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Height, Breadth, and Width


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 Diagram # 126 illustration

Diagram # 126 illustration


Jan Cox Talk #348 ** Jun 1, 1988 ** – 1:20 
Notes by TK

A new sketch of the Reality of the three forces. The great topological curiosity: man’s hunger to know what’s going on and the great answer (from religions et al.): “It passeth man’s understanding”. What’s going on is supported by three forces, which can be considered synonymous with the three directions of space: height, depth and width. Everything that exists must contain all three dimensions and man measures them with a necessarily 3-d consciousness.

His brain is 3-d and so are his thoughts; imagination is likewise 3-d. But, though functioning in 3-d, man is aware only of two in his measurements and this is always unsatisfying to him. Given any two dimensions the Real Revolutionist can literally calculate the third; this is considered precognition by the ordinary.

All characteristics are almost always passion-provoking to man—but why is this so when they are merely the clinically mundane ones of height, depth and width? How can mere dimensions be so provoking? Another of Life’s masterstrokes: characteristics are exciting to man. Like the three forces, the three dimensions empower and render existence and man gets excited by it!

The perception that “things don’t work” is a very common, even timeless, characteristic. So what’s going on? Things can’t work for man or they would disappear. The ‘can’t work’ dimension is what man doesn’t/can’t measure. The true purpose is a hidden dimension—the stated purpose of anything is not the actual one. Thus the expected payoff never comes—i.e., is lacking a measure of dimension. Measurement = expectation. Different people measure different dimensions while thinking them to be the same; thus, conflicts constantly arise over the findings.

Perfected dominion over anger is in no way harmful to foes—it is even beneficial to them by stopping ordinary anger toward them. An extraordinary weapon: uncomprehended and beneficial to the object of its use. It is a Blue Circuit abandonment of one’s adversary. The Real Revolutionist uses this against the internal partner.
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1:20 Excursion for NP: 12 days –avoid all advertising and consuming of products. Empty your garbage daily and use very small containers. Get out of debt (mortgages are unavoidable, so OK) ]



Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1988
Document:  348, June 1, 1988                     

     I understand that This information might sound strange at times, but that is not the point of it.  I don’t deal with philosophy and I’m not here for me to conjure up unbelievable schematics and imaginary structures — though I could do that half asleep with two hands behind my back.

     This information does not exist verbally — it is from somewhere else.  Schematics and maps must be made up for it to be in some way useful to you.  The reality of This information cannot be experienced in a way that is meaningful to general humanity, and it’s not that people do not experience a wider range of reality at the Red or Blue Circuit levels than they can register, because they do.  They always have — thus dreams of metaphysics and extraordinary states.  People can’t talk about it accurately but that doesn’t stop them, and once they start talking, what you get is Purina…pig chow.  It is unusable.  So I must conjure things up in order to speak to you; I must try and give you some sort of reasonably expected, comprehensible verbal map that points to a place that does not exist in 3-D consciousness.  And right at the basis of these structures is the reality behind the Three Forces that I often try and point out to you.  I have seen it and refined it in my own way.  The information is slightly different now; the reality is the same.

     Ordinary consciousness sees everything in two’s:  you have two feet, and two eyes; everything has a top and a bottom, a right hand and left hand, and that seems quite adequate to run the world as it is.  But to a few people it does not explain things sufficiently.  Down somewhere below the Yellow Circuit, there’s a feeling that there is some basic goodness to life, some positive aspect that has Life moving in a positive manner.  You feel surrounded by people, including some of your own genes, saying, “Things are terrible; people are terrible collectively and separately and life is obviously going right down the old commode.”  No one seems to be able to develop in line with the positive aspect they perceive.  A priest or rabbi can only tell you the things you should do and things you shouldn’t do, things you should believe in and things you should fight against.  You must do more than theoretically accept my saying there are Three Forces running everything.  They are behind everything that has observable characteristics and that you can ordinarily be conscious of.  You must remember that no matter what I call them, they do not exist independently.  If you really stick with This, you’ll have a growing awareness that begins to affect the way you see and behave.  First you have an awareness that there are obviously two forces operating in any action, meeting of two people, or movement of objects, and then gradually your observation expands and suddenly its, “Comma No” — the binary basis of explaining things will no longer do, no matter what it is.  You’ve been given two lines of a poem, two verses of a song, two sides of a coin and the so-called thinkers, philosophers, and theologians have been continually fighting over the inherent conundrum of binary perception.  But you realize that doesn’t wash.  The human brain, the Yellow Circuit, cannot make sense of it and keeps asking, “There has got to be some good god behind all this, but why is there so much evil in the world?”  And all it can come up with is, “Man was not meant to know why.”  And that should strike you as very topographically pregnant.

