Jan Cox Talk 0385

Episodic vs Conclusive Change


August 29, 1988
Kyroot readers to 5:00
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Jan Cox Talk 0385 08/29/1988 
Notes by EHW &  SD

Change in The City – Apparent Frontiers
Ordinary change as “hobby” or as more seemingly “conclusive,” to the city dweller.

How seemingly “conclusive” changes become meaningless to the one
on the apparent ” personal frontier of change ” (such as permanent weight loss).

Why semi-“conclusive” City changes end up being “no big deal” to the one who has accomplished the change.

A non-ending inconclusive string of statements continue in the mind of the
so-called “changed one” that do not match up to the original frontier of
expectations. The “pay-off” may not be as hoped for due to the illusionary
nature of the original “frontiers” and imaginations.

The false idea that a person has of being able to change a fragmented
” piece” of themselves. ( see diagram 179A)

All city change as episodic instead of Real Conclusion.

City Consciousness believes that it is somehow terribly flawed

Illustration of a movie based on a tug boat carrying explosives that ignite
when exposed to water.

The illusion that man can throw away things he/she does not like about
themselves. ( like throwing the explosives overboard)

All people are designed to feel that they are lacking “something.”
This idea or feeling of “lacking” turns into a desire to fix or throw away.
But the human cannot throw away or repair themselves as if they were
an automobile.

Life, for its own purposes has misdirected Man into this idea of the human flaw,
which keeps him constantly struggling.

The Revolutionist must see through this mis-guided “detour” map, and
stay focused on the Road of Life, without worry.

“Just Press On” must become the un-uttered Moto of the Revolutionist.

The Real Matter, is not the automobile, with its limited duration or its
noises under the hood, BUT, rather, it is a matter of Going Somewhere Else,
(another Destination in ones inner direction.)

A Technique for Going “Somewhere Else.”

  ( see diagram 179B)
Human nervous system basically wired for two simple modes:
1) action. 2) thinking about action

These modes not sufficient for Real change.

The Revolutionist must apply a 3rd, (unknown in the city) response.
A process called “Willful Stalling.”
Technique of pretending that no matter what happens, you Intended it to  happen.

Result of using this technique implicates Real Change in the entire nervous
system of the practitioner .

The “No whining” rule of dwelling on inconclusive statements such as:
How did this happen
Why did this happen
What does it mean

Willful Stalling Further Defined

Understanding that it is not ordinary “city stalling” which is based on fear of outcome, or ordinary desire to escape a situation.

Understanding that it is not ambivalence or the inability to act.

Understanding that it is not an attempt to delay or ignore.

Grasping that it is always a deliberate, willful refrain from taking the first two modes of ordinary human reaction to act or to think of acting.

Realizing the Technique as a willful interference with the ordinary, non-ending mental flow of non-conclusive statements/ possibilities that hi-Jack the nervous state of Man.

A form of Real deliberate Conclusion in terms of authentic Change  to the nervous system of the practitioner.

Insight Into The so called “World of Human Ideas” along with their “Hope for a Gratifying Or Agreeable Change In The World.

City consciousness clings to the impossibility of original ideas being Preserved in the original form.

Illustration of the spelunking expedition that alters the cave.

Transference of original Source Ideas cannot continue unaltered.

Not a problem of communication, but of the Natural Flow of the Vibrancy of Life.

Why a Revolutionist must first Learn and then furnish his/her own Ideas of authentic Growth as evidenced in True un-episodic change within his own neural capacities.

Question: What is the Yellow Circuit actually doing in Man’s Life ?

A wiring that is attempting to make the chaos of Life appear rational.

All so called educational systems/ fields of expertise/ PHD’s are attempting to make Sense of the chaotic/unpredictable.

Any Real Idea that goes beyond the city consciousness threshold is inflammatory and causes fear.

A True Revolutionist invites these New Ideas and must remain Calm.

Consider the purpose of all human entertainment devices.

To Ponder: the definition of a comedian as, ” a dominant mugger with a grin and no gun.”

Diagram # 179A video grab

Diagram # 179B video grab

And Kyroot Said…

The sayings of the few are the beliefs of the many. The
acts of the many are the downfall of the few.


The only person who actually believes that what he sez is
important is the person who said it. Is that just or not.


Of all ordinary human concepts, it is perhaps that of
perfection that is the most flawed.


And thus spaketh the City once more again, “Listen, don’t
gimme all that shit, if I knew what I was talking about I
wouldn’t be talking.”


If you MUST live in one place or the other, then do so.


Another difference ‘twixt ordinary Men and the Revolutionist
is that the former believe in an ultimate, unknowable ‘secret,’
while the latter knows that one aspect OF the “big secret” is
that this belief is spurious.


From one section out near the Bushes I overheard the
following: “Now I’m not saying that MOST stuff is a waste of
time, I’m merely saying that ALL stuff is.”


One City fellow instructed his child thusly, “Never eat any
product whose name sounds happier than you are.”


Only a certified simpleton is ever on time, late, or shows


No matter what the City priests tell you, you WILL “take it
with you.” (“It” is not the sort to forget who it brought TO the

I was with a Revolutionist once when he first heard that
rhetorical query, “At what price victory?”, and HE thought that
was the FUNNIEST thing he’d ever heard.


A Revolutionist is like a sailor who never gets shore leave.
And a Real Revolutionist doesn’t even care… assuming he ever


Then this lawyer stood up, and shouted, “But your Grace,
there IS no such charge as ‘Sodomy Of The Mind’.”


One efficient City guy proclaimed, “I believe in justice for
others, whining for me,” and his semi-brother added, “And I will
not grovel unless it is absolutely necessary, or convenient,” at
which time his sketchy sister chimed in, “Yes, and I, I for my
part, will keep my very knickers nailed down except when
humanity’s back in town.”


Just because the “show must go on” doesn’t mean you have to
buy a forty dollar bag of popcorn.


Don’t ever let the excitement of any game get you so carried
away that you try to tackle when LIFE has the ball.


You can tell a lot about a Person by the things they throw
away… and this has nothing to do with garbage.


One ole City cynic recently said, “Now that our
communications networks are world wide, and all peoples are drawn
that much closer, we should soon see some profitable increase in
the minimal hatred Men hold for one another.”


Once heard it put this way: “The Revolutionist is like a
still, quiet figure in the midst of a storm,” to which came the
retort, “No, you got it backwards.”


A Real Revolutionist can’t have retreat as an option.