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The Third Energy Resource and the Look Method


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#285 Oct 12, 1987 – 1:54
Notes by TK

Reading of Kyroot to :05.

Continuation of E as out of time synch and “unrelated contingencies”. It is a willfully irrational act when you predicate some action on an apparently unrelated other happening. Something NEW happens because you have used E resources. Each person has a genetically determined reservoir of energy at birth which limits his life span. To burn E is to literally extend your life by increasing your available energy.

“Miraculous” deeds come about–are effected–by one who can burn E resources; who can make the unrelated count.

The Revolution cannot rely on action or talk-of-action exclusively for fuel, i.e., one or the other. Both are required in a correct combination or balance. In the City it is assumed as true that intellectuals and their institutions are charged with the finding and revealing of new information. But can you conceive that Life uses those types and institutions to disguise such new information! Remember, real fresh data arises not from the City anyway.

Military methods with prisoners aimed at making them feel worthless to the point they even doubt their own existence, are methods par excellence. They are ultimate methods for the Real Revolutionist. The Real Revolutionist should make his foe believe his health is failing to the point of terminal illness. Internally: use such military methods to make your adversaries doubt their own existence. To subdue bad habits/foes: strip them nude and parade them in front of a crowd. All methods that really work out in life can be used to good effect internally for the Revolution. Do not directly confront problems, use oblique approaches, pull in E; burn the irrelevant.

The Real Revolutionist knows that all change is good. The tricky part: 3-D consciousness sees D-related part only and is fearful of it. The Real Revolutionist must see that D paves the way for C always. This is seeing with a 3-D-Time consciousness. The Real Revolutionist allows for Life’s small missteps and false starts…besides, there’s no choice anyway.

J’s use of C,D,E names for triaxial forces have no ultimate truth but are important, useful updates, a refinement of a general vague connotation. Example of wind as a force blowing from different directions at different times depending on your relative position in its general flow. Men have put compass direction names on it which serve a purpose.

For those who understand something as a result of their time in This Thing: the ultimate secret approach is the Look Method. Just look!! Nobody looks in the City. This method is the supreme shortcut–but you’ve got to know how to do it.

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1:46 comments re: boredom. Boredom = lack of energy. A Cure: go out and advertise/promote This Thing whenever you feel ennui; > 30 min. x day.

Condensed AKS

If it weren’t for innocence Man would have nothing to be
ashamed of.


There can be no conservation where poverty is infinite, and
wealth open-ended. (As before, I am pleased that there cannot be
any possible personal significance in this.)


Be It Hereby Proposed: That everyone give their tongue at
least one day a week off. (Inevitably followed, I suppose, by
National Blabber Day.)


The concept of “popularity” is only popular among those who
aren’t, and those who need it. (Otherwise, how are things?)


Any politician or priest who never laughs should probably be
given the full width of the road even before they ask for it.


One day a mean-I asked a loose-I, “If you were without any
guilt, what form of fear could you then experience?”


A well respected mortal pundit once writ, “He who never
thinks can never be wise.” Now it’s just that kinda insight
gives me continued hope for Man’s future.


The People have this saying that “It takes 2 to start an
argument”, but the Revolutionist knows that such an arrangement
is merely a beginner’s kit when it comes to real hostilities.


Only the King is always right, (and he’s not, really).


It is cautioned that “He who has lost his freedom has
nothing more to lose”, and this sounds weighty indeed until you
realize that he who has lost his mind doesn’t even have the
initial warning to lose.

The recruits must quickly learn that the Ruling Powers
treat polite requests as a short-lived virus that will soon be
gone and forgotten. A real tyrant accepts a shouted demand as a
minimal, civilized request. If you’re gonna hang around power
you gotta learn to speak the language.


Can there be “words without thoughts”? — acts without
awareness? — consciousness without will? Can words “be” before
the apparent, appropriate coordinating thought? (Hint Number 19:
Only routine mental operations find this question outre.)


Just so that you can hear it here first, remember: Neither
the man in the gutter, nor in the grave has much to fear from a


There is a certain secret word which I do not yet feel free
to tell you, but I believe it safe to give you its definition.
The word means, “Ridiculous, even if true; while may be valid, is
still silly.”


Tis said, “The greatest remedy for anger is delay.” (and I
might add, unless you’re the delivery boy to an impatient High
Grand Executioner.)


It is bad, bad, bad directions that cannot be changed. (And
a useless map that has non-erasable boundaries.)


Big nose, little respect: Big mouth, big troubles: Big
“I’s,” little “you’s”. (Yes, there is one more verse, and, No,
this is not a sing-along.)


