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Only the Pushy are Free


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#291 Nov 2, 1987 – 1:55
Notes by TK

Kyroot reading to :07.

Why are there so many apparent contradictions in Life? Is it due to imperfect data only? Consider: what if Life has yet to make a decision in the matter; or the decision has been made but man, lacking a time-sight perception, caught in a time disruption, being “a dimension short and a day late” simply cannot perceive it. The Few must have a curiosity that covers the topography of Life’s Body like a temple rubbing; learn by ‘feel’. The Few should have curiosity re: such questions of contradiction in Life’s Body. A saying of conventional wisdom serves to reveal what these contradictions and conflicts are: “the best fools are a little wise”.

Contrast is required for the optimum issue from 3-D events. Contrast is required for perception. This Thing is the contrast par excellence to ordinary life–it is an enhanced 3-D view of Life’s Body. Remember: the ordinary are a dimension short and therefore a day late; if they could learn from their mistakes–they would never die!! No learning from mistakes is possible when the order is wrong, i.e., the mistake comes first. Every skill and knowledge you have ever obtained came from the City: it is piecemeal. In the City everything lives in the face of everything else, thus no remove –no contrast– is possible for extraordinary knowledge. The only knowledge in the City is immediate, close, or impractically far away. Men can only study their neighbor’s nose or the stars. The Few use skills beyond the 5 senses to gain knowledge.

Why do sayings like: “reason is the enemy of faith,” or “thought is the foe of feeling” arise? Contrast again: old vs. new; chemical vs. electrical in the nervous system. There is a tacit ban in the City against full disclosure, on absolute knowledge. This can be seen today where everyone must become a ‘specialist’ in his field. The Real Revolutionist could be considered as a 4-D generalist.

If you could get away from the City to properly consider it, what would you then see that men actually want? What problems do they want solved? Forget “meaning of life” stuff; if you could see it, men are unconcerned with broken religious promises –they are now irrelevant. What man wants would fit into four categories: knowledge, hope, relief, entertainment. (or is there another?). Would any kind of analysis you could mount answer the question?

“Only the pushy are free”. The nature of things is push or be pushed. The Few must look out for their own interest. To be pushed is not to be efficient. The Few must create their own kind of “superconductivity” –a kind of controlled aggression, a single-minded channeling of the emotions for self protection; a utilization of the passion of the lower circuits for purposes ordinarily condemned. The Few should be doing the things that pleasure their revolutionary “I” –get the right sleep, eat, drink etc.

Love. An unanalyzed dual relationship exists between people in the City who are in ‘love’. The relationship/feeling of the partner in their actual presence vs. the feel of the memory-based thinking of them. One can be positive while the other is negative, like two separate relationships–in conflict. This is unprofitable for The Few.

And Kyroot Said…

On a job application, the Real Revolutionist is always sure
to note, “I don’t do regrets.”


The Revolutionist, above all men, remembers that the basic
molecular structure of human affairs is “lead or be led.”
(Paradise, as described by many in the City, sounds much like a
place wherein this relationship is never ambiguous, or


In the City, being “civilized” is simply “Gimmie”
translated into “If you please” spoken by a man who may be


I understand that this has absolutely no pertinence to our
general field of interests, but I’ll mention it just the same:
Time turns even the vilest of conquerors into an acceptable hero.
(Don’t ever try and twist this around somehow and attempt to use


I once heard a saying back in the City that went thusly,
“Words are the coins of the wise”, but don’t overlook the fact
that everyone (including dolts) has equal access to the monetary


The uselessness and danger of parochial, chauvinistic
thoughts regarding one’s culture, race or religion is so obvious
that the Revolutionist rarely even remembers to mention same to
the recruits.


A prime difference between the truly civilized and the
otherwise is that the former can apparently think and reason
about that most UN-reasonable and UN-civilized of energies —


Under the necessary circumstances, everybody can be
attracted to anything.


In the City, only those who believe they have a “soul” have


If anyone’s life was truly as exciting as their biography
declares, they would have EXPLODED (and would have never been
able to lie still long enough to die).


After all is said-and-done (and then-some), never ever
forget that more than morals, character, or intelligence, remains
the importance of penmanship.


A truly up-to-date map is out-of-date before it leaves the


Since no one in the City can agree on what is “art” and
what is not, let me give you a fresh definition and settle the
matter: If it performs no labor-saving function, and is not a
part of the Parks System, and YOU like it — it’s art.


If you hang around dumb people you get dumb.


There was once a man from “2 1/2-D Land” who passed through
here, and upon observing a two lane highway with one lane moving
faster, asked why everyone didn’t get in the fast one. (Silly


Dead people aren’t “dead”, their phones are just


Those who glorify the “common man” will remain common and
those who accept the “mortal condition” will continue to receive


You should live each day as though you’re going to die

I once heard a kid asked if he “believed in fate and
justice” and he pondered a moment and said, “If I don’t will
they go away?”


Regarding this Revolutionary activity: You should do
everything in its appropriate time, that is, ALL THE TIME.


