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The Newly True


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#282 ** Oct 1, 1987 ** – 1:57
Notes by TK

Kyroot reading to :10.

The Newly True is a form of the Correct; that which is temporarily usefully-true; it is the ultimate in Operational Directives; a corrected view of time itself–a sense of depth/context comes into play, revealing new connections. The question of would it be better or worse to be what you pretend or are (assuming the reality all humanity believes–that there is a difference) could be regarded as a splendid hint of the possible purpose of humanity: to develop a pretend self. This is the growth above the Red Circuit and Blue Circuit–the chemical level–into the electrical–Yellow Circuit–level.

The Few in their quest of radical growth in the electrical must take on a constant fuel of E to create the Newly True, to escape the confines of the Binary Compass directions of C and D. The Few must willfully consume E to fuel a lateral expansion; must not stare, for instance; constantly ‘case the joint’. This facilitates the background of time to reveal itself. The Few need a continual inflow of the Newly True data along with their attempts to consume E. Consider the difference between useful info and interesting info.

But what is interesting is useful. J.’s info is always useful, not merely interesting. Example of the 5 sec. time span for activation/response chemical to electrical: this struck everyone as interesting–but it’s useful; it must be used by The Few. Thus the further noting that the Real Revolutionist has only 1 sec to effect interruption of flow.

In the State of Fred/Mary: the People in the Cities like to feel the comfort of permanent buildings, ponderous, institutional edifices. The Real Revolutionist in the bushes is most comfortable however, in a temporary structure; there can be no fears associated with temporary structures–no loss if vandalized or destroyed for instance. Realize that the Newly True is a temporary structure; unstable yet useful, beautiful, free.

All newly seized power is a temporary structure as well–or it is not useful power. Consider: should the Real Revolutionist look at the internal struggle as being an offensive (aggressive) one or defensive (a liberation of enslaved cities)? Should his cause be an invasion and overwhelming domination or a crusade to help the people throw off tyranny?

There is a kind of fog that surrounds new recruits to the Revolution–a worrying over whether the time is ripe for action or not. The 3-D response is always: wait and see. There are two 4-D responses: you wait and see–this is not cynicism–(cynicism is merely the lack of perfect data); second response is: wait and see, where “waiting” = time.

In the forever internal struggle between two seeming aspects of you, the Real Revolutionist knows that revolutionary recruits do need a legitimate target for their aggression/dissatisfaction, but should they be led to believe their struggle is against ‘themselves’ or against the Ruling Powers out in the world? (both answers are wrong!).

The would-be Real Revolutionist should be advised that he should attempt to make his governmental adversaries feel/believe they are terminally ill; make them feel like temporary structures, in a weakened and irrelevant position. He should use a show of mock concern toward the temporarily vanquished adversary to reinforce their submission (hey, you don’t look so good; have you been ill lately?). Only a fool would allow a return to dominance of a previously vanquished foe.

1:39 J.’s “Story” about a ‘guy’ who discovers anew and updates the ongoing fact that man is a living laboratory; that matter is evolving itself in a continuum of process that exists much like the Periodic Table of Elements where Hydrogen becomes Helium, becomes Lithium, becomes Beryllium. Man too so evolves, yet where He (helium) remembers its former H state, and Li remembers He, and Be remembers and automatically includes its former states into itself, man regards former states as primitive and superseded rather than coextensive, or he remembers them not at all, or makes grand myths out of them.

Man is like a computer, a thinking machine fueled by chemical fumes from his lower level laboratory chemical reactions; unpredictable chemical fumes activate the thinking machine every morning, where they then become electrical. Everyone takes the process to be the reverse; that the electrical thinking machine is responsible for and directs the lower chemical factory (or at least that it can and should).

And Kyroot Said…

From a strictly human view, to say that Man is a “Walking
Contradiction” is merely to note that Man still breathes.


Here might be two new, undiagnosed human “types”: Those who
talk least about things they think about, and those who “vice


The serious acceptance of specific means and distinctive
methods is but another area of hobbies Life provides for the
People, but the Real Revolutionist discovers that
out-in-the-fringes, ANYTHING WILL DO. Can you read me? Do you
hear me? Anything can be made to do. It is a childish, citified
assumption that “certain” methods, procedures or programs are
somehow important and indispensable in themselves.


