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Life In the Bushes

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9/21/88 0395
Notes by WB

Look at map diagram above. Sloping lines point to the territory not occupied in nervous system outside ‘The City.’ This is where a Real Revolutionist lives.
No one part of Life knows it all. Not all eggs in one basket. Yet in rare times as these some (J) do sort of ‘know it all’–yet there is limited appeal for it.

Common denominator with people with power gained through wealth–they have exclusive franchise to something.
Forging new partnership is achieving exclusive franchise. You no longer deal in excuses, lies, explanations–doesn’t matter how small the franchise is–variation of having a king inside.
Consider J having been conscripted into friendship with us by Life. Now take it inside–with newly forged partnership, you are conscripted, obliged, drafted–and have to be your own best friend.

And Kyroot Said…

Those who cannot laugh at the past are doomed to go there —


A Real Revolutionist never leaves dead, inedible scraps
around the campsite.


No matter the apparent rappings, ordinary Men are always
fully “being themselves” even whilst passionately pleading that
they’re not. (As those illustrious Windy City savants were wont
to say, “Justice on the hoof.”)


Those in the City-sense who “know too much” commit surprise
party suicide; a bladeless hari kari.


From City tongues I have heard of “Respect for life,”
“Devotion to love,” even of “Homage to power,” but how come I
never hear about the ultimate — Reverence For The Ridiculous?


If it seems Life offers to “spot you a couple of points,”
ask for four; if it agrees, leave the game.


Everything’s inconclusive.


It’s all a matter of housing. The Revolutionist simply has
a room with a better view.


About the only SURE way to “shut ’em up” is to tape ’em, and
then edit ’em out.


The title of a brand new City best seller, “Bitch and Grow


Being middle class is not a state of mind, but an untreated
cellular condition.

All human conflict, from the individual level to the
international, is simply a series of UNDERstandings.


If you can “simply do it” you don’t have to talk about it…


Item: The City guy caught with his pants down (literally
and figuratively) who suddenly looks most solemn, and pointedly
explains it to one and all as, “Business, it’s ALL just


Which would be the easier role, that of the actor, or the
critic? But you KNOW the answer to that one, right? (Finally,
an answer that AM an answer.)


A Revolutionist should not be a run-of-the-mill consumer.


At an overlapping intersection where two ideas crossed, the
City posted this sign, “Don’t Even THINK About Thinking This.”


First this, then that, then this, then that again; this and
that over and over; this and that’s where we all came in.


From a certain view around the corner well from the 3-D
world, the Revolutionist must be stable, but not immobile.


Remember: EVERYthing’s self-serving if it’s alive, (and
done right).





Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1988

Document: 395,  September 21, 1988

In the last few weeks, I have been saying that you have to forge a new kind of partnership in you, wherein you are no longer concerned with the things your ordinary nervous system worries over. I have also mentioned certain ideas to make you face the fact that you are going to meet your 3-D demise, no matter how healthy you seem to be, no matter how rich you seem to be. There’s nothing brand new in that, but I was trying to get you to see that there comes a time when a Real Revolutionist must stop wasting valuable energy worrying about that which the nervous system is wired up to worry about.

I am not making references to Life or a human existence which is cold, heartless, or uncaring, even if that is how you take what I say. People who lived long before you and I, all the way from pre-Grecians to the beatniks and existentialists sitting around Parisian cafes, have already done that. History has been full of people who said, “Life is uncaring, and we’re poor little molecules, poor little single grains of sand upon this great cosmic beach, and waves of uncertainty and tribulation flow over us. Life continues to roll over us in an uncaring, impartial .pamanner.” But that is not the purpose of the references I am making.

If someone opens his mouth and is apparently going to be domineering in your dance — if you put yourself in the submissive position — then you expect him to talk about how everything is broken, how Life is cold and harsh. This is true all the way from priests and rabbis to comedians. (Being an audience to anyone is putting yourself in a submissive posture relative to the person on stage.) But you should be able to see further than that. A revolutionist is one of the few people who should be able to feel he is living in the midst of something that is alive — living right in the heart of where Life is most alive. He can feel that Life is not cold and impartial. Now if the people in gay Paree, or wherever, who talk about Life being cold and impartial were transported to Mars, there might be some reasonable basis for such talk. But you people should see the situation in the glare of 4-D obviousness and should be delighted to find out that you are in the middle of something alive, that Life does care about all of its parts, at least to the extent that it cares about itself.

