Jan Cox Talk 0341

A Hero Unto Himself


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Public/ Private voices of Man
A split in the Upper Circuit Noise
Split Voices of Public vs Private (scripts)
Can’t allow “hobby attitude” (to co-mingle with) “job attitude.”
Ordinary 3D consciousness is blind to Life’s complexity
Life is as diverse and complex as are humans
Humans see the anomalies expressed in Life’s Body;think it “amiss”
There is NOT an aneurysm in Life’s Brain
The idea of a Hero is one with One Voice (not two)
Revolutionist should not have heroes, but must be Their Own Hero
The “advertising” in oneself should ceas
The connection of Public-Private Voices/ The Partnership / Lower-Circuits/Upper-circuits/ Time Lag / Scout-Analyst]
Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way
Analyst can only study out-dated information
Real Revolutionist will not ask for Mercy


Jan Cox Talk #341 * May 12, 1988 * – 1:32
Notes by TK 

Public voice vs. Private voice: a kind of split in the Upper Circuit (UC) noise. [Write on board], two columns written down, one for each of the voices: Battlefield — Backyard; Actor/script — Ad Lib, impromptu; Job (paid activity or else it wouldn’t be done) — Hobby (fun activity per se). The public voice is always weighty, serious; it must be that way or it could not be sustained. The private voice however laughs and criticizes.

One serious, one flippant; thus a specific effort must be made by the ordinary to keep the two separate: you can’t laugh about your job. Life gives everybody a script: the public voice. Conflict between public and private voice is a temporary destabilization of a set script. Public and private voice = the partnership. Ordinary consciousness cannot see that Life is as diverse and self-contradictory as itself, and uses collective/consensus public voices of a certain group of its body to communicate with some other part. E.g., an article in a magazine about the “Italian” attitude toward the European Economic Community.

The ordinary concept of hero is one whose public and private voice are merged, indistinguishable. Any proof to the contrary is ignored: a private voice is simply supposed not to exist in heroes. The Real Revolutionist needs to be a hero to himself–never allowing an external hero. That internal hero would have to have no private voice. Why is no one wired to have an internal hero?

The time-lag between UC and LC = public and private voice dichotomy.

There is a connection between jogging and 3rd-world advancing popularity/fad: UC’s have almost outstripped LC temporarily and the LC‘s crying out “slow up!” Thus the professor is a jogger, and advanced nations are preoccupied by the 3rd-world countries.

Scout vs. analyst. Scout brings in new info which the analyst then manipulates with outdated info (the past); if the info is too new, consciousness will disregard it. ]
Unseemly, unfitting, inappropriate (too far removed from its reality/context) advertising as judged so by ordinary consciousness (eg., untrue claims; impossible-to-deliver service–the ‘caring’ of an insurance conglomerate): one of the partners is a consummate inappropriate advertising agency. The advertising-planner-analyst voice is too far removed in time (24 hr; 3 sec; 1 sec.) and goods and services.

Movies about making movies: the Real Revolutionist is living a life about making a life. “It’s just film stock!”

Event vs. thoughts-about-event. J. doesn’t ever tell what he thinks.

The Real Revolutionist never asks for mercy: to ask one who could give true mercy is moot since they would have already given it.

The king doesn’t get ulcers –he gives them. Connected to “lead, follow, or get out of my way!”. This should be the Real Revolutionist’s attitude. Internal application: one partner in real control = no ulcers, no stress. Normally Life is the one in control. The Real Revolutionist can get in control. Lead,follow or get out of the way = Life’s dislike for long-term destabilization of the Partnership dance.

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1:32 Epilogue for NP – Excursion: forgive someone who you have broken off relations with; use the telephone. ]