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Don’t Wrestle Gnats


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Diagram # 164 video grab


Jan Cox Talk #349 ** Jun 3, 1988 ** – 1:07
Notes by TK 

The function/purpose of human consciousness is measurement. It is tied to spatial perception in 3-d; even imagination/dreams are 3-d measurable. It can’t be otherwise. Human consciousness form is determined by the number of dimensions it perceives: it is therefore 3-d. Consciousness perceives height, depth and width independently, making three separate measurements and always returning to the starting point. An unfettered consciousness sees them as a continuum; doesn’t stop, doesn’t change direction and therefore measures into Time (the next further for man).

As true of physical dimension is the measurement: good-evil, truth-falsity etc. Real Revolutionist consciousness is seeing these without edges. Life needs the faculty of internal measurement –ergo, human consciousness is. And consciousness is absolutely tied to the complexity of the dimensions it measures, i.e., 3-d. Consider: what does it mean to say that something is not true?

The concept of truth and falsity applies to Yellow Circuit domain only, Yellow Circuit measurement, but what purpose does Life make of it otherwise? Does it have any validity outside the Yellow Circuit? It certainly exists outside but does it have any real validity?

No Real Revolutionist has any business ‘wrestling with gnats’. Problems = gnats.
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[Save money –don’t be in debt. Each dollar saved is for you alone—Life won’t get it—a tangible one-up on the mechanical flow of Life. ]
 [1:07 Excursion: 2 wks to 6 mos. Draw a picture of Life. ] 



Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1988
Document:  349, June 3, 1988                     

     Another way I can describe the purpose of human consciousness is to say that human consciousness measures. Throughout history people have acknowledged that mathematics is the most basic force in the world of science, and by mathematics they refer to the act of counting.  I could suggest to you that counting is like a recent cousin of measuring.  Measuring determines what’s what.  Measuring can do everything that counting can do, although the comparison of measuring and counting isn’t the point.  If there was no such thing as counting, measuring could do it all.

     At any given point in time, the level of consciousness is determined by and tied to the complexity of spatial perception.  Today everyone at Line-level consciousness lives in a world of three dimensional spacial perception:  a world of height, width, and depth.  (You might consider seeing the Three Forces in light of these measurements.)

     In the three dimensional world of today any question of a man expanding his consciousness is, in fact, moot.  Because in a 3-D world man’s consciousness cannot be other than it is.  All ideas of man being less than fully conscious through some curse of the gods, through some oversight or because he has yet to hear the secret, magic word are simply strange dreams.  Once you see how consciousness is tied to spatial perception you can see how it is a scientific fact that man is as conscious as he can be at Line level.  It is even worse than a scientific fact, it is a scientific correctness.  In a world where everything is measured and everything is perceived to have three dimensions, man’s consciousness can not be other than it is.

     You cannot expand the level of your consciousness as long as you continue to live exclusively in a 3-D world.  No amount of drugs, no amount of praying, not even a hitch in some kind of Tibetan boot camp can alter this fact.  Nothing is amiss.  Man is not running on less than a full tank.  Man is not in some way running on less energy or with less of an inner structure than he should have.  He is as conscious as he can be in the three dimensional world.

     When people dream of extraordinary possibilities, when they dream of the supernatural, they are still dreaming in the confines of 3-D.  When they dream of people from other planets, what is it they dream of these aliens doing?  What do they imagine they saw in their back yard?  The descriptions are always some variation of this:  “The space ship had lights and it was shaped like a sweet potato.”  In other words, the ship was a three dimensional entity.  If somebody tells you, “I fell into a swoon and I saw the gods,” and you asked them what did they look like, the person would have to respond with a 3-D measurement.  “I guess one of them was about a forty two long, and sported a beard.”  For people’s dreams to even exist, what they are dreaming of must have three dimensions.

     For you to perceive anything, that anything must be measurable to you.  And, you cannot measure anything, you cannot be conscious of anything unless it has three dimensions.  This is the level at which City consciousness currently operates.  Lower creatures perceive in less than three dimensions and the number of dimensions they perceive is the level where their consciousness is tied.  You cannot alter this, you cannot make a worm conscious in three dimensions and you cannot make a man conscious beyond 3-D at Line level.  Line-level consciousness is absolutely tied to the number of dimensions perceivable by that organism.  I remind you again, this is exactly as it should be, not theoretically.  At the City level, consciousness is absolutely as it must be because it is tied to the number of dimensions that people can perceive.

