Jan Cox Talk 0315.6

Paradigm 6


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Jan Cox Talk 315.6  – Feb 11, 1988
Notes by TK
Paradigm 6

Last in series of “slowing the train”. In parts of many of the new people there is still a great dislike for some of this New Info. Remember that what is not liked cannot be believed, taken in for nourishment; is rejected. People do not want to hear anything new; people do not want to change (although they DO want to SAY they want to change/new info). Man’s ordinary critical facilities are close to a perpetual motion machine (a sequentially off-balance process).

People are wired to see something wrong ‘out there’ –but this would imply something must be correspondingly wrong ‘in here’ with them; such is not seen of course. Supposed internal problems are blamed on external causes/wrongs –but what happened to you DIDN’T HAPPEN to you; you weren’t there. Everybody can see that something’s wrong, but they don’t see how to deal with it, how to fix it. None of the proposed/supposed solutions WORK –or they would end the problem.

What Real Revolutionist  activity is: parts of Life’s body knowing more,seeing more of Life’s body than other parts can see.

It must be seen that the feeling of ‘something is wrong’ is the NORM of human consciousness and that all attempted solutions (so far) don’t work, therefore others must be discovered/invented.These ‘introductory’ talks are a kind of ‘softening up’ process for a knock-out blow. New recruits are not trustworthy and you should SEE that YOU are not trustworthy. This Activity happens in Real Time: NOW. 

The “audio chain” model (in hi-fi stereo) for human energy flow, brain-to-mouth: turntable = brain; record = memory/neural activity; tongue = amplifier; lips = speaker.

The “exacto lips” method: don’t let the lips speak; remove them from the audio chain. You have 1 second to do this. The Few cannot whine and cry –especially to themselves. It’s not who or what you are–its what you can learn here that counts. The approach should be tri-modal: think, feel, behave in a new way; balance and expand the 3 circuits.

1:30 comments to new people re: coming requirements if they wish to continue. 
1:39 end