Over in another City, I heard of a theatrical group that was
so artsy and histrionic that they even had a cast to play


If you hang around people you get to be one. (Oh,



11/2/87 #291 Bev — Gary’s PC Page: #


Let’s start out with a question for tonight: why are there

so many apparent contradictions within Life’s own body and again

on the next level within man’s own existence? By contradictions

here I mean that beyond the old ideas of gods fighting anti-gods

and good fighting evil; back in the city either viewpoint can be

proven; that is, either viewpoint seems absolutely defensible.

You may be defending the prevailing viewpoint and seem very close

to having enough info to actually prove it to be true once and

for all. But there is something going on such that in the life

of Man, (which is the body and life of Life itself), we have not

simply a conflict of eat or be eaten, but we have a uniquely

human area of ideas and attempted charting of reality where there

is a continuing flow of contradictory maps, theories, and ways of

navigating. You can pick up someone elses map and think, “Well,

whoever drew this is talking about a completely different ocean,

another coastline”, and he is not. What is going on?

Based upon some of my recent picturesque descriptions, I

could ask you if it is simply a matter that we are dealing with

imperfect information? Is it because of imperfect information

that there seems to be, down in the molecular structure of

everyone, conflicting stories about the same event? There are

conflicting explanations and opinions covering substantially the

same areas and when you get the least bit above the ordinary city

level of perception, you can notice that, “I know I could take

position A, I can feel it, and defend it and conversely could

accept it. But I could feel the same about position B”. Is this

based upon imperfect information? Is it something else? You

should have a great curiosity about the topology of Life and a

question like, “What purpose is served by Life dividing people

into two conflicting camps, and drawing two opposing maps?

Let’s persue the matter differently using as a prime example

the ongoing conflict between environment and heredity — the

question of which aspect actually has the major impact on Man.

Try and imagine that you in some way were a four dimensional

chiropractor I guess, and that you are trying to feel parts of

Life’s body and you’re trying to figure out what in the world is

going on in there. “I continually find, Life, that you seem to

be raised in one spot and if I feel around from a dorsal to an

anti-dorsal side, there is a lump over here and that seems to

correspond to a lump back here. Why does there slways seem to be

at least two lumps? Are they in some way connected?”

Back to the example that I said was prime; what could be

going on that there is a distinct part of Life’s body that has

never wanted to believe that the key to human behavior is all in

the genes? Now assuming Life would not be dealing with imperfect

information, how can that be? How about a possibility that Life

has yet to make a decision in the particular matter? How about a

real controversial right angle right angle corrollary to that

being that perhaps Life may have made a decision about it but due

to the flaw in the time frame from one dimension to another, we

are always behind. What seem to be contrary maps, contradictory

pictures and possibilities within Life’s own body, within Life’s

own nervous system could be places where Life is still deciding

between several possible maps and the indecision stays with Man,

and speaks through Man for thousands of years as a philosophical

question that Life had long since decided? Once you understand

what happends when you are in a lesser dimension, it is not

simply a matter that you are linearly behind the times, it is

much worse than that. If you were just linearly behind the

times, then even people in the city would have some hope, that

is, “If I live another three or four thousand years, I may know

what was true three or four thousand years ago”. By the way,

some part of Life’s body does believe in linear hope as evidenced

by all the pictures we have of an after-life. If being in one

dimension put your information behind the time, the time

differential would not be lineral. Life could have already

decided what was true, could have already taken appropriate

action and still appear to be in flux and indecision — an

unanswered question due to the incomplete nature of what we see

compared to the eyesight of one higher dimension. Can any of you

begin to understand the possibility that if we are in part of a

larger structure that has at least one more dimension, then what

seems to be time here would be different than time in one

dimension higher and such could be fuel for the arguement in the

the 3-D world that everything is preordained? But it would be

even worse than that; what apparently is going to happen here at

our level has already happened! What if the real worry about

tomorrow is that tomorrow has already come and gone and the

shadow of it has yet to get down into your dimension; the bus

already went through except we don’t know it until we smell the

exhaust fumes and then it’s real. It just makes the souffle of

cause and effect fall quite flat, eh what?

Back in the city they have a whole bunch of sayings that

will sort of wrap it up into one gigantic historical example:

the best fools are those who are a little wise, or, are you sure

that somebody that’s read one book is any smarter than somebody

that’s read no books? Are you sure?

For optimum results, one needs contrast. Let me translate

that: At a 3-D level, what ordinary people would consider to be

an outright fool, just a plain fool, is one thing and then over

here you have got a fool with just a modicum of pretentions of

wisedom who does not know how foolish he is from this ordinary

view. He’se the one that makes the better fool. Somebody that’s

just-a-fool you just dismiss; they are not even in the running

and you just dismiss them as being pitiful. They are no longer

even a fool once you have the contrast of a fool that is a little

wise. The purpose in this paragraph is not fools and etc., it is

to illustrate contrast.

Could any of you see that perhaps conflict and apparent

contradictions might be synonymous with contrast? If you are

going to have optimum results, if you are going to have the most

extreme effect appearently possible in the 3-D world of one thing

appearing to preceed something else, that one thing apparently

had an effect upon something else, something in the 3-D world,

it requires contrast for optimum results.

