Jan Cox Talk 0346

Perfected and Forgotten


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Jan Cox Talk #346 May 27, 1988 – 1:12
Notes by TK 

The Real Revolutionist doesn’t “forget everything” in doing This Thing. But the Real Revolutionist does only that, remembers only what is beneficial to his growth. In this he uses a “personally benign” retrieval system. It is impossible for the ordinary to ‘forgive and forget’ because he can’t forget; the memory keeps playing and replaying. The Real Revolutionist CAN remember and then stop this mechanical re-thinking so as to be able to then forget/forgive. Ordinary consciousness is a “pop-up” book and the Real Revolutionist simply remembers not to open up the page with the pop-up negative memory by using a personally benign retrieval mechanism; non-native.

It is said that “it takes two to speak the truth: one to speak and one to hear.” This is a City truism but the Real Revolutionist knows that to assume the throne is a solo endeavor. In the Partnership, one partner speaks/criticizes while the other hears and agrees: this is the ‘truth’. When the Real Revolutionist sees truth he tells no one: it does not take two to speak the truth.

In the City anything worth remembering is worth forgetting to the Real Revolutionist; if it’s worth discussing—it‘s worth abandoning/destroying. Only unfinished things get remembered in the City –e.g, themselves. Nothing is truly finished in the City until you feel that it is –the Real Revolutionist never and always feels that way. The Real Revolutionist has finished with himself; perfected himself and disappeared.

The real study of man is the survey of surfaces; the ordinary feel this to be a flawed, incomplete definition. Man had no ‘inner life’ until he could talk about same –which then created it. Time is the ever present backdrop which, if it could be remembered, would answer all of man’s questions —man would be seen as a surface: no depth, and the proper study of surfaces.

People cannot learn from the pregnantly obvious. People operate on a kind of autopilot mechanism: biological necessities. The Real Revolutionist operates on an awareness of certain biological possibilities beyond the necessary.

Self-protection is available to the Real Revolutionist thru a kind of useful, purposeful, controlled hatred; it is not comparable to any known City hatred. It is a kind of perfected sovereignty over your wrath; a completed anger; self-serving, beneficial malevolence.

“ATOTFAIHTSOSD” (At times on the floor above I hear the sounds of strangers dancing)

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