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Notes from the Revolutionist’s Handbook


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#274 Aug 20, 1987 – 1:54
Notes by TK

Kyroot reading to :09.

The Real Revolutionist must live in ‘the bushes’ –but remember, the bushes totally surround the city, they are not separate. A Real Revolution must be kept secret to remain alive; it must be kept away from any mechanical, hardwired D-flow/ resistance; away from interviews and self-confession etc. The Real Revolutionist will find a way to avoid giving even his name, rank and serial number under questioning.

The Revolution must not have an audience; cannot be recognized by the Ruling Powers. An outward revolution must be named by the Ruling Powers or it cannot exist; must have resistance. The Real Revolutionist cannot perform for an audience; cannot even perform properly with the idea of –an imagined– audience. There is ultimately no distinction between ‘the bushes’ and ‘the city’. Consider the update of ‘as above, so below’ to be ‘as without, so within’. There is a blurring of distinctions in the vision of a Real Revolutionist; time is seen not as a dividing factor of events, but rather a unifying backdrop. Thus the Real Revolutionist does spend time in the city, but in so doing he should never be recognized.

The Real Revolutionist must be able to find a space in the city from which to make secret observations, to gain privileged information, without being noticed. The Real Revolutionist would tell his would-be recruits out in the bushes that they must abide by the ‘3 H-s method: Head, Heart (smiling breath), and Hips (slightly tilted for instant movement) –this is the Revolutionary Posture of Attention.

This posture is a tilting back, a step-back position from having your nose pressed against the window-of-consciousness. The Real Revolutionist must really live on the edge, dangerously close to breaking loose from the gravity of the city and exploding off into deep space.

The most important info and the most copious info man gets is that apparently received-filtered from/thru his own nervous system; interpreted info, i.e., ‘what he tells himself about what he senses’. Connected with this, all religions teach that change must be initiated, motivated from within; God won’t force you; you are responsible, must take responsibility for your change.

It is conventionally accepted wisdom that any revolution “destroys a generation” of the State within which it occurs. But this is also correct for the internal Revolution of The Few: you lose an entire generation –everything you were and believed –in the process of This Thing. Includes all you hoped/thought you would achieve.

To truly dislike another person in the human, ordinary molecular way involves the feeling of: ‘how can they live like that?–I couldn’t live like that”. Yet it is precisely this inability of yours to ‘live like that’ that makes it necessary for Life to have such people. The constant cry for ‘tolerance’ in human behavior is not one of moral essence–it is a molecular cry by Life for cooperative efficiency in its own body. Consider religion’s function in this. It says be tolerant, but cannot act such, and thus is part of the needed heat generation to fuel growth. Nevertheless, the molecular need for tolerance-harmonious operation is an internal mandate from Life.

The Few cannot ‘trivialize’ each other, or This Thing, lest they be lost. Trivialization is what everybody does–it is an ordinary process of Life and cannot be indulged in by The Few. Also, The Few cannot involve themselves in ‘faddish’ concerns.

The Operational Directive to not give voice to hostile thoughts/impulses, to not react to the thrown beer can and insult, is the attempt to physically keep chemical energy from becoming electrical. Chemical energy is lower, older and strives to become electrical, which to it seems stable; capable of bestowing finality.

The most widely practiced pastime of humanity: pretense to monarchy. The Real Revolutionist must eventually See this and come up with another hobby. The Real Revolutionist sees everyone pretend.

1:40 More of UFN’s.

1:48 Real Revolutionist’s require: fresh air, sunlight, time alone and an enjoyable form of exercise–not just for RED Circuit strength.

And Kyroot Said…

Hey, you really gotta be careful; it’s a molecular jungle
out there… (and it’s pretty infested in here too.)


Ordinary religions and philosophy deal in a world of “but.”
They state Man’s apparent problems, then offer a “but” as the
seeming edge of their proffered map, promising-up the illusion of
a stable binary conclusion. The Real Revolutionist, however,
will NEVER take “but” for an answer.


No matter what you may presently believe, everyone does see
their life “as it truly is,” they just can’t describe it to
anyone, including themselves.


The People live a life that is not much more than a program
of “crisis control,” while the Revolutionist deals in creating


“Watch out” when the People get a stomach ache, when a
civilization gets the cramps.


