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Hope, Relief, Information and Entertainment


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#297 *** Nov 23, 1987 *** – 1:49
Notes by TK

Opening “ad lib” from J. re: hope, relief, info and entertainment categories of revolutionary effort. Most in the Group are past the need for hope and relief; of need for “secret” knowledge (J’s method has been to produce sound waves which have a kind of magic); it is more now a matter of entertainment. This Thing really doesn’t need to approach people any more on the basis of the first three categories.

Entertainment is the pressing new modus. The Few are now “neural entertainers” against the contemporary nemesis of boredom. Modern needs are not of imminent starvation or lack of shelter. Everybody seeks entertainment, whether Red Circuit level (professional wrestling) or Yellow Circuit (science fiction). The nervous system has got to be stimulated and everyone is busy doing this thru various forms of entertainment. Consider: contemporary gods for those who need them reflect: boredom. “Ad lib” ends :51.

The State has an eternal bourgeoisie (middle class) which acts as a homeostat. It stabilizes any obvious, positive change; newly won ground. The Real Revolutionist cannot allow the middle class to catch him internally.

There is never an analysis of the acme of the superior–genius–in men, but no end of analysis of the boorish and stupid. To think the acme is too complex for explanation is nonsense. The nontalented are equal to the multitalented. The complex sophisticates believe in their own inaccessibility to analysis. All apparent questions are merely for stimulation/contrast. The exceptional is no more exceptional than is the mundane. If this were seen in the City, acute boredom, deadly ennui would immediately set in.

Nobody knows truly what they want (except those who believe they do know: the successful of life; the movers and shakers–and thus they are sitting ducks for attack by the bourgeoisie). Yet that nobody gets what they want is still a universal complaint. Nobody ultimately wants anything–or they’d get it! None can know what they want. Only those who want to do This Thing know they do it and intend to do it. It cannot be done accidentally or unknowingly.

How could one recognize a Real Revolutionist in the 3-D world? What would be some identifying features? How about: formidable intellect; no physical threat; and direct and unassuming, but of few words.

1:46 Epilogue: “Hi” from ATL Group–camera pans group.


Tasks are hobbies–ultimate fun.
Do you think Life fully knows if it wants This Thing to expand? If so, why is it so little popular? Not only now, but historically as well? Can you know it should expand?



Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1987
Document:  297,  November 23, 1987

I recently brought up the question for your consideration of whether information which apparently comes from a spiritual or philosophical system can seem to offer people anything other than relief, hope, information, or entertainment.  I would like to redirect you to this question and point out that there is much to it.  To begin with, you should have found it curious, in a topographical sense, that these four are all that are available from such systems.  Out of the wide, wide, wonderful universe, one would think that surely there must be something else; that it cannot be so limited, especially within such exotic areas as the spiritual and philosophical.  One would think that there surely must be something other than hope, relief, information or entertainment (pleasure).

Let’s look more specifically at the first two categories.  Most of you should realize that you are just about beyond these first two.  At your best, you don’t really need any more relief.  I know that some of you continue to have physical problems and you have not undergone a miraculous cure by way of having been involved in This.  Some of you continue to need medication and medical assistance.  You must realize that, up to a certain point, that is the way Life is.  Simply because I have not spent a lot of time or apparent concern over such physical ailments and weaknesses which any of you have does not mean that I have no concern.  But you must begin to see that everyone alive is hurting in some way.  Even if you are in the best of health, if you live long enough, you are going to start to ache or fall apart in some way.  Even if you are involved in This and have had physical difficulties since you were born, in a sense, there is really nothing that I am suppose to do about it (even if I could).  If I did have the energy and the knowledge to involve myself in anyone’s physical shortcomings, there is still a limit to what is possible.  In a real sense, I could not attempt a miraculous treatment on everyone who is involved in This who has a physical problem.  For one thing, consider this:  if I did finally say that I was going to fix everyone physically, 99% of you would finally raise your hand and say, “Well, all right, I never said anything about this but I’ve had an ache right over here for as long as I can remember.”  You would finally tell me about it.

There is simply a limit to what is possible in this regard and what I am inferring is that, in a sense, for most of you now, such things are no longer of any great importance to you, even if on your worse days you think, “I would give anything if I didn’t have this pain.”  If it wasn’t that pain, it would be something else.

People are born with deformities and ailments.  Of course, I have always told you that you should be looking after yourself as best you can — exercising, not doing things that make you feel ill, etc.  And if a situation ever became physically serious enough with one of you I would consider the possibility of doing something extraordinary under the right conditions.  But the point is, that most of you should realize that you are past the point wherein it’s of any great consideration.  You do not sit around wondering whether I’m finally going to whip out some faith healing on you.

