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Jan Cox Talk #324 * Mar 14, 1988 * – 1:40
Notes by TK 

Everybody has a ‘partner’. Consciousness must have a sampling choice in order to function. There is no “I-alone”. The closest approach is where one partner is ‘on the phone’ –out of town temporarily. There is only “we” in consciousness. There is a partnership between upper and lower circuits, although taken in toto they are not conscious of it. The partner for Yellow Circuit ‘truth’ is ‘false’; Blue Circuit ‘like’, dislike; Red Circuit version of partner is dominance and submission dance. They are not opposing poles, not antagonistic; they are mutually supporting partners; non-negative symbiosis.

The big partnership is between ‘you’ and Life (also, between Life and death). Plain Life Dominance is a partnership of dominant/submissive dance. Example of the apparently self-defeating nature of Ireland‘s and Lebanon’s internal warfare seen from the Real Revolutionist’s view as the inherent distaste and resistance for any change at all; it is merely the habit of homeostasis, for things to remain as they are. This is the norm in the Blue Line Sphere of Influence(BLSI)/Forum: habit, inertia.

This is the reality behind the internal feeling of being a battlefield; of being Belfast and Beirut. It is the submission to the dominance of habit. A very explanatory/revealing partnership is the Upper circuits’ verbal handling of the Lower circuits’ memories and non-verbal messages of prehistory. This is the absolute nature of the BLSI. E.g., Red Circuit has cellular knowledge (retro-memory) that death is not final –that the genetic survives. The proof for them lies in their direct non-verbal memory of presence/survival from ancient times.

The Yellow Circuit is driven frantic to somehow make use, make verbal, such knowledge. Thus, theories of reincarnation, life after death etc. When AMV12 accidentally enters above the line-level consciousness it produces actual sensual visions and auditions of supernatural character–i.e., ―God’s voice‖, past lives, UFO’s etc.

Everybody’s got a partner, and “Everybody’s got a twin” (springboard message appears) (which Life keeps hidden).

1:01 Paradigm show.

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1:40 Epilog/excursion. 1 x day for next wk, put on an act. Use some apparent passion. Asking strangers if they make keys as example..



Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1988
Document:  324, March 14, 1988

     I want to mention again a certain description I have used for a long time.  It is at the heart of all observable life in the 3-D world, and I have most recently put it in these terms:  everybody has a partner.  I am going to try and describe how the partnership runs all the way from one’s apparent individual consciousness into one’s apparent mortal feelings and further down into the apparently direct and pristine operations of the body.  For the time being, forget all such questions as to the partnership’s significance, psychological ramifications, and purpose.  You are born into a partnership arrangement.  Now, that term by itself doesn’t tell you anything.  It is a non-conditional term.  Business wise, the partners could be getting along — or it could be a trying marriage.

     There is nothing in human consciousness which is able to say, “I and I alone.”  That fact can be seen as the source for a cornucopia of misstatements, misnomers, ills and suspicions.  When you begin to hear it, it is rather sad in an objective way.  To finally hear yourself announce in your own Blue Line Forum, “I am so and so.”  There is no soundness to it.  There is no wholeness to it.  You can be as sincere as you want to, but it is not sincerity with integrity.  It is like a kid whistling in the dark.  If you find yourself saying, “This is the kind of crap which I shall not put up with,” at the very best here is what you have:  it is a partnership and one of them is on the phone.  It’s like the old Smith and Jones joke which is known to business people of a certain ilk.  A bill collector calls up and says, “Is this Smith and Jones Company?”  Whoever answers the phone says, “I am sorry, Smith handles accounts and he’s out of town.”  That is what you are faced with in ordinary people, except they are not aware of it.

     You simply have to be aware of the fact that as you are now, there is no “I.”  There is no “me” in you — there is “we.”  I will tell you one more time:  it is useless to become entangled with questions such as, “How did I get this way?  Where did it come from?”  It did not come from anywhere.  You are in that condition because you are human.  There is no judgement attached.  If you’re a human, you’re a “we,” and you have to feel that is so.

     Now I want to speak a little more specifically about the partnership.  It is not only the nature of one’s apparent individual consciousness.  To 3-D consciousness, everything is apparently in a partnership arrangement.  If all you have is 3-D consciousness, that is all you can see.  (That does not mean it is all I see, or all you can see, but right now you don’t even see that much.)  I refer you to what I have termed the Blue Line Forum — an individual’s apparent personality, where “east meets west.”  It is where the apparent past meets the present; it is the place where one has apparently become civilized.  There is a partnership there between the lower, older circuitry and the younger, upper circuitry.  That partnership, to speak of it artificially in isolation, is no more aware of itself than you presently are of your own arrangement.  If the lower, older circuits could verbalize (which they cannot) and I informed them that they are no longer in a bobcat or a possum, but are part of a greater collection of cells with certain operations far removed from their own, they would say, “You know, I knew something funny was going on.”  And, of course, the younger, upper circuits would have plenty to say about “unconscious motivations.”  But forget about such artificial isolation.  Taken together, they do not feel and are not conscious in any way of their partnership.