     You look around and see a three dimensional world.  Everything has height, width and depth.  Your consciousness is affixed to those three dimensions — that is consciousness.  Cold water was thrown on a hot mold and you were left with three possible perceptions.  But, if you could expand measuring/perceiving beyond the normal height, width and depth, then your conscious perception of the entire world would unalterably and irreversibly shift.  Your level of consciousness would, in fact, shift up at least one gear.  If you could go past the idea of three separate and distinct dimensions and instead saw how the dimensions are, in effect, all one and the same, then you would understand the extraordinary.

     (I’ll use an ordinary file card box as an example, but what I’m describing to you has very little to do with any box.)  At Line level people look at a box and measure it’s height.  For example, when they reach the height’s edge that measurement ends.  (If you parallel measurement with the Forces, when they reach the edge, they reach the end of one force.)  Next, they might measure across the box, stop, and call that the width.  They can then determine the depth, a third, separate measurement.  Consciousness must measure everything and consciousness must place a comma, if not a period, at the end of each measurement.  That is what consciousness does.  But, what if you could see the measurements as a continuum?  What if you could take measurements without placing a comma, without catching your breath and switching directions between the dimensions?

     Even though I have pointed out to you that the third possibility, the third force, is normally not even taken into consideration, ordinary consciousness can, and must, perceive of three dimensions.  You, and everyone, at Line level never take notice of the third measurement, but, going back to the image of a box, if the box had anything less than three measurements, you would not have a full perception of it.  Let’s jump in further:  If I say, alright what you need to do now is find the fourth dimension of this box.  Your Line level would say, “How silly.  The box only has three dimensions.  No matter how you turn the box only the dimensions, height, width and depth exist.”  Line-level consciousness can rarely ever perceive the third .paforce/dimension, let alone remember the fourth dimension in which the three dimensions exit.

     Shall I tell you again how this has almost nothing to do with a little box?  You do know I’m talking about something else.  Using a tangible example like a box makes this so easy.  A box lends itself so readily to a 3-D description.  (This is one of the few times a three dimensional world does cooperate with me.)  I ask you anew:  What if your consciousness could measure the height and your measuring didn’t stop at all?  No pause.  No comma.  Your measurement went from height, to depth, to width, and then, into time.  At our level, time is the fourth dimension.  You have the box with three dimensions and the box exists in, time.  When your conscious measurements fail to stop at any edge, you become cycloramically conscious.

     Remember, I’m not really talking about measuring little boxes.  Consider the measurements you take of Life, of people, of institutions, and of you.  (You do understand that to say that what I’m telling you is metaphorical is to have to beat you with a hammer that says obvious, obvious, obvious with each rap.)  Consider the possibilities, if you could be conscious of people, of yourself, of what Life is in such a way that your measurements go up in one direction and then immediately flow into another with no break.

     Three dimensional consciousness must break at the edges.  All you have to do is look around to see this.  At Line level you measure and stop, measure and stop.  When you measure something, when you perceive something, when you feel something, the measurement/perception/feeling goes in one direction and stops.  I’m calling the direction height.  In the past I called the direction C-Influence, or D-Influence, or E Force.  By redirecting you to see things as three dimensional measurements rather than Forces with strange names, I’m trying to get you to see just how simplistic all of this is.

     You take a measurement in one direction and then that measurement stops.  It must stop.  The measurement stops because with 3-D consciousness you cannot perceive of the infinite.  Don’t waste your money on books telling you how to improve your imagination and how to think the unthinkable.  No matter the dope you smoke or the chant you chant, the mind cannot think about anything of infinite height.  If consciousness doesn’t reach a stopping place, whatever you are measuring has no height.  You cannot perceive of height unless the measurement stops somewhere.  Consciousness tells you, “I can imagine the tallest building in the world.”  And, I have to point out your stopping place.  You might correct yourself and say, “All right.  I can imagine the tallest thing in the universe.”  Do you see that the building must have a height?  You can say, “The building is infinite,” but you cannot hold the idea that the building has height:  If the building is infinite, it has no height.

     What is named human thought and what are described as human feelings, must stop somewhere for you to measure anything or anyone.  At Line level you cannot be conscious of someone or something unless you can measure them.