Anything a Real Artist does is art, (allowing, naturally,
for the routine course of mechanical elimination).


Once heard an ole sorehead say that “If people would concern
themselves with the really important things in life there would
be no museums, theaters, or symphonies.” I sometimes wonder how
such people pleasurably rearrange their higher molecules…I
sometimes wonder if such people have higher molecules.


Rather than too hastily condemning everything in one
category, such as booze, perhaps different kinds of alcohol DO
exist, producing varying forms of behavior. For instance: Why
do you only see beer bottles by the side of the road, never empty
magnums of champagne?

There was once a respected King who continually did the
unexpected, and never even offered any explanations
after-the-fact. A neighboring Prince thought he could surely
learn something of value if he could ascertain the King’s inner
thoughts and motivations. So he sought out the monarch’s most
trusted Prime Minister, but when queried he replied, “HAH, he
NEVER tells me anything,” and all of the other little inner
ministers said, “Same here, us either.”


While everyone else remains engaged in a staged, mock
battle, only the Real Revolutionist takes the struggle seriously,
and thus treats it as nothing-in-particular.


I once happened to hear a well-reputed mortal philosopher
state that Man could “reason his way to peaceful existence
inasmuch as aggression is, in the first place, an invention of
the human mind.” l would not like to be locked-up in his head
over the weekend. A further example of how distorted things can
become in Man’s 3-D-reflective-world. Here you have one who
appears to be the paradigm of civility, but also one in whom the
lower, baser forces have apparently escaped and now exert some
control over higher circuitry. Would be frightening indeed, if
it were correct.


Truism Update Number Seventeen: Those who do not clean the
past are doomed to re-paint it. Those who do not unhem the past
are doomed to re-weave it. Those who do not unchart the past are
doomed to re-sail it. And finally: Those who do not are doomed.


Out in the populace, anyone who sincerely says, “Now I’m
beginning to catch on”, ain’t.


Perhaps not the world’s most pressing question, but still a
question is: Who is entitled to the security deposit when you
leave your old chemical neighborhood?


And-Yet-Another-Example-Of-3-D-Progress, (or something)?: A
palace guard announced that he “neither saw, nor experienced
anything” during his previous night’s eight hour shift, but that
he was able to accomplish the same this evening in only five

After two years of heated discussions and far-reaching
proposals, and after eighteen months of intense investigation by
three “blue ribbon committees”, The State’s Intellectuals have
firmly announced the specific and official location of dirt.


If special-perception was the spice of human consciousness
just think what bland dishes most brains would be.


In a certain small town, the local sage (or at least the
closest the poor folks could afford), believed himself to be
grossly unappreciated, and swore he would leave them forever if
they did not collect for him a thousand dollars within the week.
After seven days had passed he solemnly repeated his demand to
the mayor who said, “We’ve only be able to get a dollar
forty-nine.” And the sage said, “Close enough.”


The one thing an ordinary person cannot do is apparently
tell what they truly seem to be inside. (And of course, an
extraordinary person never tries.)


There was once a man who owned a service station. He had
been in the gas selling business since the early days of the
automobile, and in his fervor for success he always offered the
very latest in petroleum products. He was the first in his area
to have leaded gasoline; then later, the first to offer
un-leaded. But throughout the years he found that no matter how
quickly he moved with the introduction of new products his
advantage was always short lived inasmuch as his competitors
would soon be offering the same new products and services. One
night after a few beers, his brother-in-law noted that he seemed
locked into a continuing “binary stand-off” in that his
competitors all had the same two kinds of gas he offered. But,
if he could present a “third choice”, the uniqueness of his
position would assure his supremacy in the market place. He
quickly realized the powerful potential of this idea, but alas,
the refineries only produced the two kinds of gasoline. Ah, but
then he remembered the power of advertising and words, and simply
put up a large sign announcing his three types of gasoline:
“With Lead, Without Lead, and ‘With’ Again.”


From yet another of those thoroughly “peculiar” views,
consciousness can be seen as time made lineral.