It could be, as some have mused, that “One’s natural manner
is one’s best suit”, except that most people spend their lives in
apparent search for just their wardrobe closet. (Why I’ve seen
many a full life quest just for one’s proper shirt size.)


You sure ain’t gonna accomplish much by prefacing the
unveiling of your art by assuring the crowd that they’re not
going to understand it.


He who seeks a car with no squeaks is forever doomed to ride
the bus.


And lo, it was said, “Tis a good man who never stumbles”,
and, I might add, one with cast iron ankles.




Document: 285, October 12, 1987
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1987

 Diagram # 130 illustration

Diagram # 130 illustration

It would seem that we could think of me, or me and This, as a kind of alphabet soup, and that kids could play with the letters, trying to put them together to spell something out.  Some of you are probably the sort that tries to spell out things that would shock your parents.  That’s why Campbell for years did not put an “f” in their alphabet soup; whereas I do not hesitate — just so that we might ponder such words as “filigree,” vs “Philistine.”

Now E Force, or the irrelevant aspect, always has at least two aspects or two feet to it.  There are always two opposing partners involved with this dance, this argument, this shoving contest.  And you can begin to try and incorporate an unrelated connection, and make sense of an irrational contingency, if you look at E as being an out-of-sync but usable factor or element in the dance.  E never seems to be of any contemporaneous importance.  Even if you tried to stretch the possibility of a factor being relevant:  let’s say you identified two opposing forces/dancers, and then tried to think of something that’s not particularly relevant to them, in fact, find something that if it ever was relevant to them is not now.  Notice that the immediate shoving contest going on between C and D does not seem to be influenced by, or in any way relevant to, this other element except maybe through the theoretical idea of the food chain of moving energy that connects everything eventually.  But it is out of the time sequence of these two opponents I’m presently regarding.

There is a method I’d like to mention here.  The method is to affect the outcome of an action or effort you are undertaking by picking an unrelated contingent action — that is, to plan to do some specific thing if your main plan turns out such and such, and another contingency if it turns out thus and so.  The unrelated contingency needs to be something of personal significance to you, but neither personal nor significant to the subject at hand.  By doing this you are apparently trying to pull some out-of-sync E Force into the dance of your two original opponents.  You are taking previously unrelated activities, unrelated possibilities and connections, and incorporating them into the moving picture.  You have then created something new, a new relationship.  When you are in a quandary of indecision about something, and you place an irrelevant contingency upon each of the two outcomes and choices, you have changed the possibilities, changed the scenery.  You are learning to use previously unused resources for food.

Now, when you get the sense that you are stuck in some oversized quandary, note that you are then out of energy, you feel depleted over all the vacillation and indecision regarding the problem, and don’t feel you have the energy to make a decision.  You begin to feel like, “I don’t even have enough energy to try to figure out what to do.”  There are always, in everyone’s life, resources that are not used.  And right now I’m trying to get you to see the territory that is normally uncharted, unmapped, and seems to be unrelated and unconnected to the problem at hand.  The idea is to draw in that which seems to be unrelated.  Now this is getting close to fitting into ordinary definitions of mystical.  Over here we have, “…a problem that has been wearing me out, in fact I’m getting to the point where I’m personally frightened over the possibilities.  If I don’t do something, I believe it will probably take its own course and I’ll be stuck with the consequences.  Now that I think about it, I dread either one of the two consequences and feel more tired than ever.  I’ve got to take, not a short nappy-poo, but a serious nap.  I’m exhausted.”  If we were living in, or on, an ordinary map, of course, I might point out that that kind of internal dialogue/chemistry is only about two or three millimeters on the map away from the great land of what?  Depression and “psychological exhaustion”!  You feel like you have lost your energy.  There is energy available, however, and it is in the area that I am labeling for you as E, and it contains vast resources you never use.

All of you have told me at least once that you are absolutely sure you belong here.  You say, “I am absolutely convinced This is where I belong, and I’m already getting some payoff and I see that This has headed me in the direction I always wanted to go.”  But then you go on to say, “But how can I keep my energy level up?  Why am I sometimes so fired up I could move mountains and then other times I can’t even seem to get out of bed?”  If you continue to operate your organism, the machine that is you, within the general nexus and scheme of Life, then the only energy you have available is the energy you’ve always had available, that everyone alive has available to them, and it will always be a continuing “problem.”