Back at the level where everyone is born, the human nervous system feels as though something is missing, as if “the gods left a piece out of me. There is something wrong, there is no conclusive statement, tomorrow never comes.” Even if they have never heard my terms, everyone feels as though they are broken. The nervous system will always feel this way. But you are not broken. And there is a point past which you have to abandon your own nervous system. I mean everything in it: you don’t partially abandon the nervous system or rearrange it; you must completely abandon it. You cannot rehabilitate your nervous system. You must go beyond it.

After that, for the first time, you can start using ordinary information, in an extraordinary way. For example, by all accounts, scientists can’t find traces of anything like human life anywhere else in the universe. (I’m not saying that’s conclusive, just that that’s the best science can do now.) Of course religious people would be forced by Life to call that “Proof positive that god loves each and every one of us grains of sand and he knows where we are and he’s watching us.” But go beyond that. At least take a right hand turn and realize it is exceptional that here you stand, with all these feelings sweeping over you: “Life does not care about me. I have unfulfilled dreams.” Look around. The next closest place to stand is the moon, and if you were there, then you would have a problem. You certainly wouldn’t have to worry about being a unpublished author. You wouldn’t be looking for a critic or a publisher, you’d be hollering, “Oxygen, oxygen!”

Again, do not infer that I’m saying the rest of the universe is dead, because I’ve told you otherwise, but from just turn your 3-D observation on the next nearest place to stand from the earth — the moon — and then on to Venus or Mars. You could not live there. By all 3-D appearances, there’s nothing going on in those places. It’s stagnation time. Man is in the midst of one place where Life is growing. And anything that is growing is caring. With all of my cursing and hollering that you’re going to die, all you have to do is look around. Look around at the rocks on the moon, and then look around at what’s going on with you. My Fictitious Reasonably Insane Person would turn around and realize that where we live is where things are happening.

I will detour a moment and point something out to you. There is an idea in the human nervous system that Man was created by some force — a god that went “poof” — outside the system. But your nervous system, your brain, cannot actually conceive of such a force. That’s why it seems like “god.” If something like the god in the stories did exist, he would not actually have been the god seen in the 3-D world. He would have been the 3-D version of something else that created him so he could be seen here. So what was seen was a knock off version. If there were such things as gods or a force that could create something and then stand outside of what was created, then the gods that people saw, if they saw any, could literally not be the gods. There had to be something that created them — one more step — or else the humans couldn’t have seen them. The original creative force would not pass into consciousness at this level.

Back to what I was saying. Everyone has the feeling that Life can be harsh and uncaring. And everyone’s dream is, “If I could find the right god, he would treat me right. I would not be treated in this manner.” You are not being treated in any harsh manner. You’re being treated in a City manner, in the only manner that Life can treat you. It is not uncaring, impartial, or harsh. On the contrary, someone involved with This has to see I have never said anything negative. And if you get past City level, you can’t even feel anything negative. Any time you feel anything City negative, you know you are back at City level consciousness. There is nothing to be negative about when you are in the middle of something that’s growing, exciting, vibrant, and enthusiastic.

Life is trying to live and is doing a better job at it than you are. You have no right and no basis to ever feel “put upon,” or to get the blues feeling, “I’m in the midst of this huge thing that’s 15 billion light years across. I can’t think about it because I get depressed.” That’s rat doo-doo. That shows you do not understand anything. You are in the midst of where Life is growing. There is a nonlinear excitement and enthusiasm when you realize how close you are to the heartbeat of Life itself. You are part of something that is growing ever more conscious, more complex, more dimensional.

If there were gods or outside forces and you had your choice of what to worship, you couldn’t have picked a better one than this Life. What else is there if you are a FRIP? But as long as human consciousness works on its ordinary level, you cannot feel this. Consciousness is the culprit (and also the hero, because without it you wouldn’t be here). You feel there is a distance, a contour between I and Not-I, between you and Life. You see different opinions, races, ages, etc. Were it not for these differences — were it not for there apparently being two of everything — the human intellect as it is now constructed could not operate. To have ordinary consciousness, you’ve got to have contrast. All that stuff about how the gods gave one word to Man is a lie. There had to be two. Let’s say only one word were given to him. We’d all still be standing here nude, in the same position as the moment of creation. Because the one word wouldn’t mean shit. Nobody would know what it meant.

There has to be at least two of everything. Hence, as I’ve hinted to you, the old story of the ark which took on board two of every creature. As an aside, this concept is not limited to the Judaic-Christian stories. There’s got to be two of everything — not just two of “important stuff,” like, “the great dichotomies of good and evil.” This applies to everything. You’ve got to have cups and fans, evil and cups, good and flippos. There’s got to be two or the intellect could not operate.

