Jan Cox Talk 0376


August 8, 1988
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8/5/88 0376
Notes by WB

You are wired to deny notion of internal dominance and submission.
Sovereignty rules by right or might. Inside, “I” is sense of stability–you feel there is a righteousness to the voice running you.
You were born to be submissive.
Fanatics–believe others are miswired. Has absolute self assurance. Actually a twin to benign monarch. Consider 4-D monarch where right and might merge.
Middle class illusion–folks believe they can gain power. Can’t be satisfactorily defined because it doesn’t exist. You have closer kinship to “poor white trash”than to the powerful.

And Kyroot Said…

What is there in the City that can withstand ridicule? Or I
guess I could just ask, what is there in the City that is
permanently real?


I guess it is possible to look upon life as a kind of test,
but I wouldn’t hold my breath, if I were you, awaiting a passing


And we play this next number for all of those fondly dancing
with their eyes closed. Wow, are they in love, or what? No, the
question is, are they in love WITH what?


It is best that all would-be Revolutionists be on constant
guard against the oppressive weight of the heaviest. That’s
right, you heard it here first.


One guy, who seemed to be some kinda cross ‘twixt a routine
sore-head, and a revolutionary dreamer, once said, “I tried to
get involved with the religions, but I just never could see what
the hell there was to feel guilty about.”


Do not, I repeat, do not commingle your joys with maybe’s,
or but’s.


Those who believe that true talent will always rise and be
recognized just don’t know, hell, they don’t even SUSPECT how
life works.


Expanded Definition & Update: Exercise-For-The-
Intellectuals: A useless and hateful tax unjustly imposed on an
honorable, and otherwise peaceful people.


One must never totally abandon hope that again, on some
fine, New Year’s night, the refurbished peoples of Albania will
once more, en mass, tap dance.

May we now update a bit of semi-prime, cold sliced, would-be
religious thought, “And the day will come in the life of Man,
when new things will be made familiar, and familiar things
marked down.”


Once, in a fierce battle, a Warrior executed certain life-
preserving, day-saving actions, and later his liege and
companions attempted to honor him by crying out the virtues he
displayed in his heroic feat. “Fore-sight,” cried out one.
“Bravery,” added another. “Lightening responses,” cried a third,
at which time the warrior added his voice by declaring, “Nay, you
mis-name the true force involved, it was a case of ‘stark
inevitability’.” Such are the elements of a real Revolution and
the Revolutionist.


Why else do you imagine Life gives Men “worst fears” if not
to have them realized.


A true guide for the wary, if not perplexed, in the City is
as follows: Don’t be impressed with something just because you
don’t understand it.


One cannot ultimately “do-the-Revolution” from some mere
sense of duty; it must be pursued because you find it
irresistibly pleasurable. Remember: If you don’t like
something, you won’t believe it.


Besides what I’ve already mentioned regarding a
Revolutionist’s words being a kind of code, it is Life itself
that is the supreme cryptographer, always speaking, but in a code
known to but a handful of cells.


Remember: You are instantly on the same level as anything
you’re criticizing.


Even the most LUCID of memories are still just re-heated


Habitual behavior is just a substitute for intellectual
behavior… hell, come to think of it, habitual behavior is a
substitute for LIVING.


Never trust a god with a name tag.


It always “goes well” for those who go well.




Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1988

Document: 376, August 8, 1988

Some of you are accustomed to hearing me talk about the dominant/submissive dance, but if you would look into your own little nervous system you’d see it bounce back like a tight-wound spring. That is, you resist the whole notion. The words go in, and it is as if I have called red “green” — you let it pass and your nervous system says, “Where do we go next?” It is not your fault. People all over this planet would deny it were I to tell them about the powerful and the powerless. They would denounce it for specific reasons: I would appear “culturally blind,” “economically deranged,” or, “socially prejudiced.” In other words, the whole idea would appear to be some kind of inside-out fascism. They would assume I am either siding with the downtrodden or else that I’m an undercover big shot with powerful friends.