     Now let me also point out that there is a physical partnership operation in the world of ideas.  No?  Well, what’s the whole point of the world of ideas?  To find the truth.  But the truth has a partner.  The truth has to have a partner or you couldn’t look for the truth.  Is there anything in the intellect to tell you that the false is in partnership with the true?  On the contrary, the false and the true would seem to be antipodal.  But it is a partnership — it is always a partnership.  Try feelings:  also a physical partnership.  What’s the whole point of feelings?  To pursue what you like.  The partner of “I like” is “I don’t like.”  They are not in opposition.  At any given time, one is on the phone and the other is presently “out of town.”  There is also a partnership at the Red Circuit level.

     There is another partnership which is very subtle.  It permeates everything.  It is the partnership between Thinking of Action and Action, the two possibilities that apparently make a human singular on this planet.  A human cannot only act, he can think of acting as opposed to acting.  But one is not actually opposed to the other, any more than truth is opposed to non-truth, or like to not like.

     There is also a partnership between the dominant and the submissive.  I continue to use the term “dance” because this partnership is not a struggle.  It is not the opposition of two forces, two attitudes, or two types of people.  It is a partnership.

     How about the big one?  From the 3-D level, it is the big partnership.  The partnership between Life and you.  (For those of you who like subtitles, it could also be referred to as the partnership between death and life.  But I don’t care to go into that.)

     All of these partnerships are symbiotic.  There is no weighted benefit flowing, unless you get into the big one between you and Life.  They are all symbiotic in the sense of being an inescapable dance, even though one partner appears to be dancing backwards.  It is like the leading and following parts in ballroom dancing.  Everyone knows the steps; nobody is being forced.  As long as I am here I want to point out another aspect of the dominant/submissive dance.  When there is a group of people being dominated by a tyrant, those dominated are dancing backwards, but they are doing it as their job.  To put three dimensional words on it, they are doing it in a pleasurable and satisfying manner.  If not, it is “new tyrant time.”  It would be “good-bye present tyrant.”  No big deal — they’d simply shoot him or throw him under a train.  That is not what I’m coming to, but ordinary consciousness is not even prepared to see that much.  There is another aspect of Plain Life Dominance that is beyond the external tyrant/populace example.  Let me take you into another area.  A present day example of it is the ongoing civil strife in certain parts of the world.  Why in the world are children and teenagers picking up guns every morning and taking part in an apparently unending war of quarreling factions?  They don’t even have a tyrant making them do it.  Apparently it is just group insanity, right?  Wrong.  It is still the partnership of dominance and submission, but in this case it is so far removed from ordinary sight that you would never have stumbled on it.  What is involved is the inherent distaste for change — the native resistance to any new effort.  These people have been blowing each other up for years, fighting their neighbors, making bombs…they get up each morning and engage in mutually destructive behavior.  Of course, outside that particular forum such behavior appears bizarre.  It always does if you are not in the forum.

     Do you know why it doesn’t make sense?  Because it doesn’t make any sense.  What they call it is not what is going on.  It is habit.  It is the domination of habit.  It is the domination of the inherent distaste for and resistance to any change.  That’s the only reason those people continue to fight each other.  It is a rule of physics:  in the forum, everything tends to remain as it is.  Once you see that, all sociologists begin to look like Daffy Duck compared to what you understand.  In the forum, in you and in humanity, things tend to continue — no matter how bizarre, distasteful, or self-defeating they may appear to an outside observer.  Once you see it, there is nobody to ridicule.  These people are not fighting over religion, politics, or boundaries.  In the forum, that which is presently in place tends to stay in place.

     I go through all this of drawing diagrams and discussing this and that, but it’s right before your very eyes.  What do you think holds Life together?  What holds you together?  Or the partnership itself?  If it were not for habit, this would be the funny farm.  But if I said that all human behavior can be explained by one thing — habit — none of you would sit still for it.  You are not supposed to see it.  You believe that you are fighting yourself.  As far back as you can remember you have felt a battle going on, but there is no difference between that “civil strife” and what is taking place in some countries right now.  If you try to ask “why” you feel uncomfortable, “why” you feel so self-conscious, “why” you worry about what people think of you — there is no “why.”  It’s habit.  If it were not for habit, you could not get up every day and know that you are still “Country X.”  Things tend to stay just as they are, and nobody can see that their own forum is bizarre to an outside observer.

