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No Whining


August 22, 1988
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Notes by EW & SD
Suggested title : No Whining

Limitations of F.R.I.P.:
In the “city ” a fictitious reasonably insane man is limited by what he considers the full use of the yellow circuit.
There is the erroneous equating of education and intelligence .
Physical prowess (red circuit ) such as gymnastics , swimming etc. can be scored and graded …as in Olympic trials … 9.8 , 9.7 .
Even artistic talent ( blue circuit ) can be rated . Music , painting can be recognized as great or mediocre .
Yellow zone activity cannot be so seen . There is no such physical grade for an Einstein .

Why do people do things they do not intend ?
Why do people get pregnant ? Get arrested ? Say dumb things ?
And why is the excuse ” Well , I didn’t intend to” offered as the answer ?

Barriers to THIS:
You cannot be involved in the continuous use of alcohol or drugs and be in this work .
You cannot hold beliefs in anything from UFO’s to talking to the dead and remain a part of THIS.
You cannot depend on anything you have to go out and buy . An indicator of such a need is the whining sound made at purchase .
Whining is the sound of humanity .
Caveat : It is not that one must not like or occasionally even do these things, but one must not NEED them.

Thoughts about denial:
For what would you be willing to die ?
Faith , creed, nationality ?
Would you feel differently if you were offered the deal that you could live if you only acted like a different faith, etc., rather than actually becoming a different faith ?
Real question : What is the difference between acting and believing ? How can there be 110%:
110% is an impossible phrase that has come into being because of the
whining populous that settles for insufficient effort .
Fuck It !

Celebrating failure:
Whining , dependency and insufficient effort have set the bar so low that we now celebrate failure.
Even in something as straight forward as a reporter being expelled from an enemy country, we re-frame it and present it as the expelling country ‘s fear of his journalistic prowess.
This is a typical indicator that Life always plays its own song and that everything in Life is self-serving .

See diagram of spinal column and line level consciousness.

And Kyroot Said…

Consistency is continually over-rated, (and periodically


A Real Revolutionist wouldn’t talk much about his secret,
personal life for one very good reason… (Come on, you know what
it is.)


Remember: Just because something’s funny doesn’t mean it’s
a joke.


From a Revolutionist view, boredom can only be defined as
the “failure to pursue your full potential.”


The ordinary always dream of “things afar” while the
Revolutionist struggles to embrace the immediate and nearby, (or
else to combine the two).


In regards to some of the City’s ordinary artistic
activities, I heard it said that, “A poet without his poem is
like a day without scorpions.” (After retelling this once, one
of my young cousins added, “A mime without an audience is like a
disease without an ill.”)


A family moved from one locale to another, and immediately
the husband began complaining because the new City he said,
didn’t have an “all talk radio station,” and his wife countered,
“Hey, you didn’t leave your brain back home, did ya?”


Ordinary consciousness sees all things as flawed and
somehow lacking, because, ole dears, consciousness itself is
ragged and incomplete. Simple as shit once you see it. (Of
course, it’s STILL simple as shit if you never see it.)


The Revolutionist, in his journeys through the internal
landscape of humanity, discovers that no place is as great, OR as
bad as it is said to be.

One Revolutionist used to sometimes exclaim, “For the most
direct shot, step right up to my front door. They do, however,
serve the abstract out back.”


In the City they like to say that the “Best defense is an
offense,” but truly, an offense IS the only defense, and us being
in the midst of a larger, living organism, we can never
experience, or confront any “outside intrusion,” no attack from
without; all Man can do is to push against the flow, attempt to
reverse it. That is the offense every time.


Only those beyond the pale of reason can properly laugh at
things beyond the pale of reason.


In his own unseen, benign way, the Revolutionist treats
everybody like shit.


When I have said that from a Revolutionist view, all things
are fungible, and that in the City anything can be seen as
anything else, do you not yet get a feel for this? Then ponder:
Under all ordinary, 3-D conditions, a truly civilized man can
also be seen as an anachronism, BEHIND the times, no longer able
to quickly change and fit with the prevailing times and norms.
Only those still under the authority of paled-reason cannot see a
wet within every dry, a but within every and.


Never trust a god who snores.


One fiery haired Revolutionist told his enlistees as they
grew closer to the City, “If they ever ask you, ‘what makes you
tick?’ tell ’em, ‘A TIME bomb.'”


All the “best” advice has already been used.


The rules of a King are whatever he says they are. Whatta

I saw chiseled in a great stone archway in the City, these
words, “‘Tis not what Man does that ennobles, but what he MIGHT
do.” Thank god for the City… and of course, tomorrow.


