where you have not had particular warning in a particular area. But even that’s not excuse enough. If you had been alert — more alert than City intelligence is capable of being — you would have seen what happened to others, all around you. So you can’t really ever say you’ve not been warned about something.

Let’s take an apparent small sidestep and talk about staring. If you prefer, I’ll refer to it “literally” and also “parabolically” (though you should know by now that even though this sounds like you have a little more choice, I’m just making up the choices). Can you conceive of staring as a kind of filter that keeps information and experience down to a manageable level of intensity? The higher end of the nervous system is in a continual state of staring. This is not a curse, not a mistake you made — it’s the nature of the nervous system at City level to stare. And staring acts as a kind of filter.

Humans continually say, “We’ve got to learn from all our experiences.” But can you see that there is a certain tolerable level of intensity in the City — a threshold of information, experience, impressions. In the conversion of energy from something that is NOT you into what IS you, there is a threshold of tolerance in “you.”

Some of you have had the experience of using psychedelic drugs. Such substances alter the threshold of energy transfer from other bodies or processes to “you.” While under the influence, you may have interpreted what was happening quite differently, but that’s what was going on. The threshold — your system’s tolerance — had temporarily been altered.

There are boundaries to this threshold in humanity and within those boundaries is the current definition of “sanity.” Move outside certain limits and you are, at the very least, eccentric, possibly dangerous. There is the possibility within every nervous system for the threshold to be tampered with, severely altered. You can see that this sometimes happens naturally in all species, through genetic mutation.

Consider that staring is synonymous with what seems to be man’s individual “I” — with what feels like your individuality. Of course, in the 3-D world, a noun and a verb cannot be synonymous. But can you see that “staring” and “I” are really the same? Staring is the mother’s milk of each person’s personality. Or, you could say, staring is the fuel of “I,” staring is what makes “I” possible. Take any of those descriptions you prefer.

The intensity and flow of impressions and energy into the nervous system has to be kept to a tolerable level for that system. The level may vary somewhat among individuals, but that’s of little significance, because you still have the bell curve of humanity, the limits of humanity’s tolerance.

The bell curve is something I haven’t talked about much lately. It’s a dangerous concept. Dangerous, pregnant, and a wonderful sketch of Life: the bell curve describes what Life is, where it is going, what it’s up to. Of course, Life has pretty much neutered the danger by introducing the concept of “psychology.” Still, if you can See the bell curve, it’s pregnant with possibilities. Notice that all you have to do is compare yourself with the bell curve of everyone else and you feel safe — you’re as ordinary as a jar of mayonnaise.

Here’s another thing to Consider:

Man: The Limited Data Accepter

If Life is an energy conversion machine, Man is a limited data accepter. You can rationalize your understanding of this concept by thinking, “Well, hey, nobody can know everything.” If you went to a lecture and the speaker started with “A” in the Encyclopedia, you’d be crazy to think the class could sit there and listen and just learn everything — let alone that the .pateacher could teach everything. It’s dangerous to even think that all people — everyone collectively — know everything.

Man is a limited data accepter. Other animals aren’t like that. A Doberman, for example, would not be The Limited Canine Data Accepter. All the information needed to make him a dog is available to him. If it wasn’t, that particular genetic line of dogs would become distorted and eventually die out.

Man has the characteristic of being a limited data accepter because of his intellect. From the level of the Yellow Circuit down, the system has all the information/energy it needs. There’s no room for limitations at the Red Circuit level; the system must have sufficient information to survive or it won’t. Only in human consciousness can there be limits, though the intellect would tell you otherwise. Your own intellect knows it’s not limited.

Your own intellect believes, “The hope for humanity is more intelligence (which comes out as, ‘more education’).” And yet (I guess I can at least whisper this) people don’t actually believe they can become more intelligent. But the doubt they feel is almost intolerable, so it’s never mentioned. Everyone pays lip service to, “Education is the answer.” Everyone is sort of hoping that more education WILL be the real answer, though they doubt it will be.

“What we need is more information, more education, more facts.” Yet there is an absolute limit to what the nervous system can take in. And that is one of the differences between man and all other creatures: Man is The Limited Data Accepter. Not at the lower levels — humans have lower circuitry in common with all other creatures on this planet. Man is limited specifically at the Yellow Circuit level.

It is the Yellow Circuit that seems to cry out in dissatisfaction; that seems to desire and seek out more information. The Yellow Circuit is where man runs into this threshold of intensity, where there must be a limit or the whole system will crack or distort or even explode. The Yellow Circuit is where some men fall into the extremes of the bell curve and move outside the usable mainstream of energy conversion. Pass over this threshold in the Yellow Circuit, and you’ll be locked up or thrown out on the street in the City, wondering what happened.

Using scientific City definitions, you could say that there is such a thing as “elasticity.” Scientific reality accepts that if enough force is placed on any “body,” that body will become distorted. The body will undergo temporary alteration, but when the force is removed, the body will snap back to its original condition or shape. That’s the definition of an “elastic body.”