Those who become involved in this activity and make the efforts necessary to ignite higher areas of their nervous system, undergo a serious jolt.  It is a literal fact that your genes get shaken up and what seems to be your inherited physical shortfalls are affected.  This is a fact.  Even those who feel that they came into This without any physical shortcomings, feel better.  It happens because you have shaken up your inherited wiring patterns — the inherited DNA patterns of what you were.  And you feel better…no, you feel DIFFERENT.  Better is nothing, different is everything.

By and large, you are all also past the point of holding onto the kind of hope that seemed to be your raison d’etre for first becoming involved in This.  You are no longer still looking for spiritual healing.  I know that on a bad day some of you still think the “Blue Meanies” have your soul, you still get the blahs, you still get depressed.

Having the blues is no more unusual than having arthritis; than having muscle aches or a weak back.  Of course, when you are the one having them, if it seems to be a constant companion throughout your Life, I understand that it is something else to you.  But all of you should understand by now that there are no such things as depression or so-called emotional problems.  It is a chemical shortage or overload in your body.  That is all it is, but it seems serious enough when you have it.  But it is not a curse; it is not something that your gods put on you because of the sins of your forefathers; and it is certainly not something that happened because your father mistreated you or your mother ignored you or died when you were young.  All that may have happened, but you could also have been born with three ears.  There is no difference.  There is a reason that humanity is made to believe that there is a dichotomy between the head and the body; a difference between the psychological and physiological — but there is no difference.  Most of you now have some suspicion that this is true.  In other words, there is nothing psychologically unique about you and there is nothing psychologically uniquely inept about you.  Using ordinary terminology, you are no more psychologically damaged than you are physically damaged.

Now let us go to the third area:  that of desiring new information.  You did not analyze it this way, but when you became involved with This, all you expected to get was some kind of new information.  Some of you were wired up to want “the secret word.”  True, you wanted relief from your present situation and hope for the future (hope for another life), but you also wanted knowledge.  You wanted someone to give you a chant, a secret sentence, a secret short paper that you could read while in the bathroom.  It just seems obvious that all the mystical and religious leaders of the past knew some kind of verbal secret.  That idea exists in all religions; that all those who were close to the gods had secret knowledge — words, prayers, chants, with which they could communicate with higher forces.

Most of you, on your good days, now know that the situation is very different from the idea of there being direct knowledge which will magically alter you once and for all.  Initially you thought This would simply be “spiritual magic.”  None of you started out wanting to hear any of this stuff about your nervous system or your molecules.  All you wanted was for someone to say, “ZIP,” and give you the secret word which when uttered would change everything.

That is not the kind of knowledge that can change anything.  In a sense, there is no kind of knowledge that can help anyone.  What I have been doing is using sound waves as a kind of magic — not instantaneous magic in which one word itself conveys some secret knowledge.  It is a matter of me using sound waves which are not contemporarily City-bred.  That is what I have been calling fresh data and revolutionary information.  I send out sound waves which seem to get into your ears and make some sort of sense.  I start a sentence or a paragraph and then it seems to take an abrupt turn.  You would normally think of it as the presentation of strange ideas, but it is actually strange sound waves.  I am doing magic, but instead of getting a $2.95 toupee and a big pinky ring and grabbing people on the forehead and saying, “Be healed,” I am sending out sound waves.  I don’t even have to put my hands on you, but it is the same thing.

None of this applies to all of you all of the time.  You should be sharp enough to know now that nothing applies to anything all of the time; that nothing is true from every view, but everything is from some.  It is not that every one of you has now reached a position beyond the relationship of spiritual leader and follower.  It is not that all of you all the time, or any of you all the time, are at that position.  It is the 3-D world, the illusionary world, the ordinary five senses which claim that everything runs linearly; that, “I am either past the point of being a blind follower or I am not.”  That is like saying, “I am either a can of vegetable soup or I am not.”  The situation, in reality, should be closer to, “I don’t know what I am anymore.”  That is not it either, but it is closer than some binary choice.  If you are still stuck with nothing but contrast and binary sampling, then you haven’t affected any change.

Back to hope, relief, information and entertainment.  If you look at it in a certain way, you should be able to see that with this it really comes down to the fourth category — that of entertainment.  While we have been engaged together, Life has changed to the point wherein it is no longer sufficient for This to function on the basis of telling people that it can relieve their concerns, pains or psychological ills; that it can offer hope for a better tomorrow or a better afterlife.  It does provide information, but even that has changed.  It is entertainment which is left.

For thousands of years, as long as man has been writing, and talking about religion, there has always been someone saying that religion is dying.  What they meant in their day was “something’s wrong.”  Religion has always been dying.  Everything is always dying because everything is going through a triaxial dance — one thing changing into another.

But This is not based on providing people with relief, hope, or even new information.  This does not mean that the streets are not still full of people needing one or some combination of those three.  I am not saying that.  I am saying this:  This Activity is no longer involved in feeding any of that.  It is now almost limited to one thing, and that is entertainment.

