Jan Cox Talk 0315.4

Paradigm 4


The fourth in a series for new people.

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Jan Cox Talk 315.4  – Feb 4, 1988
Notes by TK 
Paradigm 4  ** 1:52

Question: why do men feel that everything is degenerating? Connected to : stated aims of all individuals and organizations can never be achieved. Diet books can’t work, religions can’t either. This is considered proof that everything IS degenerating. Does the fault for non-fulfilled functioning of the organism lie with human behavior or imperfect statement of the organization’s function/purpose/goal? Consider that it is the stated purpose that is flawed.

Look at man as a wonderfully complex cellular organization. Any ‘sane’ organization must have a minimal level of devotion to a common aim. But look at the individual man –full of saboteurs, an insane organization with no consensus of effort toward the stated aim. A sane achievable aim in an organization must come from the top. Must come from a Real King/CEO, not a figurehead king, a puppet, and it must be an aim or change that the CEO can demonstrate physically with his OWN behavior. Otherwise no change is possible. Man’s insane organization cannot change, yet they really don’t complain, aren’t upset, are satisfied to merely cope.

Any extraordinary change must ultimately attack and dismantle the previous structure of the organization because it was NOT DESIGNED TO CHANGE; can’t be rehabilitated. A substrate, shadow, parallel, subterranean structure must be developed –a kind of competing business –and this is the purpose of horizontal expansion of so-called personality for the Real Revolutionist; the re-experiencing/reconstruction of your life. The Real Revolutionist has got to apply pressure to ALL his limits, not to one or another (which is supposed to be the peak of efficient action by any organization).

SOMEONE in the organization must be thinking about the aim/purpose CONTINUALLY and in man there is no such agent to do this. Note that any new organization, when it first states its aim and purpose becomes an IMMEDIATE OBSTACLE to that stated goal. Resources must be spent merely to set up a necessary bureaucracy. Forget ‘out there’ organizations; this is you internally.

Ordinary consciousness sees things as being too disorganized, too complex, out of balance. But nothing is as such –for unbalance is a prime condition of growth. The more complex the organization the greater tendency, potential, to malfunction. The new parallel Real Revolutionist organization will be simpler, fresher, lean, hungry for business –does this give a clue to what it’s like ‘above the line’?

Notice that all organizations blame others for failures which are at the heart of that organizations stated aim.

More answering of questions: belief in ‘unconscious mind’ = an updated version of belief in spirits. Some of this is based on the nonverbal knowledge of the Red Circuit (genetic) that the Yellow Circuit is not what it thinks it is. Thus the Yellow Circuit has the feeling that other, unknown forces/knowledge exists which thwarts its plans.

 “Intuition” is based on the interconnecting network of information between everything.

 “Senseless violence” is nothing but a faulty perception of reality.

 Love/hate is Blue Circuit based. The Blue Circuit has no ‘indifferent’ modus.

People do NOT want other people to change-but when they do, everything changes. No one can get above the line in dreams -the closest approach to this is use of psychedelic drugs which set up temporary new connections in the brain.

“Channelling” = exotic new info from the grave; ordinary consciousness has a powerful attraction to such –but consider, the info is always mundane, trite, when it arrives, yet nobody complains. 

As to the origin of This Thing knowledge, if told it wouldn’t be believed, OR would scare you to death: both are profitless.

Neuralizing is perception not limited to words.