I want to flesh out my current picture of the State of Man, and within that the City part, representing everything as it is, the human nervous system, and Line-level consciousness:

Everyone is born in the City. At a certain point, the brain itself becomes ignited, and you become humanly conscious. You occupy a certain space in the brain that is ignited and capable of functioning. (The City.) Outside of that is the bushes. I refer to the bushes as the place for Real Revolutionists, for This kind of Activity. The City moves in time, and the revolution is not as clear cut as it would seem from a dictionary definition, but there is validity to it or I could not have used the picture.

Consider this map from another direction: Instead of picturing this as a flat aerial view, you should look on the bushes as being higher ground. It drops down to the City, and it’s not really 2-D. You’ve got all the institutions — government buildings, the military. And then you’ve got what amounts to the revolutionist’s camp. From this camp, you always have a wider view, both literally and figuratively. The revolutionist always has a room with a better view. Being in the bushes is like being on higher ground, literally. There is no need for great fits of metaphorical allegory — this is true in you. The part of you that is drawn to This has a better view. That part can look down; people in the City cannot look up in a comparable manner.

Remember my fictitious “Revolutionist’s Code of Conduct.” You need to find a place where you can make observations and reconnoiter, but where you cannot be observed. Those in the City can look up and see bushy areas, but they can’t see what’s going on there. Being in the bushes is like being in an apartment where you can look out the windows, but people on the outside can’t look in. Your ordinary partnership cannot look up and see this camp. From the position of a newly forged partnership, you have a view from what is literally higher ground inside of you. The new partnership is at a higher level. What you see from that vantage point speaks for itself.

What I’ve been calling the City — the apparent “civilizations” of history, and ultimately, the construction of your own “I” (the Partnership) — is simply the areas in your terrain that are presently occupied. That is the extent of human consciousness at any given time.

No matter what description you use for any individual or group, you are simply describing the area that is currently occupied. No matter what the apparent cultural differences, any group of people, collectively or individually — the cultural, racial, nationalistic life, or the life of “I” in the physical brain — can be described this way. All you’re talking about, from “indigenous Irish Catholic female” to just “I,” are the areas currently occupied. That’s it.

If you can get a grasp of that, you will very quickly get a grasp on some of the questions that seem to plague mankind, such as inherent struggles between groups of people. I am giving you a potentially pregnant picture, that groups of people have parts of their nervous system that are minutely different. You are only talking about minute differences in the area that’s occupied. If you can picture your nervous system in the same fashion that Lewis and Clark pictured the frontiers, then you might see that you have large portions of Montana and Idaho which have never been touched. But if you were doing This Activity in Mexico, different areas would be untouched. Maybe in Mexico, there would be people who have settled Montana or Idaho. There is an unignited portion of your nervous system; there are parts of your brain that are not settled. Nobody has ever moved into those areas; they’re uninhabited. And that is the definition of consciousness, both collectively and individually. The inner terrain is occupied in a certain area, which is surrounded by wilderness. The wilderness is where a revolutionist lives. (I don’t want to scare you, but it’s true.)

Someone in the City recently said, “If there was a man Jesus, he must have been neurotic.” It’s not surprising to hear that. Revolutionists are living in what to other people is wilderness. The Bushes are uncivilized. Man ordinarily occupies only a part of his terrain. Life occupies only a part of its terrain, consciously. If you don’t believe me, get out your telescope and look at the moon. It is alive, but not occupied. Life is not making conscious growth elsewhere as it is on this planet. Life, too, is not conscious in all areas of its body.

There is no one part that ever knows it all. And as I keep reminding you, there are no metaphors; what is true “in here” is also true “out there.” It’s simply a matter of what can be most easily seen in a particular situation. So to give you some breathing room, I’m going to talk about what is supposedly “out there” before I talk about what I really mean to talk about.

There is some activity going on in neurobiology that is now considered fairly common knowledge. Scientists have a clear indication that many of the activities of the human brain of which they have a fairly good mapping, from motor activities to higher functions, can actually be learned or carried out by other parts of the brain. If this does not occur immediately after one part is damaged or removed, then it will happen shortly thereafter. One part can be injured and another part seems to be able to take over that function. No one part of the human brain knows it all in any one area. So there you have Life trotting out things in routine information that does not seem to be extraordinary. This appears to be interesting, perhaps, but it does not come out as anything metaphysical. It appears ordinary, reported in Reader’s Digest. How much more middle class could you be? (If it’s in Reader’s Digest, it’s got to be true, so we can all believe in it, right? Right.) There is no one area in the brain (and otherwise — that’s the important point) that knows everything about any one subject. Don’t be misled if I sounded too reasonable at first and you thought I was talking about science.