Consider what I’ve been doing here with you all this time.  Have you not been entertained?  You may have thought to yourself, “Well, I’m feeling better.”  Or you may have hoped I would tell you something about those areas in which you are still confused.  But on your good days, you are not confused.  I know sometimes you are, but you must remember that things are not linear — they just appear to be!  You are really no longer confused; you are no longer really any sicker than you have to be to be alive.  So you don’t really need relief.  None of you are really any more worried than most moths are about what tomorrow may bring; you are no longer greatly worried about, “What’s going to happen when I die?”  You are no longer seeking relief, hope or information.

Some of you think there is a lot more you can learn from me.  Some of you wonder how long I can keep this up, and where I got all this information, and, even though you feel that some of it is just a retelling of something else, it always seems to unfold another corner; it gives you another viewpoint.  Some of it you find to be more fun than anything you can find on TV and it is definitely better than anything in a movie or a book.  It is entertainment, and there is nothing wrong with that.  That’s how it’s going to progress from now on, but that does not mean everything is going to stop and shift gears, or that I would never hold out what might appear to be hope to anyone.  As usual, if you belong in the category of being born to this, there is a four dimensional connection now between us that is not just offering you hope.  You don’t have “faith” in me, you are not looking for relief anymore, and you are no longer confused.  If I never apparently gave any more lectures, or if I never apparently give out new information (I’m not saying I am going to do it because it would sound as though some of the fun had stopped) you have to admit that you have more than enough now to chew on for the rest of your Life.  You could take the notes you have and work on this as a system — as new information; as ideas you would have never thought about; as thoughts that take you into new neural corners for the rest of your years.

You are not confused anymore.  So what is needed?  Again we are back to only one possibility — entertainment.  This does not mean that suddenly out in the street all concern for tomorrow is gone, all people are now healthy, and all people now know as much as you do.  Out there Life is still what it is in the City, but it is not my responsibility.  I am not involved with it, and now you are not involved with it on a direct continuing basis of apparently offering people hope, relief, or simply new information.  This must now be entertainment.

My responsibility, our responsibility, is limited to entertainment and to those people who need it.  Now I don’t mean, of course, simply putting on mime shows or juggling.  It still must be This Thing, but it is as though you were a kind of neural entertainer, a nervous system comedian or dancer.  It is a form of stimulation, a form of entertainment.  There has not been a sudden change in the last fifteen minutes in Life itself; it has always been going on.  People are far from having to worry day by day about their physical existence, having to hunt, cultivate, work from sun up to sun down, not knowing whether they are going to eat or get out of the cold tonight.  Humanity, for the most part, is past all that.  Even those of you between jobs are not in that position.  The further you get away from that, the more the nervous system has got to be stimulated in other ways.  The greatest stimulation in one sense, at least in the 3-D world, is the fear of death — that is, living in the woods, in an uncivilized area, having to get out every morning and stay on the move all day looking for food or else die.  You would not be bored, you would not feel stress, you would not get ulcers if you were in that situation.  That does not mean that that is a better Life.  There is no question about being entertained — none!  The entertainment is the nervous system staying acutely alive.

Man is no longer faced with simply staying alive physically.  But you should be able to look at a scene that I verbally set up, or a template I create for you to use in looking at Life, and understand that not everything fits into it.  Yesterday is still out there in Life, as well as tomorrow.  There are Red Circuit people and there are people almost entirely Yellow Circuit driven, and there are people in the middle; they all exist out in Life.  It is not all or nothing.  It is not this, or that.  It is not a little bit of X and a whole lot of Y.  It is every possible contrast.  But there is a segment of Life’s body to which I am very closely attuned (and now you are) whose primary problem (if you want to call it a problem) is not food, not shelter, not even the mortgage.  Their biggest problem is boredom.  And they aren’t the idle rich; I’m talking about good old Red Circuit people.  What do you think professional wrestling is?  I love hearing those on the nonphysical level of Life’s coeval factory — Yellow Circuit people and some Blue Circuit types — saying, “How can you watch professional wrestling when it is a fake?”  They think they are having a laugh at the wrestling fans.  In the City it is hard to tell who is laughing at whom.  There we have a great, living, 3-D example of irrelevancy:  the fakery has nothing to do with it; it’s entertainment.