Those who REALLY want to, should.




Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1988

Document: 382,  August 22, 1988

I want to be sure that everyone has some idea of what I mean by my fictitious reasonably insane man. I’ve been using the term for a long time and I mean something specific by it. The term does not necessarily describe someone who is a Real Revolutionist, not one who is necessarily out of step with the march of the city, rather it is someone who could be described as a cognoscente. Not a pundit, or a savant, but someone with some kind of superior understanding. There really is no word to accurately describe it; it’s more like all the qualities

and abilities that ordinary people feel the human brain should have at a level of brilliance are in full time operation. It would be someone who, from the City view, would not do anything dumb, untoward, or potentially unprofitable to him or herself. Put another way, the Yellow Circuit operations in my fictitious reasonably insane man would be fully functional, tuned like a new Ferrari, and running at a level that people say and believe the Yellow Circuit should run. The circuitry would be doing its job with the poise and efficiency of a world class gymnast — poetry in motion.

I’ll point out that when people consider the idea of intelligence they point to the Einsteins, but as you’ve probably read there are stories of Einstein tripping over objects he didn’t see, leaving his belongings in different places, forgetting mundane things — archetypical stories of the brilliant absent-minded scientist. But notice this: if the world’s greatest gymnast were to fall during competition the judges don’t consider the slip up to be just a little peccadillo so they’ll give her a 9.8 instead of a 10. No, they mark it strongly against her performance. But when it comes to the operations of the Yellow Circuit people will allow a kind of slack for little quirks that just “go along with genius.” Man’s perception and rating of excellence regarding intellectual prowess differs from its standards of physical excellence. This allows for a kind of slack in viewing different forms of intellectual activity that is not allowed in rating physical performance — you never hear of an athlete who has the world’s greatest right leg, a right leg whose grace and ability just brings tears to your eyes, but every time she lands on her left leg it pulls her sideways or off balance. Yet when it comes to talking about an Einstein people chuckle and say, “That guy could do the greatest mathematical work in the world and moments later just turn around, trip and fall down and ask where he is.” The word “Einstein” still represents brilliance and is used as an appellation of honor, whereas you will not find that kind of slack regarding “greatness” of lower circuit activities.

I went through all of that to show you how in the City things are not wired up for This activity. The City cannot define or judge intelligence — if it were to include a multitude of areas, such as poise, consistency, an organized life, good humor, etc. In the City, education is synonymous, in fact it overrides, intelligence. Throughout history man has believed we could reduce crime, eradicate war and prejudice with one thing — more education. This belief in a utopia brought about through higher education is another one of Life’s misdirections.

Let me ask you this. Why would a FRIP, my fictitious reasonably insane person, someone whose mind is as fully operational and developed as a great athlete’s body, do anything he or she didn’t intend to do? If I were to ask someone, “Did you intend to get your heart broken?” they’d answer, “Certainly not.” “Then why did you do it?” Or, if I ask, “Have you ever said anything dumb?” “Yeah, constantly.” “Well, why did you do it?” “I didn’t mean to.” “Why do you do something you don’t mean to do?” Another example that comes to mind is when people are outraged over finding out they’re pregnant. How can you call yourself intelligent if you’re surprised over becoming pregnant, I dare say you know how people become pregnant. It’s not a game of chance with two or three possible ways to get pregnant and one of them just might be behind door number three. There’s just one way it happens, and yet people go, “Oh no, I just can’t believe it!” I’ll ask again, why would an intelligent person do anything he didn’t intend to do?

Periodically people involved with This activity leave it, and frequently I later receive a note from them thanking me, saying how much This changed their life, and also in some way pointing out that they weren’t surprised they finally left or that I asked them to leave because in spite of the ban on excessive alcohol they continued to use it. The person explained that he just couldn’t give up the alcohol or the use of drugs because they provided some relief from the stresses of life. The decision, according to them, rested in some way on the explanation that out in life a little bit of alcohol or grass gives a little relief — that a little bit seemed okay. I’m not being sarcastic or attacking anyone, but since this has happened with a handful of people I’ll use it as a springboard. People have told me that that one martini helped reduce some of the stresses of life, or conversely, when they tried to stop drinking they started feeling pressure which they felt adversely affected their pursuit of This activity. It seemed to them that the daily martini actually made This Thing more available.