     Why is man given a hunger to ask questions first of all, and then when he journeys to see the greatest thinkers and gurus in the world, they already know what he will ask, and their answers will all the the same:  “Man can’t understand the dichotomy and will never know.  He isn’t meant to know.”  Now that is strange into another dimension.  At least now that you’re around This, you should begin to have this feeling that all the information readily available is not sufficient.  It doesn’t make sense — not because Man is not meant to understand it — what should strike you as being senseless is that such inquiries appear to be the height of wasted effort.  The next question would be:  What purpose is served by having such a major continuing drive and curiosity in Man, coupled with everyone, from the respected intellectuals to the head duck, he wasn’t meant to know.  Man was not meant to know anything on the binary basis because he is dealing with less than a complete picture.  And it is nobody’s fault.

     One of the basic ways of incorporating the Three Forces into your perception is to try and remember constantly that there are three aspects, three legs to everything.  Humans are not standing on two legs, humans are not seeing with two eyes, humans are not thinking with a brain that has a left and a right side.  There is a triad, a three note chord, three legs supporting everything no matter how fleeting the triad may be.  If you are conscious of something, if you personally spot it, just for a second, there were Three Forces behind it.  But nobody ever consciously perceives of, thinks of, more than two.  Two is all that’s necessary to feed ordinary consciousness and make you sally forth in a daze just as you should.

     Here are some sketches on top of the original maps that I have used about the Three Forces, and the three ways I have changed the names around.  In the beginning I said you could call them C, D, and E and that you could start by looking at how one of the forces seems to be constructive, one destructive, and then one seems to be, after I finally got around to talking about it, irrelevant.  It is all relative, but it is relative in a way that would give Einstein the dizzies — relative in a 4-dimensional sense.  For an example, let’s consider the scenario of the American settlers discovering a new land and moving in to clear it (apparently C force) and in so doing, destroying the lives and culture of many Indians (a D force assault on their lives and destiny).  The Indians, in trying to survive, in turn resisted the onslaught of the settlers by shooting back (D force).  It is a simple matter of C force and D force depending on which side you’re looking from.  But now imagine visiting Mongolia at that time, and describing to some Mongolians how the European settlers found a new country and were chopping down trees and natives to clear a way for themselves and the natives were fighting them, and what did they think about that?  The Mongolians’ response would be a disinterested, “Who cares?”  The Mongolian view of the event would be, “I’m just taking your word for all of this, I’ve never heard of this new continent or any of those people, I’m not even sure of what you’re talking about.  But if everything you told me is true, so what?”  Now this is a fact.  It is not true, it is correct.  Without some kind of continuing awareness down in your nervous system, beside the mentation in the Yellow Circuit, nothing ever makes sense.  You know the attitude of the Mongolians in your cells somewhere, and how it would relate to the idea of the C and D struggle occurring on the other side of the world.