But if you can stay ahead of the game, you can come to use most energy shortages as a warning that you have fallen back into operating too much in the normal flow of C and D, and it is time to do something to create new energy/information for yourself.  Your energy level does not automatically change, the gods don’t suddenly say, “Hey, this kid has found some kind of great guru, now he’s on the real track of paying homage to us, let’s give him a whole new dose of energy.”  In fact, if it’s of any interest to you, I might point out that stories about great religious leaders all over the world speak of them not only being tempted by the fates and the anti-gods, but also about the time he became so tired that he might have blown the whole thing; might have slept through his one chance to get through the gates of heaven.  It seems that energy is a problem, and just because you are involved with This, you don’t automatically escape from it. But one method is to turn your attention somewhere else.  It doesn’t matter whether it appears to be a mundane, routine problem, or it appears to be a problem related to the metaphysical transcendental aspects of This.  You are going to feel tired sometimes, everybody does, and that tiredness, in a sense, is not much different from ordinary people saying, “Good grief, it is 7:30, and I can’t get up and go to that darn job again.”

You should know by now that hoping, praying, waiting for some energy isn’t going to work.  Note the times I have apparently infused you with energy as I talk here, or you see a tape of our meeting.  You could consider that I’ve dragged in a world of E.  What do I talk about?  I certainly don’t talk about your ordinary C and D life.  We do not talk about all of our problems; we are not limited to, dependent upon, or even playing in the key of C or D.  Actually, whether you ever thought about it this way or not, by and large I skate around the verge of talking about — who knows what?  I am continually skating around the key of E, and in my musical world C and D would be one thing, but the key of E almost doesn’t exist.  I drag in that which would have been irrelevant to you; what would be unrelated.  At times I start out sounding as though I am talking about something pretty straight forward.  At times you people send me questions and I may read one, for instance:  “What would you say about someone being attracted to someone who is just absolutely not attracted to them?”  In other words, “Dear Doctor Specious, can you help me with so and so?”  You must try to notice how I continually draw upon what you would consider to be E resources.  I grab them and you almost kicking, screaming, choking, trying to put your hammer locks on it, and I drag it into my monologue, and suddenly that which by every other definition, and from every other viewpoint, is irrelevant, has been connected with what seems to be the subject of the paragraph, and I drag you and it in together — despite all your resistance.  When you let me do that, you suddenly find yourself saying, “Wow!  He is talking about it; and it’s almost making sense; and I almost feel good.  I feel enthused.”  You leave, and sometime later, you think, “Now what was it that was said, how did it almost make sense to me? Well, I don’t know, but I feel better.”  You have probably never considered the possibility that I have dragged in fuel that you would have never even brought in near the stoker, much less burned it.  You have never even considered that this might be fuel.  To the Revolutionist everything must be fuel.  Everything.

If you fuel yourself only on that which is natural, then you are skating on very tenuous possibilities, in so far as This ever having a dramatic and potent effect on you.  You need more energy than is genetically available, more than was genetically allotted to you when you were born.  In a 3-D sense your genetic system was given a certain dose of energy at birth and it’s going to run out.  And when it runs out you’ll die.

Incidentally, if you are wondering about how your longevity is affected by how you take care of your health, start by considering this:  nobody can see that some people are just overweight and some people just aren’t overweight.  Or consider the old man who runs every day at ninety-six years old.  Ordinary consciousness says that he wouldn’t have reached ninety-six if he didn’t get out and run every day.  But people cannot see that only ninety-six year old men who are wired up to run are still alive and running at ninety-six.

Under ordinary conditions, neither you nor anyone else is going to change his life span.  The only way you can have an effect on it (which is not the point of this ultimately), an effect of apparently coming up with new energy, is by finding new sources of fuel.  You must have new resources to consume.  Right now, you, and everybody else at the ordinary level, are operating at full blast.  You’re standing before your furnace chucking it in as fast as is necessary and required.  You grab what is available, and as far as everybody is concerned that’s all there is to burn.  But the Revolutionist looks around when the fuel is running low and sees other people, knows that they burn, sees chairs, opinions, ideas, his own problems, and he understands that everything burns.  A certain transcendental 4-D understanding does not belie, at the 3-D level, the laws of physics.

Anything that is, is potential energy in some form.  But ordinary consciousness believes that only coal or wood will burn.  That is, ordinary consciousness believes that, “Only my life will burn, and my life is C or D.”  But the Revolutionist looks around after he’s thrown in all the C or D that’s available right now (and some of you have been through this, you just didn’t know what I did to you then or what was happening) — he’ll turn around and grab whatever is there and burn it.  Someone can be in his furnace before they know what happened.  But the point is you have to be able to do it to yourself.  You have to be able to do it to your life.  There is nothing that is irrelevant.  Everything will burn, and if you’re going to have new energy you have to burn more than you are burning now.  You have to burn the irrelevant; and one way to drag it in is to use the ultra-strange nexus created when you pull E into your designs and decision making:  in the method I mentioned of using an irrational contingency in your plans.