     I continually tell you to never put a period on any sentence.  Never.  You should never stop the measurement.  Even if you say, “I now see the light,” don’t end your revelation with a period.  Certainly, in Life, for a sentence to make any sense, it must have an end.  At Line level you must measure what you are apparently thinking or you couldn’t think it.  The idea must have a height and a width and a certain depth.  But, for those of you involved with This, if you put a period after anything you no longer “see the light.”

     Don’t fall into the trap of hearing yourself tell me that you’re following what I’m saying and that from now on your consciousness will go, “All right, height five and one half inches and without even slowing down for a second I’ll measure width and then depth.”  That don’t work.  Consciousness can measure height and then very quickly measure depth.  But, can you see consciousness is still going from height to depth; it changed the measurement; it went from one force to another.  Consciousness has put in, at the very least, a really serious comma.

     You must begin to perceive in a nonstop manner, not fake nonstop.  You must be able to do the very things that This Thing has always represented.  I sometimes refer to This as igniting the higher ends of the nervous system, expanding the field of the nervous system operation in you, and these are materially fair descriptions.  You need the kind of consciousness that can measure without stopping, where there is no difference between the height, the width and the depth of anything.  Then your consciousness would flow in a way that I can’t physically demonstrate.  You would flow directly from the three dimensions into the dimension of time.  I’m not going to even try to talk about it because talk is strange enough, but that is what you would literally do.  You would not have cut up reality.  You would then perceive the box, a person, everything, as a seamless piece of a more complex reality.

     What if your consciousness was such that you saw everything as a continuum?  What if you didn’t see the brother-in-law you now hate as an isolated anomaly, as a fuzz ball on the great sweater of life?  (This gets dangerous because it’s just a wee little step from not seeing individuals as evil to realizing that entire, fearful eras of history are simply part of a continuum.)  You’d no longer feel like the gods should return to cut out certain frightening eras of history.  You’d no longer feel that parts of history, your brother-in-law, parts of you are malformed.  If your consciousness was capable of measuring in one direction, and then immediately, no pause whatsoever, going into the next dimension and then the next one, you would go into time.  And once you go into time, every perception you now have will be shot to hell.

     In the City you cannot operate differently than you normally do.  You must make City measurements to keep city jobs.  But, outside of the City you would see no edges on our box.  You would not see the edges to people.  You would not see a clear distinction between the “you” and the “not you” ordinarily perceived.

     I tell you there is no difference between “I” and “Not-I,” and I keep saying “there is no out there.”  Some of you still believe I must be speaking metaphorically.  You continue to believe there is a difference between “you” and “not you”:  “I start somewhere and I end somewhere.  There is an out there.  Out there can punch me in the stomach.  An out there can insult me.”  Surely, you think I must mean something else.  Let me assure you, any time you think I meant something else, I meant what I said.  Yet to Line level I’m obviously wrong:  There is an out there because there “out there” is.  You can and do measure out there.  Out there has three dimensions, and that is where you are tied at Line level.  You are tied to the measurements of three dimensional consciousness.

     Consider my opening description of the purpose of human consciousness being to measure.  Technology, air conditioning, knitting, the whole field of science could not exist without the ability to measure.  Without measurements there would be no social intercourse.  Romantic love would not exist.  The City would be the jungle; the jungle of the lower areas of man’s circuitry without an activated Yellow Circuit.  The development of Yellow Circuit activation came about not to make man happy, not so he could watch television and work crossword puzzles, but because Life needed somebody to take measurements inside of Life.

     Man’s consciousness is directly tied to, and controlled by, the complexity of his spatial perception.  And, the number of dimensions which creates man’s world is determined by how many measurements he can take before he’s back where he started.  Height, one, width, two, depth, three and everyone is back where they started.  After three measurements, the object, the person, the idea is all wrapped up.  You can look all you want to, but at Line level there isn’t another dimension to be found.  You say, “Well, this is too high,” is the same as, “These people are evil.”  You’re seeing the edges, wrapping up the deal for ordinary consciousness.  “Yes, I know you told me he donates to charity, but he cheated me and my buddies in this venture capital deal.  All right, I’ll weigh the evidence.”  What you’re saying is, “I’ve measured it all and he’s a bastard.”  He’s all wrapped up — measured sideways, up and down — and he seems to be an isolated, separate entity responsible for his actions.  Like I said, if you could measure the whole continuum all your ordinary perceptions would be shot to hell.

