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Conversing With Life


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Jan Cox Talk #336 Apr 25, 1988 – 1:40
Notes by TK 

Nobody is unique. Everybody comes from a common mold. Nobody has a singular, important background that is determining; nobody is fragile and deserving of special treatment. All come from the same genetic pool. There is no environment.

The “happy native”, noble savage myth/belief is an individualized memory of when the Lower Circuits ruled during the genetic childhood of Life. Relation to: the more ignorant is the ruler, the greater number of laws he will proclaim = internal desire to change/improve requiring more new directives/decisions. 

Corollary: a congress / diet / tribunal cannot meet without proclaiming new laws; it is their function. An ignorant ruler has a crude understanding it is more efficient to incite the People to warfare over proclaimed ideas rather than actually to enact them.

J’s job/interest is to get Real Revolutionists to the point to be able to reveal to them how they should treat Life: to treat Life as a living, conscious organism/entity; how to have a continual verbal/conversational relationship with Life. A kind of friendly adversarial bantering.

A Real Revolutionist‘s attitude re: fear –acknowledge the chemical upset but ignore it in the knowledge that some human somewhere survived the fearful circumstance.

It is possible to have a full knowledge of what’s actually happening and thereby attract Life’s attention –get outside Life’s short-term memory.

The Real Revolutionist is NOT delicate.

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1:40 Excursion for NP: 9 days. Every morning, first thing, go into bathroom and laugh at your reflection’s imagined delicacy in the  mirror .



Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1988
Document:  336, April 25, 1988

     Once you get above the 3-D limits of routine vision, you can correctly see that, as opposed to the belief expressed in psychology that everyone has a unique, singular and formative background, everyone, in fact, has a very stable and comprehensible common mold.  This glimpse strikes most people as an earthshaking insight when first seen.  Even ordinary people can have what they call a “mystical experience” — which is simply an accidental ignition of untapped parts of the neural system — and suddenly realize, “We are all brothers under the skin.”  What they sense, even though they do not understand it, is this:  there is a common genetic pool.

     Everyone today feels that each person has an individual, very formative, very important, singular background.  I’m not simply blaming psychology or psychologists since they are simply a reflection of human consciousness at Line level.  If I still used terms such as “mystical states” to describe the insights one has through This Activity, I could say that for most people the realization, “I’m not that unusual,” is one of the first insights.  And then, about two seconds later, comes the realization, “Not only am I not very unusual — I’m not at all unusual!”  And part of my undertaking, along with getting you to see that you are not at all unusual, is in getting you to see that you are not all that delicate.  You can only feel that you are delicate as long as you are still transfixed to the ordinary level of consciousness which tells you that you are singular, that you are you because of your unique background, that there is no understanding you without understanding your background.  To believe that there is no understanding you without some understanding of your background is another part of the Master Arrangement of Life.  There is every understanding of you because there is a comprehensible, stable genetic pool.

     Ordinary consciousness believes that people are affected by their environment.  But environment is nothing more than other people’s genes in action.  You should find the question and apparent problem as to whether certain aspects of man have been caused by his environment, as opposed to his genetic background, as a kind of topological curiosity.  All of you have had at least a glimpse of the reality behind my statement that there is no such thing as environment, but you do not continually remember it.  The gravity of your wiring system continually pulls you back down and your ordinary consciousness tells you, “Wait a minute.  There is an environment.  The way a person’s parents treated them does matter.  Their experiences do have an effect on who they are.”  But it is not so.  And this topographical curiosity, or the investigation it should spark in you, should be:  why is it that Life is still so adamantly opposed to people seeing that there is, in fact, no environment?  I recently heard an expert on the radio discussing research he had done with newborn babies.  He stated that they now had statistical evidence which showed that even in the first few days after birth some babies seemed to be born with an inclination to be shy.  And he added that it could be genetic!  And he didn’t even hear what he had said.  No one hears it.  Life keeps this an absolute blind spot.  But once you can see past the limits of regular 3-D consciousness it is no longer open to question.  There is no philosophical debate involved.  It becomes as obvious as, “When you spit down, it hits the ground.”  And yet, Life still makes it impossible for even those involved in apparent scientific investigation to see this.  To everyone at the ordinary level the debate over heredity versus environment is still a great question.  It is a reflection of the manner in which consciousness is still working in the Yellow Circuit.

     I’m going to give you a handful of things related to all of this.  And I remind you again:  although some of this may sound funny or hip, it is neither hostile nor cynical.  These are not simply jokes.  It is all tied in with what would seem to be a psychological detailing of humanity.  But there is no “psychology” and it is not an attack on humanity.

