Jan Cox Talk 0331

Dance Card


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Jan Cox Talk #331 ** Apr 7, 1988 ** – 1:28 
Notes by TK

Something to be added to the ‘look around’ method: the Real Revolutionist has got to have his own agenda. The creeping feeling of impotence when a Real Revolutionist begins to see more but is unable to effect change is an intensifying of ordinary such feeling. But a Real Revolutionist has got his own ‘dance card’. Everybody else has to dance with whoever presents themselves; it is an uncontrollable tendency/urge to dance when asked. And everyone thinks the dance can’t change unless your partner changes.

People want to be pushed around, as it supports the illusion that they HAVE a dance card. This is why they join religions and want to dance backward –be dominated. The Real Revolutionist dances to his own dance card regardless of partner; the Real Revolutionist dictates the dance and brooks no discussion/complaint about it. He behaves according to his own agenda; he understands that there is nothing to be done except what he does. This is the reality behind the attraction of living up to a code of conduct.

There is an allure to a ‘secret agenda’ which attracts the ordinary to religions, army life, masonry etc. Only the Real Revolutionist has a Real secret agenda. To see that everybody is absolutely wired to their dance, no complaint is possible; behavior is unalterably changed toward others. Life has its own agenda and YOU dance to ITS tune. Do not stare –think about –what you’re doing in accordance with your own agenda. The Real Revolutionist knows that the only way to change the 
dance is to change himself.

More on the topology of ‘goods vs. services’ –connected to nouns and verbs. Only men can make verbs –Life provides the nouns (goods), man must provide the services. Here is the ‘1-2 punch’: man has the freewill feeling while forced to labor at the assembly-line in the factory. Builds the car, then has ‘problems’ coming up with the money to buy the product in the showroom. Man transforms Life-given nouns via his verb/services into other more complex nouns.

Consider the internal application: Yellow Circuit and memory, conversation; words required in the transformation of nouns to more nouns. There is a verbiage between the goods. Men dream of their payoff in goods, not services.

 end 1:28