Jan Cox Talk 0351

Three Brains, Three Reports


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 Diagram # 46 illustration

Diagram # 46 illustration

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Diagram 166 video grab


Jan Cox Talk #351 * Jun 8, 1988 * – 1:36 
Notes by TK

Yellow Circuit (YC),Blue Circuit (BC),Red Circuit (RC) as 3-d measuring systems/measurements equivalent to height, depth and width, and made for the benefit of Life. The ‘villain’ who has no opinion is condemned because he is too vague a mapping/measuring device for Life’s purposes. The circuits render the infinite and too-vague into pieces and specifics.

The circuits are three different brains and each is split into its function vs. action; i.e., YC divided into Thinking of Action (TOA) and action; BC divided into feeling and action; RC divided into non-action and action. Thought and feeling are only about action, not about themselves, i.e., thought about thought, feeling about feeling. The three brains inter-blend in each of their split-measurements so as to be inexplicably complex in action; giving the impression that the ‘owner is inside’ (too vague otherwise) and giving a continuing reporting to Life’s “news central”.

Is This Thing a positive new growth in Life’s body or a well established collection of antibody activity against evolutionary-caused illnesses? Remember, everything in man is 3-d material. When Life needs increasingly precise measurements it increases human consciousness and forces the invention of technologies to effect same.

The Real Revolutionist is his own audience –when the time comes you will understand the significance. The Real Revolutionist hates to use what has been handled previously.

Consider again the ‘teasers’ (previews) of ever increasing length. What if it became the whole show? Connected to ever increased TOA in a Real Revolutionist.

Willful anger/protection is always mock and exaggerated.

Question: should This Thing ever talk about itself? The Real Revolutionist should not talk about himself.

1:36 end.