I guess I’ll just jump on in to what I really wanted to talk about. There is no one part in Life — humans, civilization, the universe — that knows it all. If you believe otherwise, cut it out and see what happens. If you think there’s one guy who knows it all, if you believe an organization cannot continue without one guy, let the guy die, and you’ll find out. History is replete with this, although it’s never been put in those words. Life does not arrange itself like that. There is a division of management, a division of planning as opposed to labor and goods; there is a division of services. Life does not produce a person who knows everything about any one thing.

There is no one part of anything — all the way from This to an individual to another galaxy (if you assume that some other galaxy has another form of consciousness) — that knows everything. If one part of any system is done away with, the knowledge that part had is not lost. That’s not the way you, me, the City, the brain, the dance is constructed. Knowledge is not lost through the death or maiming of one part or one person. That is a 4-D scientific fact. Life does not put all of its eggs in one basket. When Life wants or needs to know something, on an individual brain level or some greater level, it does not place all the information in one place. Can you see any significance to you, internally? What about your search to find something extraordinary, or your feeling of trying to put it all together, and never succeeding?

Life does pop people up at the 3-D level who seem to be exceptions to this, that in a sense do know it all. And their appeal is quite limited. Wouldn’t a fully functioning FRIP suppose people in general would be sorely amazed and delighted to find such a person? But they’re not. Don’t you find that interesting?

I can’t resist pushing a little further. Assume that such an exceptional person made a few speeches and some ordinary people heard them. The majority would listen and walk off and that would be the end of it. They heard something from an extraordinary source for their day and time, and yet the majority yawned and walked away. How could that be? The City could say, “You are wrong about him knowing it all, because obviously he didn’t. The priests and rabbis were right after all.” But listen to what they would be saying. They’re going back to a place (City consciousness) where everything is inconclusive. It is an acknowledged fact, although people never think about it this way, that everybody in the City — priests, rabbis, stockbrokers, financial planners — everybody freely admits they do not know what they’re talking about. And when someone admits this, everyone else applauds and goes, “Well, what can you do?” They bathe in the glory of people admitting they do not know what they’re talking about. The very areas in life that seem to be areas of expertise acknowledge, “I don’t know what I’m doing. That’s why I’m in charge,” although they don’t say it that way. So the City could say the guy in my example didn’t know it all because the people heard what he said, then went right back to their old established institutions. But that type of reasoning is linear consciousness at work.

If you can get above it, you can see that there is really no such linear progression. That is the only way linear consciousness can see Life moving. Consciousness believes “this” must prove “that.” Such reasoning is not wrong or fallacious at City level. That is the way you’ll see things until the day you die, on that level. That is the way Life operates. But on another level, you See things differently.

How about another one? In Life’s body, there have always been little groups of people interested in whatever the hell This is. And to some degree there’s always been someone like me. What if Life is already aware of the fact that there are a small number of these cellular packets called humans that always are fidgeting around wanting to know what’s around the corner? The number is never large enough to be dangerous, but it’s constant. And then Life seems to put them in a dance with someone like me, some form of This that lasts for a while, maybe a generation or two. What if Life produces This — what you thought you were looking for — makes me do it, and it is not what you think it is? What if its sole purpose is to keep you from looking further? There is no question that I can move into certain areas and put energy into it and make you feel that I am in touch with something you are not. But what if people like me are like storefronts — like flats on a Hollywood set — that Life puts out to keep you from looking further? All of you believe “This is it.” But what if it’s not it, it’s just to keep you from causing more trouble? I could say that Life wouldn’t do that to you — but I won’t lie to you. Life would. Ha, ha.

Back to something serious. I’d like to point out another aspect of forging a new partnership, of actually being on higher ground. Throughout history, there has always been one common denominator to those in power through wealth. Their power does not come about through intelligence or hard work, even if they work long hours and are as sharp as anyone else. They always gain an exclusive franchise of something. It doesn’t much matter what, as long as it’s not tea coasters or left handed monkey wrenches. All real wealth has been made by getting the king to grant some exclusive franchise. This has been true throughout history, and is still true. It just goes by other names now.