     There is much that would tend to explain itself if you but understood one of the basic partnerships I have already mentioned.  That is, the memories and messages of the older, lower circuits in the verbal hands of these younger dudes and dudettes.  To understate it charitably, you would be surprised what the younger circuits do with it.  I was not being crude when I asked you the rhetorical, musical question:  what else is there to want besides being fed, sexually satisfied and tucked in next to a warm fire?  Not that wanting anything more is wrong — nothing wrong whatsoever.  Everything beyond the lower circuit needs, from cars to reputations, can be seen as the objects of a “squeeze” put on the lower circuits.  It’s as though you have to take eating, screwing, and sleeping and squeeze ’em a little bit more.  Maybe they finally say, “Okay, okay, let’s do this…uh…I need a $100 outfit, these animal skins won’t do…just quit squeezing me, we’ll get a nice apartment, who needs this cave anyway.”  The thing is, you can see it all as being a reflection of the simple nonverbal needs.

     It is tricky, because notice — when your consciousness is confined to the partnership, it takes all of this as being an attack.  Ordinary consciousness only has a choice of hearing what is said as either “support” or “attack.”  That’s why there is no parallel information available in the forum.  In the forum, to have interest is to be biased.  To be conscious is to be conscious in an episodic manner, and every episode has some feel to it.  The partnership between the older nonverbal circuits and the new circuits is the nature of the Blue Line Forum.  It is the nature of civilization in general and humanity as a whole.  There is a middle ground which has to do with what appears to be the three dimensional time growth of the circuits, from Red into Blue into Yellow.  There are groups of people on this planet right now whose development in this manner has not reached yours.  But in you is that same group of people.  In your nervous system is an Alabama “red neck”:  conservative, reactionary and almost illiterate.  There’s no need to go look for a pickup truck with a gun rack.  If you need that kind of cheap laugh, get a pocket mirror from Woolworth’s…

     This partnership evolves into a strange struggle that is unseen and completely misnamed by ordinary consciousness.  It is the messages and memories of the older circuits — still necessary and still needed — in the hands, ultimately, of the Yellow Circuit, which must talk about them.  This produces, from a Revolutionary view, many…oh…let’s call them hemi-bizarre conditions in Life.

     As long as I’m here, let’s go back to a lot of people’s favorite subject.  The lower circuits have a cellular knowledge of a particular thing.  They have a nonverbal awareness that death is not the end of it for them.  If it were, you wouldn’t be alive.  The cells live on.  You do understand that your parents are not completely dead; part of your parents’ genes are in you.  The lower circuits know that death is not the end of life, and the upper circuits go nuts trying to make some use of this knowledge.  Just right quick, think for yourself — where do all the strange dreams of reincarnation and life after death come from?  In each person is a nonverbal knowledge which has survived death over and over and over and over.  But the genes which have that memory are nonverbal, and compared to the Yellow Circuit are not even conscious.  But there are genes in you and in everybody which are immortal.  Then, as always, the information from these nonverbal, older levels makes its way to the Yellow Circuit and nearly drives it to come up with such ideas as paradise, heaven, and gods outside the system who reward humans with immortality.

     Another way of putting this has to do with the substance in the blood, AMv12.  I pointed out that this substance is continually used up before it gets anywhere past the ordinary level of consciousness.  By the time it reaches that level it has done its job.  It is depleted.  But periodically a little bit of it gets above the Line in a person here and there.  It unexpectedly can produce what seems to be extraordinary conditions.  The person begins to hear “voices of the gods,” they see UFO’s, they recall past lives — all the phenomena I have tried to get you away from, because that kind of thing is absolutely misunderstood.  (You can forget learning from such people, because they do not benefit by such an experience.  It’s a kind of accident.  It is the AMv12.  It is in their own blood and nervous system.  That’s why nobody can ever find a UFO.)  But your DNA has had past lives.  Go back eight or ten generations and what are we talking about — tens of thousands of people who are now, in part, alive through you?  But not the genes which can talk.  Any genes which say, “I recall a past life,” are part of that aspect of the partnership in you which doesn’t know anything.  It’s been talking to you forever:  about gods, about doing right, about love.

     I did want to say one more thing.  Not only has everyone got a partnership, everybody’s also got a twin.  But that, I will not be going into at all.  Plus:  not only does everybody have a twin, Life keeps him or her hidden.  Someday, if I don’t forget, we will go into that.