Back to part one of tonight: the question of what might be

up with Life having these apparent ongoing continuing conflicting

maps, and confrontational views of the same area, could any of

you see the possibility of Life using contrast to produce

optimum effects within itself? Could any of you suspect that

Life’s own nervous system, where we all reside could become

involved with an activity like This in it’s own need for an

enhanced 3-D feeling of contrast within itself? Within certain

limits, the further something is from the norm, the greater is

the contrast. If the extreme gets too great, you no longer see a

contrast; it goes off the sensory spectum, goes outside the

electromagnetic field of what can be of interest to humanity at

any present time. But within those limits, the further away from

the norm something gets, the greater is the contrast created.

Something of great contrast cannot be insane per se because

is has to be insane relatively speaking like everything else that

is contrastable. It cannot be revolutionary to the point that it

is really dangerous to the city. If there was any possible

validity to my proposition that This could be a kind of enhanced

3-D contrast to Life’s own internal perception of itself, and of

what was going on, could you then see that such could be a

splendid description, from almost any possible view, of what This

is? This activity hasn’t given you the ability to fly through

the air and raise the dead like you may have hoped for

originally, but what has it given you? Would it not be a fair

description to say it has given you not just an enhanced, but a

normally unavailable way to contrast ordinary existence, routine,

thought, mundane feeling, and common expectations?

You could look at what used to be called religions as being

an attempted contrast, though the contrast is all, I might point

out, in the thinking of action, not in the action itself because

none of the religions believed or taught that you could actually

succeed in acting religiously. You could think about acting that

way and boy what a contrast. “Wow, what if I could do that?

gee”. They could really talk a good contrast.

Now lets jump back to talking about the possibility of there

not just being a matter of imperfect information comming to man,

but a continual lacking time element so that Life could either be

still undecided about these particular apparent conflicting maps

and opinions or it could have decided and acted ahead of our time

frame. Hence the phrase, “if you are a dimension short, you are

always a day late; you can’t ever catch up”. You don’t need to

worry about just being a dollar short and a day late. You can’t

ever pay the rent, you can’t ever buy the real nourishment you

need, you can’t ever catch your car payment up, you can’t ever

catch your brains up, you can’t ever catch the payments on your

opinions up. If you are a dimension short, it doesn’t matter

what you read, if there was any possibility of reading your way

into paradise, reading your way into the bushes, into a higher

state of consciousness and you are short a dimension, you are

always one book behind. No matter how fast you read, as soon as

you read the one that was THE book, the book of the day, the book

that explained everything and you got to the end of it, some part

of Life would announce, “A brand new book has just hit the

stores, that superceedes the book you just finished”. As long as

you are short the dimension that I could describe as being the

continuous awareness of time, you are always a day late.

Anything that you think you understand is outdated. Any

question you believe you have asked that was surely the pressing

question of your age, that someone else may have asked something

similar but no one understood the question with your precision,

your depth of inquiry and concern; as long as you are a dimension

short, you are always a day late. It doesn’t matter if an answer

arrived for your question, it wouldn’t do you any good. The

question was a day late. The mapping is a day late. “Ah, now I

understand this one aspect, now I understand my particular

attitude toward family life, toward men, money, anything”. You

are a day late. If the dimension of time were there and you were

not a dimension short, it would not be a matter of, “aha, now I

understand”. You cannot understand now. If you are going to

preface it with “now” I got it, you are the same sort that is

going to believe, “Well, now I can learn form my mistakes”. It

is too late. If people could actually learn from their mistakes,

nobody would die. And that wraps it up if you can hear.

You always attempt to stick a banner in the ground of some

territory that you think you have just won, but it is too late.

It is useless, nobody even wants it anymore and you think, “Well

it was hard fought for, I’m glad I’m here now that I’ve overcome

the fears I used to have in this one particular area and I’m

going to drive down the standard. Here I am, this is mine, I

have staked out some new share of the bushes; this is not just

run-of-the-mill ordinary territory, this is something new, this

is a new area of my own nervous system and I have cut out of the

bushes, cut down the vines, fought off the wild little beasties

and the fairies, and now it is mine. I will stick up a little

tent, maybe a lean-to.” But nobody cares. You believe you are

defending something, or you think, “Well, boy, I should be proud

of this. Boy it is a shame the gods all died and went away

because if they were still around they would be so proud of me.

How many people could have done, this? “. Nobody cares. It’s

too late. You are a day late. You still feel like there is a bus

trip going on, you feel like time is something that you get on

somewhere and if you think about it it may move along or if you

are late, you will notice that you are late. You believe other

people should be aware of time, that it is a clock, it is a way

to keep this thing from running into that thing, it is a way to

understand that what you do here you are going to pay for, you

are going to reap the rewards, just the way the farmers tell when

to plant, when to sow, when to cut it down; and it is not. You

are a dimension short. Anywhere that you can get to, anywhere

that you can say, “Well now could I ask you this”, or to ask

yourself, “Now, should I consider doing this, now that I see a

little more clearly should I redo what I did?” Any time that the

territory and any time the apparent idea or interest is expressed

and the expression begins with “now”, it’s too late.

Anybody that really understands something knows then why all

philosophy is too late. Anything that can be asked for is too

late. Anything that you can ask: well, if a man, da da da da,

why is it that we cannot da da da, why is it that humanity seems

intent upon da da da ? Once you understand that when you are a

dimension short you are a day late, you understand that all

philosophy, all parole questions, all verbalized inquiries, all

yellow circuit investigations are always a day late as well.