Due to all of His blither and palaver, it’s sometimes
difficult to tell exactly what Men think when they speak of their
“gods,” but once I may have been close in proximity to one of his
Deities when I ran into a mighty procession, and a thunderous
voice cried out, “Stand Aside For The Arrival Of The Infamous Big
Daddy Chaos.”


The Real Revolutionist is He who can use a map with no
boundaries; one who can handle a paper with no edges.


Ordinary Rulers are wont to display a peculiar smile
whenever they speak of “power as their heavy responsibility.”
The weight of a crown, however, never seems to break a royal
neck, (nor hardly to even effect posture.)


Is “usage” the highest authority, or does “efficiency” have
the final say? And who can discern a difference ‘tween the two?

The Ruling Powers look upon a stable hierarchy, and the
concept of lineral nobility as indispensable to crowd control,
while the Revolutionist looks on it with disgust.


Those who can, do, and those who can’t, buy guns.


A Revolutionist with morality is no Revolutionist at all.


There are no such creatures as “misconceptions,” just
CONceptions you’re not wired to agree with.


The real Minister of Propaganda is he who can say, “The King
is actually more attractive than he looks.” (An up-and-coming
usurper might add, “And his ideas are actually better than they


All uncoverings are sumptuous, but the ultimate one is the
one you can’t describe.


Ordinary consciousness perceives time as being that which
separates all things, while 4-dimensional sight would reveal it
to be the ultimate unifier. Time does not divide events, but
rather, unites them so that finally what Man surveys, He


Ordinary critics continue to note that, “In Nature, those
creatures who toil the most have the most, while in the
artificiality of human society, those who toil the most (the
poor), have the least.” Now I query you: From one view this is
apparently so; and for what unseen purpose might Life have this
seemingly unjust arrangement?


On “this level,” the Few are their own tomorrow.


The Rulers believe that every perceptive person is a
potential enemy.


The people are forever whining about the ” struggle to find
justice,” as if it were lost, and when they can no more escape
from it than space can excuse itself from the universe. One
reason the idea of justice is so often discussed and debated is
that every man has some notion of what it is and they all vary
from the correct one.


The man with no change of trunks will never learn to swim.


If indeed, all people have their “separate, yet equal
problems” where are passionate defenders and activists for the
rich and powerful?


The Real Revolutionist would refuse to be a stuffed, smiling
head on Life’s trophy wall.


It is only the most base of tyrants, and the most sportive
of radicals who live beyond their expectations.


More, “Shortest Distances Between Two Points”: The spans
from a heretic to a saint; from a rebel to a despot; from an
animated investigator to a sofa-sore-head,


Which do you suspect would present the greater danger to the
would-be Revolutionist, for the People to proclaim him their
“most just citizen,” or their “biggest rake”? (Is there room for
a blade between “loyal opposition” and sedition?)


If man’s imagined gods were to materially appear, the
neighborhood would be wrecked. They would prove to be the kind
of folks who’d immediately begin to park their cars on the
street, and begin using their garages as storerooms for junk and


If you know ANYthing at all extraordinary, and talk much at
all, you probably talk too much. It is those parts of Life’s
operations furthest from “consciousness-central” that make the
most noise. So, if you ever wonder whether you talk too much —
you do.


What the people call “faith” is just fear dressed up like


If you ever wonder if you “think too little,” you do.


The Real Revolutionist knows that if things don’t look
right, they ain’t right. (And things that sound funny ARE funny.)




Document: 274, August 20, 1987
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1987

I want you to have a clear picture that you are a State.  Instead of Norway or the British Crown, you are a state of Fred or Mary.  I am going to speak of the revolutionist position within this fictitious State, and what I say is also true within the state of You.  There is the City, and on the outskirts of the City are the Bushes.  The Revolutionist has got to live in the Bushes.

I want you to See something very important:  that for a revolution to remain alive, for it to operate most efficiently, it has to be kept a secret.  In the external 3-D world there is no revolution until it is named.  The ruling powers, whether we’re talking about the government of Rumania, or what appears to be your hard-wired personality, have got to take notice that something is going on in the bushes.  When the ruling powers name this revolution they begin to gain some control over it.  In the ordinary 3-D world, a revolution will go nowhere if the ruling powers, the government takes no notice.

