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If You Could Truly Learn from Your Mistakes, You Would Not have Made Them in the First Place


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Jan Cox Talk #281 * Sep 28, 1987 * – 1:56
Notes by TK

Kyroot reading to :08.

More on the “ultimate sophistry”: Post hoc ergo propter hoc. (after that, therefore because of that)–and learning before your mistake. Only impossible events in the 3-D world are 3-D-type events. The 3-D past can be changed in a certain way–especially with blood kin. Example of suffering guilt over a past wrongful deed which is utterly banished when it is newly discovered that your victim was perpetrating a wrongful deed on you at the time. This is a literal chemical alteration of the past: you are completely different chemically, thus the past has changed. The Real Revolutionist can make use of this fact.

Binary questions of fatalism vs. free will, when pondered by the ordinary nearly immobilizes them for a time. The Real Revolutionist abandons all such questions and ignores the inevitable. Only the ordinary cry and moan over the inevitable.

Consider: would it be better to be what you pretend to be or what you actually are? Are they even different–and if it were so, why would it be arranged by Life in this way? This apparent dichotomy has been debated since the earliest civilization. Pretend you = Yellow Circuit; the ‘real’ you = Red Circuit. Yet both are a molecular inheritance.

The ultimate seizure of power is the proper capture of the molecular feeling of oneself. ]
Real revolutionary growth cannot be fueled from just C- and D-forces. E must be burned as well. Pressured, crisis circumstances arise out of E. Power must be seized from E. Burning, consuming E resources sustains the necessary energy for real change. C and D energy-burn is too rapidly depleted. The Real Revolutionist must use everything in the bushes.

“Forgetting” is a willful, conscious revolutionary use (vs. mere mechanical ‘not-remembering’): A full 4-D dismantling of 3-D memory. In the bushes–if you lose something—forget it. If you lose an opportunity–forget it.

The Real Revolutionist knows that only the strong can keep a secret. So who can J. confide in; and who can you confide in internally?

There is about a 5 second time period required for the full electrifying of any incoming info; for there to be a response triggered throughout your whole body (Red Circuit). Within 3 seconds a chemical reaction/alteration occurs in the body. The Few have only a maximum of one second to interrupt this mechanical energy flow before it becomes a memory trace (3 sec) or a bodily reaction (5 sec). Once it becomes chemical it is forever yours–useless baggage.

1:39 UFN’s

1:44 Epilogue comments on doubling of group size: the clock is running. J. is in a sense misusing, cheapening this extraordinary knowledge by limiting it to just the Group. Everyone in the Group loses.

And Kyroot Said…

Any belief-system, political faction, religion, or
school-of-thought that now has ritual, special dress and social
trappings is impertinently impotent, and unworthy of notice by
the Real Revolutionist.


Some have said that a simple, direct statement is crude and
uninspiring, while others have claimed that the unadorned
declaration is the ultimate verbal art. The Real Revolutionist
perceives his populous-propaganda and general-level-data to be a
special jazz interpretation of all possible phonetic
combinations. I say, would you then recommend a genteel gem in a
more explosive setting, or do you think the occasion calls for a
simple mortar shell brooch.


The Real Revolutionist knows that purpose must dictate
posture, and aim control organization. Otherwise the recruits
will spend all of their time examining the separate parts of the
complete war machine, debating their individual place in the
rank-&-file, and discussing the alleged history of the Revolution
itself. Eyes, interests and energies must be kept on flight, not
on rocket parts and yesterday’s gossip.


Just as the People don’t actually want to be free, they also
do not want to exercise true individuality. What they desire is
a minimum of resistance and ridicule at them having to be what
they are.


The People learned nothing from Copernicus; they still seek
and believe in a stable center of everything. The Real
Revolutionist by-passes this and searches instead to establish
his own. The Many want the sun firmly located so that they may
bow and worship it. The Few want a perception that becomes the


Being as how some pleasure can be short-supplied out-in-the-
Bushes, the Real Revolutionist learns to build a liquor still in
the woody area just behind his own brain. (Aw-right, you — I
mean, me; you’re under arrest. Serving intoxicants to a Kidder.)


Only the seriously imperceptive scorn the judgements-of-
history. They are to be duly recognized and accepted. Have theynot been fully bought and paid for?