They can satisfy no one except those who either are still riding

on the back of the bus but hanging onto the bumper, or else those

who got off; the stop passed and they didn’t realize it. Now

there are the ones who will hold up the book or to say, “Yes, I

am within days of having my Phd. in philosophy, and I’m within

days of having a real thought. Had this bus had a bathroom, I

would have had a great thought even before now.”

I want to mention something to people watching these tapes

in the future: I am not or I can not, take your choice, doing

these for history or posterity, trying to make information seem

timeless. I considered doing that and it can’t be done. And if

it could be done, I’m not gonna do it. But keep in mind if you

will, that you should be asking yourselves if you should in some

way have your hand back in this Kroger sack wherein the city and

all the people are and you’re trying to take the lay of the

land, the topography and not just limited to mathematical

definition. You’re trying to get the feel of Life’s body, its

head, its bumps, to feel its nervous system operating. That’s

where I try to drag you at such times as these last few minutes.

What in the world is there to be said? I’m not suggesting anti-

intellectualism as all of you know and it’s not any form of

pessimism or fatalism; it’s no form of any ‘ism’. But all of the

questions, all of the very important questions, all the mystical

questions, all the philosophical questions that you think brought

you here, you think that those very questions were put into your

soul and they’ve been burning in there just waiting for a guru to

pop up and touch you with mystical insight and turn you into a

new-age profit of some kind. Some of you should be able to feel

by now that anything that can be asked is not worthy of being

asked, and if it had any validity, it has no answer, at least

not on the basis of using the same words and descriptions, the

same breath that was involved with asking the question because

you are a dimension short. When you’re attempting to measure, to

plot, to diagnose, to navigate, to understand Life, which for

everybody in the beginning is of course Life in the city, try to

remember, though its nearly impossible, that your abilities, all

of your present mathematical, navigational skills and knowledge

were gained in the city. That’s where it all came from.

Everything that you brought with you into This you got in the

city. All of your skills, all of the knowledge was native to the

city. And here you are attempting to get away from the city; not

only my two dimensional drawings of circles and bushes, but

you’re attempting to get out of it three dimensionally, and once

you understand it, you are attempting to escape form it four

dimensionally. So you’re attempting to launch yourself away from

the city but you’ve got to make plans and suspect some

destination. Then you meet somebody that apparently knows

there’s somewhere else and you’ve got to try and use their new

info to plot a new course. You tried drugs, you tried reading,

you tried meditation and none of it worked and so now you

apparently need new information. You have got to have some

notion about how to navigate; how to escape from your present

position. But people cannot realize they think the same things

over and over and when they do, it is one of the first level,

first order moments of amazement. “I never realized the

magnitude of this. I kept thinking that I had to read more, I

had to hear him talk more. I had to put all this together more

and more”. And it’s absolute amazement the first few times you

see it. “I have been inside of a lead-lined little box and I

kept thinking I was pushing the walls out. I thought the walls

were about to fall apart or that I was on my tip toes and I was

about to pop the ceiling up. And I believed that I was getting

new views of this whole thing”, and you weren’t. What I’m

intending to point out to you from a slightly different direction

tonight is no one realizes that every apparent skill, every piece

of knowledge you got before you came here, you got in the city.

Now back in the city there’s only two ways to study things: from

real up close or from real far away. You can either study the

stars in the heavens or you can apparently study the hairs in

your neighbor’s nose. Everything in the city is in everything

else’s face. Everything is jammed up. That is why there is

really no such thing as psychology — it is impossible in the

city. In the city all you can do is study things real up close

with a microscope as it were. Or you can study things real far

off with telescopes. But the city has no real knowlege of

itself. To have any knowledge of itself it would have to put

some distance from itself. The city has no clinical knowledge.

In fact what would even pass there for theoretical knowledge

really belongs more within the area of roto-rooters than it does

useful knowledge. But where the city can seem to excell in

skills and knowledge is in matters up close, both literally and

figuratively, and in matters far away. But the city itself, the

people have no real view of themselves — they cannot. To have a

real view they would have to get out of the city. The city

itself would have to get away from itself and then look. It has

what amounts to piecemeal knowledge. It has knowledge of its

immediate neighborhood; one neighborhood has knowledge of an

adjoining one and one person has apparent knowledge of an

adjoining person. What is called psychology should more

specifically be called the study of immediate behavior. It’s the

study of “my neighbor’s behavior”. But no one can put it

together, there is no systematic view of the city. The city

cannot describe itself. No one can sing the praises, no one can

become a paid booster or a free bosster for Houston unless they

get out of Houston. Unless there is some contrast, they wouldn’t

be able to sell Houston as a convention site to anyone. They’ve

got to get outside of Houston to say something. The only way

that anyone can promote anything is by contrast and comparison.

The city cannot get away from itself, it does not know what to

say. It makes comments about the behavior of its immediate

neighbor. It may make apparent comments about the reputed

behavior of people on the other side of the city in neighborhoods

where it has never been. And physically the person may have been

through there and didn’t even recognize he was there because it

was too foreign. It has to be right up here real close, or is

has to be real far away. They can study the stars and they can

study cell samples from their neighbor’s nose. To get the needed

view, to pick up any new information you have to be able to put

distance between you and the city. But let me remind you, all of

the known methods, supposed methods of even how to get out of the

city were gained in the city, and therefore they do not work.

