Jan Cox Talk 0344

The Energy Dance


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Jan Cox Talk #344 May 23, 1988 – 1:41 
Notes by TK

Reward and punishment are the only two apparent ways to force someone to dance with you. When the dance is not forced, reward/punishment is pursued anyway by one of the dancers as if not to would somehow disrupt/terminate it. No such thing as an inability to communicate in a relationship. Inability is the feeling (energy transformation) that something is missing (energy needs conversion) and the dance will fall apart without offering or soliciting reward or punishment from/to the dance partner.  

Attempts to assess your dance partner‘s degree of satisfaction with the dance constitutes the closure of an energy circuit; the completion of an energy conversion = a dance step pattern.  The Real Revolutionist, whenever unexpectedly invited into an agreeable dance-relationship should never offer (without  solicitation from the partner) reward or punishment inducements to the partner in attempting to prolong the dance.

Man considered as part of the completion by Life of electrical current into forms of light (YC=Yellow Circuit), heat (BC=Blue Circuit) and motion (RC=Red Circuit). People believe they act from personal motivation –e.g., for happiness, but this does not fit logically with the usual unprofitable, self-destructive feelings/actions they effect. Life has to complete a circuit thru man and that completion necessarily feels unsatisfying to men.

There is no possible arrangement of explanatory verbiage, whether spiritual or scientific, no conceivable interpretation of data to make Life‘s energy conversion thru man understandable, because a vital section of data is missing; it is that that the Real Revolutionist sees when he says AHA!

There is no such thing as a medication without side-effects: all effects are all effects.  No process produces a simple, straight-forward linear effect; so called side-effects are always present as well—just unrecognized or unwanted.  There is no ―simple effect method of change.  No change is simple and predictable.  A defined dream, a pictured change is unachievable.  Invasion of the body by viruses is an attempted change immediately counteracted by the organism‘s production of antibodies.  

All change comes in this inescapable format and therefore is never simple and foregone. Change antibodies exist even before the change, to combat any alien substance introduced. Attempts at change are equivalent alien substances, similarly reacted to.

The Real Revolutionist should force himself into new ‘willful habits’. They don’t have to involve suffering physically, but whatever it is, it must be cast-iron (―cast iron croissant motif) rigid (and useless). There is a kind of freedom and strength in a self-imposed slavery.  It is not true slavery because self-imposed; but it can only be experienced by doing it.

Remember not to raise your hand to the king–unless to kill him. Willful habits will kill the king –if they are seriously imposed.

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