Jan Cox Talk 0356

Fuel for Flight


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 Diagram # 169 video grab

Diagram # 169 video grab


Jan Cox Talk #356 Jun 20, 1988 – 1:32
Notes by TK 

The story of an enlistee on a mission repeatedly asking for specific directions to assist in his decisions, evoking abandonment by the general who sent him -—the same happens in your nervous system. 3-d secrets lie in the place where vision (consciousness) overlaps. Everything overlaps with its opposite/unknown aspect.

Even what you know overlaps and that is what is unknown. The overlap is a source of new energy. Consider the energy generated when finally getting up out of a hammock to mow the lawn: action generates new energy; overwhelms ambiguity with new energy. This can be consciously used by the Real Revolutionist as fuel for flight.

The 11th Commandment for the Real Revolutionist subsumes all the previous 10: Don’t be wasteful. Do not make Life go to any extra effort because of you. Do not waste your experience; monocular vision is wasteful. Your ordinary City life has been only a preface for This Thing. This Thing is page 1 and can’t be done when you are being wasteful.

Paradigm presents 1:00. Sally, Gary, Jane.
  [1:32 end. 


1:22 Excursion for all: give away all small-time possessions/collections of cleaning goods/groceries etc. that will not be used up in a reasonable time. Strip house bare of all that is not useful or beautiful. Spartan