I understand that. And you, as always, should find it topographically interesting that you are wired up to deny it also. But I am going to try and get some of you to see how blatant and simple is the reality of the dominant and submissive, and to see that there is a purpose for it.

First I want you to glimpse this: there is an almost universal denial of responsibility. Is that not as plain as piss in your boot? Forget all the stuff about the powerful and the powerless — am I not correct? From the lowest bum in the gutter to the highest officer in government, everyone is wired up to deny responsibility. It is almost universal. And it is not sociological, psychological, sexual, cultural, or racial. It is human. The bureaucrat tells you that although your complaint is justified, he is “not personally responsible for the error.” The bum has a story about how he was “forced to be a bum.” And you have your versions. Do you see that it is the same thing as not wanting to be dominant? It is a nom-de-guerre for saying, “I am submissive.” It is your nervous system admitting it is powerless.

Remember, you were born submissive. You did not become that way during life. The particular genial line in which you were born was submissive. And what in essence you are saying by denying responsibility is: “I am quite pleased to be powerless. I would not have it any other way.” And yet I know that many of your nervous systems believe otherwise. That is, that it is not true of you. But it is.

Now, you should also realize that there is a hierarchy of dancing. It is arbitrary to say that a drunken bum on the street is totally submissive, because once he gets a few drinks in him, there is probably someone that he kicks around. And he knows where they are. The idea of “a god outside the system” represents the ultimate submission. Because if there were “were” such a thing, there ain’t no doubt: we are all dancing backwards. That is the ultimate acquiescence of powerlessness; the hierarchy descends from there. No one can usefully be described as being absolutely dominant or submissive. If nothing else (and this is not a sexist joke) the most dominant tyrant is pushed around in private by his wife at certain times. You need to remember that in case your nervous system wants to dismiss this all because of its apparent non-absoluteness. Do not make the ordinary silly mistake of using sequential logic. There is a hierarchy, but the description remains valid.

I have pointed out that the apparent “middle class” is an illusion. It is only the lower class dressed up and given extended credit. Everyone is a phone call away from being in the gutter, except the powerful. (Remember, there is a reality to what I’m saying out in Life, but that’s not where I am pointing. I have to use that which is apparently real and observable to you or none of this would make sense.) The middle class does not emerge as the result of the upper classes backsliding, but from the lower classes apparently working themselves out of serfdom and poverty.

To bring it really up to date, even better than the illusion of the middle class is what is called bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is a different and parallel kind of misdirection. There is the king, let us say, and there is everybody else. He is the dominant dancer and everyone else in that locale is dancing backwards. The bureaucracy forms an apparent bridge so that there is no longer the abject, almost frightening division between the powerful and the powerless. One thing I want you to see about the bureaucracy is that it apparently has some power — but it does not. Also, one of the prime characteristics of bureaucracy, and anyone in it, is to state what? “I’m not responsible.” What is the least surprising thing that happens whenever you finally get someone in the bureaucracy to sit still and listen to your problem? They say, “Wait a minute. That’s not my responsibility. Call this number.” The bureaucracy has always been a sitting duck for criticism. But can you see that rather than being an opening through which to attack the bureaucracy, it is indeed the flower of it? If you could see just outside regular overlapping vision, you would see that to deny responsibility is not a flaw in bureaucracy, it is the purpose. It is a cushion. The powerless apparently have, through the bureaucracy, some access to the halls of power.

(As an aside, to keep the record really straight, I should point out that the visible government is not the power anyway. If you want to see what Life is up to, look at democracies. There are always at least two political parties which keep switching. They keep switching because those in power don’t care who is in office. It doesn’t matter who is president or chancellor; they are like people on a chain).

Bureaucracy is a further kind of insulation. And you have a bureaucracy in you. It is a kind of insulation apparently working inside one’s cellular structure that helps to protect what seems to be one’s immediate consciousness of events from any feeling of personal responsibility. Everyone has a monarch, no matter how shaky seems to be the throne. That is what seems to be you: your personality. Also you have your lower classes — all those things in you which seem to be fair game for the desire to change. The powerless, transient, and unsophisticated populace. The bureaucracy operates as a cushion. The announcement comes from the general vicinity of the throne room: “Come on guys, we ought to stop this bad habit.” But there is always a voice which will answer, “Wait, I’m not responsible.” That is the bureaucracy in everybody.

