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Use It or Lose It


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Diagram # 124 illustration


#275 *** Aug 27, 1987 *** – 1:56
Notes by TK

The Ruling Powers in any state constantly murmur about reform but must always oppose change. The Real Revolutionist knows that the real passions of the people have no lasting loyalty except to themselves (thus, by/for Life). It is only the people that can be ‘slaves’–captive to the illusion of themselves. The Real Revolutionist knows that none can really be slaves. “Anybody can be attracted to anything”–loyalties must constantly change or Darwinian evolution would be a fact.

The Real Revolutionist believes in nothing; sees any belief as useless. He is never satisfied with anything yet is absolutely uncaring that things are as they are. The Real Revolutionist must not be enthralled with baggage–it is a chemical interference with transcendence. It is the ordinary perception of the people–thus true–though not correct–that the mundane, the negative always prevails, conquers decency in the end, and thus all their efforts are always for naught; in a single lifetime this is true.

The Real Revolution must have a secret, strangely knowledgeable leader and a band of ‘born-again conformists’. The motto of the Real Revolutionist about his gun, aim and ammo: “use it or lose it”. This motto is about: who he is, what he knows, and where he plans to go. The Real Revolutionist has no personal interest in the personal lives of others. He knows such an interest to be a severe waste of time at best, and mostly downright dangerous. any waste of time is dangerous to the Real Revolutionist. Another slogan of the Real Revolutionist: “If you hang around dumb people, you get dumb.”

0:50 – End of public tape. Epilogue comments re: J’s months-long “survey” of the Group. If it were considered a test, fewer than 10 would have passed. Those of the Group must become vital, trustworthy, dependable. They must actively acknowledge an absolute indebtedness to J. and This Thing. A revolution can focus on either of two emphases: means (effort) is all, not ends (results) and vice versa, but neither is correct because neither takes into account a 4-D reality.

Every group is a ‘pack of animals’–has a Red Circuit-level bond and is composed of categories of types according to behavior. There are seven categories in the Group of This Thing around J. with varying levels of trustworthiness:
1. Normal, reasonably healthy creatures with an inherent need for leadership; they are ordinarily, marginally dependable.
2. “Hangers-on”: those only accidentally, tangentially attracted who have no allegiance to any group, or are between groups. They like ‘how-to’ tricks and maps, and are only dependable when pushed.
3. “Note-takers”: historians, anthropologists, mappers–not doers. They are dependable on paper only. Also like maps and tricks.
4. Potential Lieutenants: those with some molecular potential. They are somewhat dependable, also like tricks. Tend to abuse familiarity even to the point of sarcasm and impudence.
5. Those in need of ‘protection’: the old, infirm, very young, confused. They tend to move in the Blue Circuit and Yellow Circuit spectrum. Very undependable.
6. Those in need of disapproval and discipline confirming their faults. They are talentless, even to protect the pack. Not dependable or vital.
7. The molecularly mobile: they have the potential to lead and to be a real revolutionary recruit. They are vulnerable to “lieutenant burnout” at realization of enormity of effort required and lack of adequate progress.

These are the only properly dependable types. J. accepts all positions/categories in the Group but will henceforth only dispense ‘how-to’ info. (vs. ‘why’ info.)—the secrets of really getting started—to this seventh category. Those in the Group must advise in writing when they are prepared to change their category/position–but better be ready to produce, not merely attempt, or they’re history. No activity of This Thing is to now be without J’s specific approval beforehand. All tasks are abolished. Everyone must do things 1/3 faster. Quit pretending you’re anything special. Do not say/write anything to J. that you don’t really mean; that is not dependable and vital.