How about all the tales throughout history, of men doing miraculous deeds.  Could any of you see that this could be simply a reflection of someone who had this approach?  Someone used the irrelevant in his designs and it created a new solution to something.  And from many outside ordinary views, what that person did must have been a miracle.

Consider the times past when I have given you the task of getting more people involved with This in order for it to continue.  I have usually then pointed out or asked you the rhetorical question:  Can you see the difficulty in coming up with anything truly new?  If I’d said the job was to go out and make me personally famous as quickly as possible, it would have served the purpose of getting the word spread regarding This.  That would never happen, but if it did, consider how it would have narrowed your attention.  You wouldn’t need committees to decide how to present the material or what to try to explain — you could have gotten immediately into action.  You would have lots of new energy, it would be something you’ve never done before.  It would seem to you a very questionable thing to do, oblique, even off the path, but it would be efficient in that it would create the new energy necessary to accomplish it.  Whereas, if you just set out to do the same old thing to attract new people, you’d have already burned up the real energy of it by having used it over and over in the past.

When someone has the ability to use an impertinent possibility, they will often be described in history as a mystic.  Someone who seemed to have supernatural abilities for dealing with people; a person who could talk someone else into trying something totally unexpected, and have it work.  That person will seem, to the people around him, to have supernatural powers in the way they could deal with people.  What can and does pass for a miracle is someone doing the totally unexpected, or telling someone to do the unexpected — despite all criticism.  When it does work, the critics then say, “Hallelujah, praise the gods! What he did had nothing to do with the problem, but it worked!”  There is something very worthwhile that you can get from that.

After a sufficient time absorbing new data, and exploring the world in relation to the new data, a recruit must very quickly realize that neither force alone (that is action alone), or thinking of action alone is sufficient to crank up the Revolution.  Back in the city, all the otherwise attempted revolutions, under the guise of religions, mystical systems, philosophical approaches, etc., are based either on action or planning for action.  You cannot crank up the Revolution using only one of those.  However, the human organism is wired up to believe otherwise, and yet be open to discussion about it.  If someone has a very magnanimous, ordinary level of consciousness, they might say, “There are surely times when action is called for, and then other times when it is best to fall back on planning until the time and conditions are right.”  Now note that when I apparently have relayed to you some very new, fresh information, you want to write it down immediately, you want to be sure to remember it very clearly, and it seems that the words themselves seem to infuse you with new enthusiasm.  You think to yourself, “Ahh, oooh, I know that’s related to something that’s been happening to me.”  It seems that the information alone is enough to bring about a change.  Well I ask you:  does it?  If all you do is write it down, and blow me imaginary kisses about it, saying to yourself, “Oh, you just answered it, oh, that’s the very thing that’s been bugging me, and you answered it.”  In essence what you’re saying is that I solved your problem.  Have you really managed a change in yourself then?

At times I have given some of you either specific tasks or something specific to do in response to a problem you asked me about — for instance, a difficulty you had with somebody, or with some aspect of life.  I would say, go do so and so.  If you said you wanted it changed, or you just wanted to get a fresh view of it, I’d say, alright, do so and so.  And if those of you that I’ve done that to could recall, you would see that, to varying degrees, it was always irrational; it was always something unrelated to the problem. But then you did it in some cases and you felt as though, “That was so simple.  Surely, eventually, even I would have thought of it myself; but at any rate, I’m glad I asked you, because it works.  It changed the situation and now the situation is changed forever plus, I’ve learned something.”  If all you did was do the act because I told you to, then it did not change it forever; that was not the end of it.  Action alone is insufficient.  Thinking of action alone is insufficient.  I believe I can wrap this up in an agreeable manner by saying that you have got to have the correct combination.  What you need is a grand opening, going-out-of-business sale balance; that’s what you need.

Here is something else I want to note for you that is not unrelated.  Back in the city, among the population, it is ordinarily assumed and accepted that the thinkers, the philosophers, even the intellectual institutions of the people are charged with revealing new truths.  I ask you to consider this:  could it be that they are directed by the conspiracy, the secret authority of Life to, in fact, disguise new truths?  Think about it.  It’s not an attack.  I’m not making a statement yet…

By the way, (this is completely off the subject, but…) do you realize that from a Revolutionary viewpoint nothing that happens in Life is subject to attack?  It is impossible to correctly attack anything as long as you’re talking about it.  There is no such thing as a cogent verbal attack; nay, if you could see it, it is worse than that; it is more shameful.  It is funnier than the Marquis don Quixote, because our mis-errant knight, instead of just a broken stick for a lance, would more appropriately be running about criticizing Life with a noodle in his hand, a cooked one!