     Now think about the Three Forces and try to remember they’re not actually forces.  But notice from one place it does look like an isolated force:  to the Indians it looks like an unholy force washing up on their shores to steal their lands.  To the European settlers the Indians looked like some kind of destructive, resistant force.  Now, let me give you a new sketch of it:  Think about what I’ve been calling the Three Forces and that they’re not forces, not individually constructive, destructive, or irrelevant.  To illustrate a part of that, imagine going to the Mongolians and first convincing them that the Indians were their blood kin, their ancestors.  They would then say, “Hey, those settlers are pushing around some of my forefathers — those land thieves.”  It can be shifted, but from any one spot at any one time, the other so-called forces look like separate forces:  They apparently have distinct “characteristics.”  But a simultaneous, outside view of any “force” reveals different characteristics.  For example, consciousness says, “I’m doing something good and somebody is opposing me.”  Something is always opposing you, and from your view it is always a resisting, destructive force.  But a shift in viewpoint might see an opposite state of affairs, while a further shift might render the whole thing irrelevant.  The apparently separate event is there, but the perceived characteristic forces shift with a change in viewpoint.

     The positions of things are relative in the 4-D sense, but let’s slip a new overlay up on you:  how about the Three Forces being the simple three dimensions of 3-D existence — height, breadth, and width.  I’ve already pointed out what might be the most common characteristics of things that exist is that they have characteristics, that is, three dimensions.  And don’t tell me that something written on a piece of paper has only two dimensions, because you’ve not taken into account the paper.  If it’s not in three dimensions, Man is not conscious of it.  The three dimensions are a kind of topographical reality of the old idea of Hindu tripartite gods or the Christian idea of father, son and some holy spirit.  Dreams, philosophies and imagination do not exist without three dimensions.  Your brain and all its workings are 3-D.  If a surgeon lifted out your brain and it as he was handing it to the scrub nurse, it fell on the floor and got damaged.  I can assure you your imagination and your beliefs in the gods would be changed.  Your imaginings and beliefs are three dimensional, because it could be cut right out of your brain physically, and thrown in the slop jar.  And there went god; you will never think about god again, never, ever.

     By the three dimensions, Man is continually measuring the characteristics of a thing, of himself, and of life.  It is only through the characteristics of height, breadth, width, that man measures, thinks, and feels about anything.  If it doesn’t have molecular structure, it does not exist.  You are measuring it beyond any sense of good and evil, even though you can still be thinking about the thing in those terms.  You are measuring by the basic characteristics from which there is no escape:  height, breadth, and width.  In the city, people continue to say like/dislike, true/false, but that’s only the first two:  height and breadth.  That’s why no one is satisfied; they cannot correctly calculate what’s going on when they can only measure two dimensions.

     A little side topic I once mentioned was that a Real Revolutionist could take a 3-D object and tell you the third dimension with the data from the first two.  It seems like two measurements by themselves don’t delineate anything about what the third would be, but a Real Revolutionist, operating outside of the limits of ordinary consciousness, can see tri-dimensionally.  For those of you interested, such calculations happen now and then throughout history and when they do, the fortune teller’s or inventor’s career is cinched for life.  One stroke of genius, one leap of “intuition,” of suggesting how something will unfold, or some zany idea about what people should do that has a significant impact on history and voila, a hero.

     You would think that measuring the height, breadth, and width of something would be cold data.  Yet in the city the binary measurements Man makes of the characteristics he perceives are almost all passion provoking.  The things you ordinarily think about — your problems, hopes, dreams, nightmares, family, people on the other side of the world — why should they provoke passion?  Why should you care if the later part of the middle ages was this high and this wide and that deep?  Why should you care if you wake up with a hangover and look in the mirror and perceive yourself to be this high, this wide, and that deep.  Why should that provoke passion?  And the wider question:  What is Life up to that it takes the absolute dimensions that must be present for things to exist to human consciousness, and makes people so excited by it that they’ll kill each other over it?  Over what?  Why do almost all characteristics that Man perceives seem to provoke passion in the perceiver?  Well, anything whose dimensions did not provoke passion would be thrown into the “E” pool by the process of perception.  If an image is either seen as C or D, it generates heat.  But if most things didn’t generate heat they’d be thrown into E:  they’d be irrelevant, imperceptible.  They’d would have no characteristics.  If that day ever came, then I would tell everybody, “Hey, all the perceptions, all the dimensions of Life didn’t go away.  They are over here in the “E” pool.  And people would ask, “Well describe it to us.”  And I’d say, “Well, all reality is in a place where things don’t mean anything.  And again they’d probably say, “Oh, great.  We’ve heard you tell us that before.  Thanks a bunch.  That’s a real big help.  That explains a lot.”