Oh joy…the day has been determined wherein Men will
become what they say they are. The actual announcement of the
date will be preceded by a parade of dancing ducks, flying pigs,
followed by a contingency of priests with
nothing-up-their-sleeves and the same on-their-mind. Oh happy


If it is, as some have said: “Evil is as evil does”, then
further: “‘Is’ is not, and ‘never’ was.” OUT, damn noun; I knew
him well.

The Real Revolutionist might be he who secretly tries to
find himself in the dictionary while hoping to St. Quantum that
he will not.




Document: 282, October 1, 1987
Copyright (c) Jan M.Cox, 1987

 Diagram # 126 illustration

Diagram # 126 illustration

     I want to point out some more about what I have referred to as the Newly True.  The Newly True being a futuristic alteration of all concepts, including the past, and, in a sense, a form of the correct.  Not just a form of the truth as ordinary people call it, but that which you could look at, ad-hocly, as usefully true.  Do not worry about going around in circles because you never worried about it before.  The correct would be that which is usefully true until the next temporary update.  The Newly True would be a redefining at the time, suddenly, of what is apparently you and what has apparently happened to you in your 3-D life thus far.  The Newly True would be the ultimate in operational directives.  The Newly True would be exemplary, if this was possible, of real scientific theorems, except it would almost go linearly backwards.  That is, given truths would follow, and proceed, and fall in the middle of so-called theorems.  The Newly True would be a kind of correct view of time.

     If you attempt to write on white paper with a white pen I assume that you know that you can’t see it.  If we let this represent time, then that which would be invisible, inexplicable, irrelevant, extraneous, that which simply is not a part of ordinary consciousness, becomes visible.  This is one 2 dimensional made-up example of how you could look at the Newly True.  It would amount to being a corrected view, an understanding of time itself.

 Diagram # 127 illustration

Diagram # 127 illustration

     The Newly True simply being that which is correct; not as “true,” because if something is true then it can be untrue.  If something is correct, for the time being in the sense of it being useful, it is beyond being true or not true.  It is used.  It explains something.  It does not necessarily explain something you can relay to anyone else or answer what you had verbally formulated previously as being reasonable, important necessary questions.  It is a kind of background that jumps out in such a way that you can see with a new kind of depth.  You can begin to see things connected in ways you never saw before; apparently you have stepped back from living face to face with parts of Life and now there is a sense of depth.

     The Newly True is singular and does not travel well.  It does not have the longevity or the travel ability of 2,000 year old, buried Chinese eggs for instance.  It probably does not have the life expectancy or the travel ability of ordinary eggs that have been refrigerated down at your local convenience store.  The Newly True is yours.  Forget whether it’s true or even correct for anybody else; the Newly True is correct for you.

 Diagram # 128 illustration

Diagram # 128 illustration

     I have asked this question before:  would it be better or would it be worse if you were what you pretend to be or what you truly are, assuming that there is such a difference.  I will point out that Life makes everyone believe there is such a distinction.  What might be Life’s purpose in making everyone believe that there are two such aspects of every person?  Everybody is wired-up to have this, whatever it is, call it a belief, that there is a “pretend you” and there is a “real you.”  Even though people cannot seem to adequately distinguish between the two, or define them in a satisfactory manner, let’s go ahead and assume that everyone is correct.  Which I guess is a fairly safe assumption.  Another aspect of this is if any of you could see that the so-called “real you” people speak of could be seen as a function primarily of the Red and Blue Circuits, whereas the apparent “pretend you” could be seen as arising primarily from the Yellow Circuit.

     Now keeping these two aspects in mind, could you see the idea of one’s pretend self as being a kind of key phrase regarding the possible purpose of human life.  This pretend self could be verbally the most excellent hint regarding the possible purpose of human life.  In other words, the possibility of growing above the Red and Blue Circuits, to evolve above the chemical level.  This kind of growth I am suggesting might be hidden within the phrase “pretend self.”  It might be a verb behind the apparent noun of one’s “pretend self.”  This kind of process as opposed to a thing, this kind of verbal reality as opposed to a noun, would require two things.  It would require a continuing, willful consumption of E and it would certainly require a continuing inflow of newly true data.