     Three dimensional words place limitations on what I’m describing, but outside the strictly Yellow Circuit areas of logic, science, and mathematics, what possible purpose does Life have in making man conceive of things as either being true or untrue?  What purpose is being served when your perception of something tells you that thing is either true or it’s not true?  If something exists which you can measure then that thing has characteristics; that thing has three dimensions.  If you can perceive of its existence, how can it somehow not be true?  What’s not true about it?  “Someone said that box is a foot high, and it’s obviously not.  I can measure the box and it’s not true that it’s a foot high.”  Does that mean that the box doesn’t exist?  “Well, no, I guess the box exists, but it’s not true that the box is twelve inches high.”  Does that mean that in some way the box doesn’t fully exist?  This is tricky.  To even properly hear the question you must push the 3-D limits.  If the box is not a foot high, is the box somehow less something?  Believe me, this is sticky.  You can easily miss the importance of what I’m asking because in the City this isn’t important.  In the City, it isn’t necessary for anyone to understand what I’m saying.

     Let’s say collectively everyone agrees the box is grey in color.  Yet, I describe the box as green.  In the City you believe that there is a difference in whether I describe the box as grey or whether I describe the box as green.  The difference being whether I tell the truth or not.  And I ask you:  of what importance is it?  In the 3-D world of the City you have to agree that grey is grey and green is green.  But, remember we’re not interested in the file box.  What about the opinions you hold about other people?  What about your ideas and your dreams?  Outside of strictly Yellow Circuit scientific and intellectual pursuits, what purpose is served by Life making man have the concept that everything, not just the color of this box, but everything can either be described truthfully or it can be described in a non-truthful way?  How can that be?  If something can be perceived there is a kind of truth to it that is beyond any debate.

     My statement, not the box, but my statement that this is a green file card box is an untrue statement.  My other statement that this is a grey file card box is true.  We’ve got two statements and the true statement measures out better than the untrue statement.  What should we do with the untrue statement?  In the City people say, “One aspect of the march of progress and evolution is to educate untrue statements.”  And I ask you:  Why?  Why do we have untrue statements to begin with?  Why is it possible for me to be able to say that the box is green when I know the box is grey?  Why does the ability to speak in untruths even exist in the world?  That’s one question.  The second part of the question is:  Since it is possible for people to speak an untruth, what use is Life making of this ability?  And, question number 2a is:  Since man is able to speak untruths why is he made to believe that there is some importance to making a distinction between true and untrue?  What purpose is served, outside strictly Yellow Circuit areas, for men to believe that there is some measurable, weighty difference between the true and the not true?  A difference so weighty that humanity passionately thinks that the untrue should be done away with?  Do I have to point out to you that if indeed Life could do away with either true or untrue, we’d be reduced to two dimensions?  We’d all be living in Flatland.

     Can and/or does the notion of there being a true and a untrue have any validity in the Red and Blue Circuit areas?  There is really no need to question whether such distinctions occur; boy are you on a slow train if you can’t see that.  Rather, the question is whether there is any validity to the distinction.  As far as three dimensional consciousness is concerned such concepts are valid.  Consider this scenario:  “Do you love me?”  “Yes.”  “Are you telling the truth?  When I’m old and decrepit, will you actually take care of me?”  “Sure I will.”  “Do you mean it?” etc., etc.  If you get into the real Red and Blue areas, as much as we can isolate them, does the notion of there being a true and a not true have any validity?  I repeat, .paI’m not questioning whether the distinction is made, I’m asking whether the notion has any real validity.

     Does the notion of a true and a not true in all situations, statements, ideas, beliefs, etc., have any possible validity to a Real Revolutionist?  Before you readily jump to an answer, let me tell you that you can’t know that there is no validity at Line level.  You can’t know it because 3-D consciousness will take its measurements and keep you tied to that level.  You need to go somewhere else to answer such questions.

     I’m going to bring up a couple additional areas for your consideration.  The first is:  None of you have any business wrestling with gnats.  Nobody who has any possibility of doing This can continue to wrestle with gnats.  It’s embarrassing beyond 3-D.  You know you’re wrestling with gnats:  What are your problems if not gnats?  Everything that troubles you is a gnat and you wrestle with them.  None of you are wrestling with Hercules or Superwoman.  Nobody is wrestling with any problem that is worthy of discussion.  And, that’s why I keep trying to get you to stop talking about your problems.

     Some of you have reached the point where, at times, in the middle of talking about your gnat wrestling matches you suddenly get a really dry throat.  You feel like you swallowed a mortal hair ball.  And, well you should.  All you were doing was trying to describe to another person the gnat you were wrestling.