If there were not such a cushion, whenever the monarch uttered such a semi-forceful if not whining decree, that would be the end of it. The populace would say, “You’re right. Subject closed. End of bad habit.” But that’s not the way things work. The populace is standing there like a possum with a flashlight on it; it has no defense of its tendency to get drunk (or whatever). But suddenly to the rescue comes a whole bunch of bureaucrats: “It’s not our fault! We didn’t choose to be drunks, did we?” And the populace says: “Right!.” And that is a fact: no one is responsible. But because of Life’s own needs, people do not go skipping off after coming to a sudden, actual realization of it. It is not a realization; it is a denial of responsibility. It is a continuing, down-filled, failsafe position, and it obscures the binary split in toto.

A small group of royalty — not elected officials and run of the mill dictators — is always present in life. It is like a continuity class. It is the ready made intrinsic group of the powerful: very few cells in comparison to the rest of us. But then Life produces continually this thing which seems to be the middle ground — the bureaucracy or middle class. Do you see that this is another form of splendid, may I say, misdirection? It helps hide a big huge ditch. Under all ordinary conditions, you do not move from the powerless class to the powerful. In the city you do not move, and it does not happen in your body. Cells do not mutate like that. Do you see that if there was a widespread awareness of the impossibility of the gulf between the powerful and the powerless, the situation would be almost begging for trouble? Life is using the illusion of a middle ground as a kind of protection for the extremely important continuity class.

It is like a safety valve or cushion to prevent widespread questioning of the arrangement. Now, where have we heard this? All the binary combos in the world, from good-and-bad to the powerful-and-powerless, are seeking, in a sense, an apparent third possibility. They seek a buffer because of their raw and direct connection. When you talk about good and evil you are talking about serious distinct contours. You are talking about two trains which are running at each other head on. But in your own nervous system is the seeking for a minor time out from such a confrontation. If the part of your nervous system which seems to be in charge were living eyeball to eyeball with the part that is not in charge, when you said, “I have to change,” you’d be faced with this: “All right — change, damn it!” It would be like an immediate revolution. It could be self-destructive. There has to be this floating crap game which seems to hold out the possibility of a third area. It’s like you take a side step off the dance floor for a second and catch your breath: “I know I haven’t changed, but wait a minute…I need to ease up on myself…oh, okay.” And then you are back to doing it again.

This is getting pretty subtle, which makes it real, real, real pregnant and explosive inside your own nervous system. No one has ever described it to you, but it is there. There is and has always been an immediate resistance in you to any seeming clear-cut desire to change: “I have got to do so and so.” If there wasn’t you would no longer be saying, “I have got to do so and so,” — you would have already done it. But here you stand. That pressure does not continue all the time; neither you nor any ordinary person could stand it. It would be the powerful and the powerless literally eyeball to eyeball. Internally you would blow up your world if you were like that.

There is this unnamed third area in you which acts as a cushion. What I want you to consider is that it is a cushion to protect the powerful in you. You do know this, don’t you? The bureaucracy is not for the benefit of the people. It is always for the benefit of above. There is always this protection, and it goes to the next higher echelon. Things are not arranged to protect the ones below. Never, never, never. That would be self-defeating. It would be a form of slow suicide: you would continually be trying to protect your less profitable sides. Life’s primary objective is not to protect the powerless, which is one reason it has wired up man’s nervous system in such a way that to hear otherwise sounds to be almost unspeakable. It sounds to be on the verge of being the ultimate fascism.

“Boy, life can’t be like this…no, no, no, no, no.” Right. Whatever you do, don’t look around. Don’t ever really pursue the Look Around method, and don’t ever be able to see that everything overlaps, and that where it overlaps there is a secret that skips and smiles and sings and it doesn’t even have to hide. It’s just there.