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Jan Cox Talk #280 *** Sep 24, 1987 *** – 1:51
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. ]
More on the Common Man. The Common Man is a physical plane of battle, a sports playing field, a river channel for the mixing of disparate, contending forces and thru which Life grows. The Thinking of Action (TOA) of the Common Man is always limited to the old or present concepts/precepts–no new data exists in the cities of the Common Man. The Common Man is the place for indiscriminate reflection of all 3 forces: this is the living celebration of commonness.

The Common Man can never comprehend his location and purpose in the scheme of things. The Few have an ability to know their location and then consciously align with one of the forces over the others. The Common Man believes he will be transformed, transmogrified, but this is mathematically, scientifically impossible in 3-D space. Such promise is always made and undelivered by all religions. Only The Few can really change, and that only minutely. It is a solitary change and cannot be proved/shown to anyone; it is a self-initiated mutation.

Everyone is born in a crowd–the People–from whence arises a ruling power known to them as “I”.

Sacrifice. The only correct sacrifice is that of your own commonness. To merely give up X is not enough; you must give up not-X as well –you must throttle both. Then not talk about it to anyone; only the Few of the Few can then not talk about it with themselves. To sacrifice your commonness is to be prepared to sacrifice everything reassuring, comfortable, boring, frightening; everything natural and inevitable to you, i.e., everything that has and is happening to you and your reaction to it. The ultimate stumbling block to the Real Revolutionist is to even momentarily allow mechanical pleasure or comfort to swamp the cause; to allow genetic commonness to prevail.

The Few must see this: Real Change is only possible thru upheaval, emotional times of trial. To become converted to any belief is to categorically preclude any change. The Real Revolutionist would shun every opportunity to take refuge, relief in anything. He knows there is no real escape from the inevitable events of everyday life; that Life gives out no rewards and punishments. The Few cannot take refuge even in This Thing. “Hard times jump-start hard people”. Common events happen only to the Common Man (who else can they happen to?).

The Common Man–the People–absolutely scientifically, mathematically –cannot learn from their acts (‘mistakes’). To be able to so learn would require a biochemical hardwiring that would preclude such a mistake in the first place. Thus mistakes are impossible and learning from same impossible except for the potentially mutant, those who can stretch beyond 3-D and can know a mistake before it occurs. E.g., of a sphere model with layers of time–ancient to modern–adjacent like multiple skin of an onion; the past/present co-existing. The Few must benefit from ‘a priori’ instruction–instruction before the fact–and this is what J. always attempts to provide. You cannot learn from anything after the fact; after the fact you are it.

More on seizing power. The Real Revolutionist must grasp power whenever possible or become the ‘grabee’. This grabbing must occur in the almost non-existent now. What has already happened cannot furnish power; nor can Thinking of Action (TOA), memory, imagination. Worse, these drain energy. The Real Revolutionist must operate from a place that doesn’t exist–strike from the bushes. You must invent your own leverage, space and time to strike.

1:46 Epilogue of UFN’s

And Kyroot Said…

What Life internalizes, Man manifests. Life makes Man act
out what it may only be considering. In a certain way, Man’s
actions are Life’s thinking-of-action.


An elderly man who still faithfully pursued a rigorous
exercise schedule was interviewed regarding his life and
philosophy, and he unexpectedly told the interviewer, “Hell,
those people who have been satisfied to live lives of wine,
women, gluttony and peaceful TV-watching have the right idea. I
was just always too chicken to do it myself.” Now that’s getting
closer to my kind of story… but they’re awfully hard to come


Why is it that only gods seem to have written books? Where
is satan’s agent anyway?


I have heard mortals mention that to “live a good life is an
art, not a science.” This is surely not to infer that living an
evil one would be a science… does it?


The Real Revolutionist sees the word “peace” as merely a
mousey synonym for “stagnation.” Why do you think that the
Ruling Powers so favor and encourage the People’s so-called


There was once a religious cult (or maybe it was a political
party, I forget which), whose beliefs no one could ascertain, but
whose followers were passionate, vocal and visible in a manner
most striking. It was said simply that their’s was a “great
belief,” but what else IS such a group?