     To facilitate the kind of growth that might be hiding behind the conception of one’s “pretend self” — to increase the willful consumption of E — you must personally strive for your own lateral expansion.  This is done by widening the net of your own perception in everyday affairs, everywhere.  This expansion can be done through such things as Not Staring and Continually Casing The Joint.  You will pull in more and more of what would seem to be the 3-D irrelevant and turn it into useful fuel.

     At the ordinary level you apparently only deal with C and D; living your life either in the world of action or the world of thinking of action; dealing with only two types of energy, two directions of the wind flow.  Everyone believes, “I know, more or less, where we are going,” and you do not, because the only course that the internal, wired-up compass runs is somewhere between C and D.  You can go nowhere else.

     As a real aside, to try and drag this down for a second to real everyday affairs, all of you are surely familiar with the stories about scientists who run across what seems to be a brick wall in their studies, their experiments.  They will go for weeks and months and then suddenly while they’re playing golf, or eating dinner and somebody says, “Would you pass me the egg knife,” and the scientist says, “I reached for the egg knife and suddenly it hit me.”  DNA would look like those kinds of stories.  Does anybody see any connection?

     This kind of natural, necessary, lateral expansion is the kind of thing to which you can apply yourself from moment to moment by not staring and by continually casing the joint.  These will clinically, as long a you can hold on to them, alter what seems to be your perception of the extremes of what is possible and not possible, what seems to be the outside boundaries of the true and false, of reality and imagination, of all the dichotomies you can think of.  When you begin to pull in the irrelevant it makes it easier for the background of time to show itself.

     Do not start off by attempting to rename the irrelevant.  Do not say, “Well, this probably does have some connection.  I can see now that I look at it in a peculiar way, how animal husbandry could be related to manned flight, because this one aspect, at least, of animal husbandry does have some connection.” Jeeze, you blew it.  Don’t rename it.  Don’t talk about it.  If you try and see, “Well, this is connected,” in the sense of talking about it, it is no longer E.  It is now relevant, it is now either C or D.

     Insofar as fueling the would-be Revolution in you, the irrelevant almost acts like oxygen, that is, the irrelevant facilitates a combustion.  It facilitates a firing that is not available under any other conditions. That is why no one can sit down and in some way think their way into some state of higher consciousness. Your nervous system itself is not in some way alone going to ignite itself.

     The second aspect that is necessary to sustain This Activity is the necessity of having a continuing flow of truly new data.  Within that area I want to mention that it may not be simply a matter of increasing your apparent need, your apparent desire for This Activity.  It is about time, I suggest, that you look at it another way.  It may be, rather than looking at it as the need to increase your desire, your need is to in some way facilitate better digestion of truly new data.

     Is there a difference between information that might be interesting and information that apparently is useful?  Now that could form a real triaxial field of inquiry.  Are there two kinds of information?  All of the info, the data that I attempt to convey to you is useful.  If at first blush to you the data simply appears to be interesting and has no practical value, you are wrong.  If it is interesting it is useful.

     What I’m going to talk about now is not simply interesting, it’s useful, and it’s beginning to turn, in a 3-D world, to a hall of mirrors.  There is an unknown, unrecognized, uninvestigated 3-D scientific fact having to do with a five second maximum time that an ordinary person has of energy coming in to reach the extremes of his or her system.  It takes a maximum of three seconds for it to become a continuing part of trace elements in a person’s memory, even if it does not reach all of the immediately accessible areas. You have a maximum of one second to stop anything that starts out being chemical from becoming electrical. For example, you glance down at a newspaper and begin to read “Four Children Burn…,” and you have less than one second to actually stop that info/energy from even reaching trace memory levels.  You have less than one second not to read it.  This is what I keep trying to describe as, in obviously imperfect terms, you do not think the thought.  It is almost as though you looked and saw the headlines, you looked and saw the event, and you can look away, whether you do it externally or internally.  You look away, and for all intents and purposes this is irrational, it’s not even true out in the real world.  It’s correct though, for the few people, and you have to find out how to use it or else you continue to take “you” as being this binary thing that sees things and reacts either positively or negatively.

     The idea, the correct idea that I am telling you, is that everything that is interesting in a Revolutionary sense is useful.  I know that many times this information can strike you, at first blush, as merely interesting and may be apparently seriously interesting, so novel that surely you ought to write it down and remember it because someday it might trigger something else.  It was useful or I would not have said it.