Internally, you need to keep the revolution secret to keep it alive.  In the State of You if the revolution is not kept secret from your ruling powers you immediately have resistance.  In the 3-D world for anything to exist it must meet resistance.  Without resistance you cannot even talk about it.  Without resistance you can not even use the physiological combination of the throat and the voice box and the air pressure of the planet to make a sound.  However, the Real Revolutionist, if he is going to keep his revolution alive, if he is going to maintain the potential to operate at maximum efficiency, must keep the would-be revolution a secret.  One aspect of this is that a Real Revolutionary does not do interviews.  Do not tell yourself what you are doing.  A Real Revolutionist does not talk about himself to anyone including himself.  He does not go around announcing to the world the “type of guy he is.”

The Real Revolutionary not only does not perform with an audience, he does not even have the thought of an audience.  I have pointed out to you in times past that if you have a Real interest in something you do not need an audience.  You can sit home and play the piano, or paint, or whatever, and the satisfaction you get is not dependent on an audience.  There is a trap for those attempting This Thing, the need for an audience.  The dreams that, “Once I have achieved enlightenment everyone will see truly what a great person I am, people will be amazed, I will not be able to hide it, it will just show.”  To do This you perform not only without an audience, but without the thought of one.  You cannot attempt to do This, you cannot do the right kind of reconnoitering to facilitate an internal revolution while even daydreaming there is an audience.

A Real Revolutionist is living on the fringes, in the bushes.  He is constantly pacing, trying to reconnoiter the city, trying to learn all the secrets, all the tricks of his enemy, which is the ruling powers in you.  Can you imagine a Real Revolutionary, out in the fringes, daydreaming about how the people in the city think about him?  “I bet they’ve heard about me, I bet they think I’m 2 or 3 inches taller than I actually am, and that my jaw juts out like Superman’s did in the comic books.”  What kind of revolutionist is that? What kind of efficient use of the time you have is that?  If you imagine there is an audience for This, that someday people will know what you have been through, that people will want to read your life story, you are wasting Yellow Circuit energy.

I want to point in the direction concerning the limitations in the distinctions between what I have been describing as the city and the bushes.  The city is where your state, your ruling powers, your people, and all of your civilized, hard-wired molecular institutions reside.  Opposed to that, the bushes are on the periphery of the city.  The apparent distinction between the two begins to blur to the point that once you are free of 3-D limitations/thinking/consciousness, there really is no distinction.

In times past this idea has come out in Life’s body in the form, “as above, below.”  Meaning that what is true in the heavens, the great cosmic areas, is likewise true down here.  That human life is a small-time reflection of another Life, a greater spirit, etc.  There is validity in that.  An updating of it would be, “as without, within.”  I point your attention to my equation I plus Not-I equals everything.  Through the use of 4-D consciousness you can have a continual awareness of time being the eternal backdrop, not a divider, but a unifier.  Everything that you apparently perceive, everything that you apparently feel; everything that you apparently can think of; everything that you can apparently do is in some way tied to everything else you have ever thought, felt, or done.

The updating of the old so-called occult ideas of “as above, below” (we are talking 3-D appearances now) would be “as without, within.”  The state of Bulgaria is the same thing as the state of Fred.  There is a merging; everything that is true out there, anything that you can observe that is correct, the same thing is true internally.  If I say, “The state, the ruling powers have got to control speech or they have no control over the people.”  And you say, “Yes, that is true.  I can see that any ruling power if it is going to have control over the people, must control speech.  I see that is true out there.”  Through a continual 4-D, revolutionary consciousness you can see that what is true out there in everyday routine, apparently out in the world, is also correct internally.  That is a true update, “As without, within.”  Everything that appears to be life in the city out there, the people, the institutions, the ruling powers, can be seen in your internal state of Fred.

The revolutionist does not reside solely in the bushes, but when he is in the city, he should not be recognized, or identified as a revolutionist.  You have to live partially in the city.  For the moment forget about Bulgaria, forget about apparently out there.  Nothing will ever get done if internally you are continually identified, if your own established powers in you continually identify who you are.  If you can be identified, you can be named.  If you are named, you are captured.

What is the first thing you must do to be a good Christian, Jew, Democrat, Republican, Kiwanian, etc.? You have to say you are.  You have to admit it, you have to stand up and say, “I’d like to tell you people what I am.”  “I’m a democrat, my dad was a democrat, and his dad before him.”  You are attempting to identify yourself.  That is the nature, that is part of the fuel running the 3-D world.  The state cannot operate and your state of Fred or Mary cannot operate without that.  You cannot do This, you cannot pull off a revolution while letting yourself be identified.