The only info useful to the Real Revolutionist is
“privileged” information. All other data is just smoke and


What do you think Life may be up to again, in getting Man to
seriously “question” the human concept of “bigness”? Mortal
enterprises are driven to sloganeer, “Being biggest hasn’t made
us better; being better has made us biggest,” and other similar
comments which seem to turn a distrustful focus on the whole
picture of human engineered “bigness”? I ask you, “What might be
up?” on the basis that Life has specific, observable need and
appreciation for bigness, in that it translates most often into
— POWER, which is the creative energy for both Man and Life.


I could say to you, and for you, that Man’s 3-D-notions of
good-&-evil are like lesser reflections of an earlier 4-D


Do you find it interesting that within the areas of Man’s
“creative arts” that he apparently intends to use his negative
opinions as a kind of denial-of-existence. He will dogmatically
proclaim, “I do not like that painting,” and this is stated in
such a manner as to leave no doubt that the speaker is, in fact,
denying that the piece in question is even art at all. Now
THAT’S some strong opinion.


The Real Revolutionist does not see horizontal-wealth as a
“problem,” merely its most likely price.


One definition of the “seditious” and “obscene” is, “That
which once seen causes the observer to want more of the same.”
Now let me ask you, what kind of knowledge would it be that would
not cause you to want more? Certainly not our kind, the
seditious and obscene.


The Real Revolutionist sees all parties, organizations, and
institutions as crippled conspiracies; all visible authority
being but partial reflections of the Real Power.


Once you put anything into words, even support for the idea
of “free speech,” you make possible debate which paves the way
toward defeat of the notion. There is an unrecognized assault
tendency to 3-D discussion, hence, the supremely important should
never be said. There, I’ve said it, and I’m glad.


The Real Revolutionist knows that in the exercise of power,
“apparent” deception IS deception (and then some).

And-more-deception-still: Ancestral voices disguised as
genes… history disguised as mutant genes… those sneaky
little devils.


If he were to truly encourage originality in his students,
the teacher would tell the novice composer to “never do that
which a copyist can do,” and to the fledgling author, “Never say
that which a critic could say about you.”


The Boston Strangler had nothing on the grip words have on


How many “sins” can a man commit alone?… and how many
require assistance? And which might be considered “worse,” his
private ones or the collaborations?


An then there was the cute little scientist who had his
theory of the “survival of the neatest.”




Document: 280, September 24, 1987

I will start by reminding you that I am not here inveighing against the common man.  What I have to say is no attack upon the reality of man and his diverse purposes in life.  From a revolutionary view, the common man is not individually good, bad, or even necessarily irrelevant.  In a sense, to steal a religious idea and twist it out of shape, he is a physical plane of battle; a field of sport.  We are getting, of course, a little close to The Secret, but the common man is a kind of physical playing field in which the triaxial games and wars that are the growth of Life take place.

Within the city, where the common man lives, there is available no new data.  Never, ever.  In the city there is never new information.  In the city there is never any procedure for fresh behavior.  The actions, and the thoughts of action, of the common man are always based on, and limited to, old and present concepts.  (“Old” and “present” being the same thing.)  If it were otherwise, he would not be the common man.

This is not a flamboyant theory.  And I’m not speaking about people who are judged to be emotionally dangerous, nor of those locked up in prisons.  They are not part of the common man because they are not operating on the basis of old or current precepts.  Their behavior does not fit into the mold, and therefore; something is done about them.  There is this great mainstream — the common man dynamic — that must be maintained.  It is what supports the city.  It is what supports the apparent ruling powers, both internally and externally, in the individual and in humanity as a whole.  It is through this great central river that the main energies flow.  Not energy — energies.  All of them.  That is the common man, and that is what you cannot be.

Taking “the people” as a kind of battlefield, or playing field, or even as a river channel, part of their purpose is to sustain and indiscriminately reflect all Three Forces.  That is what makes the common man common.  That is what makes ordinary people ordinary.  That is what would make you, you — if that were your only choice.  For when you are indiscriminately reflecting the continual and necessary actions of all Three Forces, you are then part of the common man.  You are then the living celebration of the common man, and you are doing nothing unusual.  I don’t care if you ARE sitting here reading this, unusual as IT may be.