     If there was anything a Real Revolutionist, someone who was not limited to the three dimensional consciousness of Life, was involved with, surely you understand, he would not be attacking gnats.  You do understand this.  Do you imagine that if there was a super human lurking inside you that he or she would be wrestling with the problems you’re wrestling with:  Your “weak personality,” your “nervous condition,” how easily you get upset when someone “offends you.”  Gnats.  Gnats.  And, more gnats.

     You’re wrestling with gnats, pole vaulting with pygmies.  So what if you win?  Will winning be anything to write home about?  Are you going to be proud of your victory?  “Today I must have singlehandedly taken care of at least seven gnats, and some of those gnats have plagued me for years.”

     My gift to you for tonight is:  You should not be wrestling with gnats.  Consider just what the heck are your problems, the situations which plague you, your memories of dastardly things done to you?  They’re gnats.  And, you wrestle with them all the while believing this wrestling match will do something to increase your dimensions in another internal direction.  If you’re going to wrestle with something, get hold of an elephant.  If you’re going to pole vault, go find eight feet tall people to pole vault with.

     Gnats are everywhere.  You’re not going to cut off the gnat population.  How are you going to wrestle with gnats?  And, as I said, if you do win, who are you going to tell about your victory?

     One more thing I want to bring up again is that none of you should be in debt.  I’m not going to get involved in any of your lives to the point of asking you about your personal finances.  But, I’m telling you something real.  I’m telling you something valuable.  You should start saving something every week.  Every week there should be some money left over from your income which you do not spend.  This may sound small to you, but this is one tangible way you can continually feel one up on Life.

     Life is arranged so that all but a very small portion of the humans on this planet stay in debt.  This is not some banking conspiracy and it’s not that people are “born to shop.”  I know this sounds like I’m talking literally, and I am, but then try and quickly turn the corner, bypass any sharp edges and you’ll see that I’m talking more than literally.  The vast majority of the population on this planet die broke.

     A reality exists to what I’m telling you which none of you know — a reality which is not true in the City.  Generations run on debt.  Your cells are in debt to your previous cells.  Everybody’s in debt and this is neither good nor evil in the City.  Everyone being in debt is everyone being just as they are supposed to be.

     Every week you should save, just pick a figure, twenty dollars.  To do this is unnatural.  You are literally not supposed to save money.  But, you can make the conscious decision to save twenty dollars each week.  And, nothing will compel you to spend it.  Life is not going to get that twenty dollars.  Saving this money is one tangible way for you to feel one up on the mechanical flow of Life.

Key words

Talk 0349 Don’t Wrestle Gnats
Rating 4 
Words and Phrases

Purpose of Human Consciousness is to Measure.
Complexity of (any creature’s) spatial conception indicates its dimensional limits.
In Human world everything measurable in height, width, depth.
3 Forces or 3 Dimensions are all a human can (see or comprehend) in his ordinary state.
People even “dream” in 3D, seeing “spirits” and UFO phenomena in 3D.
Normal human perception takes measurement up to an “edge” then stops. 
If man had unfettered consciousness, it would not stop at the “edges” of 3D.
Time is the 4th Dimension at our 3D level.
Just as man measures a “box” in 3D, he will also measure Life itself, people, institutions etc…
Man does not recognize the limitations of his 3D limitations.
Whether man measures sub-atomic particles or Galactic phenomena, (his awareness) does not exceed 3D.
If you could “flow” beyond 3D Consciousness, you would not see the edges of dimensions or people.
There would be no technology/science or social development without Man’s ability to measure.
Life Itself needs somebody (hence Man) to measure.
If an “Alien” tells you he sees in more than 3D, (be assured) he is not from this planet…
The Perception of “Being Alive” will be determined by the number of dimensions you see….whether worm or Alien from Planet X.
If you could see beyond the edges of 3D, you would have the missing 1/4 of the Tapestry (of human “history”) personal and otherwise.
Cyclorama – Extending into The 4th dimension of Time, the tapestry would not be laid out in pieces…
Notions of true/false in 3D consciousness do not have validity for a Revolutionist.
Those of you involved in THIS work, have no business wrestling with gnats…
Gnats (your common troubles) are like mortal hair balls…
If there was a Super-Hero in you, you would not wrestle with (3D) gnats…
IF …you are going to wrestle with something..take on an Elephant.
Stay out of debt, metaphorically and otherwise…
Most people die broke….in the mechanical flow of Life.