I’m using this as an example although I mean much more than that which relates to alcohol or drugs. If you’re going to be a FRIP you gotta get real! Very shortly, you gotta get down to the basics, and that means not entertaining your cellular voices which speak of the stresses of life. You gotta get real! That means fuck your pressures. Fuck booze. Fuck drugs. Fuck your excuses. Fuck the tensions of life. Fuck whining. Fuck every story you ever heard, every religion, and other people. And fuck anything you gotta go out and buy. I guess that about covers it. Need I remind you again that this has nothing to do with morality, not the teeniest bit. For you to believe you need something — a drink, some grass, coffee, a god, something you must buy, chocolate milk, anything — fuck it. If you can’t do that, you’re not a Real Revolutionist. To whine and say, “It’s a habit I just can’t do without,” then fuck it. I don’t want to hear ANYTHING about your personal problems. Nothing. It doesn’t interest me at all, although interest is not even the right word; there is no English for it, nor Russian, Chinese, or Hindustani — there is no language for what I’m referring to. There should be nothing you need to buy, trade, or get in any way from family, friends, priests or books. If you don’t understand what I mean by the string of “fuck-ems” you’re in for a long, cold haul as we say in the trucking biz. You must absolutely fuck ’em. If you need anything, from belief in the gods to talking to dead spirits, if you need anything from anyone, you’re City born and bred and you’re not going to go anywhere. And if you don’t hear the pleasant, nonjudicial, nonmoral reality behind what I’m saying, then fooling around with This will be just another hobby for you.

Don’t tell me about the pressures of life: you were born. Everybody has pressure. If you think you’re wired up to need to calm yourself with drugs, take all you want. If you think there is even the slightest connection between doing drugs and This, between any philosophical theory and This, between the mystical side of Christianity or Islam and This, then you’re done for! You may believe this sounds like an attack from a pseudo source of authority, from a minister without a collar, but you’re wrong. This is not merely theory, it’s revolutionary fact. If you can’t understand that a Real Revolutionist must fuck whining, then you don’t understand that whining is the noise humans make. If a scout from another dimension was tracking humans he wouldn’t listen for the sound of their breathing, nor the sound of warfare, nor the sound of prayer; the sound indicative of humans is whining, that’s all he’d need to listen for.

Part of the purchase price of anything you think you need or must buy is a whine. Although no worse or different from anything else there’s one thing truly amusing about the current drug situation in light of what I’ve been speaking about. Right now throughout the world since drugs are illegal, acquiring them involves finding a dealer surreptitiously, sneaking around to pay for them, always looking behind your shoulder, all the while people fearing that they might end up in jail. I love this: somebody thinks they really need drugs, they get caught, go to jail, and think, “Boy, I’m really under stress now!” That’s better than a roadrunner cartoon.

If you still have the feeling that there is something or somebody at City level that you’ve got to get stuff from — be it a book, friends, some wild idea about channeling from the dead — you’re nuts. Your attitude should be “fuck it!” which has nothing to do with whether the ideas have validity. There’s a little validity to everything, at least half validity, if that’s the kind of validity you want to deal with. If there’s anything you’ve got to lean on, from gin to prayer to your mother to buying stuff, you don’t understand what I mean by “fuck it!”

I recently mentioned the phenomenon of how men are prepared to die rather than verbally denounce a belief that is very important to them. Let’s follow in that general neighborhood and go back to the scenario of you being captured by an enemy force and along with all the other prisoners of war you’re lined up and your captors say, “Unless you deny your nation, your religion, we’re going to shoot all of you. To keep your life all you must do is convert to our religion. (Let’s say for this example, he’s demanding that you convert to Catholicism.)” But here’s the quirk for tonight. What if he says, “All right, I’ll tell you what. You don’t actually have to become a Catholic. You’ve just got to act like one.” Think about it — what’s the difference?

What is the difference in being one or acting like one? Surely there must be a difference, right? Imagine being a Protestant soldier captured by the Catholics and threatened with death if you don’t convert. Then your captor goes off, gets a cup of coffee, calls you over and says, “I like you kid. You’ve got natural leadership; you’ll affect the other people and save some lives. I told you that you had to become a Catholic. But let me put it to you like this, I’ll give you an alternative just between us: As long as you’re here and in my charge, all you’ve got to do is ACT like a Catholic.” Everything in your brain tells you there must be a difference between being something and acting like it, that one of those is real and the other fake. Everything in you says there’s a difference, and furthermore, what could be worse, you think, than a fake religious person.

Now ask yourself: what is the difference between being a real person and acting like one? An aside to that would be to ask, what if acting like a person is a mere 3-D form of really being one?