Whereas the Ruling Powers want things predictable and
totally orchestrated, the Real Revolutionist knows the value, and
often necessity, of improvisation. In the Cities, praises be to
immovable, marble palaces, while in the bushes it’s kudos to the
fleet-footed, inspired lean-to.


The Real Revolutionist says, “Wound me you may; subdue me
you won’t. You may crush my bones, but not my passion. It is
possible I may once scream, but whine — never.”


How many philosophers, theologians, and even scientists have
proclaimed that the seminal difference between Man and all the
other creatures is his “moral sense of conscience.” I’m here to
tell you that fear made ’em say that. (“Conscience” my other,
worldly ass.)


In the City, amongst the spiritual-types, reform, not
cocaine, is the drug of choice.


What is Life up to in causing Man to enact laws against his
own nature? The Few don’t need them, and the Many are wired to
resist them. (And from a ditch right near one of the “City
Limits” signs, a slurupy voice was heard to say, “The more
citified and civilized they get, the more I’m glad I discovered
the fringes.”)


Anyone who doubts the lustrous power Life has given to Man’s
Yellow Circuits is not properly advised of, and hence astounded
by, the invention of mathematics…one and one is two; one and
one is YOU.


All of the City’s great philosophers and cultural pundits,
regardless of age, class, or wealth, when in any intellectual
doubt, blame women. Come on gang, Let’s hear it now for these
pencil-prick cerebral pygmies. (God, I hope sarcasm is still
just a misdemeanor.)

I keep hearing Men speak of their species as the “rational
animal,” but I ask you, “as opposed to what?” If you will show,
and define for me, an “irrational animal,” l will find you a
sure-footed priest, AND a humble quarterback.


The real proof of a god’s omnipotent presence would be that
he was SO powerful he didn’t even have to exist.


The Real Revolutionist does not offer serious criticism of
the Ruling Power’s many institutions and operations, for such
judgements imply a belief that such things can be changed when he
knows they can’t. They can be blown up, if it comes to that, but
not reformed.


Another useful, revolutionary slogan: “Don’t be mad and
vocal at the same time.”


A couple of thousand years ago, I heard a human comment that
“a comprehended god is no longer a god.” Man certainly has come
a long way since then. Oh yeah, what was one of the other
definitions of “ironic”?


In the City, some of the People mouth the little truism that
says, “He is an excellent speaker who convinces himself.” It’s
this kind of thought itself that defines “truism”: Hell, that’s
the ONLY kind of speaker… what else is the point of an
ordinary man saying anything.


For those of you with limited time and a desire to peruse
biographies, let me give you all of the info necessary to skip
right over the early years of EVERYBODY, to wit: (just fill in
the appropriate name), “The combined, and single most important
factors, and persuasive events in so-and-so’s development was in
being born.”


At least on your birthday I guess it’s all right for you
to remember that if everybody could see it and do it, the Few
wouldn’t want to.




Document: 281, September 28, 1987
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1987

For an ordinary person to learn from his mistakes, he would need to have learned from the mistake before it was ever made.  In the 3-D world this can never be manifested, but if you take that piece of sophistry and push it into a 4-D realm, you would have a super logic.  You would have revolutionary data offering new definitions and it would be temporarily, ad hocly true.

“If one could learn from one’s mistakes one would never have made them in the first place.”  If you can push your awareness of that statement into a 4-D realm it would be suddenly true and “post hoc ergo propter hoc.”  (After this, therefore because of this) would not be an example of specious reasoning, it would suddenly be true.  “Because of this, therefore everything else before this.”  The newly true would redefine what has apparently happened.  It would be a re-proof of everything that was related, everything that was unrelated, everything that had gone before and everything that was to come afterwards.  It is a redefining and restructuring.