But back to where we were, about new truths.  It would seem (not looking for any sort of secret nooks and crannies to this yet), that philosophers, thinkers, the whole process of the civilizing evolution of Man’s intelligence, and insight, both internally and externally — and the people who seem to fit on the list of social observers, philosophers, the intellectual institutions of civilization of the city itself, are obviously charged with the ongoing process of revealing new truths.  But then I ask you:  could it be that they are actually being directed by Life to disguise evolving truths while still continually revealing new truths?  Could it be that what is actually going on (if you can conceive of this possibility beyond the third dimension) is that the very agents for figuring things out could be charged with disguising truth, and that what appears to be a continual unfolding could be something else?  Now don’t mistake what I’m hinting at and believe that the C Force of discovery might be a D Force of resistance to new perception — it’s not that.  But notice I keep saying disguise.  I’m not saying hide it; I’m not suggesting it is the opposite of revealing it.  I said could you consider the possibility that they’re being directed, without knowing it, to disguise it.

If there were any validity to the idea of a disguise going on, could you perceive, could you smell, how Life might be using such sleight of sight to keep its own mortal internal parts off balance, always moving, and therefore, growing?  Am I trying to hint that what seems to be, at the ordinary level, the continuing intellectual growth, the expansion of consciousness, and the awareness of Man in general, may not be exactly what it appears?  Now I am not suggesting it is the opposite, I’m not suggesting that it’s a state of growing befuddlement, or an increasing condition of being deluded.  I’m suggesting that what appears to be a continuing process of revealing new truth is actually a process of disguising it; making it available, but not in a form that is decipherable to ordinary 3-D consciousness.

Let me comment here that real, fresh data is not forthcoming from the city.  I’ll go ahead and tell you that much.  And whether you see fit to apply that to our question at hand about disguising information is up to you.  But since I’ve said it, you might consider where new data might come from, and where it appears to come from normally, both in light of my inquiry, and remembering that there is an absolute lack of fresh data coming from the city.

If there were actually fresh data, real, useful info, Revolutionary info, available in the city, we wouldn’t have to put ourselves through all of This, This Thing; we would all still be religious; we’d still be living at home with our mother, or your family would be living with you.  You’d be lying on the couch, burping, and making other rude noises, and all of your hair would be out.  The hairs that no longer grow on your head would be growing out of your nose and ears, and your joints would be creaking, especially the ones up in your head.  There would be no question about lack of energy; there would only be the matter of, “Whew! Once I got over the initial shock, boy, I sure am glad now that I’m pushing fifty, because I don’t give a damn for nothing and I wouldn’t get up and move over if the president walked in the door.  I wouldn’t roll over in bed if Sophia Loren were thirty years younger and jumped in my bed nude.”  Just think of it.  We’d all be in the city; we’d all be home right now; and instead of watching me, you’d be watching the Cosby Show, Miami Vice, the National Geographic Plumber…

Back in the city, the military have a trick, a known method to use on prisoners, which I might point out that ultimately, “prisoners” is everybody — in case you need any more encouragement to stay out of the city.  But the military has this method that approaches supremo.  The method is to use all kinds of quite ordinary known means of making the prisoners feel worthless:  stripping them naked, not giving them any privacy, tearing down their self image, their feeling of individual worth as a human being, calling them by number, talking to them in the third person, making them stand out in front of large groups of random people naked, and making them feel so worthless that they begin to doubt their very own existence.

This is the fastest, most efficient way, and is the closest that you can get in the 3-D world to that area dreaded and feared as total brainwashing.  It’s not just to make someone who was previously anti-communist, speaking politically, believe that they’re now a fervent communist.  Real brainwashing is to make one begin to doubt one’s very own existence; that’s real brainwashing.  If you can do that, then you can tell someone not merely, “Well, now you are a communist,” you can tell ’em, “Heck, now you’re a flagpole.  Now you are a bad odor.”

Now if we were actually talking about the internal state of Fred or Mary rather than some gestapo torturing poor civilians, we could say there is a parallel method that one might use in the apparent struggle with oneself.  You could seriously encumber a potential foe, an unprofitable internal voice in you, if you begin to say every time when you saw him, “Aren’t you losing a lot of weight?  Are you wearing purple eye makeup?  Oh, I’m sorry, did I see you over at the hospital?”  You make the potential foe, the governmental adversary, begin to seriously question their health, and if you can really do it well, you even get them to believe that they are terminally ill, and aim to have them lose their power and doubt their existence.  You could start to treat them, if you knew how — your apparent adversaries in you, in your state — as the military might treat their prisoners.