The Real Revolutionary must find a place from which he can make secret and privileged observations. He must find this place so he can gain information, energy and information; and he must achieve this without revealing anything about himself.  The revolutionist has got to be able to achieve a type of reconnoitering, a making of secret observations, on the city, the people, the ruling powers.  You should be aware of the need for secrecy in these privileged observations, while so engaged you cannot give out information about yourself or your position.  This is true, as we all can see, in Bulgaria, but it is especially true in Fred or Mary.

There is a type of revolutionary posture that all would-be recruits should pay attention to.  It is a revolutionary attention posture of the three h’s, the head, the hips, and the heart.  First, you should stand with the hips slightly tilted, always prepared to move.  At the heart level, you should always be dealing with smiling breathe.  As for the head, through the operations of the Yellow Circuit, you must internally take one step back, if not a step at least lean back on one foot, be alert and secretly grinning.  That would set up, running through the three basic systems of Man, the most promising posture.  You must be internally alert, grinning and dealing with smiling breathe, you cannot live with your nose pressed up against the showroom window, you need to step back, listen and watch.  You need to get away from the pane, whether it is the Macy’s showroom window or the internal pane of glass of your own self.

The revolutionist is living on the edge of attention.  Living on the edge would be a continual, dangerous closeness of moving toward escape velocity.  Escaping from the gravity and weight of the city.  To escape from the civilized mass consciousness of the people; your people.  This does not require that you go out and sky dive every day.  What it does require is the constant internal stepping back from the glass, it requires the constant attempt to keep your attention from being pressed right up against Life’s showroom window.  You must constantly stay dangerously close to breaking loose from what’s going on Out There. That is living on the edge.

The most important information that a Man apparently receives is that which his own nervous system apparently tells him.  It is not what a Man sees, not what he reads, not what somebody told him, but what his molecular nervous system apparently tells him that he saw, read, and heard.  You should continually hold this as a part of your internal backward step in the Yellow Circuits.  The most important information that a Man apparently receives is that which his own molecular nervous system apparently tells him.

I am going to comment on and point out the validity of the apparent city statement that, “A revolution always destroys a generation.”  A revolution in a state will destroy a generation.  Let’s talk about the state of Fred or Mary.  Can you internally see how the Real revolutionist must be prepared to lose a generation, lose 20 years worth of ordinary information?  He or she must be prepared to lose 20 years worth of apparently hard won, fought for opinions and knowledge.  All of you, when you first came in contact with This Thing heard that everything you know is wrong.  It’s not just that it is wrong; you lose it.  A whole generation will be killed off.  You lose it.  Everything that you’ve learned up until now, all the important people that were inside, all the important people you imagined you would be, are gone.

I am going to talk about some things that humanity has always talked about, but I am going to take it to a different level.  To truly dislike another person comes down to this feeling:  “I could not live like that, like that other person.”  You can be wired up as a humanist, you may apparently try to be charitable, your credo may be “Love Thy Neighbor,” yet you look at someone you do not like, and no matter how charitable you attempt to be, you say, (whether you put it into words or not), “How can they live like that?”  It always comes down to, “I could not live like that.”  It does not matter whether you think you’re talking about the way they live in their mobile home, or the clothes they wear, or the way they treat their mate, or their lack of apparent spiritual orientation.  To properly dislike someone, there is the feeling, “How could you live like that?”  I want to point out to you, beyond any apparently moralistic sense, that there is a correctness to this.  The reason Life had to produce them, was so that you wouldn’t have to live like that!  If you could live like that, like all the other “like that’s,” Life would not produce these other unsavory types.  Remember there are other people that don’t like you, people who don’t know you, who just see you casually, and their molecular reaction to you comes out as, “I couldn’t live like that person.”  From one view Life had to produce you as you are, because somebody else couldn’t live exactly Like That!  Man’s eternal cry for tolerance is not morally based, it is, in fact, Life’s own inner molecular voice trying to make its own diverse factions and operations work in increased harmony.  That is why Man is forced to cry out, “We must be more tolerant of one another.”  All of you at a very young age responded to these cries, your nervous systems responded like a tuning fork held against a piano.  Throughout history, the most progressive, creative groups of people have been calling out, “We’ve got to be more tolerant of one another, of different peoples and different opinions.”  People take this as being a moralistic directive, of a spiritual, or, at least, intellectual situation and it is not.  It is chemical; it is molecular; it is an absolute material arising of Life’s own internal voice to itself, trying to bring diverse factions together.  Trying to bring together you and those you do not like.