This condition results in the fact that the common man can never comprehend where he or she might be in the scheme of things.  They can never comprehend where they might be, and what the purpose might be.  To do so, you would have to be able (to continue this 3-D folly) to ascertain where you were, and then you would have to be able to align yourself, to claim, and to enforce allegiance to one of the forces.  And it would have to be in particular.  Without this ability to plot where you are, and to recognize that you have a purpose (we’re getting awfully close to The Secret), then you continually reflect an indiscriminate view of the Three Forces at work.

It is for that reason that everyone says, “Boy, am I a mess.”  It is for that reason that psychology can so easily come up with these ideas that man is indeed a living battlefield between profitable and self-destructive personalities.  That man, according to religion, is a multitude of little sins and inclinations. It is the source of the feeling of having been driven from a homeland where things were not so “shaky”. Those who believe they are attracted to or involved with a mystical activity or quest think that some sort of extraordinary awakening could create a diamond form a lump of coal through cosmic pressure.  But the idea that “me-in-all-of-my-subhuman-glory” is going to, in some way, be brought together to form a great new being, is mistaken.  It is not possible in the 3-D world.  It cannot be done.

What you are left with is that there is something else possible.  But you have got to get beyond the belief that you are tied to the past; that you can change the Fred or Mary you are.  That’s the only reason, for instance, that common people can continue to subscribe to a religious organization where the promise of delivery of services is all that’s necessary.  Actual delivery never happens.  “Join the church and you’ll feel better.”  Nobody does.  “Join the church and you’ll change.”  Nobody really does.  And of course, the ultimate non-delivery of service:  “Join the church and when you die, you don’t die.”  God bless them, so to speak, not one of the religions can even bring forth a person who can say, “I’m not a dead person although I play one on TV.”  (One of them I can think of, that starts with a “c”, said they could bring the founder out.  But you have to admit, it was the people who became the franchisees of that particular business who were the only ones who claimed to have seen the guy.)

But delivery of services is not the point.  It has never been the point for the common people.  The delivery of transformation of the human condition has never come forward.  What the would-be revolutionist must understand is that the other possibility is a real change which is, in a sense, irrelevant to what you seem to have been.  It is like an overdrive that has taken over.  It is not change based upon what you were.  It’s just a little old bitty change.  But once you can realize it, just the teeniest change is a lifetime of change.  You will realize the four-dimensional humor of all this:  even if you wanted to , you could not prove to someone that you had changed.  I mean at all.  There is nowhere to start.  It is not an alteration of your prior self.  In a sense, it is a real, apparently self-induced, genetic mutation.

Within the state that is you, you were born with what very soon came out to be the ruling powers.  That is, what Fred and Mary ordinarily call “I”.  You can’t always tell whether it’s the same king sitting on the throne every day.  There may be two or three different kings and they seem to play games.  (Maybe one of them was overthrown during puberty.)  You have a myriad of opinions, beliefs and feelings, ofttimes contradictory.  But what else is new with the People and the City?

As long as that is all you are, you can be likened to a battlefield, a playing field, or a great river channel.  An individual on that basis cannot in any way align himself with any particular force.  He cannot even identify where he is.  It’s just a matter of happenstance whether you were born with enough so called ego to believe that someone, somewhere pays any particular attention to the number on your back.  Many people can’t even figure out if they have a number.

I am not insinuating or trying to point toward an alignment with some great pseudo-mystical force.  It is just that you cannot find what to do in life.  You are caught in the middle of the battlefield in no man’s land. You are getting shot at from all three sides.  You are a bullet that is continually being fired from three guns at once.  Or you can look at it this way:  you were shot out of your mother’s womb, and you have been involved in an indiscriminate nonstop act of ricocheting ever since.  This condition is what necessitates the need for a revolution.

Another something.  For the would be recruit, there is the matter of sacrifice.  I have mentioned that something would be wrong with a Revolutionist who kept a possession once he realized it was not either attractive or useful.  All religions talk about sacrifice, and I’m sure you talked about sacrifice before you found me, but for the recruit, the correct concept of sacrifice has nothing to do with money, blood, or throwing virgins into pits.  The correct sacrifice would be to give up one’s commonness.