That is why everything that Man ordinarily tries, from drugs to

changing to pursuing a so-called religion to pursuing something

that somebody or some group of bodies found to work at one time;

be that as it may, it does not work now. The would-be

revolutionist himself has got to find some way to distance

himself. He has got to be able to get away from the city to get

any view of it. There is no information in the city. It has to

do, if you want it this crudely, it has to do with a kind of

self-protection the city uses. The city has got to keep a

certain three-dimensional ignorance of itself. The city has got

to keep the people themselves, that is the constituents, ignorant

of what the city is in order to survive. But a few people who

would understand something extraordinary, something uselsss, they

have got to be able to put some distance between them and the

city. And its not a matter of flying millions of light years

away; there is no better view there and it’s not to get any

closer; you are close enough. The idea that, “I could study

phychololgy and then some day it will finally open up my

understanding of what human nature is about”. If you have got

any basis of being a revolutionist, I don’t have to even appear

to attack psychology — you have simply got to see that

psychology among other things is not interested in what I’m

interested in. If that sort of study would do anything you

wouldn’t have to go to school. You would go out and sit on the

steps and look at people, at your own family, and study them.

And if everybody left the street except you, you’d try to study

you. This is not a sarcastic attack. Apparently from all

ordinary views you can’t learn anything about people by looking

at them. You can’t find out anything about human life by

studying it. Nothing. You’ve been here in its midst for thirty

or forty years looking and being looked at, commenting and being

commented upon. People will even comment on behavior that

happened two thousand years before they were born. People are

taking down statistics, doing questionnaires everywhere you turn

wanting to know what foods you eat, which ones you like, what you

watch on TV. There are enough statistics to prove anything. And

yet you understand that has not told you anything because there

is no distance. All of the skills, all of the apparent knowledge

that one has, one got right in the city. In the city the ruling

powers are going to keep their power by controlling speech and

information. The only way that they dictate apparent reality is

to control the language, control the thought. But if they

control the language, and have you thinking the same things over

and over even though it apparently changes from neighborhood to

neighborhood, you will have the common conception of reality that

everyone in the city has, and as long as that is your perception,

as long as you can’t think outisde those terms, outside those

categories, as long as you can’t think outside the habitual

cycle, then whoever is in charge of that language system has got

you. Now of course we’re not talking about conspiracies, and

we’re not talking about political power. We’re talking about

what seems to be your individual nervous system and the way in

which it apparently maps, accepts, and tries to diagnose its

experience, that is, its reality. But the diagnosis is the same,

day after day, generation after generation, and if you were a

doctor trying to diagnose the reality, that is, trying to

diagnose your experience and you say, “I am going to understand

something. Everybody else just lives and dies. I believe I have

a potential ability to perceive things that the average person

doesn’t have. So I am going to study this matter”. You can

study all you want to, you can attempt to diagnose your own

experience, but every diagnostic tool you have, every piece of

information that you have that seems to be the least bit

pertinent to understanding the human condition, you got in the

city. You just think, if you are ordinary, that you’re

extraordinary. And everyone keeps thinking, “Where is the

missing piece? What is this missing secret that I don’t have?”.

The city will not commit slow suicide by giving away the

mysteries of its fortifications, the life-force that keeps it a

separate entity, by giving you the necessary tools to truely know

it. But right outside the city if you want to look at it

spacially, there are other parts of Life’s body, if you want to

look at it in time, there are other areas of Life’s body that

have some time distance, a different time zone, between you and

your homeland of experince and innate knowledge. With a certain

kind of distance, and it’s not just intellectual perception, it’s

not limited to the five senses, it’s as though you can get a feel

for what’s going on, and the skill that you’re then using is not

limited to what is available in the city.

Perhaps some more consistent ideas cum questions throughout

history: why is it that reason has continually been referred to

as being the enemy of faith, or that thought is the foe of

feeling? Why is it that the apparent upstart offspring so

distrusts, even despises its progenitor? Could it be that there

are forms approaching the supreme 3-D contrast in Life’s body,

such as the older versus the newer, higher versus lower, chemical

versus electrical. There is a tacit ban in the city on absolute

info, on full disclosure of data. It has always been and always

will be. It is looked at as being a logical linear extention of

human progress as it may be; the continuing specialization and

isolation of knowledge. It is perhaps specialization in the fact

that the more you seem to become an expert in the cell structure

of your neighbor’s nose the more you’ve got to become a cellular

specialist in noses of such and such magnitude and it has to

become further and further specialized if you’re going to get a

reputation. If on the other extreme you were now a specialist in

some aspect of astronomy, the far away, then you have to more and

more localize and specialize in that far away area where your

abilities are.