Let’s move to what seems to be another area in the 3-D world at the other end of the spectrum from a cheap sports arena with people drinking beer, breathing cigar smoke, and watching big, fat, hairy wrestlers bounce each other around.  You nice Yellow Circuit types who read science fiction, you never notice that science fiction is professional wrestling for the mind.  That’s not an attack on it.  That’s exactly what it is.  Some of you here can feel both of those:  you read science fiction, and you also go to wrestling matches, or watch it on TV.  Your Red Circuit can be entertained by wrestling regardless of the point about, “These people are not actually athletes and they’re not really trying to hurt each other.”  That’s not the point.  Your Red Circuit’s being entertained by watching people bounce around, turn flips, fall on the floor and scream.  But it’s the same thing for the Yellow Circuit to read science fiction.  It makes the Yellow Circuit vibrate the way the Red Circuit does while watching professional wrestling.  You say, “I can’t do that; I’m not in shape; I don’t know how; I don’t even want to try it.  That takes some real talent.  It takes a certain higher threshold for pain than I’ve got.”  But science fiction offers action which absolutely cannot be done alone, which is what makes it interesting.  “Not only can I not do it, but nobody can do it.”

This is no longer here to offer relief, hope or even new information.  It is now about entertaining people in a certain way.  And that does not mean that it is now catering to a lesser kind of people — shallow, flighty, simple people.  You just assume that’s what it means.  You still assume that serious people who show up and want This have the same kind of hunger you did when you started, and you still believe that you have that basic hunger — and you don’t.  Recall your original daydreams about This, or what you imagined the first time you saw me and heard some of This.  When’s the last time you thought about them?  When’s the last time they were pertinent?  Maybe the last time you were really depressed, or the last time you really thought you were about to die.  But other than that, those days are gone.  You don’t come here to be frightened; you don’t come here for me to say, “Boy, Life is in terrible shape, but thank god you found me, therefore there is some possible hope.”

What is going on out in the world?  Cities are alive — neon lights flashing, cars whizzing, restaurants, bars, theatres, symphony halls — what’s going on?  Are people out there trying to get relief?  Now you can hear ordinary social commentators, or someone writing a piece in the New Yorker or Psychology Today saying, “People go out even in hard times.  If the economy is bad the attendance in movie theatres goes up because people are trying to distract themselves.”  That is psychological oatmeal.  It’s true enough in the City, but that doesn’t tell you anything.  People are not seeking relief by going to a movie.  Or they say, “People worry about what tomorrow may bring.  The new generations are concerned about the possibility of a nuclear holocaust wiping us all out.  That’s why they listen to Heavy Metal music.  They’re hoping Twisted Sister will get them so deranged that they won’t sit in their room and get depressed, smoke pot, and worry about whether the Russians are going to come over and bomb us.”  Most teenagers nowadays don’t even know where Russia is.  The point is, that in our part of the world, in our part of Life’s body, in our particular time zone, the avant garde of three dimensional time zones, people are not going to movies or even drinking in order to drown their problems.  They’re drinking to ward off boredom.  Although to some of you it seems foreign, a vast percentage of people on this planet, if they’re absolutely bored, will go ahead and have a drink, and then they may well have several more.  If nothing exciting happens they can at least pass out, or get tired and go home and say “phooey” and go to sleep.  People are out there in the street tonight.  They’re listening to Mozart, to Bach, to Twisted Sister, to Julio Iglesias; they’re seeing movies, they’re at museums, they are at art openings.  They can explain it readily because the City is currently divided up into institutions with critics for each of them.  Critical and psychological explanations are given and accepted as to why some people like art.  It all means this:  they’re out there doing almost anything to keep from doing nothing.  And that’s not psychological.  If there were such a dichotomy, it is strictly physiological.  You have to stimulate the nervous system or you’re not human.  It has to be fed; it has to be excited.

Religion at various times throughout history has satisfied this need.  In the 3-D world, religion is no different than a symphony; it’s no different than the NFL.  You could look at the progression, not the lineal history, but the real progression of Man, from having to daily feed and defend himself to the point where now his biggest problem is being bored.  What seems to be the idea of gods and religions changes, then reappears, as this progression takes place.  What kind of gods do those who are struggling to live from day to day have?  The kind of gods people have are always like this:  (and this is not some kind of psychological explanation) their gods are absolute reflections of the operations of their own nervous system.  Frightened, starving people have frightening, starving gods.  That’s it!  In the middle ages in the western world, a man or woman was wired up to feel that their own contrast of their internal “I” and “me” was harsh and dictatorial, so their gods were harsh and dictatorial.  It can’t be otherwise.  Nowadays, if the kind of people attracted to This still had gods in this sense, they would describe them, or I would describe it for them as, “The best explanation I could give you of my god is that he’s pretty bored with whole thing.  Kind of like a California god.”  But it is getting past even that point for the kind of people now attracted to This.  It’s past the point of them even worrying about ideas of gods.  Of course, I’m not talking about people who are militant atheists, or the kind of people out there in Life who are still wired up to struggle with their forefather’s idea of god.  I’m talking about people for whom the idea of god is irrelevant.  It’s like last year’s situation comedy which they took off the air — “I didn’t particularly care for it, I just forgot about it until you brought it up.”  That is really the extension of my saying that if people attracted to This still had gods, their gods would not be vengeful or frightening, they would be bored.  And all they would be saying is, “My nervous system is not being properly entertained anymore — it’s a problem for me.”