It would be to relinquish not only the comfortable and the desirable, but the irritating and repelling as well.  The ordinary believe that there are particular things to sacrifice.  But to sacrifice commonness you cannot move in just one direction.  If you sacrifice that which, “I like,” you would likewise have to simultaneously sacrifice that which, “I do not like”.  If you like having a couple of good belts every day after work, and you sacrifice that, you haven’t done anything.  You also have to sacrifice any resistance you have to doing it.  It has to become a non-event, or else you become — what?  A non-belter.  You may have given up drinking, but you will then take up talking about the apparent change.  “Yeah, I quit smoking and gained 275,000 pounds.  Plus, no one will speak to me anymore because I cannot stop talking about it.”

That is not a sacrifice.  What kind of sacrifice is it if you go and throw something you own into a fiery pit, there at the temple, and they give you a credit slip?  It is only a swap; it is one habit for another.  It is balancing one pattern of molecular behavior with another one.  Real sacrifice is to abandon both the change that wanted to happen, and the part that didn’t want to change.  You have to treat this apparent change as though you knocked on its door, and when the two sides of the change say, “Who’s there?”, you answer, “The Boston Strangler.  Let me in.”

The sacrifice of one’s commonness…how uncommon would it be to actually give up doing, thinking, or feeling something and never mention it?  To anybody.  For an ordinary person that is impossible.  They can’t do it.  They would explode.  They would go directly from here, at the speed of light, past “chill out” to “frozen molecules”.

All right, now take the impossible and cube it, and you’ve got someone who changed something in them and did not even tell themselves.  If there are any of you who believe there are a handful of people on the planet who can do that, then for you I want to point out that maybe I was exaggerating when I said that Santa Claus had been killed on the New Jersey Turnpike.  The only way you can really look at that possibility now, is to think that a change could happen and you could somehow refuse to be conscious of it.  That’s way off the mark, but it’s closer than you ever heard yourself say.

The sacrifice of one’s commonness is the sacrifice of everything in you and your life that is natural and inevitable.  The inevitable is what has always happened to you.  The inevitable is that which, if you do not use it, you will never change.  If you cannot sacrifice your automatic reactions to what happens, nothing else will happen.  Except you will, off and on, and by and large, be entertained by me as long as I keep this up.

There is another way I could phrase this.  You could say that the ultimate stumbling block to becoming a Real Revolutionist is in just momentarily letting mechanical pleasure swamp the cause.  There you are in the bushes, apparently committed to the revolution, and it’s raining.  And momentarily you curse the revolution.  Momentarily you step away from guard duty to get under a tree because it’s been raining on you for a week, a year, five years.  That is the biggest stumbling block.  For the common man there is an almost inevitable reality of the impossibility of any change.  The genes will out.  The molecules will tell; the common man does prevail.  And in the end, almost everybody on this planet, at all times, goes to their grave being a celebration of the common man.  Whether or not they wanted to, or said they wanted to, that is what they were.

Something else.  You should be able to strongly suspect that real, feelable change is only possible through the experience of emotional trial and pressure.  Undeniable change arises only from those junctures, and not form the pleasant interludes in one’s life.  It is not times of ordinary pleasure, when things run along in their rather middle of the road stupor, that make it possible for someone to do anything out of the ordinary.  If you could get outside the limits of 3-D vision, you would begin to realize, as some of you do, that it is always from those so called areas of bad times and trials that new understanding and real change comes.  Always, always, always.

Sufferings, trials, and tribulations are simply inevitable.  The would-be Revolutionist learns that it is happening to him constantly.  You have to give up the suffering.  The sacrifice is to give up the inevitable common man reaction to the inevitable.  It rains in everyone’s life.  Everyone’s mother dies.  Everyone gets a head cold.  Et cetera.  Also inevitable to the common man is that he sees all this as either being an unusable irritation of no consequence, or else sees each little irritation as being supremely irritable. Ordinary consciousness cannot sacrifice this reaction — it has nowhere to start.  It has no data that would even indicate that there is another position to which you might move and See this.

I am aware that all of the religions have their own versions of refuge.  It is one of the promises of services to be delivered that are never delivered.  People love to sing about it all over the world:  “We take refuge in you, you mighty fortress.”  But if such a thing were, in and of itself, three dimensionally valid and/or possible (which would be the same thing) it would literally cut off any possibility of change.  Even the new-age versions:  to be the followers of swami somebody or to take refuge in a belief — you then have stopped any possibility of change, if there ever was any.