     A few other matters.  In my land of the states of Fred and Mary and Lower Slobovia when you get into the cities, The People rightfully feel most comfortable, most secure in very thick, stable and heavy buildings.  When you get out of the City and you are living in the Bushes, out even beyond the fringes, the Real Revolutionist finds that he lives the freest.  The freest from fear, from disquiet when he is living in a temporary structure.  For the hydrogens and heliums among us, if there was a difference between out there and in here, I would point out a temporary structure could be referring to the fact that if you were just living in a light weight, movable lean-to, you would not have room to collect stuff.  You would not have fear of fire, it would cost you what…one dollar and change?  You would not feel disquiet that somebody might break in and steal your possessions or that your taxes might go up, you don’t pay taxes.

     I might also point out that that which is Newly True is a temporary structure because it is correct, it is useful only until the next extraordinary update.  If you try to hold onto the Newly True…alright, I’ll tell you what you can do, you can choke that sucker until it simply becomes true.  Then of course it is dead and you can show it to somebody.  Then you can put it in a book.  You can at least then handle it, it becomes portable, it will then travel.  New information, that which is correct, is useful and is a temporary structure.  If that were not true by now we would have some kind of permanent structure to This.  I do not mean just an external structure, there would be some kind of apparently permanent teaching to all This.  At least I would stay with the same kind of terms and descriptions long enough that they would finally, finally sink in.

     The only useful place to find new data is in temporary structures.  If you go in the City and find the buildings that look substantial, big marble buildings with words in Latin on the outside and inside they seem to be peopled entirely by men and women with thick glasses and lots of pencils in their pockets, studiously reading, you should know by now there is no Revolutionary knowledge there.  Maybe you should go back to the church, to the temple at least there was some stability, at least they seem to know what they are doing from one day to the next.

     For those of you that really think you are sharp I can say living in stable structures is some kind of illusion anyway — even the marble Reichstag somebody burned down.  Who can invent a fail safe burglar system?  No matter how stable, no matter how apparently strong the building is, it can be burned down, it can be broken into.

     Another aspect of this.  All power newly seized is a temporary structure.  That’s why it is possible to seize new power.  If you have seized new power and in some way you cannot, through your own feeling, find it to be a temporary structure you have seized a noun.  If you indeed in some way believe, which would make it true, that you have absorbed at least one cosmic, irrefutable, irreversible, permanent, unchanged, omnipresent, omnipotent truth that you have hidden in your little bosom, you are a dead man.  There is no power to it.  It would not be useful unless it was temporary.  You are forgetting the ever popular GKM, you’ve “Got to Keep Moving.”  If you apparently in some way gained new power, new strength, new understanding and you do not attempt to keep yourself off balance, keep yourself continually moving and not take this new understanding as being anything other than a temporary structure, you’re going to be killed by it.  Put another way:  it is going to choke you because you now believe you have another piece of permanent truth in your arsenal; another straight arrow of undeniable truth in your little quiver.  Well, that little quiver on your back is going to turn into the size of Quasimodo and his family.  You will die from it as far as This is concerned.  You’ll step on the least bit of mushy ground and sink right in.

     Another little question out on the fringes, out in the Bushes.  Should the Recruits be led to look upon this apparent inner struggle, as it surely seems to be, as an invasion or an attempted liberation?  Should you look at this struggle between you and something else in you as being an invasion, that is an aggressive act?  Or should you look at it as being a liberation, that is a friendly act to help release one of these parties from some form of captivity?  Is that interesting?  Hell, no.  That is useful; if you merely find it interesting, you don’t really find it.  Don’t worry about whether this is absolutely a struggle or if it is just a poor binary reflection of what is really going on — it still appears to be a struggle.  The question is which way should one look at it?