There is still information for a few people (including all of you) which is the height of entertainment, but it is not dealing with hope or relief.  And it’s certainly not on the basis simply that the information per se is important and enlightening.  It’s not that I’m going to finally say a word or a group of words which will open up your consciousness and change your molecular structure.  It is a gradual process; the kind of process that’ll put a jolt into you so that you’re no longer the same.  But it’s not just that the information was correct.  If the jolt takes place, you’ll understand that the information was not really it.  There’s nothing to memorize, nothing to remember once that kind of jolt takes place.  It’s as though you have graduated to another university, but it’s not a linear process; you didn’t graduate from undergraduate class to graduate school, or from elementary school to high school; you were in one class and suddenly things turned in a different direction — and you didn’t even know they were holding classes over there.  “It was not that the information itself was this or that,” you will say, “It was that the information was so god damned entertaining that it put me on another planet.  My nervous system is now stretched past the point of comfortable or even conflicting contrast.”  So you can say that it’s still information of a sort, but the information is not based upon offering relief, hope, or simply information.  It’s information that is entertaining in such a way that it’ll get you outside yourself; it’ll make you become somebody else.  It makes your molecules end up dancing with your irrational molecules and asking, “Could we go out later and maybe, you know, get into a little coochy-coo or something?”  Your logical molecules end up picking up your illogical molecules and laying the greatest line ever heard on them.  And you stand right there, since you are both of them, and see yourself falling for it; you see that, “I have seduced myself before, but never in this particular way.”  And then you see that you have seduced “I” in a whole new way.

Continuing with the allegorical template of Man being a state, a city, let me describe the state of Man as an eternal bourgeoisie; the ultimate middle class.  If we divide up Life into the upper, lower, and the middle classes, I assure you that the worst press has been had by the middle classes.  Not the riff-raff, not the dunderheads, inbred royal families, or the greedy billionaires.  The attack has always fallen on the middle class; the people of no insight; the dull, boring, predictable, stogy; those always in the way of progress just through their lethargy.  Those who apparently have some talent, some sense of excitement and adventure, who do they pick on when they write, when they make social commentaries?  What seems to be just the opposite of the creative, the exciting people in Life?  Not the lower class, the ditch diggers who have no talent, the foot soldiers who may have no particular joie de vivre when it comes to the artistic side of Life.  They pick on the middle class, the burghers, the bourgeoisie.  But Life has an eternal middle class and it acts as a kind of human homeostat.  It is like a balance mechanism in Life, in that particular part of Life’s body that is human existence.  Every time change takes place in Life’s body, it has to be stabilized.  Using this template of the state and the city, and the scheme of society divided into a tri-structure of upper, lower and middle classes, it is not the middle class that seems to be the “C” influence or the origins of any creative change.  But when there’s been rebellion, a revolution, some form of positive change that Life is adopting until further notice, when Life has moved in this way and it found it good, whether it seems good to the limited consciousness of the people in the City or not, then very shortly in real 4-D time, Life has the middle classes suddenly rush over to this area that was dangerous, exciting, questionable, and immediately turn it into a brand new Levittown.  They take it over and they squat there.  Life rushes them across the frontier, where yesterday it was Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp shooting it out and people making fortunes by discovering gold.  That was yesterday at noon, but by four o’clock all the gold was gone and everybody had left, and by nightfall it was a ghost town.  Then today, plodding along, overweight, sausages hanging out of their pockets, comes the bourgeoisie.

I’m not talking about actual people.  That’s not the point.  The only reason this is true out in Life is that everything that Man does is Man.  Everything that Life does is Life.  Everything that appears to be “out there” can be nothing else than a reflection of the internal molecular structure of “in here.”  So here comes the middle class and Life uses them to stabilize newly won ground.  But they are sitting ducks to everybody, especially people who apparently have any spark of creativity.

All of you came from the middle class. Some of you may not immediately see this, but anybody who gets involved with This, right here, right now, came from good old bourgeoisie stock.  The previous generation who preceded you down your particular DNA line, I assure you, were very good bourgeoisie stock.  In your younger days you may have found it offensive, you may have criticized your family, you may have thought that they were too dull, too boring, etcetera, and that they had no appreciation of your artistic talents.  But you were grade A, genuine, middle class stock.