I have used the verbal map, “Forget the past.”  I have verbally stated the past is irrelevant and it cannot be changed.  It is impossible to change the past, but in the 3-D world only 3-D stuff is impossible.  Listen to this example pertaining to the 3-D past.  You went into business with a very close friend, and in this business relationship you began to steal from the business, from your partner.  He dies, never suspecting what was going on, and now from time to time you think of what you did and suffer over it.  He trusted you unconditionally, and you stole from him or her and they never knew it.  Now it is too late to do anything about it, so you suffer.  This suffering goes on for several years when you discover without any doubt, that your partner had been involved in an affair with your husband or wife.  You never had the least suspicion.  Any ordinary person in the main channel of Life, within the heart of the bell curve, as soon as he learns about the affair, the so-called guilt, the suffering he felt about stealing from his friend, is gone!  You have told yourself many, many times since his demise that you would give almost anything if you could go back and undo the past — and then one day, within a matter of ninety seconds, sound waves move from another person’s mouth to your ears and you become convinced that your partner, your best friend, cheated on you.  All that suffering, guilt and pain you felt in the past about cheating him or her, within ninety seconds is gone, never to return.  The past has been specifically altered.

All people have some of this so-called guilt about mistreating, cheating, lying to parents or friends. That is the baggage of an unalterable past.  Only in the 3-D world does this common stuff reside in a corner where it is untouchable, unreachable.  The 3-D world is lacking a dimension.  Time is the backdrop for everything.  When you can continually hold that, you can reach back into what seems to be the past, you can reach back and redefine, reexamine, re-see the past.  The past is not gone, because the past does not exist as it seems to when you are limited to 3-D consciousness.  The past was not dead and gone to my cheating business partner.  All it took was ninety seconds to undo that which had been done.  When this is pointed out to an ordinary person they say, “Yes, that’s kind of weird,” and that’s the end of it.  If it is “kind of weird” it can be used.  If it is “kind of weird,” that is the exact type of data a would-be revolutionist should be looking for.

There is no difference between people out in life and the internal populace in you.  It does not matter whether I am talking about the population of Lower Slobovia or about all of the many apparent opinions, feelings, noises, rumblings in you.  My examples and maps can be external and objective, or internal and subjective.  Both are valid from a certain viewpoint.

Many of you entertain questions along the lines, “Is there free will?  I seem to be such and such type of guy or gal, and no matter how I try to affect my behavior in relationship to This Thing, I am always drawn back, I can’t really change it.”  You weave out a scenario, “No matter how I try, it seems that the circumstances of merely being alive, of merely being me, paints me in a corner.  And even this new astounding information that I can remember and profit from doesn’t seem to give me a way out.” Remember the revolutionist slogan, “Well, fuck all that.”  The variation being, “To hell with the inevitable.” It is not just “Fuck all that,” be sure and put the “well” in front.  It is not a hostile curse at Life.  It’s not that things cannot be changed, so fuck it.  No, it is, “Well, fuck all that.”  If you find yourself saying, “I keep getting into these situations over and over, and even though I know what must be done, I cannot do it; there seems no way out,” remember, “To hell with the inevitable.”

Only the common people cry about what commonly happens.  Only the common people cry about that which seems to be inevitable.  There is no escape from the inevitable, but the Real Revolutionist operates on the basis of “To hell with the inevitable.”  What is not inevitable is how you handle the energy.  The common people inevitably react in the way that they inevitably do, to that which is inevitable to them personally.  If you are not a revolutionist, remember, you are part of the people, you are the common man, and as long as you remain common, all the common stuff is going to happen to you.  All of it.  Who else is it going to happen to?  When it rains, “Those folks what aren’t scotchguarded get wet.”

Would it be better or worse to be what you actually are, or what you apparently pretend to be?  Do two such possibilities actually exist?  Everyone believes they do.  All humanity accepts the fact that there are two possibilities; that is, you being what you pretend to be, or what you, “actually are.”  TWE (To What End)?  What might Life be up to in making man believe that there are two such areas, potentials, possibilities within him?  What is the operational purpose of this?  There is some purpose for humanity being made to believe this.  It’s not an accident, it’s Life at work in its own evolution.  It is a continuing part of humanity.  As long as humans have been writing, there has been the feeling that, “There is that which is me, and that which is not me,” or, “There is the pretend me and the real me.”  Is there a profitable possibility of seeing the area I am referring to as “the pretend you,” as arising primarily from the Yellow Circuit area?  And could you, in a 3-D fashion, then look upon the apparent “real you” as being primarily a function of the Red and Blue level?  All three of the circuit areas are still molecular inheritances.  Could it be that the ultimate seizure of power would be the proper capture of one’s chemical, molecular feeling of one’s self?