There are limits to such elasticity. In any body that has ever been observed, there is a point beyond which elasticity ceases. If enough force is applied, the body will never return to its original condition. That point is called the “elastic limit” of the body and every body has its own elastic limit. Once that limit is exceeded, the body is permanently changed.

Can you see a connection between what you think of as your individuality, your “I,” and what I’ve just described? Assuming you’re in the bell curve, there is an elasticity to your individuality — to the talking end of your nervous system. Of course, I’ve pointed out many times that people almost never really change. Yet, in the intellect, there is a certain elasticity — within limits. The intellect has a limited ability to take in impressions and experiences and to be altered by them.

You could describe the human personality as having an elastic limit. You could also say this elasticity is related to the need for tolerance within systems, within machinery. If you can’t slip a piece of straw between the joints of a machine, there is no tolerance at all and the machinery can’t move and won’t work. The best, most efficient machine, must have gaps. In the human system, tolerance does not amount to change, although at the ordinary level in the City, people can apparently stretch themselves in the face of new experience.

If there were no elasticity, Life could not grow and people could never “change.” So in that sense, people do change. They don’t REALLY change — they stretch, within definite limits. So a 50 year old can go into a new area of Life, have a “new” experience, and undergo a kind of stretching and distortion.

Colonel So and So of the air force and his men are shot down and thrown into prison. His captors put pressure on the Colonel in order to make the whole platoon dance backwards. They put so much pressure on him — physically and otherwise — that after a certain time he is no longer the same man his troops knew. He is distorted.

Now here’s the question: Has the Colonel really changed? No. But he HAS been stretched in some manner. The usual explanation in such cases is that the person’s sense of self-preservation overcame his idealistic priorities. If you could rescue the Colonel, take him back home, get some good clothes on him, some good food in him, a few good lays and…lo and behold! The Colonel would seem to become “himself” again.

All this fuels people’s belief that humans do change. Such “change” is temporary. Of course, there’s always a lingering effect (Life has a lingering effect). But for all intents and purposes, a “changed” person has only undergone a sort of stretching within the limits of his personal elasticity. There are exceptions: a person can be pushed beyond his personal elastic limit and be thrown out of the middle of the bell curve. That is what’s normally referred to as “insanity.” Or, in the worst cases, the person may physically break down.

Ask yourself: no matter what has happened to you, have you ever actually changed? If you say, “Yes,” you don’t belong here. There is only a certain amount of elasticity in the system. Maybe one day you come home and find a note from your lover saying, “I’ve left you. Have a nice day.” And your perception of reality becomes distorted; the body that is you becomes distorted. That happens in the world of molecules and in the human world. It’s a fact; sometimes you become distorted. But if you are in the middle of the bell curve — if you’re normal and ordinary — Life is arranged so that at some point the stressful force which seems to be pushing on you will diminish. It always does.

Remember what Kyroot said: “Everything passes, and everything persists.” It’s not a matter of you seeing that note from your lover and immediately thinking to yourself, “Well, I guess this happens to everybody.” At first, you’ll be altered, distorted. But at some point in the future that force will recede and you’ll return, more or less, to your original condition. This fact is the father of such City sayings as, “Time heals all wounds.”

Sometimes, if a force pushes beyond the limits of the body, the body will NOT return to its original condition. If pushed even farther, the body will literally break and the person will become what is generally called “insane.” And in between the conditions of “sane” and “insane” is a whole lot of something else.

There is another example of Life’s beautiful razzle dazzle play with — and through — man that I want to pull out. Recently I’ve used the terms “incomplete data,” and “flawed information.” I could talk to people at City level and say, “All data, all information, is to some degree flawed,” and get everybody in the middle of the bell curve to agree. They would agree, if I carried the reasoning far enough, that all the “answers” man has — including the answers provided by science — are incomplete and flawed because nothing constitutes THE Answer. The City people would agree to that — then they’d look at me and say, “So what!? What’s the big deal?”

Here’s the big deal; here’s the really sweet part I’ve never tried to put into words before. All the answers are flawed — even City people can see that is true. What cannot be seen by anyone is that the same thing is true regarding the questions. Think about this a minute. Almost anyone would agree with the first part, but nobody sees that all the questions also are flawed and incomplete.

That cannot be seen. The ordinary intellect would never come up with that, no matter how extensive was the programming it ran. And if the idea did run through your ordinary, computer mind, you’d take no notice, because it seems to have no great significance.

All questions are flawed and incomplete. If that be true, I ask you: What do you EXPECT of the answers? This is one coup de matrix of Life’s. For thousands of years, there have been versions of a well-repeated axiom that goes something like this: “Knowing the question is part of the answer,” “Ask the correct question and you’re halfway to the answer.” Plug in whatever version you want. If you’re standing around at a cocktail party and say something like this, it’s almost a non sequitur. Everyone will nod and agree and dismiss you — or at least your intelligence — out of hand.