     Everyone feels that they are unique because no one has exactly the same background.  Well — so what?!  At times I make comments, which you still take as simply humorous, about people continually talking about or describing themselves.  “Hey, I’ll tell you the kind of guy I am.  I’ll tell you what I believe in.”  If there is anyone around who is not locked into 3-D consciousness, you don’t have to bother to tell them what kind of guy you are.  They know what kind of guy you are — you’re a human guy.  You came from the same genetic pool as everyone else.  No invented cultural impression or human environment has shaped you.  There simply is no environment.  Sometimes some of you catch a glimpse of this and you go, “Well, yeah.  There’s no doubt about it.  Why do you keep bringing it up?  ZZZZZZZZZ.”  And then you forget about it for several years.  Or, you hear me say it and you go, “Yeah, yeah, I understand all that,” and you let it go by.  You don’t understand it.

     Everything — the weight of all of Life and all of consciousness — is weighted to tell you that the “out there” is affecting the “in here.”  The only possible explanation people have is, “What caused me to do what I did, is coming from ‘out there’.”  But what is “out there”?  You are back to the cultural artifacts and dinosaurs which I apparently make fun of, such as man continually pointing out how humanity is destroying the environment, or how humanity creates institutions that are flawed.  From that point of view you would have to believe that humanity, individually or as a whole, could get outside of reality, outside of existence, and make things up.  But if that’s the case, I ask you:  How did they do it?  Where did the stuff outside of existence come from?  The Yellow Circuit is suddenly backed into a corner because there is no answer.  But that is not how human consciousness looks at this question.  You should find this very, very interesting.  Why can no one, even the leading experts of the day, see this?  Why is it so obvious when you .pacatch a glimpse of it, and yet, you cannot continually remember it?  What is Life doing with humanity in this regard?

     Someone asked me recently about the idea or ideal of the “Happy Native.”  This is an idea that everyone’s nervous system, including yours, vibrates in agreement with.  It is the belief that if humanity, or you individually, could “go back to nature,” could go to a place where the modern problems of industrialization and civilization could not touch you, everything would be much better.  It is the belief that the “Happy Native” does not have ulcers from having to deal with the nine-to-five rat race.  The “Happy Native” is not being poisoned by the pollution created by factories and traffic.  The “Happy Native” does not have psychological and sexual problems brought on by the strictures of modern religion.  Most of you have at least fantasized about, or perhaps even attempted, running off and living “the simple life.”  History, too, is replete with the idea of the “Noble Savage.”  Throughout history the Rousseaus have written, “We should abandon these ruffled shirts and carriages and all go to the South Sea islands or Africa where the ‘Noble Savage,’ pure of heart and clean of spirit, lives in peace and harmony.”  But notice, it never happens.  And if a few people do try it, it never works.

     Let me tell you what is going on with this ideal of the “Happy Savage,” which everyone, to some degree, feels.  It is a memory within the nervous system of a time when the lower circuits were king.  That memory is alive within everyone’s nervous system.  Civilized, sophisticated, cultured people feel an empathy for the idea of the “Happy Native,” the “Noble Savage,” because that memory is still a part of their system.  All you have to do is see a pictorial in a magazine or a TV program about people who still live lower circuit lives — they have no electricity, they don’t wear clothes, they have no divorce or sexual rules — and everyone’s system vibrates positively when they see this.  Everyone’s system is wired to go, “Yeah, that’s the solution.”  And those who have an ordinary inclination to be spiritual especially feel that contemporary life in the City condemnable; that something is wrong with civilized society.  They feel they could live the proper, spiritual life if it were not for their environment.

     The “Happy Native” is the memory within everyone.  It is the genetic childhood within everyone.  It is the genetic memory of when, in the structure of Life, there was no morality.  I’m not speaking about an individual’s childhood here.  It is the complex, total human genetic memory of when the lower circuits were king, when the lower circuits were the predominant force.  It is the genetic memory of a time when whatever was taking place within the total structure of humanity was subject to the lower circuitry, a time when the lower circuitry had no use for morality, very little use for talk or discussions or philosophies, or for trying to get ahead in life.  It had little use for all the things ordinary people feel are the negative attributes of living in civilized society.