     Speaking about the irrelevant, I had a nice note that somebody wrote me.  Makes me proud to be in this profession.  They said they were sitting in their car stuck in traffic for a long time and the person in front of them had a bumper sticker that really annoyed them and they couldn’t take their eyes off it.  Then they said, “I suddenly reached over and changed the stations on the radio and it all went pfft,” end of note.  A psychologist would say he’s read studies of the influence of different music on moods etc., but that is not the point at all, and it didn’t go pfft thanks to the music.  In fact it might have happened with a talk show.  It was irrelevant.  If you know what you’re doing you could have reached over and hit the button to roll all your windows up if they were down, or turned off the air conditioner.  It still would have worked; that’s the great beauty of tapping into the untapped reservoirs of “E.”

     While I’m talking about characteristics let me see if I can drag you a little further:  Let’s say the most common characteristic could be the perception that things don’t work.  That’s a fact.  Now shouldn’t you intrepid 4-D topographical explorers find that extremely interesting?  What could be going on?  First let me point out that nothing is complete to 3-D perception.  If it was it would disappear.  A favorite example is that in the City things are not apparently produced, invented, discovered, or created to succeed at their stated purpose.  If that were not so, a third of the New York Times best seller list would not be diet books.  Diet books continue to sell because they don’t work.  If there was such a thing as a diet book that worked it would still be “The” seller, everybody would have read it and lost weight.  From one view nothing works; that is, nothing achieves its stated purpose.  Consider the church — whatever it is to you.  If it worked it’d be out of business.  If psychiatry worked — its ostensible aim is to help everybody to the point where they don’t need a psychiatrist — then all psychiatrists would be hanging around on street corners mugging people.  They’d be out of work.  In the City everything is achieving its purpose, but the purpose is not the one stated; so everyone feels that things just “don’t work right.”  This complaint has been voiced since the first cave men set up the first divisions of labor in their rudimentary communities.  And it is the same dance here 5 to 6,000 years later.

     Do you see again the interesting possibility that a third dimension is not being measured — has never been measured?  And the way to approach this missing piece of data is first to consider the possibility that the apparent aim, no matter what it be, is not the aim.  And if I asked anybody in the city, “What’s the stated purpose of religion?  What’s the purpose of school, of laws, of romantic love, everybody would say, “Well, I can tell you.”  Then if I say, “And how are the purposes being served?”  They’d respond, “Well, I don’t know.  Things don’t seem to be working the way we imagined they would.”  The delusion going on (and it has nothing to do with Man’s mistaken notions of conspiracies) is set up by Life itself.  Constantly.  Your nervous system operates in concert with most people as to the purposes of government, religion, school, etc.  It thinks it knows what the payoff, the prize of each should be.  But the prize expected would be the end of the game.  This is not a curse upon mankind.  Things have been arranged by Life so that the aim of everything is not the stated aim.  There is no where else to look unless you are going to get more information — another measurement to use.  Yet any other measurement you can get in the City is simply going to be the anti-aim.

     You could, in fact, find a few people somewhere, a few parts of Life’s body who would say, “The purpose of religion is really to make Man more evil.”  That’s not new knowledge.  That’s not another dimension.  That fits into the two dimensions that are always available.  The question has never arisen in the human nervous system because there is nowhere there to look.  It’s like you are playing “Wheel of Fortune” and the payoff is down the road somewhere at “The Price is Right.”