In the binary world, it seems that if you are going to improve yourself, overcome shortfalls, personality flaws, etc., you have to make a direct confrontation and attack.  You know how hard it is to change.  At first glance it seems simple:  “Oh, I’m overweight.  As far as I know, I put on weight for one reason:  I’ve been eating more this year than I did last year.  So if that be true, there seems to be an obvious solution to this. This year I will eat LESS.  That’s exactly it, I’ll eat less, and if eating more made me put on weight, I’ll eat less and I’ll lose weight.  What could be simpler?”  But many of you would also admit that sending a man to the moon might be simpler than you eating less.  And yet, by all appearances, it seems to be simplicity itself.  “I think I would like to stop smoking.  Well, let’s see, how would I go about it?  I know.  I won’t smoke anymore.”  Not a chance.  Let’s be realistic.  That’s not the way things apparently get done out there. What if, instead of directly confronting the problem, you could learn how to in some way take action, and/or plan to take action, in ways that seem to be absolutely unrelated to the object rather than trying to directly attack it.  What if in attempting to send a man to the moon you started by putting the would-be astronauts into a rocket, turned it upside-down and drove it into the ground.  If that’s too antipodal, how about in trying to send a man to the moon, you start by making sure all the systems are aimed at Jupiter?

What if in dealing with your apparent foe, your habits, something you want to change, instead of trying to wrestle it, instead of trying to overcome it in hand-to-hand combat, even mental hand-to-hand combat, you could instead take this apparent foe, this flaw, this internal adversary, bad habit, weakness, and you could just strip it, and in nonverbal ways make it stand up there nude in front of all the people, and some kind of even non-verbal sign with arrows and smiling faces, maybe pointing at its little private parts, pointing at its little brain parts.  What if you could make it feel so unworthy…  Nah, that might be going just a little too far, huh?

If you can observe anything in Life that has a particular effect that works and it is not debatable, that same thing can be used inside you.  It will seem to be absolutely unrelated most of the time, and even if you could convince somebody that it has a theoretical connection, they would see it as being out of sync time-wise because the immediate C and D conflict is such a pressing matter.  They’d complain, “Are you trying to tell me that just because one group of people treats another group in a certain manner that seems to have a certain strange effect, that if I tried to treat my own self as though I were one group treating another group a certain way, it would have a real effect?  I don’t have time for this.  I’m coming apart in here, and you’re trying to tell me to look at the way the military treats prisoners.  And I know you’re trying to speak in some kind of down-home parallel or parables.  You’re trying to tell me that there’s some way I could use this in my own mind.  Give me a break!  I need help now and you’re telling me about something to go think about; some kind of fairy tale theory.”

Again, it’s the wonderful 3-D logic that I love, that Life has imposed upon those who would live confidently in the city.  It is believing that the straightforward approach is not only the best approach, it’s the only approach.  Well it’s the only reasonable approach right?  “I want to change something:  I want to lose weight.  We’re talking now about a serious problem.  I’ll need books, I’ll get to a doctor, have checkups, I’ll need to have a couple of video tapes about losing weight.  First, I’ve got to buy a video machine so I can play the tapes.  And of course, I’ve got to have the right wardrobe.  And let’s see…  Now I’ve got to rearrange my schedule, plus (always “plus”), I really need to mull this over a bit.  Let’s see, what year is this?  Should I start this week or the week after?”

There is (using 3-D words, which accomplish merely an imperfect reflection of something else) an oblique approach at a right angle, dragging in the irrelevant, burning resources that apparently have no connection to what’s going on.  Instead of directly attacking the problem, instead of you being a continuing participant in the struggle, the shoving match, the wrestling and hand-to-hand combat, or at least, the confrontation of nose to nose, between C and D in you, what if you could take what apparently is the opposition, and make them feel so worthless that they doubt their very own existence?  Yes, you can do that to yourself.