     It is all 3-D memory and in the 3-D world you cannot go back.  That’s why “back to nature,” “Happy Savage” attempts do not work.  It’s why they have never worked.  And it is those who are now predominantly driven by the upper circuits that are excited by the genetic memory of when the situation was reversed.  It is this recollection of a time when it was the upper circuits dancing backwards that drives cultured, civilized people to picture these happy little groups of people out on an island or in a forest somewhere living a proper, peaceful life.  But also note that part of this dream of the “Happy Savage” is that the lower circuits, in this scenario, have become civilized enough that they are not totally destructive or selfish, that the lower circuits still predominate but they are almost saintly.  The belief is, in an unspecified, nonverbal, unexplainable way, that these “Happy Savages” are run by a civilized lower circuitry.  “These happy little savages are so happy and innocent that if they saw my pocket knife, it would never occur to them to steal it and then cut my throat.”  Or, “If they like the woman I brought with me, they wouldn’t pick up a stick and split my skull and take her.  No, they wouldn’t do anything like that.”  In the ideal of the “Happy Savage,” the savage is a civilized barbarian.  It will not verbally or consciously fit into any 3-D definition, but it is what people dream of.

     Again, you should find it interesting that people are wired up to believe in the idea of the “Happy Savage” and yet no such thing exists.  Civilized man cannot go back.  It never happens.  Take Gauguin as an example.  He went off to Tahiti and look what happened.  He went crazy.  Sure he painted a lot of good paintings and they sell now, but back then you couldn’t give them away.  And it was so much fun that he left paradise and started hanging around van Gogh.  That’s how happy he was with the “Happy Native”!  At any rate, apparent humor aside, it cannot be done.  Humanity cannot go back.  But you should find it topographically interesting as to why there exists the feeling that it can be done and it should be done, when it can’t.  No one does and they won’t even really try it.  What is going on?  Of course, I gave you a place to start.  That is, it is not something in you or someone else individually.  It is the genetic memory within everyone of a time when the lower circuits ruled.  But you could not understand that unless the upper circuits now had the upper hand.

     It is a dream with no possible fulfillment, a dream that smells so right and has plagued humanity throughout history.  (And “history” is just another way of saying, “when the lower circuits began to lose control.”  The only time you have history is when the upper circuits are in control enough that they have the time, the interest, the inclination and the need to talk and write.)  And yet, you can genetically feel a piece of what it would be like to not be totally tied to the upper circuits.  But the reality now for the human organism is that this “Noble Savage” no longer exists.  And yet the dream lives on.  You should find this interesting.

     Here is something I mentioned a while back:  the dumber the ruler, the more directives or laws he will proclaim.  If I was talking about actual political situations in the world, all you would have to do is look to see that this is a fact.  But since we are not here because of our interest in ordinary history or .papolitics, let me ask you this:  of what interest is that to someone doing This?

     It would be safe to say that most people who have some initial interest in This would believe that their interest is based on a desire to improve themselves.  Alright, how can one improve oneself?  You would say that you must have new directives, that you must have new laws.  Of course, you wouldn’t call them laws.  You would call them decisions.  You would say, “I have to change my ways.  I have to clean up my act and change my behavior.  I have to make some serious decisions.  In fact, I’m going to set a personal agenda for myself.  I’m going to pass new laws.”  And it would seem that there is no alternative.  The voice of reason coming from people, even people interested in This, would say, “How can you change if you’re not going to make some decision?  You have to at least make the decision that you’re going to change.”  I know that sounds right to 3-D consciousness, but I’m going to tell you again:  the dumber the ruler, the more laws he proclaims.  Think about it.  So how can one change if there is not a new proclamation, a new decision, or a new law made internally?  Can you begin to suspect the correctness of this?

     One of the ways Life stays stable is by having people continually proclaim their own ruler.  You do understand that we are not talking about kings and despots.  We are talking about you and your king.  How many new laws and proclamations would you say you make a day?  I didn’t say a month or a year.  How many a day?  Of course, by “new,” I mean every day — every 24 hours — as a new life.  Every day your new laws are the same ones over and over.  But to you they are not new because you have bad what?  Bad memory!  And so every day you say things such as, “I have to start getting up earlier.  I have to quit eating so much.”  Can you see that when you have someone on the throne who is a poster child for dimwittedness, he will continually proclaim new laws?  When you have a dullard in an emerald robe, his hobby is to proclaim the same new laws every day.  But who in the court is going to tell the king, “You proclaimed the same law yesterday.  You just keep giving the same one over and over.”