     There is a certain kind of fog that surrounds all would-be Revolutionists, all Recruits.  They are driven always to do This, but then it almost goes on forever.  Recruits always worry and, of course, talk about, “Is this the right time to act or is the time not right to act?  Is this the proper season to go ahead and make a move, if not the Big Move at least any move?”  I’m going to answer this in the 3-D and the 4-D world.  The 3-D response first.  “Wait and see.”  The 4-D answer is, “YOU wait and see.”  In the 4-D world the answer is, “You wait and see,” but in the 4-D world time equals wait.  Wait equals time, and time does not wait.  “Is it the time to act?  Is it the time that I should be pursuing something within this triaxial dance of C, D, and whatever E is?”  Remember the continuing, nonstop, all encompassing backdrop behind the dance?  “You wait and see,” in the 4-D world would not be any form of cynicism or any form of “hold it.”  “You wait and see,” would be on the basis that wait actually means time.

     The apparent struggle going on within everyone or vice versa, the struggle between two aspects in you, the Real Revolutionist knows that the Recruits must feel as though there is an identifiable, proper target for their aggression.  Or, put another way, target for their dissatisfaction.  The question I’ll go ahead and present is:  should the Recruits be led to believe that the struggle is actually with themselves or is it with the ruling powers?

     If you heard anything right then note that you immediately had the assumption ring up that it was obviously one or the other.  Remember one thing:  when you have got your choice of two possibilities, whichever one is the immediate answer in you, it’s wrong.  It does not matter which one it is, it’s wrong.  Should the Recruits be led, even encouraged to believe the battle is somehow against themselves, or to believe it is actually against the ruling powers?  That’s not interesting, that’s useful, and the answer is not obvious.  I have pointed out to you that whatever answer you have is not right, but the questions remain, all such questions remain.  I remind you of that famous painting, the one showing the door of a men’s room and the police have their guns drawn and one of them is saying, “Okay Louie, we know you’re in there.”  I rest my case.  The question is wrong, the two possible answers are wrong, but the question remains.

     One further note in regard to what I have been mentioning.  There is a method for “propagandizing” against governmental adversaries that you can use whether you look at it as a struggle between you and something inside you or between you and the ruling powers.  There are always governmental adversaries.  The way to deal with them, in a way, is to try and make them believe they may be terminally ill.  It is surprising the shift that takes place in a would-be adversary, when he believes he may be dying.  How many people would you, just at the ordinary level, tend to forgive — no longer feel an adversarial relationship toward — if you were led to believe that you were dying?  Who’s got time for petty squabbles, imaginary slights and insults in the past?  You could make these governmental adversaries conceive of themselves as a kind of temporary structure.  In a subtle continuing manner you can convince them of their weakened or irrelevant position.

     Many of you have had the experience of apparently being on top of a situation, whether it appeared to be out there or in here, makes no difference.  There seemed to be a power available to the part of you that is pursuing This.  In a completely unexpected way you got through some expected turmoil.  You felt like you could almost turn the tables on your, heretofore, extremely powerful adversary.  It’s almost like, “I got the rascal down in the game of dominance and submission.  For the first time in this situation with this particular adversary I’ve got my foot on his throat.”  Once you’ve gotten the superior position on somebody, it’s like whipping a bully.  Fathers used to tell their sons, “That guy may be bigger than you and he’s been kicking you and everybody else around for two or three years; but let me tell you, stand up to him once, punch him in the nose one good time and a bully will run away and never bother you again.”  In the 3-D world when you apparently have subdued the governmental adversary once, even after you let him up, and you must do that — everybody gets up — then you start dealing with him on the basis of, “Well, you seem to have lost some of your power, what’s wrong?  You don’t look too good.”  You struggle not to fall back into the chemical position of the erstwhile relationship between you and this adversary.  You attempt to make the adversary begin to wonder, hopefully believe he or she may be terminally ill.  You can turn what seems to be a stable, governmental, official adversary into a sickly, hypochondria-inclined temporary structure.  Once you dance with the devil and find that you can lead, and the very next dance you start dancing backwards, don’t look at me, don’t go home to the mirror and say, “What am I doing with a dress on again?  I am being led around the dance floor again.”

     I am going to tell you a story.  I have not ever bothered to write it down in readable form, but I am not overly inclined to be melodramatic for the sake of being melodramatic.  I suggest to you that as far as this year is concerned, this story contains data that is as potentially explosive as any I have attempted to give out this year.  The story is about one particular guy, or woman, who is always discovering and remembering via this newly true situation a certain fact.  There is always a particular guy on this planet discovering and expanding a fact…a living fact.  That fact is Man himself, and everything else to varying degrees, is a living R & D laboratory, and a particular guy in every generation at any time on this planet is newly discovering this and updating it.  He newly discovers it and he also newly discovers it through his genetic memory.

