Jan Cox Talk 0322

The Blue Line Sphere of Influence (BLSI)


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March 8, 1988
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Diagram # 149 video grab


Jan Cox Talk #322  Mar 8, 1988 – 1:39
Notes by TK 
Old Bible stories: ‘god’ is the ‘word’ = man: Yellow Circuit; Noah’s Ark = civilizing influence. Human ’emotions’: The Blue Line Sphere of Influence (BLSI). The BLS of I is a necessary bridge for the Yellow Circuit arising from the Red Circuit. Note the difference between pure Red Circuit action, e.g., manslaughter vs. Yellow Circuit-tinged action (premeditated murder); passion vs. emotion = filtering process nexus at Blue Circuit level.

The Upper circuits are separated from the Lower circuits by the Blue Line and associated Sphere of Influence incorporating all of the Blue Circuit and partially the Yellow Circuit and Red Circuit. All fiction and poetry writing is a BLSI product. The “Runner’s High” is a draining of energy from YC/BC interface. The BLSI is like a swamp, and must be avoided like the plague by the Real Revolutionist.

A popular new theory of evolution is that the species are evolving the planet, but other perfectly rational scientists disagree claiming there is absolutely no shred of evidence for this!

The basis of pessimism is cellular-level knowledge of death reflected more in the Upper circuits.

Life’s sense of humor: ‘fad facts’ such as ‘type A’ personalities subject to more heart attacks segueing into ‘type A’ personalities are more likely to survive heart attacks! Another great First Story: “you are what you eat”; this is an ACBI (Apparently Correct But Impossible ), there is no ‘ambrosia’ for enlightenment.

Paradigm presentations from :58 to 1:39]


Epilogue/excursion: 5 days; just before sleep think of a thought to wake up with, then repeat word for word when first awakened.
Freedom favor variation: do something totally irrelevant.