     Alright, from there back to you.  Who in you seems to have the ability, the fortitude and the interest to say, “Why don’t you shut up already.  It’s the same damn law every day.  Every day you proclaim, ‘Dadadadadum!  Let’s quit eating so much!’  And it’s as though it were a world-shaking decision you finally came to.  And it’s the same thing you’ve been saying everyday for the past twenty years.”  But do you ever say that to yourself?  Never.  Never, never, never.

     Here’s a corollary to that.  It’s in the same general area, but it may give you a slightly different perspective of it.  What about what appears to be elected officials or committees?  Not the king, but the more run of the mill people such as his advisory board.  Or any group of people who are established and given some authority.  Once you have a body politic within the general body politic, there is wired into that group an irresistible inclination to pass laws.  Have you ever heard of such a group getting together for a new term and not proposing new laws?  Other parts of Life’s body, those in charge of being smart alecks and critics, point out that we’d all be better off if we just paid them to not get together so they couldn’t pass any more laws.

     Once again, I’m not talking about politics.  I’m talking about you.  In the human organism it is not only the king, it is not simply what appears to be the predominant part of the Partnership at any given time, who passes laws.  There is within everyone an almost faceless crowd, a small tribunal of other voices, which seem to be continually chemically firing up and saying, “Something must be done!”  Even if the king does not specifically state, “Alright, we’re going to start getting more exercise.  I’m going to start swimming tomorrow.  I’m going to start a new self-improvement program,”  there is still a verbally nonspecific rumbling, a chemical dissatisfaction.  It is the general feeling that, “We need some new laws passed.  I’m not sure what the problem is and I’m not sure what laws should be passed, but we’re here and we’ve got to do something.”  You can look at all your smaller voices as being bureaucrats.  And I don’t have to say much more about bureaucrats, do I?  If you get a couple of them together, it’s almost impossible to stop them from proposing new laws.

     Again, the voice of ordinary reason in you would say, “Well, yeah, all of what you’ve been saying here is true.  But if it wasn’t true, if I wasn’t interested in changing, if I wasn’t interested in doing something about altering what I am now, I wouldn’t be sitting here listening to all of this.”  You could say that, and it would appear to be valid, but I wouldn’t have brought all of this up if there wasn’t something else going on.  There is another direction you must take if your interest is to get above 3-D consciousness.  You cannot stay tied to the daily continual replaying of these proclamations.  You cannot listen to the dumb king and the less specified rumblings that say, “Something is amiss and new laws should be passed.”

     Let me give you the third part of this.  This dumb king should really be referred to as a dumb/wise king because that is the only kind of king available in the City.  This dumb/wise king has a crude knowledge of the fact that it is easier/more efficient to get the people to go to war over his ideas than to try and actually enact them.  Again, I’m not simply talking about the external world.  What is it you do?  You proclaim the ideas, then you argue with yourself about them.  Then you argue with other people.  You are ready to go to war.  To jump metaphors, you are ready to put people on the rack, the stake or the knife to become a good Christian, Jew, or Muslim.  No one wants to question whether the heads of churches actually live by the rules of the church.  No one asks them that, especially when he’s got a knife to their throat or he’s got them on the rack and he’s about to throw the switch.

     I remind you again, we are not talking about the Inquisition; we’re not talking about Spanish politics and we’re not talking about the heads of churches.  We’re talking about you.  We’re talking about people, including you, continually at war over ideas that they apparently proclaimed rather than trying to enact them.  In the external world this is a reality.  What appears to be a king, a court or the head of a religion will make pronouncements such as, “Here is a new way to live; here is a new way to behave; here are brand new ideas.”  And to some degree, it appears in the 3-D world as though they motivate or direct the people to go out and fight about these ideas rather than actually live by them.  They don’t say, “Let’s all do them.  Let’s start living by these new ideas right now.”  What they say is, “Let’s go over and attack our neighbors because they don’t believe in this great idea.”  And the people will fight for it.  They always have.  And if you were able to stop and question them, they would say that the fight is an attempted enactment of the ideas and will finally lead to their actuality.  “The fight will make others understand.  It will make our neighbors better, which will better enable us to pursue the ideas.”  It all fits in the 3-D world.  It is easier and more efficient for everyone, in the way Life has everyone wired up, to apparently continually stay at war.  It is in Life’s interest for everyone to continue debating, arguing and talking about ideas which everyone is apparently proclaiming.  Simply look at yourself.  What is the first thing you do when you find a great new idea?  You find someone else and talk about it.  And then, of course, you argue about it.  And if there is no one else to talk to, you will do it internally.  Again and again, you will go to war over ideas because that is the easiest, most efficient way for Life to work.