Step back and remember, if it is true out there, it is true in here, (internally).  An ordinary person would not be efficient if he did not have his internal adversaries.  If there were not the loyal opposition, the ruling powers could not stay honest.  There needs to be the threat of an overthrow.  There have to be conflicting opinions, dissatisfaction, and a feeling of ambiguity.  The feeling, “There is some part of me against some other part of me.”

You cannot trivialize This Thing, you cannot trivialize your life, and you cannot trivialize other people involved in This.  In the city everything becomes trivial.  The more civilized people become, apparently the more they trivialize life.  All religions have a strong caveat concerning the unforgivable transgression against the religion.  It always comes down to, you cannot verbally trivialize our religion, you cannot trivialize our gods.  There is a reality behind that.  There is always the potential to trivialize each other, it is the nature of Life itself.  I could refer to it as being a kind of tension out in life, a kind of unspoken hostility between all people, it is what holds the grid together.  But a Real revolutionary does not trivialize his life, This activity, or anyone involved in This Thing.  A Real revolutionist does not sit in the bushes and look at people in the city and laugh at them.

A Real revolutionist cannot become entangled in contemporary faddish concerns.  All faddish concerns have a molecular, biochemical reason for being a part of Life’s body, whether it is a concern for the environment, criminal justice, or spiritual development and unity of the planet.  A Real revolutionist can not have anything to do with it.

I am going to give you some revolutionary information that is based upon reality, but in the 3-D world do not get hung up with the words and descriptions themselves.  This is a refinement of my past suggestions to you not to let something reach the screen of consciousness, not to say what you hear your own nervous system about to say.  I am now going to give you an absolute material, physical description of what this entails, there is a reality to it in your personal state and also the state of humanity.  What would a Real revolutionist attempt to do in this scenario?  You are walking along when someone drives by in a pick up truck, throws a beer bottle at your feet, and yells an obscenity at you.  There seems to arise in you a similar desire to respond.  No matter how hard you try not to, the desire has already started.  Someone involved in This is attempting to keep the chemical from becoming electrical.

Those involved in This Thing, are attempting to affect themselves materialistically, not spiritually, and not in some vague way.  You are attempting to take older, lower level, chemical eruptions and stop them from rising to the electrical level, which is the Yellow Circuit.  The older chemical level is nonverbal.  When someone in a pickup truck yells something at you, there has to be some activity in the Yellow Circuit for you to understand what he said, so there is some electrical energy.  But when a truck gets too close, or a beer bottle is thrown in your direction, that does not need words, that causes a chemical eruption from the older circuits.  That chemical eruption is in everyone, it is part of being alive.  What happens in a modern civilized Man, with three activated circuits (Red, Blue and Yellow) is that the lower chemical eruption becomes electrical and you think it.  This whole process could be described as follows:  the lower chemical circuits are in a state of chaos and are seeking stability.  Compared to chemical energy, electrical energy appears stable because it can talk.  The Yellow Circuit can apparently freeze reality and turn verbs into nouns, turn seamless reality into pieces.  This whole process can be seen as being the evolutionary progress of civilization.

The chemical energy in Man is always striving to become electrical.  The more Man can turn the chemical into electrical, the more people can talk about their hostilities, and the less likely he is to engage in the hostility.  The more the super powers discuss their potential conflicts, the less likelihood it will turn into a full scale physical war.  It runs all the way from super powers having super-conferences to psychiatry, to analysis, to confessionals, to people talking about their differences.  It is the chemical becoming electrical.

And now I say to you, “Don’t think that thought,” and you say back, “How can I not think the thought, I have already thought it.”  What you do is stop the chemical from becoming electrical.  THAT you can do.  It is a material, physical reality.  Remember the 3-H revolutionist posture:  stepping back internally is attempting to interfere with this mechanical process.  You cannot stop the chemical unless you are going to kill yourself, but in the revolutionary sense, you are attempting to stop the chemical from becoming electrical.

I will leave you with this triaxial, trivial question.  What is the most widely practiced pastime of Humanity? The answer is:  pretending to be a monarchy.  It is THE pastime, the most widely practiced pastime because everybody is pretending to be a monarchy.