There is a kind of tacit ban on absolute info. It is an

unrecognized admission that human consciousness is not going to

get outisde the real close or the real far away. I could say

that the revolutionist in a sense is a four dimensional

generalist. And if really pressed it might turn out that a real

revolutionist wouldn’t know or wouldn’t be an expert in anything

for all I know. If being an expert really meant squat, then you

would all be handed a new improved nervous system along with your

master’s degree. You cannot be allowed to have any view of what

the city really is, you cannot have anything even approaching a

unified perception of how the neighborhoods are tied together,

what relationship one profession has to another, what

relationship one institution has to another, how an institution

is nothing but people, how people are nothing but institutions,

how the molecular structure of one man’s nose is irrevocably tied

to the rise and fall of the precious metals inside the market

place of the city. Real knowledge of such things would be a kind

of, relatively speaking, absolute knowledge, absolute info. Such

knowledge would begin to explain something about the nature of

the city and that information is forbidden. The city does not

even have that info on itself. For those of you who would

really like to at least push on one of the 3-D walls a little

bit, I could say it’s not simply that the information is

forbidden to even the city itself, but it is that no part of the

city, including the city itself can have a present knowledge of

what it may already know. There has to be the matter of time

between you and the city. What the city already knows about

itself, you can’t know. What a city already knows about itself

on a 4-D level, it doesn’t know it knows on a 3-D level because

once you cut a dimension off, you’re a day short. If I said for

a matter of fact that on a 3-D level the city knows what it is,

we only need to put that 3-D world into a 4-D reality to be back

to where the information is again incomplete and the city does

not know what it is.

If you’re up too close to yourself you’re a dimension short.

If you’re too far away from yourself, if you’re attempting to

study man, not just as white mice, or the behavior of your

immediate neighbor but on a basis that is almost into another

galaxy, that is theoretically or historically, you are still no

closer. What if you were trying to read the lumps on the city’s

head, what if you were attempting to lay city on one of those

chiropractic benches and push it’s muscles around and try to feel

it’s spine and try to make some sense out of it; how about a few

more rather of forbidden questions? These are not forbidden

really, but they’re just questions that have no validity in the

3-D city. No one can see that there is any possible pertinence

to them. What ever This is, me talking, you showing up, putting

this on video tape, seeing me personally, trying to listen,

taking notes, does it have some meaning that is going somewhere?

Is it revealing piece by piece secret knowledge of some unknown

universe? Imagine if you could get yourself outside the city,

get up in a hot air balloon, put some distance between you and it

and actually look at the city and see it (rather than just you,

your neihgbors and your life) from a view you never had — then

there are some questions I could ask you. I could ask you about

the navigation, the plotting, the diagnosis of the city iself,

what is going on in the city ( the city being human life within

the life of Life). If you could then break out of the

limitations of the particular language that the ruling powers in

the city have built into you, you could then attempt to ask

nonverbally, questions like, “What is it that man in the city

apparently wants solved? And then you’ve got to get outside all

the categories of apparent human questions that Life has taught

you and everyone to ask. I am asking you what might you

nonverbally be able to say about what men really want solved? If

you could get ahead of the city by one time zone, what so-called

religious promises would still be relevant? It is a matter that

there are different time zones in the city just as there are

between New York and L.A. and the fact that what is true in one

time zone may not be true in another any longer? There are parts

of the city that still apparently believe that they are relying

on, interested in and concerned over the promises, explanations,

that seem to have come from religion. There are promises of what

may happen to man here, what may happen to him later; all these

are irrelevant. If you can get into another time zone, if you

could lose all interest in and correctly disengage yourself from

the city in toto and at a certain distance from the city you

could ask what people do want to think, what they do want to

feel, what is it that they do want to do, it might be a question

of, whether they want knowledge, hope, relief, or fun. If you

could feel the topography of the city, you should have such

questions nonverbally, but they can’t be based on what you

learned in the city. It has got to be some other kind of

orientation or you’ll still get the same answers over and over,

the same dead ends over and over. But far enough away from the

city you could look down at the entertainment page spread through

time in every city, the buisness section of the phone book spread

in all possible directions in all cities and ask yourself:

apparently in the city what is it that humans want? When you go

to those places, would it help to stop and do a statistical

listing about, “alright, how many places did I pass that are in

charge of feeding people, how many just serve booze, how many

movie houses, etc. Each of those fits into one of the four

categories that I just made up of offering knowledge, hope,

relief, or fun. What is it that seems to be able to get people

through their 60 or 70 years here on this planet without them

going nuts or turning into out and out alchoholics or drug

addicts? If you asked someone who just came home from work,

“Sir, if you were now a millionaire, and you didn’t have to work,

what would you do? Would you spend this weekend chasing women,

going to church, sitting in a theater, traveling,….?” If you

got down and studied all the calendars of events in the

newspaper, the 2000 things to do this week, would it help to make

a statistical report about these things, or even to actually go

to each one of them?

What did you think This would be, what is it that you still

think you want from This? Do you want knowledge, hope, relief,

or fun? What is it that I am apparently offering that you seem

to get at times? Is there another category, something else that

humans apparently want and do that won’t fit into one of those


I want to point out to you that only the pushy are free.