     I’m going to get to the heart of this talk.  Here is a verbal exposition of what my job, my responsibility and my interest is with those involved in This Activity.  It is to try and get you to the point where you will hear me tell you how to treat Life.  Now, there is no useful debate about how Life is going to treat you.  Life is going to kill you.  But as a Real Revolutionist, you must find the way to treat Life.  And that is:  to treat Life as a fully functioning, living, conscious entity.  I’m not talking about gods or prayer; all that is simply a reflection of what I’m talking about.  People involved with This, the Real Revolutionists, have a certain relationship with Life.  I have talked about the term the “Life of Life.”  It is not an attempted metaphysical description.  This thing is alive.  There is no dead space.  There is no “out there.”  We are in it.  And I do not mean that in an anthropomorphic sense.  It is not that god is in our toes and fingers, and in the rocks and trees.  If anything, if you could turn that backwards, you would be a little better off, but not much.  The whole thing is alive.  And, if you can get to a certain point, you can see it; you can feel it.  This is not a theory.  This whole thing is alive and you can talk to it.  And again, I don’t mean talking to the gods or some entity separate from all of this.  That is for children; that’s for people still tied to the mechanical weight of the genetic pool.  If you know how, you can and should talk to Life.  You should have a relationship with Life, because once you see it, you might as well.  You can’t get away from it.  And you’re not going to see what I mean by the “Life of Life” and not like it and think, “Well, I believe I’ll move.  I think I’ll leave town.”  There is nowhere else to go.

     Once you see it, there is the possibility of having a continuing, minute by minute, conversational relationship with Life.  I can’t make any of you see it immediately, but you must hear some of what I’m saying.  Of course, you must already be wired up to respond to This.  I can’t convert anyone.  But you should hear it when I say that This Thing is alive.  It simply is.  And it is conscious (which is, in a sense, foolish to say, but there is no other way to say it).  It is much more conscious than any human.  And it talks.  You’re just not accustomed to hearing it.  I’m not going to tell you exactly how it talks, but you can converse with Life once you are freed from the ordinary 3-D confines.  And you can go ahead and begin to try it.  You wouldn’t be any worse off than you are now.  You talk to yourself all the time.  Some of you were talking to gods and spirits before you met me.  You can go ahead and talk to Life.  It is there.  It is conscious.  It is not off somewhere, because there is no “off somewhere.”  Life cannot leave town.

     If you knew how, you could engage Life in a kind of badinage; you could engage in a kind of playful, good humored bantering between you and Life.  But you have to understand that ordinary bantering is not what I’m talking about.  Like all humor in the City, ordinary bantering is based on hostility and tension.  You cannot talk to Life in that manner.  Trust me, you should not be talking to Life in a smart aleck manner.  And I’m not saying this for some spiritual reason.  I’m simply telling you “don’t,” because once you get past the dumb apparent ruler in yourself, you will not speak to Life in an unbecoming manner.  As an aside, I could bring up the fact that all religions have always had some kind of directive such as, “Don’t take the name of god in vain,” or, “Don’t curse our god.”  There is a reality behind all of that.  But it is not spiritual, it cannot be taught, and it is not based on a verbalizable directive.  I am telling you, there is a badinage in which you can engage with Life and it almost amounts to an old friend/adversary relationship, because you are living at its mercy.  It’s going to kill you and eat you up without a second thought.  If you had a full understanding of that, it would be one of your first breaths of real freedom.

     And since everyone is plagued by fear, of one nature or another, I’ll bring something else up.  A Real Revolutionist is genetically as human and common as everyone else, and he is not immune to fear.  But once you understand where you are in Life and what Life is, there is no such thing as fear.  I’ll give you the verbal description I’ve used before:  if any other human has gone through anything — a double root canal, riding a roller coaster, flying a jet — and survived, a Real Revolutionist’s attitude towards it would no longer be fear.  And it doesn’t matter how chemically scared or upset they may be.  If Life made someone else do it and they survived, then the Revolutionist’s attitude would be, “I am chemically upset by this, not because of mu unique background or the way I was brought up.  It is because I am human.  Life has me afraid of this.  But if another human has faced it then that’s the end of the subject.”  You may not ever want to do it again.  You may not suddenly decide you actually liked it.  That is not it.  It’s simply, “To hell with fear!”  It is simply being in a relationship with Life wherein you can see that whatever Life does, it’s going to do.  And if Life has come up with something that frightens you…well, that’s nothing.  Life is going to kill you.  So, the worst that can happen is that you’ll die from whatever you’re afraid of.  You cannot be afraid of ordinary things because you are dealing with the ultimate power; you are dealing with that which is going to slay you.  It gave you birth and it’s going to kill you.  It’s going to kill you and everyone else indiscriminately.