Real Revolutionary Growth, Real Change cannot be fueled simply from C and D forces; E needs to be burned.  In the 3-D world of apparent reform there is the swapping of one habit for another, swapping one opinion for another and nothing actually changes; people operating, being fueled by C and D only. Change, Real Change, can only occur, even at this level, this apparent level, if you are burning up E. Attempting to fuel only through C and D, (I like, I don’t like, I want to, I can’t), will not create or produce octane high enough to fuel Real Change.  The Real Revolutionist must feed on his or her own irrelevant. The desire to change and the feeling of resistance is quickly burnt up.  Sometimes it is burnt up almost as fast as you can think about it.  “I have been eating too much lately; I should cut down.  Hon, would you bring me some more of that pie?” “I’ve been eating too much,” and “more pie,” — to ordinary consciousness, those two things were all that was pertinent.  Anything beyond was irrelevant.  The desire to change and resistance were both burnt up and it’s over with, for the time being.  The nourishment is gone.  The desire to change, as one of the forces could be called, seems to be gone.  The opposition to this apparent desire to change right then is also gone.  It won:  “Bring me some more pie.”  The Real Revolutionist must willfully see, consciously take into consideration the consumption of another resource. He has to pay the fullest possible cost in interest, energy and intention.  The consuming of E in large quantities.  You must drag in the continuing background of the irrelevant, the immaterial, the unconnected and you must burn it.  At the ordinary level everyone perceives themselves to be subsisting solely on C and D.  People continually feel every situation, person, idea, and feeling as being almost instantly drained of all nourishment.  Hence the world wide popularity and power of that great god, ennui.  “I decide to do something, I mean it as seriously as I can, and five minutes later a situation arises and I cannot do it.”  Any desire to change meets resistance.  That’s C and D.  There is a situation, a desire for change; you address the problem, try your ordinary best, but you fall back into habit.  “I thought about it, I even spoke it.”  It is as though that took care of it for the time being.  Burning C and D is the fuel that keeps the binary engine running — a two piston engine going back and forth, back and forth.  There is another dimension that ordinary consciousness cannot see.  You must have three cylinders available at any given time.  You need to drag in and consume E.

A Real Revolutionist could find some unexpected use of forgetting.  I mean forgetting as opposed to something else.  Forgetting being a willful, revolutionary, specific act, as opposed to not remembering.  To willfully forget versus mechanical everyday not remembering.  A full 4-D failure of 3-D memory.  “If you lose it forget it.”  A revolutionist, out in the bushes, constantly on the move, if he loses something, he forgets it. If you apparently miss an opportunity in Life, forget it.  If you missed the opportunity it was not your opportunity.  You have to forget the unimportant and anything you missed was unimportant.  All 3-D stuff is unimportant.

Ordinarily it takes no more than five seconds for the human organism to be permeated at all extremes by information/energy, that is apparently your reaction to things that happen to you.  Picture you standing at a street corner.  A pickup truck drives by, and someone yells out at you, “Fuck you, fatso!”  An ordinary person has an ordinary reaction.  Within five seconds that energy that seems to be tied to that occurrence has spread out and will reach all the necessary areas of you, the human organism.  All necessary communication, all necessary transformation of energy is done.  The deed is a fait accompli.  Within three seconds the necessary impact for an immediate reaction is accomplished.  You have a maximum time of one second to stop the flow, to control it.  If you do not stop it, it will become a permanent trace element in your memory.  It is a reinforcing chemical piece of your nervous system.  It has the continual effect of keeping your blood chemistry just as it is.  You are attempting to stop the chemical, to stop the basic molecular chemical reaction.  Chemically you act as you should act.  There is always a chemical response to any given situation; that is what the Red and Blue Circuits are for.  But you can stop the chemical from becoming electrified, stopping it from getting to the farthest extreme of your Yellow Circuit.  Where that which you felt becomes that which you feel, and then that which you think.  The thought is you; the feeling is you; there is no longer any separation.  You have literally one second to stop this.  It does not have to be a drunk in a pickup truck cursing you; it could be reading a newspaper or having a conversation at work, it could be anything and everything.  You have one second to stop that which your system is wired up to do.