The middle class must move ahead.  Life itself is moving a large segment of it’s molecular structure know as humans into newly won ground.  It sends in the middle class to create a new suburb, but there is a basis also for this continual feeling in certain parts of Life’s body that the middle class are worse than laughing stocks; that they’re dangerous; that they’re stodgy, conservative, and reactionary, that they might hinder progress.  There is a truth, there is a reality behind that feeling and it’s simply this:  a Real Revolutionist cannot tolerate the middle class moving in and taking over.  It’s going to happen.  It’ll happen to you.  A change happens and then you accept it; the middle class moves in.  But you cannot tolerate that.  You can’t accept it by saying, “Oh, well, they took over the swamp and built Levittown, so what are you going to do?”  If you’re a Real Revolutionist, what you’re going to do is get the hell further away from them!  That you must do.  But to everybody else, it’s a relief.  It’s a relief to get to be twenty one; it’s a relief to get to be forty; it’s a relief to get to be fifty.  Apparently you keep dropping bad habits.  In fact what you’re doing is taking in less and less energy:  you’re more and more bored.  You become the middle class of Life — you’re supposed to.  But if you’re going to be a Real Revolutionist, you can’t do that.  You cannot tolerate it.  Civilization keeps catching up with you in the Yellow Circuit, but as soon as it does, you’ve got to move.  You cannot live in the suburbs, you can’t live in Levittown.

There is a common phrase which comes up in the City from time to time.  A social observer will point out that this or that person or group of people are, “Far too complex to be easily verbally dissected or explained,” and it’s not true.  On your good days, all of you should have a direct sensation of this.  Here’s a good example:  recently the news was covering a family that had eight children.  It seems that all eight of these children were in medical school, were star athletes in high school, and all were superb musicians.  They interviewed the mother and father about their early training and influences, then the reported stated, “Although basic human nature is involved here, nevertheless, in this particular instance, the people were so complex that there was no readily available verbal analysis or dissection of why these children turned out this way.”  As if that’s the end of it; as if to say that every intelligent person would have to agree that it’s far too complex a subject to cover in a two minute segment on the news.  And it’s not true; that is nonsense.  There’s no difference between being multitalented and being exceptionally stupid.  If the reporter went to a local trailer park and found a guy who works part time as a mud boy for a bricklaying crew, has a wife and seven kids, most of them fairly illiterate, and he tried to talk to them about their philosophical interest in Life, their knowledge of world affairs, he might well conclude that here is a living example of almost prehistoric people right in our midst.  Would he say that this is far too complex to be easily dissected?  No.  Commentators could explain this situation almost immediately as living proof of the lack of education, living examples of the negative aspects of economic or cultural deprivation, and they would conclude this situation is quite simple.  But it is the same thing as those individuals or groups of people whom they believe are “far too complex.”  To say that that which apparently is more complex does not lend itself to easy explanation is nonsense:  everything is exactly what it appears to be.

When you start moving toward the development of the higher circuits in man — in an individual man, in a group of men, in humanity — it must be those who are active in the higher circuits, those who go along with that push, who observe it.  They are the ones that report on it, who write about it, who critique it.  The bricklayers don’t even notice it.  Or if it’s pointed out to them they say, “Who cares?”  What I wanted you to see is that it is necessary for men up in that higher area, the avant garde of Life’s three-dimensional evolution, to believe that they individually, and intelligent, sophisticated humanity as a whole, are extremely complex.  They are wired up to believe in their own complexity.  How else, (listen fast:  this is not sarcasm; there is nothing wrong) if you had a four-dimensional sight just for a second, can you explain, for instance, that the most educated, sophisticated people right now believe that they have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind?  If it weren’t ACBI (Apparently Correct But Impossible) — if I could play with justice and they would listen to me — I could make them realize that this is nonsense.  But they can’t see it; they don’t have to see it; they are not wired up to see it; Life doesn’t need them to see it.  Therefore, it is necessary that people in general believe in their own complexity.  Can you see what a master stroke it was for Life to have Freud appear and espouse that we are divided into a dark unconscious that can’t really verbalize, and a conscious mind that can?  Do any of you think that I have ever ridiculed that?  That’s much better in its own right than any ideas of Jehovahs and Satans and bottomless pits and paradise lost or paradise found.  This conscious, unconscious theory was the original black hole, the original little cosmic dust bunnies under everybody’s bed.  It’s the idea that anything that can’t be explained is too complex.  “It’s the subconscious mind.  Why do I act like I act?  Why do I do things, why do I always hurt the one I love?  I don’t know, there’s no explaining it.  That’s what happens when you’ve got a subconscious mind.  You’ll do things like that.  That’s what it is to be human.  We’re so complex that I can’t explain why I do things that seem to be to my own disadvantage.”  But it’s not true.  They say it can’t be explained but it just was explained.  The explanation was:  “I state certain goals and then I do things otherwise.”  What could be simpler?  Somebody else could say, “I have goals and I never do anything that conflicts with them.  When I can’t seem to make any profitable movement I will not do that which conflicts with my goals.”  Is that man more complex than the first one, or less complex?  Neither.  But in the City, under all ordinary circumstances, there has to be the contrast.  There has to be the apparent conflict.  You are surrounded by a flow of energy telling you that human nature is too complex to be understood, and it is not.