To push you a little further, the forging of an internal new partnership is comparable to obtaining a franchise. The partnership is a new undertaking and only you have the exclusive franchise to operate it. That is where the power lies. You have granted yourself an exclusive franchise to operate this partnership. The old partnership is left out. All of your old Freds and Marys are done for. Oh, they’re still walking around, but they’re part of the walking dead. They may have been in the textile business, but now that you’re king, they’ll never shove another bolt of cloth across your borders, because you have the exclusive franchise.

Of course, we’re not talking about textiles or fruits or vegetables. You have the exclusive franchise on you. The only thing that gets shipped, sent out, exchanged, is what you send out. That is power. That is wealth. And I’m not talking about making you rich or powerful in life, though I can bring up these historical metaphors. It’s a fact in Life and it’s a fact internally. If you want wealth, you’ve got to have an exclusive franchise: “No one makes a dime in this kingdom on kumquats except me.” It doesn’t matter how small the object. Look at how small you are in comparison to Life.

When you have the exclusive franchise you no longer have to deal in excuses. If someone says, “I don’t like the price of your kumquats,” you can say, “I am heartbroken — you have 5 more seconds to place your order or get out.” They say, “You promised kumquats last Thursday,” and you say, “So what?” You no longer deal in excuses. You don’t have to advertise, lie, or solicit. The franchise is exclusive. You don’t have to explain, make excuses, wait for the phone to ring. That’s what people are looking for in the 3-D world, a 3-D franchise in some area. In the City, it’s not possible, of course. Internally, it is possible.

This description is a verbal variation of my talking about finally having a king. I’m trying to take you beyond my metaphorical use of political power — you can look at this economically as well, as a kind of economic ultimate grace note. Your new partnership is granted an exclusive franchise. All the restrictions, expectations, taxes, potential downfalls and reverses of the old partnership are no longer valid.

The 3-D pictures and stories of people throughout history who knew something always portray them not wanting or needing anything, and everyone around these people trying to tempt them. Then it becomes a matter of them being portrayed as one step away from Mount Olympus. “They had to have been eight feet tall, a mind like a computer, biceps the size of trucks, no fear of death…” The stories may describe a crude, Red Circuit level hero, but you can look at it this way — they were people who had a new exclusive franchise not available in the City. They were not dealing in the same marketplace, in the same stock exchange, as the rest of the City folks.

There is a kind of conscripted friendship I wanted to talk about. I mean being drafted to be a friend, kind of like me and you, the people who find me. I am conscripted in a kind of secret way to be your friend. Even if for some reason I don’t like you personally, I’ve been drafted. This friendship is a responsibility that there is no better word for than awesome. And there can be the same kind of conscripted friendship inside one person, between you and a whole new forged partnership. You become a kind of friend to yourself instead of feeling like you’re an enemy to yourself, that you’re untrustworthy or a bad person. The new partnership is a friendship, but a conscripted friendship. You are obliged. You cannot walk away, just as I can’t walk away from you people, even if for some reason I decided I didn’t like one of you personally.

Here’s what conscripted means: if you walk off, the military takes umbrage, and the minimum punishment is death. That is the nature of conscripted friendship between you and me, and also between you and you. It is not something you entertain at your discretion; it is not something you turn on and off. If there were such a friendship, it could be described as the ultimate healing process, for within that you couldn’t do anything that was not in your own best interest. You would have no choice. That is not the best description, since it has a psychological basis, and there is no such thing as psychological, except in the City. It is a neurological fact that the system believes it can do things that are not in its own best interest. But in your new forged partnership — an area in you that was previously unsettled that you now occupy — there is a place wherein you cannot be anything other than your own conscripted best friend. If you want a very material example, you could not let yourself eat 17 pizzas before you go to bed. But beyond that, I’m talking about the regular atmospheric noise that you pick up on your radio station. There would be no possibility of doing something that was not in your own best interest. And you would be more aligned to the more complex expansion of Life itself.

What I am describing is the feeling that people call “mystical experiences.” Although the experience usually ends up getting filtered through a description that’s more like a Peter Max cartoon, what they’re saying is, “I suddenly found out that Life’s all right. Life is alive, not cold, harsh or uncaring. And Life is fun.” At that time, you are more attuned to the heartbeat of Life — the actual expansion of the life of Life. That’s all This is about. Except for the weird story that Life might just do This to keep you from going any further. Even those of you who are chuckling don’t really like to hear that. Look at it this way. I’m not saying its true, but if it were true, so what? I have carried and dragged you further than you ever would have gone. What if This is a distraction? What a distraction! But as I said, would Life do that to you? Or if it would, wouldn’t I tell you about it? Well, it’s just a story…