Yet no one ever notices that all questions are incomplete. I mean ALL questions — not just the verbal ones but even the unspoken, unexpressed irritation with just being alive, the general nonspecific question of, “Who am I?” and, “Why am I like this?” Even the general uneasy feeling everyone has of, “Ohhhhhhhhh…,” even THAT is flawed and incomplete. So what do you expect of the answer?

Some of you are laughing. Does everyone understand that laughter is a conversion of energy — along with heat, .paelectromagnetic force, and so on? If you could See energy conversion, you’d add laughter to the list.

Back to the apparent subject. What if this general feeling that your life is full of questions, that your life IS a question, is flawed from its inception? You fully understand that if you ask a question in Farsi then your answer will naturally be in Farsi. And if there is a limit to the data base available in the Farsi language, then all known information will not be available to you, since you’re dependent on that Farsi data base.

This is true beyond the level of specifics — beyond the level of specific verbal questions. This is just as true at the level where you experience the vague feeling that you don’t know what your life is about. Do you understand that nothing in your life, even at that very basic level, is going to be any better than the original question? I’m telling you, it’s not possible for the answer to be any better than the original question.

What if, in the sense I’ve been describing, no matter how a person lives his life, it won’t be right? Every person wants all his itches scratched and all his needs taken care of — all of that is part of the original question. But what if the question is wrong?

I can’t resist, as long as we’re here, bringing in something else from the same general vicinity of the woods, if not the Bushes, as this subject of flawed questions and flawed answers. Life continually turns out little pockets of people like you. (Remember, as I talk about this, that the thing Life likes most is itself. That’s one reason I trust Life and don’t trust bankers, priests, or door to door salesmen.) Life keeps turning out a great number of Revolutionary would-beers. It seems that these people would be appropriate to become involved in This. Yet, there are X to the l0th power more people who at one time have the potential than the number of people who actually end up involved in This. What is going on?

Life has worked out a certain beautiful plan: Life takes many, many would-be Revolutionists and turns them into “kooks.” In past ages, these people were known as “occultists.” Whatever the name, you should all recognize these people because many of you were barely ripped from the jaws of “occultism” when you became involved in This. At any particular time and place, in every place and every time, within every culture and definition of reality, there exist easily dismissable “kooks.” How a “kook” is defined changes with the limits of the bell curve. In ancient Egypt, for example, astrology was right at the middle of the bell curve and was accepted as truth.

Within the bell curve, in the mainstream of Life, many of those who had the potential to be involved in This Activity simply get turned by Life into whatever is weird at that time and place. These people become flying saucer buffs, or try to contact spirits or beings from outer space, or read the stars. These people are your blood cousins. Life has sucked them into whatever is weird; Life has neutered them without a scalpel; Life has made them un-dangerous. Whatever you believe, if it’s outside of the mainstream and your culture says it’s nuts, if you fall into it you have been rendered safe. To those in the middle of the bell curve, you’re a “kook,” not quite insane, but certainly innocuous.

Look at it this way: If you had a cancer clot, and you could talk that cancer into going somewhere other than your heart or another vital organ, wouldn’t you? You’d say to the clot, “Hey, there are a lot of other clots hanging around down in my socks — they’re all waiting for the Great Clot-God from Saturn to arrive down there — why don’t you go on down?” And if you could talk fast, you’d be safe from dying of cancer, at least temporarily.

Life has a purpose. Everything moves energy and helps Life maintain its balance. Sometimes you can look at Life and think it’s going mad, but what you’re seeing is Life’s elasticity. Life’s boundaries are so much bigger than you that you can’t see them. (That’s another way of saying you don’t have a real awareness of Time.)

One part of being a Real Revolutionist is that you can be stretched beyond the ordinary limits of elasticity without being damaged. You can See beyond ordinary limits. And you can see places where Life is not really changing drastically, but is merely stretching. You can observe how Life stretches a group of potentially dangerous people, pushes them in a certain direction, back into the safe edges of the bell curve.

Do you know how to shut somebody up? Don’t get mad and shout, just laugh at him. Ordinarily people don’t think to laugh, but it works every time. You can hear that laughter will work — a guffaw will shut people up every time. People don’t ordinarily think to laugh. But Life does. Life renders large numbers of people — almost instantaneously — harmless by having everybody else call them “nuts” and laugh at them. And that’s the end of them, for practical purposes.

Let’s not go into how close some of you came — and may still come — to hearing a weird siren call inside yourself… Some of you may still try to put some of that weird stuff together with This. Life can do that to you — all you have to do is listen — all you have to do is have that elastic limit. Life can make you think, “Yeah, that does kind of fit! Some of what he’s saying fits right in with my Hollow Earth Theory that there are people living inside the earth, that the universe is actually inside out and instead of the sky we’re actually looking up at the inside of the planet!”

You’re about to pass your limit…