The nature of things is push or be pushed. Once you understand

it, you’ll see it all has to do with an unconditional looking out

for ones self. You have got to turn your energy efficiently, to

feeding whatever This is for you. If This is what you should be

doing, if you now have no doubt that you were born to do This,

then no matter how it is described, no matter whatever happends,

there is past any point of discussion or doubt, an extreme matter

of efficiency wherein everything must be directed toward feeding

you, and this cannot be done if you are getting pushed. If you

are going to be a pushee, you are not doing This. Any time you

are being pushed, you are not free and are not operating

efficiently. You are back playing city games. It may appear to

be as innocuous as hop scotch or tag, or it may appear to be as

serious as being mugged, but if you are being pushed you are not

doing This, you are not looking out for your own revolutionary

interests. A part of the ban on absolute info back in the city

keeps one from looking after oneself, on this basis, but it would

apparently manifest itself, albeit imperfectly, in the myriad

amount of connections, interpersonal relations between you, your

family, your acquaintances, your past friends, your race,

religion, your sex. It is the inescapable common denominator of

the genetic kinship of all of us. You just apparently live in a

particular section of the city, in a particular neighborhood.

There is a genetitic kinship between everyone and that is why I

said that the absolute self centereed selfishness, as it sounds

verbally, is a truely imperfect reflection. It is not even

possible. Even if it were possible it would still do no one else

any harm, because it is still Life looking out after itself. A

would-be revolutionist cannot spend time inefficiently, that is

by doing the very slack, the very imprecise, the very conflicting

dreams that Life has within its own nervous system of, “Well I

should be over here helping some other part of town, my concern

should be what do those other people in the other sections of

town think of me when I don’t show up to help them?”. It is

wired into the genetic code in the city that, “We are all in this

together. I come first, but we are all in this together”. The

revolutionist knows differently. Everyone else thinks that we

are all in this together, but they don’t know it. And some of

them believe that they are self-centered and they are not. But

he can see from some distance that in the city, it’s not unknown

for peole to jump up on a fire hydrant and grab a broom stick and

wave it like a sword and holler, “It’s every man for himself, I

am captain of my fate, the hell with all you minions, get out of

my way”. Childred do that, and sometimes grownups to that,

sometimes life does that to itself. The revolutionist knows that

if anybody asks any question like, “How should I treat my mother,

what should be my attitude toward humanity, what should be my

attitude toward the gods?”,if anybody has got to ask some

question there is no satisfactory answer and those who ask can

never be satisified. There is no question that is pressing upon

your soul, that is sitting upon your little heart, that has ever

been satisfactorily answered, nor can it ever be. On one can do

it. The questions that the city placed in man’s minds and on

their souls are not really questions, they are two thirds of a

darn question and you get two thirds of a darn answer to them.

Let’s be scientific for a minute: There is a way in which

the revolutionist has got to create his own kind of condition of

a certain kind of superconductivity. But it has to do with being

able to facilitate less wasteful, more efficient, less inhibited

chemical flows. Without it, you can’t get past the ban on

absolute info, without it, you cannot look after yourself in the

way that is necessary out in the bushes, once you begin to get

away from the gravitational safety of the city. Back in the

city, from one view everybody is nuts — except that back in the

city, relatively speaking, everything seems all right and you

can’t tell. But when you get away from it you can for the first

time begin to think, “Hey, I’m about to float away. I’m about to

fly up Mary Poppins’ dress and hurt myself”. It’s just a way in

which you have to be able to use what is ordinarily referred to

as the emotions, the chemical flow. There is a kind of

controlled aggresion that is self protection. You almost have to

attack-train the agressive emotions but not neuter them. You

can’t declaw them. Now in the city, if it were possible, that’s

what the religions are trying to talk about. That’s what that

part of Life’s own nervous system in man seems to be condemning.

There are parts of the human nervous system that will do things

that seem to fly into the absolute face of progress; or what your

forefathers would have believed would fly into the face of the

gods. You cannot control the things that must be controlled if

you are putting up with the ordinary amount of resistance. There

has to be a kind of superconductivity. You cannot use and

control “agression”, as long as you have got the acquired

resistance that is taught in the city, you cannot control it. It

is unpredictable or so it seems to you at the 3-D level. The

inhibitions, the mechanical resistance you have to that kind of

chemical flow makes it seem uncontrollable. You can get too mad,

you get mad when it’s not profitable and that ordinary

uncontrolled agression in no way serves as self-protection. It

is just simply noise and fumes in the city. It is very

mechanical and unspecific chemical uprisings in the lab. But if

you knew how to use it, then the very things that seem to be

condemnable in all the religions and all the so-called

metaphysical systems become something to use, they become

neceassary weapons. You cannot, in the 3-D world, humble your

way anywhere, you cannot whine your way, crawl your way to

anything, you cannot hairshirt your way into it, you cannot

plead your way into it and I assure you that you cannot back your

way into it.

Well if that didn’t stabliize it enough, I’ll try one more

time before we stop the tape. How about something very specific?

At the chemical level, in the lab, all of you should be doing

only those things that seem to make your revolutionary sense of

yourself feel good. You should only eat those foods that make

the revolutionist feel good and this doesn’t mean your acquired

habits in the city. You should only do such physical exercises

as make the revolutionist feel good. If he would feel better

losing weight, then lose some. If he feels better weighing more,

then gain some. If he feels better getting ten hours of sleep,

or five hours of sleep, he should sleep accordingly. If you are

not going to look after the revolutionist, who is — the city is

not, your mother is not, your mate is not. All the people in you

are indifferent. If you keep waiting for you to miraculously

pull yourself together, or worse yet, that you’re suddenly going

to miraculously come together and know what to do, you’re wasting

your time. You already know what to do or you don’t belong here.