Of course, you have to understand this:  everything that seems to be questions about Man are not actually questions.  That is why there are no answers.  These apparent questions such as:  “Why do men behave in ways that conflict with their aims?” sound rather psychological, but that’s the same question that religious people ask, using different words.  So, you could say that it is one of the ultimate eternal questions.  “Why does man act like he acts?”  As far as everyone at the 3-D level is concerned — philosophers, theologians, or the man in the street — when it’s put to them that way, they would say, “There is no answer to that.  We don’t know, or we can’t know.  That’s the kind of thing that cannot be answered.  It is too complex.”  But for someone that belongs in This, that’s nonsense.  But the first kind of nonsense to see (and it’s not relief or hope — it’s fun) is that you worried all your Life in one way or the other about wanting secret information, wanting to meet a great secret guru, to learn a secret magic trick, or to find out the answers either through information or by being given an exceptional degree of hope.  But the real fun is to see for yourself what nobody else can see.  The reason that there are no answers to these is that they are not really questions.  Life is not asking a question; people are not asking a question.  And this fun is available to you.  That is:  the possibility of stimulating the nervous system; of doing something interesting, something non-boring.

People will say that human nature is so complex that we can’t answer this:  “Why do people fight?  Why are there people out in the street now punching one another over whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat?  When is humanity going to progress to the point that we can answer such a question?”  It’s not a question.  It’s a statement of fact.  It is a verbal dissection of the person asking the question.  It is their wiring pattern.  They have just dissected themselves when they said, “It’s too complex for me to verbally dissect — me or anyone else.”  Talk about the speed of light!  I should rename it “the speed of being overlooked.”  It is necessary that people individually and collectively, believe in their complexity — your own complexity — everybody else’s complexity.  But there is no such thing.  Everything analyses itself, everything speaks for itself, things are just exactly what they appear to be.  But human consciousness is wired up at this level to make it impossible for that to be accepted.  Because at that level, two and two does not come out four:  it always comes our three; it is always lacking.  That is not the fault of mathematics.  The math at that level always leads to an apparently unbalanced equation.  If not, we would have terminal boredom.  Everyone would know the answers.  Everyone then would be satisfied.  In a sense, a part of Life’s body would die.  We would all be parts of a vast gangrene.  Even if you pick out a person, a group of people, an historical event, and claim that it is exceptional, and I agreed — so what?  The point is, just because you call it exceptional, the “exceptional” is no more exceptional than the non-exceptional.  Your nervous system has to believe that certain events are complex, that they are in some way different from the routine, otherwise there would be no contrast; there would be no apparent reason to move.  These are not descriptions or proofs.  When you see it, it’s entertaining.  It’s not me trying to prove something, because if I prove it to you, for you begin to see it, it’s getting too late anyway.  It doesn’t have much value once you begin to see it.  What the mind can’t deal with is that the exceptional is no more exceptional than the mundane.  To believe otherwise is to think, “My god, it’s an apple,” when all around you are oranges.  You’re wired up to find apples to be astounding.  But an apple is no more astounding than an orange.  However if this were actually true in the City, you would have acute terminal boredom.  The nervous system of humanity, individually and en mass, could not be stimulated any more.  You could receive no food; you would not be alive.

There is something else I could mention:  NO ONE REALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY WANT.  These are words to live by if you’re not living too swiftly; words to go by if you’re not going too far.  “Does no one really know what they want?”  They do not.  If you asked them what they want and if they responded, most of them would name something in the first three categories — some kind of relief, hope or information.  But the entertainment has to have a wider spectrum than what is normally available for feeding ordinary people in one circuit or the other.  In a four-dimensional sense, at the ordinary level, no one really knows what they want.  You never knew, although you’re closer to it now than you ever were.  What you really want now, in your more lucid moments, is for me not to stop all This:  you want This to continue.  But except for that, nobody really knows what they want — except those who believe they do, which is a small percentage of humanity.  They appear to be what is commonly referred to nowadays as “the movers and the shakers” of the world. They are the ones I have mentioned to you in passing who have the least amount of interest in such matters as This, or religion, or philosophy.  They are the ones who, in a sense, are working most diligently for Life; they are the real entrepreneurs, the real inventors, the real robber barons, the real power-grabbers throughout history.  They are wired up to believe that they do know what they want.  And it may appear to be very crude.  You ask him, “What is it you really want?”  He says, “More money,” “But you’re one of the richest men in the world now.”  “I know.”  “I mean, what do you want now?  Do you want to slow down now and share the wealth and help humanity?”  “I want more money.”  Throughout history those people apparently also are sitting ducks to be attacked.  The bourgeoisie sees it as, “We should break up these cartels, we should break up the money, we should redistribute the wealth.  These people are suspect; they can’t be trusted, they’ve got no soul, no morals.”  Yet these are the people who always end up with all the money and all the power.