     I’ll tell you again:  you cannot drag in your forefathers’ religion and believe that I am describing a personal relationship with the gods.  It has nothing to do with religion.  But once you have the full understanding of what I mean by the “Life of Life,” there is a relationship which you can have with Life.  And this is not theoretical.  Imagine that you are dealing with the ultimate force.  And at any time it can turn on you and you’re done for.  And you can’t talk it out of killing you.  There are only a few people alive at any given time that understand this and can talk to Life.  And if you have this relationship with Life, it is a very interesting relationship, to say the least, because you are one of the few people, at any given time, who fully understand the nature of the “Life of Life.”  You fully recognize the all-encompassing consciousness and power of it.  It’s as though you are with the world’s greatest bully and you’re the only person who realizes it.  Life is the biggest, baddest, most powerful guy in town and no one recognizes it.  They all look everywhere else and they don’t even realize that there is no other place to look.  Life is it.  And if you have this relationship with Life, you are one of the few people alive who see it, and therefore you’re one of the only people who can talk to Life.  And you can undertake an almost old friend/adversary relationship because, right there, in addition to calling it your maker, is your ultimate destroyer.  And when you go, it’s not going to shed one tear for you.  When you have this certain relationship with Life, you are one of the few people, at any particular time, that understands the situation and can talk to Life.  And this understanding will free you from the City, from the Line level, bell curve, genetic, inbred sensation that you are delicate.

     Once you have reached the level wherein you can talk to Life, you can get its attention.  It’s as though throughout history, all these other kids and ragtag ruffians seem to have been pulling on Life’s coattails by praying and making sacrifices.  And then it is as though, out of this crowd — out of a molecular crowd in Life’s nervous system — you are saying, “Hey, I really see you.”  And Life finds it interesting that someone has spotted what is going on.  Once you understand, “Here I am in the midst of everything.  Everything I ever wanted to know, all the power I ever wanted — that’s the kind of thing Life carries around in its back pocket.  And here I am in the midst of it and I can get its attention,” that understanding will free you.  Then all the feelings about how delicate you are or how you’ve been personally hurt will be useless, worthless and unnecessary to you.

     You are not delicate if you are a Real Revolutionist.  And that does not mean that you are hardhearted.  But you cannot have the feeling that you are delicate and that This is going to protect you.  You cannot believe that I am going to sit and listen to your background, which has “made you delicate,” and that you have finally found someone who is going to handle you gently.  If that proves to be true, you are not a Real Revolutionist.  Life will never pay attention to you.  You are then the poster child for Life’s short term memory.  Life will not remember you.

     A Real Revolutionist is not delicate.  And if you have fear, you are delicate.  If you feel as though you are misunderstood, you are delicate.  You are not misunderstood.  There is nothing to understand except that you are human.  Life does not treat you delicately.  Because you are not delicate.  You are not a piece of Wedgewood china; you are not Tiffany glass.  Most people believe that they are delicate, and they die over and over again before they go through the door of Life’s slaughterhouse.  That is part of Life.  Life needs nervous people; Life needs fidgety people.  Life needs people who believe they are delicate, who believe they are a little piece of god’s work.  But that is not part of This.

     Any of you who thought you had spiritual heroes in the past, if you thought they were delicate, if you thought they suffered and agonized, then you believed in fairy tales and cartoons.  That idea is simply a part of history; that is a part of Life’s stomach churning up some of man’s own genetic background.  And now it is a memory for the organism of humanity.  It is not what happened.  It is a memory.  If you belong in This, if you are going to begin to have a speaking relationship with Life, you cannot be delicate.  So, you might as well get over it.  I do not mean you are without artistic feelings, but you are not delicate.  You are not going to break.  There is nothing to break you except death.  That’s all.  Everything else between here and there is simply people’s hobbies, and you cannot afford those kinds of hobbies if you are going to do This.

     You are not delicate.  And if you believe you are, you don’t belong in This.  No one has ever done it and been delicate.  Remember this:  Life is fattening you up to kill you.  And ordinarily it takes no individual notice of you.  But if you can get to the point where you understand what I mean by the “Life of Life,” you can get Life to notice you.  And you can talk to Life.  Although it is not going to stop that Fine Old Fellow from killing you.