Allowing, of course, for Life’s own natural little faux pas and false starts, the Real Revolutionist knows that all change is good.  And this is in spite of the fact that undeniably, undoubtedly, unquestionably, mortal eyes look upon Life and see human activity that is surely morbific, disgusting, and regressive. Without any doubt, history is replete with it.  In this morning’s newspaper, 3-D sight sees an old order dying, and it’s dying to give way to the new.  But to have a distinct personal awareness of this would require at least what I have been describing to you as 3-D time consciousness, which encompasses C, D, and E events simultaneously.  Ordinary consciousness says that in many ways Life, Man, history, human existence, is inhumane, and despicable.  “It’s unbelievable the terror that flows through human activity, that springs from a human tongue, and seems to be at the root of human planning and motivation.”  That is not in doubt, at the 3-D level.  But if you had at least 3-D time consciousness you would see that it’s almost as though a whole other universe continues to flow through this one, and that you ordinarily see, at the very most, only two-thirds of it; that what appears to be despicable, inhumane, terrifying, is normal death and decay which is always giving rise to, always fertilizing, a brand new birth of some kind.  The death of your mother, your father, your dog, large groups of people, catastrophes, wars, assuming that you are just ordinarily humane in the city sense of the word, all of that is fearful; all of that appears to be unjust.  “How can a man or a woman be so good, and on the verge of doing great things, and be struck down?  How can a child, just on the verge of doing great things, be struck down?  How can this be?”  All we can say in the Bush is that the Revolutionist sees all change as good.  It cannot be debated, it can’t be described; and he certainly does not try to tell the public that an air disaster that killed 43 people in Burma yesterday was good, because the public can only see from the 3-D level.  It is not to say, 3-D wise, “Oh, I am delighted.  I was afraid that we would not have an air disaster this week!”

Considering and allowing for Life’s own natural missteps and false starts here and there, all change is good, or it would not have happened.  Your only other possibility is that Life is involuting and that all the people in the internal and external city are correct, and I’m wrong; and everything is going to heck.  Of course, if that’s true, then it’s not just that that explains a lot, that explains everything.  So you have always got that possibility to fall back on if you indeed want to revert to being ordinary:  “The bad guys have won; this whole thing was wound up at one time, and now it’s running down faster and faster; and everything that happens is further proof that it’s falling apart; and everything that happens is helping to tear it all down.”

Now if that’s true, then it is a load off of everybody’s mind, because there is nothing to figure out; there is no doubt, no questions, and you cannot only close down the seminaries, you can close down the bars. It all makes SENSE now.  That’s it.  But between here and there, it is only the Revolutionist that can see that all change is good, all change is creative.  And lest I leave this paragraph with you believing that I was only making historical, external references, let me ask:  “How about all change in your state, in your world, in your universe?  Is that getting too hard?”  Almost anyone can see that great wars can almost have some kind of cleansing, renewing effect on some people or some part of the planet, and it seems that the people spring back even better and healthier than ever.  But I mean the catastrophes in you; the terrible, terrible things that have happened, the number of air disasters, the number of near misses, that happen every day.  Now those are not theoretically “good” things, but good is just a darn word, and a pretty poor one at that.  You think, “Anything that changes is all good?  You mean the stuff that has happened to me that I didn’t even want?  Now wait a minute, you must not know all the stuff that’s happened to me.”  Changes! All change is good from a Revolutionary view.

Remember that I put names on the three forces, C, D, And E, and pointed out to you that the very foundations of everything here, of me standing here and talking, of you hearing, of there being apparent human development, human evolution, de-evolution, regression, inhumane activities, all of that can always be best clinically, verbally described, as having at the very least, this unseen triaxial base.  Ordinary consciousness, 3-D consciousness cannot see that base.  Consciousness absolutely must be one degree or one dimension more complex than something in order to really see it.  I do want to point out that some of you might find this of some help, although one of the kickers here is that there is no such thing as C or D, and it’s all ad hoc.  Everything is ad hoc and it’s not a verbal cop out to cover up something that’s verbally too self contradictory and illogical to understand.

There is another parallel, another way that you could look at trying to put the concept of the three forces to use:  there seem to be updates and directional names given to what we will term tonight, the “winds of importance,” such as Northwestern, Eastern.  “Which way is the hurricane headed right now; which way is the wind blowing?”  If you’re out sailing a boat, flying a kite, flying yourself, it could be of death-defying importance whether you’re going to be dealing with the East or West wind.  But there is only one wind blowing and sometimes it is from the east, sometimes the west.  There is no such thing as a Northwesterly wind.  There is the wind, and it could be coming at you from the northwest quadrant, as we have made it up and called it, but the wind is simply the wind.  You cannot grab a bottle, run out, get some wind in it and say, “This is an East wind.”  What was blowing from the east five minutes ago, and is now blowing from the west, is the same wind.  The direction changed.  There is no such thing as C Force, D Force, E Force there is force.  There is no C, D, or E energy.  There is energy, and it comes from different directions, serving at any particular time, apparently different purposes, from your apparent view.  When you change your position around the orb of your self, your world, the apparent direction of C, D, and E changes in kind and your wind sock of consciousness immediately registers the force, the energy, as having changed directions.