The wired up City born patterns that pass for a human being, a human organism, a nervous system that answers to a name and has a memory, that can formulate words and pictures inside neural molecular activity, pictures of things that actually exist out there — that thing, in you and in everybody, has never really known what it wanted.  You should find that interesting.  But is it complex?  Is it a curse?  Is it a kind of shortcoming?  Is it an unstable condition?  It’s just what it is.  It explains itself.  If you knew what you wanted, my god, what would happen?  One of the dangerous possibilities, in a linear world, is that you might try to get it.  My god, what’s even more dangerous is that you might get it.  Then what?  When it seems to happen in Life, of course, “then what” takes care of itself apparently.  “What do you want now?”  “I want more of this; I want a new one; I want a different color one; I want a taller one.”  It is not a matter of getting the thing and being done with it.  “I got what I wanted.  I am now happy and fulfilled.”  No, it’s back to the kind of dual sampling, back to what appears to be problems, such as unanswerable questions.  In this sense, apparently people can never get what they want.  It’s not through some lack or flaw.  It’s impossible for you to know what you want because there is nothing you do want.  Can you begin to see the beautiful arrangement — to spend all of your Life worrying about exactly what you want; trying to narrow it down; trying to refine it.  Talk about staying active; talk about the eternal, the supreme hobby!  Nobody knows what they really want because nobody really wants anything — but there is the feeling that you do.

The people who are attracted to This do not put it that way.  What they really want is to be entertained.  They feel, “I can’t find exactly the right way.  Movies are okay sometimes, and sometimes I watch TV or read a book; sometimes I go out to a ball game, or to the races.  But something is lacking.  It’s no longer the feeling of, “What’s lacking is a spiritual need, the fulfillment of my religion.”  They know that they are not going to be entertained in churches.  They want to be entertained, but they don’t know exactly how.  And, of course, there is a good reason.  Even if they knew what it was, there is nobody furnishing that entertainment.

It does not accidentally happen that a club, a church, or a theatre opens up furnishing This kind of entertainment.  The only people who do This are those who know they are doing it and those who intend to do it.  You don’t do This accidentally.  In Life there are three dimensional reflections of This.  There are people in mathematics and in physics who apparently are searching for other dimensions, who state that they can prove to their own intellectual satisfaction that, “We are living in the middle of nine or eleven dimensions,” but they cannot mathematically prove it; they can’t draw it and you can’t picture it.  But you could almost say that it sounds very close to This.  Periodically people send me clippings from magazines with titles like “Particle Physics and The Future of Human Consciousness.”  I know what it is before I even look at it.  It is going to sound like something I said, or they believe I stole it from the book, or they believe I am having such an effect upon the intellectual reality of humanity that people, without knowing it perhaps, are beginning to be influenced by my ideas.  That is not the way Life works.  It would appear that it would have to be one of those possibilities, but that’s only in a linear 3-D world.  With 4-D sight you see that these ideas that I seem to have didn’t just spring up from somewhere or from nowhere.  They are not mutations, because a mutation is just an alteration of some other established pattern.  Years ago you would have found other religions or would-be mystical systems that sounded like This, but nowadays you could even find a similarity in science.  It is not an attack on science or on anyone.  It is not that This is superior.  It is simply that those who sound as though they are involved with This are not, unless they know they are.  You can be working for Life, as we all are, and you be closer to This than, let us say, someone who holds up 7/ll stores for a living; or closer than the Jacksonville, Florida Chapter of The Hells Angels.  For example, this group of scientists looking for the eleventh dimension are closer to This kind of activity than the Hells Angels Gang, but still there is all the difference in the world.  There is the same difference as between the third dimension and the fourth dimension, because it goes off at another angle.  You don’t just do This and not know it.  The only people who are actually “doing This” are the few on this planet at any given time who know they are, and they are intending to.  They are not intending to prove mathematical reality of an eleventh dimension.  They are not attempting to prove that God is still alive.  They are not attempting to prove that their Guru or their teaching is superior.  They are not attempting to prove that Atlantis did exist.  They are not attempting to prove anything, and they are not accidentally close to This.  They may sound like they are, but Life knows what it is doing.  I’m not making any judgement on this.  I bring it up partly because some of you keep running across areas like this.  The only people who do This, know they are doing it, and they intend to do it.

How might one spot a Real Revolutionist on a 3-D level?  What might be an indication?  (We’re not talking about you being able to identify me or somebody like me.  We are talking about this for your own personal use.)  He or she would be intellectually formidable, they would be of no physical threat to anyone, and they would be plain and direct with everybody while still being sparse with words.