The Real Revolutionist would have no taste for any ordinary idea of refuge or relief from the inevitability of life.  If I told you okay, when things get bad, just think about my smiling holy countenance, or that I am lurking somewhere in your spiritual — what do they call it?  Not aroma — aura.  If there were any validity to that and I told you to do it, I might as well have stabbed you.  A Real Revolutionist, if there was such relief available and he heard about it, would cross the street to cut down on even the possibility that he might at any time ever want to avail himself of it.

There is no way to properly escape from hard, unexpected occurrences.  I know that some of you feel as though the effect of everyday occurrences in your life now seems blunted, to an extent.  As compared to what you were before you started This, it seems as though there is now a kind of cushion.  I understand that and there is some reality to that.  But if you are actually ever going to try and ignite the Revolution in yourself, you cannot passively accept what may appear to be a pleasant relief of some kind stemming from This.  If you do, it’s a form of suicide.  I know to many of you it feels easier than a kind of effort you should be making.  And if that is all you need, as I have said, you are welcome to stay here.  You serve a purpose.  But the Real Revolutionist would abandon relief.  He would abandon refuge.  If there was such a thing.

Since I seem to find mottos behind every bush, now that I’ve started talking about the bushes, the would-be revolutionist could say that, “Hard times jump start hard people.”  And a corollary to that one is, “It’s the common stuff that happens to the common man.”  And if you want a corollary to the corollary, it’s, “Who else is common stuff going to happen to?”  If you’re a common man, common stuff’s going to happen.

I’ve saved the hardest part for last:  from a 4-D view, it is literally impossible for the common man to learn from his acts.  Or, as most people would say, “to learn from his mistakes”.  This is a mathematical reality which stretches 3-D consciousness, if you can get a glimpse of it.  It is impossible to learn from your “mistakes”, as they are called.  If you could, you would not have been wired up to do them to begin with.  It is a scientific impossibility for the common man to learn from anything he does, because everything he does, he was wired up to do.  It is not simply delusion or psychological blindness, it is impossible.

(As an aside, if you can hear this, I could say it is possible to learn one thing:  “Hey, I’m the sort to do just that kind of thing.”  But ordinary people don’t even learn that.  They’re not supposed to learn that.)

If you could actually learn from what was called a “mistake” you would have to go through and past what seems to be 3-D logic.  Past the flow of apparent time.  You would have to learn from the mistake before it occurred.  I’m not trying to draw you into some world of science fiction, but from a more complex view, times exist simultaneously.  The operations centered around the lower circuits, and those of the higher circuits, do not operate at the exclusion of one another, in you or in mankind.  Pick a year, pick an hour.  Any particular time could be likened to a layer of onion skin, and every other time is a layer also.  And they are all very close to touching each other.  They’re wrapped around in such a way that the so called 3-D year of 260 B.C. is over here somewhere, and if you could stick your finger through, it would also be 1987 A.D.  Every possibility in you is that close together, in the same way.

Now, ordinary people can say that the past has a real influence on us.  Talk’s cheap.  Only a few people understand that what happened 2000 years ago doesn’t have “a lot of influence on us psychologically or culturally”.  Nothing so complex — 2000 years ago is right behind the curtain.  Because 2000 years ago friends, Romans, and countrymen, is not simply lurking in an anthology of Greek philosophy, it is lurking in your genes.  If something specific happened on a certain day in history, the reverberations of which we still feel, you do not have to study history.  You can feel — not think about, not read about — the reverberations going on in you.  At a low level it’s in everybody.  That’s the only reason people remember things.

If not an event, an idea.  On such and such day Marcus Aurelius wrote a maxim.  And people keep remembering it, writing it down, and translating it.  That didn’t happen 2000 years ago.  That happened right now.  Marcus Aurelius is right around one of the spirals of your DNA.  There is a piece of everything in you that is of some use if humanity has remembered it.  There is a piece of everything in you that you remember.

You cannot learn from a mistake after you have done it.  If you have done it, it was you.  You would have to learn before the mistake happened.  You would then understand what Life has always meant when it makes people say, “Know yourself”.  That is the whole secret.  At the ordinary level it’s not true.  It’s taken short of where it can go.  If you can extend “know yourself” in a direction at right angles to everything you think would be correct about it, then you’ve got something.

