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Electrical Agent


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Jan Cox Talks #343 **May 19, 1988 ** – 1:22
Notes by TK 

Electricity. Electrical current must ultimately be converted into another form: light, heat or motion. Not to do so would mean short circuit, or lack of a grounding source. Connection to Thinking of Action (TOA), feeling-action and action itself. Man is Life’s endpoint converter (stereo speaker) agent to the energy forms: light (thinking), heat (feeling), and motion (overt action).

The three categories of energy completion thru man are: talk, manipulation of physical environment, and dominant/submissive ranking in social order activities. All are unique to man and including a built-in self-division into factions which criticize one another internally and externally. All human activity, no matter how dull and pointless, accomplishes at minimum the completion of a circuit. Remember also, that stereo speakers in the audio chain operate at approx 5% efficiency in the production of a pure sound; the rest is heat. How efficient is man for Life?

Topological question re: categories of dominant/aggressive and submissive/docile victims. Why are people predisposed, designed, to sympathize, favor the underdog, the meek, and to hate and criticize the aggressor, the ‘villain’? Why is this the natural perceived case? History, however, remembers only the aggressors as heroic; as rendering service for the advancement of mankind.

Note also, however, that the submissive too are sometimes remembered by history –this is the inevitable form corresponding to alternating current in electricity: the anti-matter. Aggression is a de-stabilizing of the usual time-lag between Upper Circuit and Lower Circuit. The basis of Revolutionary heroics is a willful, controlled aggression that is a non-hostile form of self-protection. The Real Revolutionist must protect himself from energy drain, and this cannot be done thru submission. The Real Revolutionist must always lead the dance.
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[1:22 Excursion. Take a normal flow of energy thru you and willfully turn it into light-thinking, heat-feeling and action-motion. ]