     Scientists now assume, accept as scientific fact, that all matter evolves itself.  This story is not based upon the condition of the correctness of scientific fact, I simply point out to you that reality, as it is now assumed to be, fits into my story, fits into the information or else the information would not be useful.  Matter itself, including humans, evolves itself; your atoms, one by one, build themselves into more complex structures.  If you took the world of 3-D elements, going by atomic number, you could look at it as being a continuum of hydrogen, where under certain conditions, atoms of hydrogen could fuse in such a way as to produce helium and likewise with helium going into lithium and on through the periodic table.

     If you looked at the elements as being alive, they all still exist.  Just because hydrogen was able to combine with itself to produce a new, more complex element of helium, hydrogen did not cease to exist. And after helium complexed itself into becoming lithium that was not the end of helium, that was not the end of hydrogen.  If you were able to see this as an exemplary picturization of the evolution of all matter, including Man, there would surely be a kind of memory involved.  Beryllium would remember when it was simply a form of lithium and lithium would remember when it was a potential form to be derived from helium. As all matter has grown and atoms have built themselves up into more and more complex structures, so too has Man; but looking at Man as a kind of conscious combination of elements, as the stage progresses, he has either forgotten at each stage or else he redefines his memory of the prior conditions.  One way in which I can describe this is, if Man were now beryllium and he tried to look back, to remember going from the simplest element into the more complex, he would not remember the stages in any way in which they occurred.

     And this particular guy, who observes that, taking Man as beryllium, would look back upon the stage of lithium as being really just a part of himself.  That is the whole attitude of beryllium toward lithium, “It’s one of my components,” there is really nothing else to be said.  In this description beryllium would look back a little further upon helium and it’s attitude toward helium would be as though that stage almost did not exist. Helium would be almost like a blank space in history.  When you go back even further to the fourth stage, beryllium’s recollection of hydrogen would be such that it would create a whole mythological world for hydrogen.

     This one particular guy then discovers something further.  He discovers Man the laboratory now with a speaking and thinking machine, somewhat like a computer.  Everyone else seems either blatantly blind to this fact, or else everyone has known it and has forgotten it.  It fell within my little story of the elements. This one particular guy discovers something else that the thinking machine is actually fueled by chemical fumes.  There are fumes arising from a continual chemical reaction in the laboratory and these fumes fuel the thinking machine.

     Getting closer to the heart of the matter, this one guy discovers that the fumes arising from the chemical reactions in the laboratory crank up the thinking machine every morning; and he also discovers that he apparently has no control over the mixture of the chemicals from day to day.  This one particular guy discovers that under all known laboratory conditions the process of the chemical fumes running the thinking machine is a flow of energy that goes in one direction only.  Yet by now everybody else believes that the thinking machine either does, can, or should be directing the chemical reactions taking place in the laboratory.  Absolutely everybody believes it.

     This one particular guy discovers, sees it, discovers anew, and expands it every generation, that the process of the fumes cranking and then fueling the thinking machine cannot be reversed through any apparent means.

     All apparent anomalies in the thinking machine are studied by everyone else and then believed to be simply flaws in the wiring system of the electrical currents, and that any such anomalies are obviously in the thinking machine itself.  Everybody believes, individually and collectively, that any anomalies, any irrational acts, any apparent self-destructive thinking arises from the thinking machine itself…it’s just obvious to them.

     This one particular guy discovers that is not true.  This one particular guy, in a sense, is always amazed at his own atomic memory, and likewise amazed at the lack of it in everybody else.  An apparently uncontrollable, unpredictable chemical mix happens each and every day, and it is not the same every day, and the fumes run this thinking machine that grew out of the laboratory.  A thinking machine that by all accounts, by all that is known to everybody else, by all that is reasonable, all that is logical, is electrical.  It is what it is.  It is itself, it is responsible for itself.  This one particular guy sees that the thing is run by fumes arising from an unpredictable chemical mixture.

     I assure you that this lab situation is both expansive and explosive.