(In a very strange way, these verbal ramblings are an attempt to give prior instruction.  It is an attempt to give you new information that most often, at least at first hearing, does not even make sense.  Or if it seems to make theoretical sense, it does not seem to be applicable to you.  It may seem either too late or too early, which is actually neither.  It is a kind of prior notice, but you can’t tell it that way.  You can’t say, “Here are warnings; rules to live by according to me and the gods.”  You can’t do that.)

Which brings me, thoroughly encouraged by my success thus far, to…(what if I call it the “easier conclusion” rather than saying the “even harder part”?  Does that make any difference?)…to the seizing of power I have mentioned before.  The Real Revolutionist has got to seize power any time he can, whatever the consequence or circumstance.  You’re either the grabber or the grabbee.  If you don’t say “Hello” first, you get it said to you second.  And when it is said to you second, you are normally grabbed by your privates, if not kicked there.  If you let the “Hello” come from somewhere else, it does not normally reach for your hand.

Seizing power is only possible in a time frame which is almost nonexistent.  (It comes the closest to being the nonexistent Now; what is ordinarily perceived as “now” is already the past by the time consciousness if aware of it.)  You cannot seize power from something if it is already in the past to you. Forget theoretical discussions of how time works.  If, to you, it’s already happened, you cannot seize power from it.  Nor can you seize power if it seems to be from the thinking of action, which is the future.  “Next time this happens, I won’t make the same mistake.”  Oh, yeah?

The good ones of you should be able to feel that there has never been a real chemical satisfaction of new strength derived from pondering the past or the future.  Never, never, never.  But it is so natural.  It is so natural to even make a mental note of something I said tonight and believe you are going to go away and “think about this”.  Or to engage in a form of wish/pretend, “Boy, what it will be like when I can actually do whatever it is he’s talking about”.  Only common children get even the sensation of any pleasure from that.

On the contrary, once you begin to feel it correctly, it is a debilitating habit.  Which, of course, flies in the face of all 3-D ideas of religion and change.  “You should think about it, read about it, and discuss it with your neighbors.”  It is worse than debilitating.  At the least, you should be able to feel that you have never, ever, ever in any way benefited from imagining how it would be to be different.  That leaves what?

It’s almost right now.  I say it’s almost right now that you have to seize new power.  You have just under five seconds before a chemical occurrence becomes electrified throughout your system.  By the time you are conscious that, “wait — something happened”, there went five seconds.  It’s over with, and you cannot seize the power.  Oh, you can let yourself talk about it.  The nervous system will make noises that you take as being a statement of what’s going on.  And, of course, once it’s past you can classify it as “a mistake”.

You’ve got to seize new power at a point that is your own creation of a nonexistent Now.  You’ve got to do it before your nervous system can think about it.  You’ve got to do it before the chemical reactions which you call “emotions” actually get into your memory, no matter how dastardly, defeating, negative or heart-rending the event seemed to be.  And I am telling you that process takes all of about five seconds. Before that happens, at a place that almost does not exist, you have to seize the power.  You’ve got to grab that son-of-a-bitch by the throat.  Then you know what being a Revolutionist is.  Then you know what being alone is.  Then you know what fun is.

It’s not even arranged for the common man to deal with this.  You have got to get to a place that actually doesn’t exist.  You have to stop the inevitable spreading of the chemicals into your consciousness. You’ve got to stop the predictable, everyday, mundane, routine kinds of so called bad luck, negative things that happen to you, and your reaction to it all.  And you stop it.  That is the seizing of power.  That is what facilitates This stuff.

You seize power at a place you have to invent.  It is not even natural; it is not normal.  And it is not necessary for the ordinary level of consciousness.  The proof is that you have never lived there.  Nobody has.  You have to force it.  Before right now, you have to seize the power of the situation.  And I’ll say it again:  you have at most 4.9 seconds before it’s too late.  Then, you have thought about it.  Of course, I’m saying “you” in a jocular fashion.

It is my general intention to soon tell you some things that will be potentially very upsetting to some of you.  So upsetting that some of you potentially, will not Hear it.  Some of you will believe you Hear some of it, and you’re not going to like it at all.  And of course, that is because it is getting closer and closer to something.

But until then, cheer up.  I know I will.