     I can tell you another way that the payoff is lacking one measurement.  You could say the payoff for being a good Catholic, being a good Jew, is ten umbertrumps high and sixty guatmos wide, and large groups of people would say, “That’s it.  That’s it.”  There is no such thing as perfection.  It can not be completed, because it hasn’t been properly measured.  If something were completed it would disappear.  It would go back to the “E,” if it seemed to have been completed by you.  Who thinks about the grass once they get it cut?  Who thinks about their car after they finally get it tuned up?  It becomes irrelevant.  Plus, then note that anything you can even apparently fix in the 3-D world ain’t going to stay fixed.  You don’t cut the grass once in your life, and it stay cut.  You don’t tune up people once and have them stay that way.

     Let me give you another little way that you can look at why things don’t seem to work.  Two people, countries, or institutions measuring the same event, idea, possibility, person, take different measurements of it.  One might measure the height while another is measuring the width.  Wars have been started over that.  There seem to have been great impacts made upon the course of history over what apparent theoretical, theological, territorial, philosophical, religious and economic conflicts.  For anyone to perceive it, it had to have three dimensions and they had to engage in measurement — but they didn’t measure three, they measured one.  These contrasts also produce misunderstanding and discussion, even within one person.

     In the City people are absolutely driven to be measuring different aspects of what is in truth an unseen and an unseamed reality.  There are people alive on this planet that look quite ordinary and can both see a constant 3-D-ness of Life and a 4-D-ness.  Once you begin to really see the 3-D reality of everything, when you have some real, constant sensation of it in your system, you will begin to feel a triad supporting everything.  That’s just the kindergarten stage because the whole thing is floating in the soup of time.  Then, the three dimensions of everything including your imagination and time, is floating in the soup of something else that can be seen, and is seen by at least one person I know about on this planet right now.  Life has everybody attempting to measure the same thing.

     To see more about how reality is seamless, picture a box — when you start measuring the height and continue around the corner and across, you’re measuring the width and then the breadth and there is no end to it.  It is only when you’re measuring piecemeal that you place a period or comma when you turn a corner.  In a sense there is no separate height, width, and breadth any more than there’s a separate C, D, and E.  It’s all together, floating in the soup of time which is floating in something else.  But ordinary consciousness can only perceive that there are two dimensions to everything, that is, “My measurement of it and then the incorrect measurement.”

Keywords and Phrases

The Reality of 3 Forces
Human brain currently wired at 3-D, though mainly operative at 2-D

3-Dimensions another way to see 3 Forces

Man’s measurments = his perceptual expectations

Life’s Masterstroke: 3-D forms Excite human awareness

True purpose of anything is not the stated purpose (in terms of City aims)

Life’s True purpose of anything lies (obscured) in a hidden dimension…

Man’s 2-D (limited evaluations) evoke feelings of things not working…

3 “characteristics” can be distinguished in any movement/situation/event.

Higher, 4-D information does not exist verbally.

(Jan) must create schematics/overlays/maps (in order to communicate Higher dimensions.)

Binary forces are obvious…

Why is Man given a hunger to see beyond 2D, then told (by his religious authorities) “he will never know…” (how to solve this hunger)

Ordinary human enquirery appears to be wasted effort…

There is always a Triad….(in all manifestation,) no matter how fleeting.

Characteristics of (Forces/movements within dimensions) defined according to Viewpoint…

A Revolutionist learns to see Tri-dimensionally.

Why are binary measurements (by Man) almost all, passion provoking?

If an image is seen as C or D it generates heat…

If any image DID NOT generate heat, it would be Irrelevant and disappear …

In The City, a Third Dimension Is not being measured….by ordinary nervous systems.

In order to See the Seamlessness of Reality, you must see (a minimal) of 3 dimensions.

C, D, E are not separate. Height, Width, Depth are not separate. It is all floating in the “Soup of Time” which is all floating in “Something Else” …