Compared to the stable, dependable, describable, factual information found in the city, the kind of information you get here, the fresh stuff from out in the Bushes is really kind of wistful, don’t you think so?

After all the time each of you has spent here listening to me describe all kinds of maps, models, examples, directions to turn in; for those who have been here long enough, in essence or in reality, for the dance posture of your own DNA to have been significantly altered by This, I would like to propose a possibility.  It is not one that could be true for an unsuspecting public, or someone very new to This.  But could you hear me say that, from one view, I could present and state that the ultimate approach, the answer to it all, is the “Look Method.”  That’s it.  Just Look.  And all of the mystical questions, heck, all of the everyday questions that no one can seem to understand physiologically, “Why do people act like this, why do I keep doing that, or why is it that I went into that situation.  I thought so and so was happening, and five minutes later I feel like somebody has greased me up, and thrown me into a revolving door? Wow, it’s going to take me perhaps the rest of my life trying to analyze what happened.”  Those of you who now understand enough, know that in the city nobody Looks.  All you have to do is go back to the city and watch.  At the ordinary hard-wired level of human consciousness, people do not Look.  They don’t.  I could redescribe all of humanity’s historical mystical states as being moments where a person Looked, and it would be a fair description.  They didn’t know it, but they were suddenly a participant in my Look Method. And in the areas that may seem to be, historically speaking, a little less transcendental or metaphysical: how about the moments when regular thinkers, philosophers, scientists, social observers, you, your uncle, your second cousin, seemed once in their life to have had a great flash of real in-depth heavy duty insight. They might have written a book on that one insight.  It might be now the epitaph on their grave stone.  It may have carried them through life; they may have made a living by that one insight, that, “…we’re all on the spaceship Earth.  Know thyself.  God is love.  A penny saved…”  The Look Method is it.

All of This could be described, at least up until this point, if I wanted to, as simply the Look Method.  You want mystical experiences, you want to expand your consciousness, you want to understand that which no one else understands, then what you should do is pursue the Look Method.  Wherever you are, what’s going on, no matter what it is, no matter how you feel, no matter what’s being said, no matter what you believe is being done to you, just Look.  That is the secret method.  Of course, any of you that hear this, it took all the background that you and I could muster up until this point for you to really hear and use any of this about the Look Method.  Forget about expanded states of consciousness, forget about having to work yourself up into great moments of internal spiritual fury, of torturing yourself into the point that you’re an open vessel for the cosmic forces to flow through.  All you do is use the Look Method.  Don’t ask me anything else, don’t say, “What should I do if such and such occurs again; the next time I’m around these particular people and they do so and so and I go into a fit?”  I’m telling you now, use the Look Method.

All you have to do is just Look.  Of course, you have to first understand and admit that you don’t ordinarily Look.  It’s not a matter of theoretical speculation about people being in a low level of consciousness, and through some extreme metaphysical methods, they can make themselves more acute, and can Kung Fu their consciousness up to an extreme anticipatory state.  You can call it all that, and I’m not laughing at that.  But that’s like planning and paying for an expensive airline trip, and worrying about being stranded in the airport when your flight gets stacked up on the runway.  All you need is a brown bag, and go to the Trailways station.  It’s the direct, simple method.  No waiting.  You’re in touch with the environment.  You don’t have to call about schedules, or they don’t keep any, it doesn’t matter.  They’re not going to stack you up over Cleveland, they’re not going to have to shuffle you and tell you, “No, the bus can’t land in Dulles Airport, we’re going to have to take you on to New York.”  It’s the direct method.  It’s like the Trailways mystical method.  It’s the Look Method.

Whatever it is that you want to know about, no matter how metaphysical the subject, or on the other hand, how crude and every day it seems.  We can talk forever.  I can keep giving you new tricks for who knows how long, but the Look Method is it.  You don’t stare, you don’t do like everybody else in the city. Try and see that you don’t normally look because you’re walking around face to face, not just with other people, but with yourself.  Anything you don’t understand, just Look.  Those of you that know how to Look and you do Look, you’ll understand it.  The built-in justice, as always, is that very few people can do this, and so it’s not that every Tom, Dick, and Hubert out on the street back in the city could hear this and say, “I’ll start Looking,” and then actually Look, and in fact begin to understand what’s going on.  You know by now that’s not the way it works.  The Look Method requires a person with sufficient background who actually knows about it, a person who can do it, and does it.