A City person presented with this prisoner of war do or die situation certainly feels that he absolutely doesn’t want to die, but on the other hand he can’t imagine getting up in front of all his fellow protestants and denouncing his faith. It has nothing to do with being a good Protestant, or a good Albanian although that’s the verbal form it takes — it’s that the majority of your nervous system gives out the message that, “We’re about to be killed, but still I just can’t get up there and do that.” The addendum to that being, “And I don’t really know why,” which of course would be the truth. Then your captor changes his demands and says you only need to ACT like one. What if you started acting like a Catholic. What in hell is the difference between acting like one and being one? This sounds dumb to City intelligence because it is so sure there’s a difference. But what is the difference between being something or just acting like it? From a certain viewpoint I might point out that the latter, under most conditions, would be superior to the former.

Consider the expression that arose in the last ten or fifteen years from the sports arena about “giving 110%.” Everyone’s heard this expression, and everyone also knows that there’s no such thing as 110% in the 3-D world, 100% is it. To what end does Life have people using that expression? The Yellow Circuit would, if operating in isolation, dismiss the notion and the person expressing it as nuts. Forget where it might have originated and consider to what end does Life have this expression in such common usage?

What does it indicate? It indicates this when it’s being used to describe the kind of work or effort someone would make: that the person would give apparently sufficient effort — and the nervous system knows that that is an exceptional occurrence. To say that someone gave 100% has almost no meaning anymore; only when you say he gave 110% does it mean he made adequate effort, whereas everyone else does not give even sufficient effort.

Everybody else believes they have an excuse, a story, that they’re too stressed, they didn’t get their chocolate milk. I didn’t change the subject although we’re back to what I was saying earlier. It is an extraordinary situation for someone to make adequate effort even if the guy’s only boxing, bike racing or whatever. It’s of such consequence that the idea of 110% means something when it doesn’t mean anything in the 3-D world. It is impossible in the 3-D world, not a figure of speech or an exaggeration; it’s impossible. And yet there’s a purpose to it in that it points out the extraordinarily rare condition of someone putting forth sufficient effort. It’s so irrational for that to happen that there is an irrational term to describe it.

While not changing the subject I’ll mention another frequent occurrence. The evening news begins with their feature report: “Good evening. The troubles in Rangoon have reached an incendiary nature. For the first time in twenty years the dictatorship is failing, students are rioting in the streets of Burma. We slipped our reporter, Bunky Odom, into Burma last week. As you know Bunky did some exceptional reporting down in Panama, and was in Chile when Allende was overthrown.” A kind of pride about the contributions Bunky has made is built and then the anchor explains that, “Today at 2:30 the National Guard of Rangoon picked up Bunky as he was leaving his hotel, held him for two hours, and then sent him on a plane back to the U.S.” They smile and show Bunky’s picture against a map of Burma. But what are they doing? They’re bragging about the fact that their reporter failed! They’re saying in essence, “We sent him there to send back first hand information and he can’t do it because he got thrown out. Let’s hear it for Bunky!”

I know your nervous system has much to say about this immediately. You think that the unsaid message was that Bunky is so penetrating in his work, so dedicated to ferreting out the truth that dictatorships fear the name Bunky Odom. Further, you say that as soon as they realized he was in their country they feared that he would truly get the facts, and they had to evacuate him. I know all that — just forget all of it. Everyone in the City knows that kind of stuff. Look instead at what I’m pointing out: the network brags about the fact that “we failed!” In fact, it’s the lead story: “We’re unable to send you a first hand report from Rangoon because they threw our reporter out. Now that’s something!” And the people sit at home and go, “My, my,” without seeing the celebration of failure.

I’m not attacking life, or television or the news or anything. Rather than call it failure, I’ll describe it as self serving, and not in a pejorative sense. People in the City use the term self-serving pejoratively, but I am not accusing. Only people with one eye accuse. Something is self-serving in the sense of being self feeding, and everything is self-serving in that regard. What else do you expect Life is going to do? Everything that happens serves Life to some degree or Life wouldn’t be doing it. Life’s not dumb and it does that which serves its own growth. Can you say the same? Only a FRIP this side of a Real Revolutionist would do only that which is self serving while everyone else does things they can’t explain and later regret. If you asked why they did something they’d say, “Well, I didn’t intend to.” Oh hey, now that explains it.

One other thing I’ll mention briefly about talk. People talk more in civilized areas, in places where there’s more concrete and people than there are natural conditions of photosynthesis. Humans talk in certain areas of the planet more than in others. You know what talk does among other things? It produces new levels of carbon dioxide. I’ll point out something else. Besides the actual sensual and tactile pleasure, what about the great fascination people have with kissing?