You know what to do in the area of making yourself chemically

feel good and that there is a connection between your everyday

eating and physical habits and the way you think when you wake up

in the morning. But you don’t have your real hands on that

knowledge. You can say you know it once the subject comes up but

everybody knows everything one at a time like that. Man behaves

as though, “Why can’t I play a tape on self hypnosis and repeat

over and over that I’m getting smarter and happier and have it

work?”. Are you still going to believe like they do in the city

that you can run into your lab and holler, “Naughty chemicals,

bad boys “, or put out a fire by hollering, ” tut tut” at the

flames? People believe not just in subliminal tape recordings

but such phrases as, “as man thinketh, so he is” have been around

forever. Now if that were true, all we would need is subliminal

biliminal tapes. All you need to do is change the way you

think; right, all you’ve got to do is take control of how you

think. Every morning get up and refuse to think bad thoughts.

Do it — just refuse. In fact, why even spend two or three

hundred dollars on those tapes; just make your own tape that says

over and over, “I will not think sad thoughts, I will not think

sad thoughts”, and play it while you’re asleep. In the 3-D

world, tracks, or chains of events run in one direction. In

certain parts of the city trains go off and they do not come back

on the same track. There are chemical explosions that can kill

the chemist. But I submit to you that there is no way to reverse

that, for the chemist to verbally, through the power of his

intellect, stare down the flames. There are certain flows of

energy that only run in one direction, in the 3-D world that is.

I fear to think what kind or perverse mood Life was in when it

came up with that phrase.

Why is it not that simple? It’s because you’re not being

good to yourself. It’s because you don’t look after number one.

It’s because you believe that anything that runs on a given track

in the 3-D world will eventually come back on that track. You

believe, whether you know it or not, that there is such a thing

as psychology; that you are all wound up, like a big ball of

confusion and all you have got to do is unwind it and get back to

the pristine state you started in, with a beginning and an end.

You believe the train will come back on the track it left on,

that man invented the laboratory and the chemicals and if you

intimidate them with your stern voice, they will fall into line

like you want them to. You believe your internal states are of

much more complex importance than just a product of how you take

care of yourself. Once you get a real glimpse of what This is

all about you’re just going to die and Life arranges things so

people like me are never around when someone else sees it, but

there is no better description than that you are just going to


All right, one last thing. I want to point out a curious

thing about “love” that happends in the city in relationships

between people. There is a kind of dual relationship that has

never been analyzed and that can point you in more important

directions than simply looking at your city problems anew. There

are two different relationships that a couple ordinarily have:

the first one is the particular way one person feels about the

other in their presence and the other is the way one feel about

the other in their absence, that is, their memory feeling of

them. Memory feel does not take a great expanse of horizontal

time; it can just be in the moment or two that it takes your

mate to go in the kitchen and get a glass of water. What people

do not realize, and what is not taken into account is that often

one of these appears to be a positive feel and the other a

negative one — about the same person — and the only difference

being whether they are in the immediate vicinity at the time or

not. It is like two separate relationships and you flip back and

forth between them as fast as the other person can walk in and

out of the room. One of them can apparently be in direct

conflict with the other, and it goes undiagnosed. It can produce

a kind of noxious situation. It’s alright in the city, and is

nothing unusual. But you should suspect if you find some

validity in you, in your own relationships that is it something

to look at quite seriously. It may be the kind of thing one

should put some distance between in order to see it better. Just

on what would appear to be the verbal logical basis, you should

see that there is something very curious, very sticky, if not

stinky here. It has widespread pertinence or I wouldn’t mention

it. Just look. It can also be seen with your parents and other

kin. Probably the first place to see it is in what appears to be

your sensual sexual love relationship with another person. You

will find that in everybody in every relationship there is a

great potential for this to be true. There are two separate

relatioships going on including everything in toto: not just the

way that you think you’re thinking, but the whole relationship.

Here is your chance to see the underbelly of the city, the hidden

areas behind the fences and the sewers of the city plotted here

that nobody else would even think to look into.

Well, having successfully now landed us on a place that is

quite solid, pretty mundane, having brought you all back down to

earth, everybody back in their reasonable sensual mode of

understanding where you are, being able to orient yourself, spot

the wind, know north from south, know that god’s still one his

throne and all’s right with the world and that the republicans

are still in office and to know that it’s good to be a pusher

instead of a pushee; having brought everyone successfully back so

that we can leave you here at the gate, maybe it was just a

small unexpected trip into some kind of a 4-D Disneyland, but

here it is, the tape’s running out and we know what time it is.

There’s food in the other room, we can always go home and turn on

the TV, even better than Alke Seltzer. You know that relief,

reality that is, is just a step away, as soon as the tape gets

over. It’s good that we can have some of these chats about

everday problems, I am so delighted that I could be of some small

potential help; the benefit of my great experience and my

learning, and education. I’m humbly glad that I could be of some

small benefit with your personal problems. I know I’ve been a

lot of help with mine, haven’t I?